Sample About Health Care

Introduction about Health care

Health care practitioner is responsible for evaluating specific requirements of individuals that faces issues of disabilities, assessing varied needs with respect to care and develops tactics for offering support to individuals that possess challenging behaviours (Adler and Page, 2008). The present research report is designed to reflect the understanding of specific needs within the context of health and social care organisation. Case study of the Bournewook and Baby Peter has been given in order to solve the various kinds of problems of the study. The report will include perceptions of disability, illness, health and behaviour. In addition to this, it also comprises strategies for coping with stimulating behaviours linked with specific requirements.

Task 1

With the help of below points, conceptions of health, disability, illness and behavioural issues related to health and social care service users can be explained easily (Billingsley and Lang, 2002).

  • Health: It is explained as the state of full mental, physical, social well-being. Furthermore, it can be said that health is the psychological, mental, physical and social position and condition of the people. This can make big impact on the efficiency of human being in performing the daily works (Heaney and Israel, 2008).
  • Disability: It is known as the health situation and physical condition of people which restricts the person in leading a general life. Disability can influence the effectiveness and efficiencies of the people in performing particular tasks. They cannot do their works such as education, vocation and recreations, appropriately in the condition of disability.
  • Illness: It is the temporary situation that makes an individual physically impaired. In this condition people are depended on others (Brand, 2012). In addition to this, it is the condition in which people cannot do their work perfectly. This type of situation can be managed with the help of proper medical facilities.
  • Behavioural issues: There are ranges kinds of conditions in which behaviour of people can be changed easily. Many a time, it leads to serious mental illness and depression in people. Behaviour of individual can be changed due to depression, hard work, illness, disability etc (Adams, 2008).

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Different kinds of individual have different types of needs and their requirement can be changed over time. Individuals that face issues related to learning disability forms a varied group with respect to age, degree of disability and the associated issues. In the past decades there were ranges of health and social care entities which have objective and aims of providing care to the individuals with special requirements because of prolonged physical and mental diseases. Presently, there are ranges of people that need different kind of home care facilities (Curtis, 2012). Due to this kind of problems, the hospitals converted into overcrowded places and the quality of services delivered to society gets declined. The standard of the organizations were poor and due to this, the entities were set off after few time. The professional employees then shifted to the particular work societies which worked for the individuals with special requirements because of learning disabilities. This kind of activities is helpful in enhancing the efficacy and efficiencies of the medical aid and care that been offered to the individuals with special requirements (Schulz and Martire, 2004). However, the perception of people with disability is that there are ranges of other people which require same kind of facilities, and there may be high level of competition between them. Presently, the working life of the society is depended on fast and best quality health and social care services. They believe in the hospitals and home cares for treatments.

Generally, there are ranges of legislations, social policies, society and cultural elements that can make impact on health and social care facilities for individual with special requirements. Presently, there are ranges of legislations such as care trust, Health Act 1999, children's trust, health budgets etc. (Cooper and, 2007). Health act 1999 comprises the 3 flexible influences for the social and health care organisations i.e. to pool budgets, to develop the coordination among service providers and to create the foremost commission managements. Apart from this, care trust has almost ten units and therefore it can be considered as the closest model for the full merger or social and health care in England. In addition to it, children's trust possesses virtual nature and when compared with adult care trust, this provides the best context for kids, sharing of information and working with children and young. Furthermore, individual health budget is the facility provided to the patients to gain funds for the facilities they have taken from the health and social care providers (Hujala, Laulainen and Lindberg, 2014). The UK government makes sincere efforts in this context and emphasizing on developing effectual policies for near future. In addition to this society also play very significant role in the overall behaviour and health of individual. If people of the country are not supportive then they can lead to further depression. This kind of condition will improve some other mental and psychological diseases. For instant, the person that requires special treatment must be supported by society and culture. This kind of actions will be helpful in reducing various kinds of issues and problems (Coleman and Glendinning, 2015). Staff of the hospitals and general public must be supportive in order to improve health of the patients.

Task 2

Peter was the very little boy who was suffering from serious physical injuries, and he needed special care treatments in order to become healthy. He was in not a position of self awareness because of his age (Moriarty, and Cornes, 2014). The society, family and care organisations was responsible for his treatment and special needs. There are ranges of suggestions that can be followed by the family of baby P.

  • First they should understand the major reason behind the injuries of baby P.
  • After finding out the reason, they should start treating the causes.
  • Family should be helpful in finding out the reason of injuries and solving the issues with the help of various institutions such as police, hospitals etc.
  • There should be proper guidelines to communicate with the police and hospitals in order to know regarding improvement in his health and various other issues (Berwick, Nolan and Whittington, 2008).
  • The major point of this case is that when the first time baby p was injured, there should have completed evaluation of the case. The police should have found out the major reason of the injury, and social home care should also help him by finding out the main reason of the injury.
  • The reparation of injuries should have avoided by the family and police.There are varied professional that can assist in such scenario such as community nurses, occupational therapists, psychiatrist, specialist doctors, social workers, police and specialist of child crimes cases (Adams, 2003). Furthermore, it can be said that the child could not understand the condition, and hence, the social workers and family members of him should have seriously focused on the case in order to save him from this kind of injuries.

Normally, there are ranges of strategies and models for health promotion. The government of the nation is focused regularly on developing innovative and effective strategies in order to support individuals with specific requirements (Smedley and Syme, 2001). The several health strategies can be explained as below.
Community engagement: Key accountability for appealing and referring with the local communities related to the health and health care requirements is the duty of primary trust care commissioner. They are forecasted to work in coordination with the agencies, local authorities and voluntary entities in tactical venture ship for creating the managements for enhancing the well-being and health for local communities. Hence, it can be said that commissioner of trust care should manage all the other organisations in very effectively in order to help society (Genkeer and, 2002).

The health promotion strategic framework model: It is the mechanical factor for the health promotion. This includes five approaches for the society, health services and study. The major purpose of this is to get the aims of encouraging, guarding and enhancing the health of community, ensure the effectual health promotion operations, improve the capability of company to enhance the health within the context of social gradient, develop a multi sectorial methodology in order to get rid of the inequalities within the context of health and social determinants, ensure the value for funds in the context of minimizing the employees (Handy, 2014).

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In the given case study, community engagement is the best and suitable strategy. Trust care commissioner should have managed the treatments of baby P and they are responsible for ensuring the conditions and situations of him.

The condition is prevailing the in the London and individuals with series kinds of injuries are offered with lesser access to the basic health services. As already baby P has the low socio-economic status, these elements have added to his issues and lead to the series physical problems. London is the developed area, and generally, there are ranges of modern and innovative facilities for the people with special needs. In the case of Baby P, the family and government should have focused on the issues in order to solve them at right time (Andersen and Newman, 2005). The major problem of family of baby P was the money. Hence, the low socio economic status possess highly critical characteristic and involves the quality of health along with study and income.

There are ranges of professional that can be helpful in the present case, such as general practitioners, primary care trust and NHS centres. Furthermore, NHS play very significant role in the London for providing best and special health care services to the society. Many a time, it can also help financially to the society. Finally, it can be said that there are ranges of institutions and organizations in the London through which society can get special and best health and social care services easily (Barlow and, 2002).

Task 3

The followings are the major approaches which can be taken for meeting the special requirements of both baby P and Mr. and Mrs. E (Case of the Bournewood).

  1. Medications and needed therapies: It is helpful in improving mental conditions as well as physical health of people.
  2. Evidence based practices: Facilities which regularly improves the effectiveness and efficiencies of the people are included in this.
  3. Autonomy and empowerment: It comprises making the opportunities assessable for the disable persons. It is based on the social responsibilities of the community (Parton and O'Byrne, 2001).
  4. Self-help: Every person has its self-approaches for reducing problems by treatments. They can use their self-approaches in order to improve health.
  5. Advocacy: This includes several techniques and tools utilised in order to alter the mentioned policies and code of conduct, attitudes and perception which act as problems to create and discriminate against disabled.

On the other side interventions can be explained as below.

  • Vocational interventions: This is related to providing the training for improving the mental and physical conditions of the people.
  • nterventions: This is helpful in improving the moral of people and developing the positive attitude toward the life.
  • Educational interventions: It is regarding providing all the special information to the patient regarding their illness (Adler and Page, 2008).
  • Physical interventions: This is regarding proper exercise and therapies for the joint movement.

In the both case various kinds of approaches and interventions explained above can be utilized easily in order to improve health of Mr and Mrs.

The intervention strategies play very significant role in improving health of patients with special needs. In the first case, baby P cannot understand this kind of strategies because of his age, but family member of him can help him in implementing these policies in order to decrease various issues. On the other hand, the second case is regarding to Mr and Mrs E and they can easily execute these strategies in their life in order to improve health quickly (Cooper and, 2007). The physical interference is significant for restoring the physical strength of people.

Relevant exercises and therapies can be helpful for baby P in order to improve his physical conditions and internal injuries. Psychological intervention also play very crucial role in improving mental and psychological conditions such as depression, suicidal tendency etc. of the people. People with special requirements can regain their independence in the life by utilising the educational and vocational interventions.

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The emergent development comprises the medical and technological advances, several alternations in rules and regulations of government, domestic and global changes in this field. These types of development and changes can impact on support for individual with special requirements. The followings are the key effects (Moriarty, Manthorpe and Cornes, 2014).

  • Security of others and self-versus rights
  • Alleviation of requirements vs. remedial therapy
  • Autonomy and independence versus risk
  • Choices
  • Policies and service related dilemmas

Further more, it can be said that policies and other changes and innovation can influence the support of person with specific needs. For instant, the management has introduced the green document emphasized on the importance of the social welfare by producing good and healthy meals. It needs the data regarding the risk forecast and entity in adult social care with respect to meals cooked for them. It will be helpful in stabilizing the vulnerable people's health.

Task 4

An individual that possess puzzling attitude have the temper irritabilities, uncooperative, self-harming and hence they show their anger on others. The major reason of this kind of conditions is the physical damage, disabilities within the context of learning, physical or psychological ill health, alcohol, drugs, brain injuries etc. In addition to this, it is considered as the unacceptable or the rude behaviour which comprises: verbal abuse such as threats, racist comments and bullying, physical abuse such as assault, self-harming condition, illegal conduct etc. Furthermore, there are ranges of elements that can make impact on challenging behaviour, and the major factors are ill health, fatigue, physical disability, sexuality, drugs and alcohol, pain, disturbance in sleep, difficulties in learning, emotions, perceptions and expectations, social elements etc. (Coleman and Glendinning, 2015).
Thus, it can be said that challenging behaviour can be harmful for the person as well as society. In the case of this kind of people, community must support them in improving their mental conditions and illnesses. Person should try to avoid drugs and alcohol in order to recover the condition quickly.

The people that are suffering from challenging behaviour have ranges of impact on the health and social care organisations. They are normally inaccessible and does not have any communication with the family, friends etc. They have ranges of problems related to memory, communication with others. Furthermore, they also need more emotional and financial support (Hujala, Laulainen and Lindberg, 2014). The individual with challenging behaviour is more likely to abuse due to his mental illness and disability. This kind of action can impact the working environment and also can influence the other patients of the entity.

In the case of senior people, it is complex to manage the condition. They can demand various kinds of different things, and it gives the rise to condition of abuse. Furthermore, there are ranges of important risk elements of challenging behaviours such as unhappiness in the health professional, low coordination with employees, substance abuse, social isolations, the degree of dementia or sickness among the elderly, physical losses, chances of accidents etc. In addition to this, it has been found that the people with challenging behaviour can affect the work of the health and social care company (Genkeer and, 2002). They can improve chances of violence and major accidents that can reduce the reputation and image of the entity in the market.

There are ranges of rules, policies, processes and code of conduct set the accountability of manager in the directive of social care worker. These kinds of actions are helpful in maintaining and managing working condition of the entity. Furthermore, according to these, companies must provide training to the employees in order to manage people with challenging behaviours. The organisations must manage standards of working and services (Smedley and Syme, 2001). They should also fulfil the rights of the service users and also makes sincere efforts in the context of not harming the emotions and interest of the users.

The legal partnership rules and law is helpful in maintaining good relationship with the people with special needs and service providers. This type of partnership helps in creating the shared principles and values. It also helps to determine the agreed boundaries. In the case of accidents and other, responsibilities of patients and company can be decided easily. It is also helpful in paying additional attention to attitude and mutual trust


Form the above research report it has been found out that there are various kinds of people with different types of social and health care needs (Adams, 2003). It is the responsibility of government, family members, and home care entities to ensure the mental and physical condition of the individual with specific needs. There should be special and unique strategies for the particular patient because every patient has different kinds of health and social care needs and requirements. In addition to this, government policies and procedures can also make effective role in management and control of people with specific needs.


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