Health and Safety in Health and Social Care Workplace


In the modern era, health care sector is directly or indirectly involved in the well being of individuals by providing them health related services. Within UK there are number of nursing home and care centres are running that focuses upon providing healthy living to individuals. Their main focus is upon providing health and safety services to people and render them best care in order to attain desired results. Care home aims to deliver best care and support facilities to people suffering from different issues such as dementia etc. The present report is based upon Northfolk nursing home in which manager focuses upon identifying appropriate care quality commission in order to manage the service. They possess certain legal responsibility so that health and safety could be maintained in order to deliver appropriate care and support to service users, care providers as well as visitors. Report analyses the impact of health and safety requirements on care practitioners and patients as well as monitor and review the health and safety policies.

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Health and safety policies play a crucial role in order to deliver proper care and support to its customers. In regard to this, there are several health care policies prepared by the nursing home and thus they need to comply with the same so that they can handle the care operations effectively. Health and safety policies impact upon the practices of health care home. However, importance of developing such policies is that it helps care home to carry out its practices easily and handle the operations well. With the help of regulations it ensures that Northfolk nursing home provides excellent care facilities to its patients suffering from dementia. Also, staff members are required to keep proper attention so that patients does not get hurt within workplace. Thus, proper training needs to be provided to care workers so that they can use innovative technologies and deliver appropriate quality care to patients suffering from health problems.

Furthermore, care home also aims to provide better care facilities to its customers through complying with different regulations and thus raise the standards of services. Thus, it assists Northfolk nursing home to enhance satisfaction level of patients and make them feel comfortable within nursing home. All the different regulations and policies are developed in relation to comply with the needs and wants of health care users and should not affect their health. Thus, all such aspects possess positive impact upon the health and safety practices in nursing home. Health and safety policies such as safeguarding the needs of patients by providing them due care aims to fulfil the needs of customers attain results.


Dilemma is considered as the situation in which manager of care home is required to make difficult choice among two more alternatives. Therefore, it is considered as the difficult decision to be made by individual and thus they need to choose the best alternative in order to make effective decision that does not affect the health care sector policies and practices. Northfolk nursing home faces various challenges at the time of implementing health and safety policies within workplace. There are different dilemmas such as corruption, inappropriate technology and unsuitable equipment's etc. Therefore,, it is essential for the managers of care home to treat all such dilemmas with due care and take suitable decisions in favour of care users. For instance, nursing home needs to follow appropriate care guidelines provided by care quality commission so that it does not affect the health and well being of patients and they receive best care facilities.

Moreover, if cited nursing home implements any technology within care home then they need to provide essential training to every service provider so that they can understand the equipment properly as well as utilise the same. It is assessed that doctor's personal belief might differs from empirical knowledge but they need to undertake different techniques within the care home so that appropriate safety standards can be attained (Rehman and Ramzy, 2004). Managers of Northfolk nursing home needs to identify the risks and benefits and undertake appropriate tools and techniques so that risk can be minimized. Main issue faced by medical practitioners that there are several ways of treating patients of dementia and helping them to recover soon.


Health and Social Care Act 2008, The health Act 2006 etc. are the health and safety legislations in which hand hygiene policy comes under. It guides that individuals are required to maintain health hygiene by following such acts and thus it does not affect their health. Further, there are different effects and implications of non-compliance with health and safety legislation in Graceland day care centre. It is as follows-

Legal implications

Health and Safety at Work act 1974, Health and safety regulation 1981 etc. are certain laws that are undertaken within Graceland day care centre. All such legislation assists in developing confidence and trust among patients so that they can obtain excellent treatment in the care setting. Therefore, it is essential for care centre to comply with different legislation such as Data Protection in order to impose positive impact upon business and safeguard the personal information of patients within care home.

Effect on health

Non-compliance negatively affects the service providers if they do not follow the legal guidelines appropriately. It results into facing accidents and injuries that can harm the health of patients.

Physical impact

It is essential for care setting to implement safety measures within care home. Therefore, proper security measures needs to be installed so that best care facilities can be provided to patients and care providers. Thus, it assists in providing better care facilities to patients and follow strict regulations so that it does not harm the reputation of firm.

Financial impact

At several times, in order to save money, Graceland day care centre avoid implementing lastest technology as well as maintain equipment's in the workplace. Thus, it may create issues in the care setting and thus it affects care providers to suffer from different conflicts.

Thus, implementing all these health and safety policies is essential and it assists in improving quality standards of services so that best quality treatment could be provided to service users.


It is significant to review the health and care practices so that proper hand hygiene policy could be monitored and reviewed. Also, it is essential to monitor and review the health care policies which results in minimizing the risk. The hand hygiene policy needs to be monitored and reviewed properly by undertaking effective steps which are as follows-


Health and social care home are required to regularly monitor and review the policies made by them in the form of carrying out audits so that they can identify the hand hygiene policy is followed by service users or not. However, such policy helps in overcoming the issues and also formulate effective policies so that best results can be attained.

Updating policies and procedures

It is the best way through which Northfolk nursing home monitors and reviews the policies and procedures and also update them regularly in order to maintain best hand hygiene among patients. Through updating it regularly it aids in raising the standards of care setting and also providing best sanitizers so that patients does not suffer from health issues.

Learning from experience

It is another effective way for care home to monitor the policies and review them effectively. However, health supervisors can learn from risky accidents and overcome their weaknesses so that appropriate actions could be attained. It is the best way that helps them to learn from experiences and overcome the issues in future.

Reviewing of practices

Reviewing the health practices helps in identifying the actual practices of care setting. Thus through such way Northfolk nursing home analyses its strength of existing process and identify the weaknesses in order to overcome the problems. Through reviewing it aids in undertaking innovative practices that assists in contributing in enhancing the shortcoming and attain success.


  • It is essential for care setting to identify the effectiveness of health and safety policies in order to maintain culture, safe environment and better relationship with customers. These are as follows-
  • It assists in creating positive working environment and culture so that service providers and service users can maintain effective relationship in order to deliver quality services to dementia patients.
  • It also helps in overcoming the issues and minimize the death rate by improving patients safety as priority.
  • Also, it is essential for Northfolk care nursery to enhance its brand image by delivering appropriate services and attaining best results.

With the help of such policies it aids in enhancing the speed of medical treatment and thus recover the patients suffering from dementia and decrease their anger so that they do not hurt themselves as well as care providers.

All these identified policies and procedures are effective within care home so that they can maintain and develop positive, safe and healthy culture within workplace. Also, such health and safety policies could benefit its workers in relation to gain best care facilities and decrease hazardous actions (Reis, Xiao and Savage, 2007). Service providers needs to be encouraged so that they can understand their responsibilities as well use the innovative technology in order to treat the patients well.


It can be articulated from the report that health and social care sector are constantly working for enhancing quality services within care home and delivering better care and support to patients. Also, it is essential for Northfolk nursery care to comply with different legislations and thus protect the health and safety of its patients. Through implementing such regulations it helps in providing excellent care facilities to service users. Moreover, effectiveness of current practices needs to be assessed by care home so that shortcoming can be identified and easily monitor the strength of firm to overcome the issues faced by dementia patients.


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