How to Write BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment Answers?

24 Feb 2021 3390
Steps to Write BSBMGT517 Assessment Answers

What Is BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment?

This assessment describes the required skills and knowledge that develops and monitors the implementation of the operational plan. It provides efficient and effective workplace practices within the productivity and profitability plans of a company.

At a strategic level, management requires systems and procedures for development and implementation. It facilitates the operational plans of the organization.

This assessment is for individuals who manage the work of others. They operate within the parameters of broader strategies and business plans.

Ability Evidence Required for Performance & Knowledge

Every project requires a specific type of ability, which helps students solve their assessment problems. Students working on a BSBMGT517 assignment also need particular types of evidence for their knowledge and performance abilities.

Here is a list of performance and knowledge evidence that will help you develop your skills required to answer this assessment.


1. You should have the ability to develop and implement an operational plan using specialist advice or information sources and consultation using, which includes:

  • Resource requirements
  • Key performance indicators
  • Monitoring processes
  • Contingency plans

2. You should have the ability to communicate effectively with relevant stakeholders to explain the plan and supporting information, seek approvals, negotiate variations, and engage work teams.

3. You should have the ability to develop and implement strategies to achieve the operational plan within the company policies, practices and procedures containing the following.

  • Recruiting, inducting and developing personnel
  • Acquiring physical resources and services
  • Protecting intellectual property
  • Making variations to the plan
  • Monitoring and documenting performance


The individual must complete the requirements of the unit with safety and effectiveness.

1. You must describe the operational models and methods of the plan.

2. You must explain the role of an operational plan in achieving the objectives organization.

3. You must explain the processes of budgeting.

4. You must file alternative approaches for developing the key performance indicators to meet business objectives.

5. You must draw out the legislative and regulatory situations. It seems to be relevant to the operational plan of the organization.

6. You must outline the company policies, practices, and procedures directly related to the operational plans.

These are the various ability evidence that you must attain to solve the tasks involved in this assessment.

After knowing how to improve your skills, now it’s time to know how to write BSBMGT517 assignment answers. Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you in writing maintaining a proper format.

9 Steps to Write BSBMGT517 Assignment Answer

As you have examined, the tasks of the BSBMGT517 assessment comprise a specialist report development for an operational course of action expected by the activity of the Financial Controller. Despite everything, the board task-making authorities have as out of late made responses for this errand. You can analyze the implication step-by-step:

Step 1: You should start with the introduction. Explain the organization (Great Ocean Road Hotel) executed operational game-plan. In like manner, give the survey hint that you will do in your task.

Step 2: You should conduct a SWOT analysis assessment for the organization (like - Great Ocean Road Hotel). For example –


  • Gave, convinced, and devoted staff
  • Give quality-based organizations
  • Massive indoor vestibule
  • Far-found and obliging organization


  • The quick advancement of authorized
  • Significant expenses
  • Costs of employed

Opportunities –

  • Increase in pay
  • Customer maintenance.
  • Shopper faithfulness.

Threats –

  • Changes in client tendencies
  • Taste change
  • Non-pleasing staff

Step 3: Now, you can explain the profits, choices and essentials. As determined by our assessment experts, you have to establish two decisions for morning and night. They are the benefits offered to the motel guests, such as the support of a coffee machine in the motel and standard checking requires the going with the following resources:

  • Physical/advancement necessities
  • Human resource
  • Money related necessities

Step 4: Now, you should suggest a strategy for the crisis. A crisis game-plan is moderately an arrangement generally used to supervise unpredicted or momentous threats, which can have horrendous results. 

To the extent BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan task, the substitute game-plan can include:

  • Risk 1 – the breakdown of the coffee machine.
  • Strategy – to fix it or make an advantageously balanced.
  • Selective Alternate – Serve the customer through the near to establish a restaurant.
  • Risk 2 – Non-participation of the employee.
  • Strategy – Provide negotiations to get ready and secure the motivation system.
  • Selective Alternate – Meanwhile, use the present staff of the prevailing bistro.

Step 5: Our operational course of action, the board task pros express that conversing with all the sections is notably remarkable as it helps in the productive use of the plan. Thus, in this assessment, you must incorporate the going with divisions:

  • Human Resources (HR) – While cultivating an operational course of action, you will be relied upon to associate with the HR office that enrolls experienced and talented authorities. Furthermore, they are also responsible for staffing, upkeeping, getting ready, remuneration, and procedure itemizing.
  • Progress – Marketing associates accept a fundamental task, which requires farming and maintains the partnership between the customers and affiliates. They must discuss various operational plans with the number of gathering to create appealing exhibit techniques.
  • Accounting – Finance or record is an office that is mindful concerning direct money. Moreover, they act in the process of masterminding, through analysis, accounting, auditing, and controlling the record of affiliation.

Step 6: You must define the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) that staff employees are required to follow.

Step 7: The accompanying stage is about suggesting a definite activity for the foodservice attendant and basic requirements.

Step 8: You should include the frameworks that are close to the time range. You are supposed to realize them.

You can use the GANTT graph to fulfill the assignment demands. It advises the evaluated open-door to achieve every task of the endeavor.

Step 9: Now, you are required to wind up the sum of your disclosures and other salient information and nuances.

These are the nine steps that will help you write the ultimate answer to your assessment. Let us take a brief tour of the tasks that your projects include in writing and practice.

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3 Assessment Tasks - Case Study

The BSBMGT517 Manage Operational Plan Assessment Answers contain 3 tasks which are required to perform some role-play. Here are some sample assessment tasks that will help you prepare for it.

Task 1. Participation in two role plays

Role Play of Sales and Marketing Manager

  • Marketing Manager: You can discuss various topics or issues of the organization that can help in the business extension and capturing more market share.
  • Sales Manager: You should share the product expenses, including all the costs spent on shipping and delivery to the customers. Also, It will include the cost associated with sales.
  • Marketing Manager: You are required to decide a budget for marketing, to expand more amounts on promotion and advertising so that the market share can increase successfully.
  • Sales Manager: On this topic, you have to agree with the marketing manager and estimate some of the additional expenses involved in the process.
  • Marketing manager: You are required to fulfill the need for training of the employees.
  • Sales Manager: You are required to formulate the strategy a little to convert goals into action.

Role Play of Technology Consultant

  • Technology consultant: You are required to discuss various factors regarding some E-commerce strategies.
  • Software developer: You should bring some tools and techniques that can fulfill the objective requirements.
  • Technology consultant: You are required to evaluate the money spent on hiring technicians in order to achieve the organization’s objectives.
  • Software developer: You are required to perform some budget planning and preparation for the decided purpose. You need to hire some more HR in order to implement the determined strategies of managers.

Present the resourcing proposal for approval from the Operations General Manager

In consultation with the viewpoints of all the sales, marketing, and technology consultant; you should prepare a planning portfolio including the following points:

Summary of the BBQ fun operational Environment:

Operational Environment is a term for monetary, social, legitimate, and political factors. It influences the participation done while executing any investment. The thought of taking operational elements and conditions can make any venture fruitful.

It implies things finished in the correct way, the right decision, and numerous gatherings. In the present contextual analysis, the CEO and BOD chose to actualize a methodology of E-Commerce. It will help to expand the piece of the overall industry of the BBQfun. So, as an External administrator, you have to break down and check the new system specifically to accomplish the objective as chosen in the arrangement.

Action plan: For the given case, the created action plan provides the lists of the matters required to accomplish the target. The action plan intends to decide the needed resources, achieve the target, and estimate the resources and expenses.

Performance Indicators for operational and financial targets:

Performance indicators are an estimation method for utilizing to set the objectives with a specific end goal. It actualizes the methodology with the end goal of accomplishing the objectives. Businessesdependably profited by incorporating execution pointers in the association. Performance indicators help to attain operational and money-related targets. Examples of operational targets are as follows:

Example 1- Profitability, as indicated by the objective, is accomplished. The diminishment in operational costs and quality administrations should be provided for the purchasers, ultimate consumers, and the monetary target fulfillment.

Example 2- The general cost decrease, less wastage identified with the item, increment in deals, and arranged productive administrations.

Balanced Scorecard for E-Commerce Customer Service Representative:

The instrument of utilized vision and the chosen procedure is known as the balanced scorecard.

  • It changes the organization's concept into activities.
  • It increases the written communication and screens the achievement of the association.
  • It is beneficial to create some E-commerce strategies.
  • It is useful to give clients benefits as it helps to keep good relations with the clients. An agent is the one who provides advantages to the client.
  • It helps to build good relations with the clients by providing great benefits. The general vision of the association satisfies after giving client satisfaction.

Proposal for Resourcing:

There is a need for resourcing in BBQ fun as the company is extending its business. The organization begins internet retailing of their items to expand the business and to capture more market share.

There is a requirement for human and physical resourcing.

For the HR post - they need a candidate who has:

Two years of experience in online business

Phone and support skills

Capacity to learn

Encouraged and excited

It includes costs such as possibility and commercial for six conveyance drivers and four distribution center staff.

Different physical equipment needed for engineers, plant & hardware, training purpose, and office designing.

It is required to increase work effectiveness at the new online business. It affects the group pioneers, inauguration advancements, and creative advances.

Task 2. Participation in Two Interview Role-Plays

Roleplay - 1

  • HR Manager: Why do you want to join the organization?
  • Candidate: I want to gain experience. Also, I want to work with a reputed company to enhance my skills and abilities.
  • HR Manager: Why should the company hire you?
  • Candidate: I am a suitable person as per the organization’s requirements. I am friendly with the new technologies and possess the knowledge to access the tasks & activities that are required to do in this job profile.
  • HR Manager: Tell me 5 positive points of yours.
  • Candidate: My positive qualities are friendly behavior, adjusting nature, flexibility.

Roleplay - 2

  • HR Manager: Tell me about the strengths and weaknesses you have.
  • Candidate: Sir, I may not have much strength, but I have a positive attitude, which I guess covers all my weaknesses.
  • HR Manager: What past experience do you have?
  • Candidate: I worked with X company, which is a highly successful market brand. I intended to leave the company because of some unfavorable situations.
  • HR Manager: Why should we choose you for this post?
  • Candidate: I find myself a suitable applicant for this post. The requirement of the job profile matches my skills. Also, I want to gain an amazing experience from this organization. If you select me, then I will put all my efforts in order to fulfill the company’s aim.

Task 3. Participation in two role-plays

Coaching an under-performing employee

  • Role 1 - You are required to improve the skills and abilities of the employees.
  • Role 2 - You are required to formulate various strategies to enhance the employee's performance.
  • Role 1 - You are required to list the elements for finding the hindrances and hurdles.
  • Role 2 - You are required to list the necessity for resolving the employee's performance by evaluation.

Presentation of a report to the Operations General Manager

  • Role 1 - You should report to the operational manager about the hurdles.
  • Role 2 - You should provide them with suggestions and recommendations to help employees in enhancing their performance.
  • Role 3 - You should give employees feedback concerning addressing the issues faced by them.
  • Role 2 - You should suggest some strategies to formulated for improvement in the performance.
  • Role 1 - You should address some modes and methods helpful in dealing with the employees.
  • Role 2 - You should give effective measures that can solve the problem.

These are the various types of role-plays that you have to perform and answer in your assessment. If you are confused by any means, you can reach our experts who will give answers to all your queries and assessment problems.

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