How to Write a Synthesis Essay with an Impressive Introduction? Tips | Examples

15 Sep 2022 1304
Synthesis Essay Guide

Don’t know how to write a synthesis essay? If yes, then this blog is a match made in heaven for you. Here you will get a complete guide with some examples to write an effective synthesis essay.

Student after listening to the word ‘synthesis essay’ always gets confused. Many students do not have an idea about synthesis when they get an essay on it. So, if you too are confused about this term, you have come to the right place. In this blog, you will know how to write an effective essay and an impressive introduction. So, read this write-up further and impress your professor.

First... let’s know what is a synthesis essay? Before grabbing the ideas and process for writing the essay, it would be useful to know about the synthesis essay.

A synthesis essay is much like an argumentative essay. In the essay, you need to collect the information from the different sources to write a single argument. The most difficult part student thinks is to summarize the information to explain the relationship between different pieces of information. Here, students need to present the thesis statement and write an explanation. For explaining the thesis statement, the students have to collect the information from the different sources and bind them together to make sense. So, after knowing about the synthesis essay, let’s know how to write it effectively to impress the professor.

How to Write a Synthesis Essay? A Step-By-Step Guide!

The most common problem students face is that they do not know how to write a synthesis essay. They always fail to make the essay perfect. So, for them, here is the step-by-step guide on how to write a synthesis essay.

Before knowing the tips to write, let’s know about the tips.

The synthesis essay depends upon the writing type, as the structure may vary. There are common tips that are needed to be followed for organizing the synthesis essay.

Start with Introduction

Whenever you write the synthesis essay, make sure that the first paragraph is catchy. Writing a catchy introduction does not mean that you won’t explain the topic properly. In the introduction, there should be a brief explanation of the essay.

Write the Main Theme

When writing the main body of the synthesis essay, you should describe different themes in different paragraphs. Facts that you have collected should be explained in the groups on a particular theme. The information that is written in the paragraphs should be collected from different sources.

Include the Phrases That Connects the Information

You need to include the phrases that help to create the relationship between the different pieces of information. You have to explain every piece of information to write about the topic. To connect the data, you should show the similarities and differences in a way that sources examine the topic.

Write a Conclusion

Wrap up your paragraph by concluding all the major points and themes. In the last paragraph, clarify each theme properly. In this, you should also suggest recommendation that is relevant to the topic.

Now, let’s know the steps for writing the synthesis essay.

  • Find the Right Topic - The first step to write the synthesis essay is to find the right topic. For that, you need to do deep research about the synthesis.
  • Use Relevant Sources - The synthesis essay is written with the help of a collection of sources. So, after choosing the topic, make sure you collect all the relevant information regarding the topic from different sources.
  • Cite the References - The sources through which you are going to write an essay should be cited in the essay. It is the only way the reader would know from where you have collected the information.
  • Proofread the Essay - The last thing you should do is proofread the whole essay before the final submission. Check whether all the references are cited or not, check any errors that are needed to be corrected. So, check the whole essay and make it flawless before presenting it to the professor.

So, this is the way you can write your synthesis essay easily. With the help of these tips, you can surely impress your professor and gain high marks in the assessment. However, still, students worry about not being able to write a catchy introduction. To write an interesting first paragraph, you need to read further and get tips on how to attract the reader with the help of a catchy introduction.

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Tips on Writing an Impressive Synthesis Essay Introduction!

As stated above, many students fail to attract the reader via introduction. For them, here are the tips for writing an impressive synthesis essay first paragraph.

For different essays, you must have found that each of the essays has a different pattern to write the introduction. Similarly, while writing the synthesis essay, there is a different pattern. So, let’s know the pattern.

Introduce the Topic - The first thing you should do is to give a short and simple introduction to the topic.

Know the Audience - Establish a tone that is going through the entire essay. The tone you will describe will be dependent on the audience.

Grab the Attention of the Audience - The introduction is the part that helps to grab the attention of an audience. So, for that, make sure you write the introduction interesting.

Introduce the Content to be Synthesized - No matter how many sources you use, describe the main point that would be synthesized in the essay.

Write the Thesis Statement - The end of the introduction should be one simple sentence that explains the topic. So, make sure you write a thesis statement in the last.

Now, let’s go through the tips that will make your synthesis essay introduction catchy and interesting.

  • First of all, you need to collect all the information in one place. You should write both sides (positive & negative) of the topic in the introduction.
  • Never settle with asimple line in the introduction. It should be strong enough to attract readers.
  • The remaining part of the essay should be a summarized form of the essay.
  • Do not forget to describe the idea behind the topic in the introduction. It is necessary to write the argument based on the topic.

So, here are the tips for writing an impressive introduction for the synthesis essay. These tips will really help you to draw the attention of the reader. So, after knowing tips, now let’s move further. Below are some synthesis essay examples that will help you to write the essay more perfectly.

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3 Synthesis Essay Examples You Must Refer To!

To have a basic understanding of the synthesis essay, dive right into the examples. Here you will be able to know the 3 examples for different types.

After reading the examples, you might have got an idea of how to write the synthesis essay. So, make sure you write the essay in this way.

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Where Can I Get Help for Synthesis Essay Writing?

Still not able to write the synthesis essay? Well, here is the perfect solution for you. It is known by all that writing a synthesis is not an easy task. You have to give proper time to read the information. Search for the relevant data and facts. These all activities take a lot of time to write a perfect essay. For that, you can get help for your synthesis essay writing from the experts. You can go through the website and ask for help with the essay. The professional essay help online experts of Assignment Prime can provide you the best document to impress the professor. They make sure that the paper is flawless and that there is no plagiarism in it. While going through their website, you can see that you can ask for any kind of paper that comes along with a lot of freebies like a free Plagiarism report, unlimited revision, front page, title, topic, and many more things.

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