Facilitating Changes In Health And Social Care


Change is a procedure in which transformation of current situation takes place to attain a desired future condition that can boost the opportunities. These changes can also be placed in Health and Social Care (HSC) industry to render a better treatment or services to users. The occurrence of every enterprise depends over modifications and alterations that can assist to hike the effectiveness of operations (Andrews, 2012). It also assists in distinguishing the trouble and challenges that can affect the working and strategic plans in order to achieve objectives. In this report, learning will focus on factors that drive changes in HSC service. It will also evaluate recent changes that take place in this sector and try to make understand about the principles of change management.

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Key Factors That Drive Changes

Change is the process which leads to number of modifications and alternations in working of every organization due to fluctuation in various factors. It is vital for HSC firm (maternity centres) to focus over those factors and changes for effective working and opportunities (Burbach, 2002). The improved focus over changes will also facilitate maternity centres in proper identification of working purpose, understanding of human attitude and environmental conditions of industry along with society in which firm is functioning. In the support of this, it can be said that to understand these changes, maternity centres and health care firms can focus over PEST analysis (Calnan, 2006). It will render an information regarding some factors such as political, economic, sociological and technical.

Political factors: It is one of the important and crucial factors that play a vital role in better working and improved opportunities of organization. These factors can influence the working of maternity centres as they are related to regulation, stability, government policies, etc. According to CQC report, the changes in various acts will affect the working of firm such as Health Act 1999, Community Care Act and Health and Social Care Act (Samuel, 2011). For illustration, the UK government has transformed some points in Health and Social Care Act then it will have impact over operations of maternity centres. In this case, it is vital for health care firm to have improved focus on the changes in rules and regulations for better working and decrease in issues.

Economic Factors: It is all about the modifications in economic preconditions of the UK that can also have influence over actions of HSC firms (maternity care centres). In this, it is also vital for the firm to focus on GDP and income level of society so that they can understand the needs for improved working (Baum, 2003). For example, if there is decrease in income level of the UK people then it will force organization to have decrease in service charges to meet the needs and successful operations.

Sociological factor: In this, HSC firm needs to focus on demographic and cultural aspects of society. This includes the changes in lifestyle, human factors, population, etc which will also affect the firm and its working (Blackburn, 2006). For illustration, the increase in number of cases regarding teenage pregnancy will also affect the working of organization. In this case, it is vital for organization to focus on society and its lifestyle to come up with the issue.

Technological factors: It considers the components that are concerned with technical arenas such as, communication, transportation, etc. For example, the changes in medical equipment regarding maternity treatment and other services can affect the working of both maternity centres (British  Association, 2012). In this case, it is vital for both organizations to make sure that the equipment they are using are the latest and best to render efficient treatment to users.

The factors that can affect the working of HSC are classified as maintaining quality care, human and financial resource, efficiency, existing services, etc. It has been spotted that the occurrence of health care firm (maternity centre) depends on quality care which they provide to users. In this favour, it is one of the key issues for maternity centres and care organization needs to focus on set of quality standards for better working and effective service quality (Haines, 2006). If the administration will not render the quality care then it will impact the representation of patient and worker as well. Another key issuance that can impact the operations and force the firm to have several modifications in work environment can be improper administration of human and financial assets.

To have betterment in work and operational actions, it becomes vital for maternity firm to improve its management regarding all available resources (Abreu, 2005). For example, the lack of human resources will also affect the working of organization and force the firm to not render effective services or care according to patient needs. Other than this, the deficiency of finance will also influence the working and effectiveness of maternity organization like the lack of finance will not allow the firm to purchase medicine and also work as barrier to salary process. In addition to this, it can also be said that it is vital for HSC firm to have improvement in current services to render a better experience to service user (Desombre, 2007). This will also facilitate organization to have improvement in quality of its current services to overcome the challenges.

Illustration – According to the cqc report 2014, it has been identified that hsc (maternity firm) is facing number of issues related to safety and leadership. The HSC sector social groups are having deficiency of effectual safety processes (Holland, 2010). Maternity organization is also having deficiency of a culture understanding and it is vital for management to learn from earlier mistakes for better working and improved success. It has also been known in CQC report that social group is facing number of issues at work place due to lack of effective leader who takes accountability of working. This indicates that maternity firm needs to focus on effective leadership style to make sure about safe, effective, caring and responsive care (Hutchison, 2011).

Strategy And Criteria For Measuring Recent Changes

Maternity department of HSC organization can adopt numbers of strategies and standards to meet the needs and have improvement in its services by observing recent changes. In the support of this, it can also be said that it is vital for health care firm to understand the needs of stakeholders and other factors for improvement in working situations in context of recent changes (Phillips, 2014.).  The classification of standards and criteria is as regular inspection, organisational systems, feedback and quality measures. The improved use of feedback will render an improved information to maternity firm regarding customer perception and facilitate in better implementation of strategies as per the users needs.

In this, firm can have surveyed and ask employees and customer about some important factors like working environment, services, experience, etc (Adams, 2007). In this support maternity department can also introduce mobile application for improved feedback system and observation. It saves the time and money both as compare to traditional method. Health and social care organisation can have concentration on regulatory examinations, in which maternity department can ensure among rules and regulations that are essential for amended operations. In this, it is vital for organisation to have improved consideration of number of rules and regulations that are formulated by UK governance such as, Health and Safety Act, Community Care Act, etc (Burau, 2006).

In other words, it can also be said that health and social care organisation can have inspection of its maternity equipments and services on continuous basis. In this maternity departments can ensure that all equipments are installed in good order in hospital premises. The workers are using hand gloves while rendering care, etc (Fisher, 2005). Other than this, Maternity department of health care firm can also have reinforced consideration of different quality measurements to have transformation in services with focus on recent changes. Administration can have improved use of total quality administration to have progress in quality of services. In this, organisation will focus on clean hospital premises and proper purified drinking facilities for pregnant women (Hillier and, 2009). Health care organization can also prompt workers by rendering them standardised grooming program so that amended transformation in abilities can be take place.

Impact of recent changes

There are number of recent changes that are taking place in maternity department of health and social care firm. The changes are related to rules and regulations and working of firm. In the support of this, it can be said that the UK governance has introduced various modifications in Acts regarding maternity treatment and services (Lowes, 2013). This indicates that maternity department (A & E) of health and social care firm need to make sure that all working and treatment providing to patient is having proper consideration of modified acts. If management will not follow the upgraded rules and regulations then it is possible that firm will lead to various issues. In the support of this, it can also be said that the changes in rules and regulations has rendered an effective support to various maternity services and improved the quality of care (Slyne, 2012).

Due to improved focus on rules and regulations the issues regarding maternity services has also reduced. The another modifications that has taken place in working is regarding communication system. The improvement in communication system of maternity center or hospital has motivated the patients or users to share the issues with professional. It has also facilitated organisation in understanding the needs of customer and motivated management to adopt working according to needs of users for better treatment and services (Willcocks, 2008).

Recent changes impact in health and social care sector

The number of changes has taken place in working of health and social care and modifications are concerned to various factors like, health and social care act, changes in regulatory bodies, focus on interpersonal working, community care and common inspection framework. These changes are to have modifications in working and improvement in health and social care services. In the support of this, it has been spotted that UK governance has modified norms of health and social care act for improved working and betterment of health care industry (National service framework (wales), 2015). If organisations will not follow these modifications then it may be possible that firm will lead to various legal issues that can affect its operations.

Health care firms are also having more consideration towards improvement in interpersonal working to understand the needs of community and employees as well. It assists organisations in building improved relation with its employees as well as users by identification of needs (Slyne, 2012). In the support of this, health and social care organisation can also focus on online feedback system to have effectiveness in working conditions. Organisation can also have improved consideration of various services and methods to enhance the treatment by improvement in research and development division.

Health and social care firms are more pull in towards common examination framework. In this, framework social groups has formulated various framework with a consideration of some standards that can improve the quality services and enhance the working environment. To render a better health conditions in UK, governance is motivating various health and social care organisations to supply free services to below poverty line people under special programs (Willcocks, 2008). In the favour of this, NHS and other health care organisations has also started home visit care programs so that old age people and critical patients can attain services in easy and efficient manner. The modifications in health and social care sector has also facilitated firms to overcome the issues and reduce the waiting time. These played a key role in rendering impressive services and enhanced experience to users (Lowes, 2013).

Service responses to recent changes

It has been identified that the health and social care organisations has rendered great responses to leadership that facilitates change, updated policies and procedures, employee participation and user interaction. Health and social care organisations like NHS has focused on number of modifications in context of policies and procedures. It has helped them to enhance their work effectiveness and quality of services (Andrews, 2012). Organisations had developed their feedbacks systems to attain advanced information regarding perception of users towards services. For example, one of health care organisation located in east of London but with a help of feedback system they came to know that employees are not convenient with working hours.

In the support of this, organisation has changed the working hours according to needs of employees with effective use of feedback system (Burbach,  2002).Health and social care firms has also organised various sessions to encourage employees to have proper sharing with management about issues. This has also improved the relation with employees and motivated management to work in more cooperative manner to meet objectives and supply best in health care services.

The organisations who operate in health and social care industry has also focused on various other factors to have improved working such as leadership. Improved consideration of various leadership style according to demand of situation has also rendered various opportunities to employees and encourage them to work in effective manner (Calnan, 2006). For example, the health and social care firm has adopted democratic leadership style with its employees. It has motivated workers to share information with management and render innovative actions to improve the services.

This leadership has improved the working of health care industry. In the addition, the health and social care organisations has also improved their communication system according to need of industry. The enhancement in health and social care industry (Samuel, 2011).This has reinforced interaction among user and occupational group and prompt patient to share data regarding unwillingness.

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Principle of change management

Key principles: Change management is method to modify the individual, team and administration in desired future position for amended improvement in working preconditions. In the support of this, it can be said that there are few key rules that can impact the operation and chain management of health care firm (maternity departments). Organisation needed concentration on goals, belief and actions (Baum,  2003).

In the addition of this, it can be said that social group require ensuring that the workers are more clear about goals, values and actions or they are well known of these factors. If associates will not have correct information regarding these factors then it is possible that they may face few issues or miscommunication actions that can influence the execution as well as change management. Other than this, for better adaptation of changes it is also vital for management of health and social care to decide goals and values with consideration of modifications in necessity of users (Blackburn, 2006). To have transformation in change management it is also needful for organisation to have improved focus on communication system. The transformation in communication scheme will cut down the issues of miscommunication.

Organization can also focus over John P Kotter model improvement in change management. It is also known as eight step model that boost the effectiveness of work and change management (Haines, 2006.). In includes various steps like:

  • Establishment of need for urgency.
  • Make sure about the powerful change in organisation and render guide.
  • Development of vision
  • Transportation and communication of vision
  • Empower the employees
  • Make sure about the short term goal accomplishment (Samuel, 2011).
  • Attain benefits of effective working and focus on changes in context of work culture.

Maternity department of health ans social care firm will firstly craft and use an important opportunity as a need of people which is essential to sign up the change in organisation. After this, management or department will put together a group of people with proper consideration of leadership and assistance to collective team effort for change. In third step, form a vision to assist the change attempt and acquire strategic actions to accomplish vision (Calnan, 2006). Formation of large social unit of people who are willing to drive modification.

After this, maternity department will take away barriers to change system that can affect the vision accomplishment. In sixth step, Continuous tracking and evaluation of various finished tasks and correlate them with outcome. After this, changes and modification in policies that are not suitable with vision (Andrews, 2012). Render a training to employees for better development and improved accomplishment of goals by change implementation. At last, maintain a balance between new behaviours and organizational success to make sure about leadership improvement


Planning shows a vital role in occurrence of actions and there are some components that Maternity department need to believe for better change management. The classification can be as, need for modification identification, goals, action list, strategy selection, implementation and monitoring. To have reinforced planning it is essential for maternity department to ensure that firm is having a proper determination of modifications that can affect the work environment (Burbach, 2002).In support of this, it can be said that amended determination of goals and objectives will ensure that department have clear vision about the occurrence of organization and improved future possibilities.

For illustration, if administration will not have improved determination of goals then it is possible that social control will not have reinforced information about actions that can assist the presentation and amend change management (Baum,  2003). Health and social care organization also needs to have concentration on continuous observation and assessment of actions so that administration can have better collection of data regarding improvements. 

Monitoring change

To have reinforced monitoring there are various ways like feedback, survey, and group forum and data analysis. In feedback department can collect data with help of formal and informal sources. For example, department can ask about operation with their users and their experience. It will assist in having amended determination of transformations due to modifications (Blackburn, 2006). This will make realize about the necessity of user and prompt staff to work in most appropriate manner. Other than this, maternity department can also focus on surveys to have improved determination of changes in representation of guests (Willcocks, 2008). The firm can have inquiries with users about operations and necessity that can assist the business concern activities of health and social care.


As per the above study it can be said that change is a procedure in which transformation of current situation has take place to attain a desired future conditions that can boost the opportunities. It has been identified that changes can also render a support to improvement in working conditions of health care sector. Other than this, organisations can also focus over John P Kotter model improvement in change management and better working with meeting the changing needs of users.

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