8 Best Fonts for Thesis Writing to Make It Presentable

16 Oct 2020 7441
Best Fonts for Thesis Writing

When your professor assigns you a thesis, he excepts it to be perfect at the time of submission. The textual content of the document is the utmost source of information. So, while creating content, you should take care of the font selection. Choosing the best font for the thesis provides an attractive appearance and preserves the aesthetic value of your document. Also, the font professionally presents information. Choosing font in both ways (either online or printed form) of the thesis is crucial. If you are submitting it online, then the font makes a difference in the readability. If you are providing it in the printed form, then the font reflects professionalism.

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How Do Font Plays a Critical Role in Thesis?

Sometimes, it is questioned that why the font is necessary. Well, the font is as mandatory as the content. You should know that everything is in proper fonts for the thesis.

  • To highlight headings, you can use bold and stylish fonts.
  • To highlight the subheadings, you can use italic and cursive fonts.
  • The information that you want to convey must be in a simple and decent font.

This particular formula will grab the reader’s attention to your document. If you don’t focus on the font, then your document will look imprudent. It can create a bad impact on your professor. If you don't show creativity while writing, then the reader will get bored and won’t show interest in your document. So, make sure to always use different fonts in the thesis according to the needs. Now, let’s talk about some of the most appropriate fonts included in the thesis.

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8 Best Fonts for Thesis Writing

A thesis can look presentable if you include appropriate fonts in it. The following fonts will create a positive impression on your professor. Let’s take a look:

  • Times New Roman
    Times New Roman was particularly designed for Times Newspaper for London. This font has a separate and different value in a formal style. Most of the universities and colleges suggest students use this font in a document.
  • Georgia
    Georgia font was designed in 1883, especially for Microsoft Corporation. This is the best font for the students who want to submit the document online. It is preferred for the elegant and small appearance for low-resolution screens.
  • Serif
    Serif is originated from Roman from a font written on a stone. Earlier, this font was not accepted universally. The specialty of this font is that every alphabet has a small line or stroke attached to the end of the larger stroke.
  • Garamond
    Garamond is usually used for book printing and body text. If you want to write the main body or long paragraphs, then you can use this font. It is simple and easy to read.
  • Cambria
    Cambria is founded by Microsoft and later distributed with Windows and Office. This font is the easiest to read in a hurry because it contains spaces and proportions between the alphabets. This is suitable for the body and the long sentence.
  • Century Gothic
    Century Gothic is basically in the geometric style released in 1881. This font has a larger height instead of other fonts. If the university allows you to choose the font of your own choice, you can go for this one.
  • Palatino Linotype
    Palatino Linotype font is highly legible for online documents. It enhances the quality of the letter when displayed on the screen. This font is majorly used for books, periodicals, and catalogs.
  • Lucida Bright
    Lucida Bright has a unique quality that the text looks larger at smaller point sizes also. This font can fit words on a single line. To write a thesis, you can choose this font easily.

Tips to Choose the Best Font for Thesis

After getting brief knowledge about the fonts, let's now come to the tips to choose the best font for the thesis. Here are some major key points that you should follow while choosing a font.

  • Make sure your font looks attractive.
  • It should match your tone.
  • Headings and subheadings must be highlighted.
  • It should not look congested.
  • Avoid choosing complicated or fancy fonts.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Choosing a Font

Students make some mistakes while choosing a font, which the professor dislikes the most. So, to avoid those, keep the below points in mind.

  • Don’t choose fonts on your likes and dislikes.
  • Put the reader's preference first and then choose the font.
  • Avoid too many fonts as they make the work look unorganized.
  • Make sure all fonts match your document instead of making it look like a disaster.
  • Choose different fonts for titles, subtitles, paragraphs.

How to Format Your Thesis Perfectly?

When preparing the thesis for submission, students must follow strict formatting requirements. Any deviations in these requirements may lead to the rejection of the thesis.

  • The language should be perfect.
  • The length of the thesis should be divided appropriately among the sections.
  • The page size, margins, and spacing on the page should be correct.
  • The font and point size should be displayed correctly.

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