Working in Partnership in Health and Social Care


A partnership can be considered as a systematic organizational arrangement in which both parties develop cooperation for mutual interests. It can be done between two big private organizations along with non-profit firms. The main aim of partnership is to enhance coordination among activities of both organizations in order to achieve common goals (Mackay and, 2012). In the context of health and social care, an organization develops partnership contracts with doctors and other health care institutions for facilitation of best services to patients or service users. It also develops good relations with other firms.

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This report presents various aspects of partnership with respect to Dilly’s Diabetic Center. In this process, this report evaluates several partnership philosophies that will enhance coordination. It evaluates different kinds of management approaches which assist Dilly’s Diabetic Center in order to promote positive aspects of partnership working among medical professionals and between firms related to health care. This research also analyses effect of partnership working to enhance overall efficiency of organizations along with quality of service for service user. Report also presents a range of organizational outcomes in the form improvement in services through partnership working.



Dilly’s Diabetic Center makes efforts in order to facilitate a range of training and educational session to provide distinct kinds of information to patients of diabetes. With the help of these kinds of training session, diabetic patients can control and manage their diet and exercise so as patients can control health problems which may be faced by patients due to improper food habits and etc. In order to achieve these objectives, management of health care firm organizes 8 week training program (Carnwell and Carson, 2015). In this, health care manager conducts a detail discussion regarding symptoms of diabetes and organization also develops a diet plan for different service user that will reduce effect of diabetes. In the process of training, the management of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre also takes suggestion from service user about whole educational activity. With the help of this, firm can improve service quality by implementing new services. So, partnership working of Dilly’s Diabetic Center with various other organizations and professionals helps patients regarding symptoms of diabetes and along with systematic diet plan for patients of diabetes that will assist patients for managing their day to day operations and food habits as per the information provided by health care firm. It will avoid serious elements of diabetes and provides a quality life. Some important philosophical approach is taken by Dilly’s Diabetic Centre which is explained as below:

Empowerment: The term Empowerment means delegation of different kinds of authority and knowledge that assists people in order to manage distinct kinds of situation themselves. In this aspect, managers of health care firm make efforts to empower patients By empowering patients, Dilly’s Diabetic Centre can provide wide range knowledge and information about several situations so as patients could take proper action in situation of medical emergencies related to Diabetes. With the help of various exercises, an individual can improve his health. It can be considered as a most important tool to increase involvement of patients for health-care activities as per the needs of patients.

Distribution of information with medical professionals: The case study determines that the effectiveness of 8 weeks training programs can be influenced by proper sharing of different kinds of information with patients along with their family members (Savage and Ford, 2008). This information h will assist patients for maintaining healthy life style with the help of various medical professionals. In order to achieve this objective, doctors and health care staff distributes information among patients and other services users regarding symptom of emergency situations along with necessary actions to handle it. So, families of diabetic patients and can easily manage conditions of health emergency with the help of several steps and actions. This process enhances understanding among public and patients regarding serious health problems.

Enhancement of collaborative working: The management of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre also considers collaborative organizational practices for developing of organizational structure that will improve health of diabetic patients. In this process, managers promote partnership with other business firms (Read, Corcoran and Jackson, 2011). With the help of this approach, Dilly’s Diabetic Centre can offer wide range of services to patients. In addition to that health-care organization can share resources that would lower cost of operations and improve service quality. This thing also enhances efficiency of health care unit because managers also take views of other individuals and service user. It increases understanding of patients because health care unit presents several aspects like treatment and etc. with other experts.

Power Sharing: With respect to the partnership of Dilly's Diabetic Center with Lewisham GP it needs to share its power and it is the key process of partnership. In health and social care organizations, decisions can be improved by understanding the roles and responsibilities of each partner. With the help of negotiation, both the partners can take their business to new heights. This will also help in tighten the bond between both the partners (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013).

Independence and respect:This area is likely to aid towards increasing involvement of patients for health-care activities as per the needs of patients.

Autonomy:Giving autonomy to patients is likely to aid in improving service quality by taking patient’s opinion into consideration.

Making informed choices: – By making informed choices, there can be reduction in the overall dependency of medical services. Firm can ensure safety of patients and reduces impact of diabetes on the health of individuals.

From the above approaches, it is clear that partnership will help the organization in providing quality services to the service users. It is only possible due to exchange of ideas and thoughts which will result to get an innovative and fresh idea regarding the improvement in health and social care firm.


The case reflects that patients and managers of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre are facing many problems and discrepancies in treatment process. This thing develops negative perception of health care and reduces satisfaction level of patients. In order to reduce gap in service quality, the authority of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre should have to recruit of new workers and employees that will improve organizational capabilities for achieving management objectives. Health care unit is facing several problems due to lack of efficient staff such as most of the patients have to bring their urine and blood samples by their own which is not possible for every patient along long waiting period in order to get health care services (Wild and, 2012). The health care unit can adopt various tactics for recruiting of new candidates in the form of publication of vacancies in newspapers and etc and human resource consultancy.

The case study shows various problems such as misplacement of blood sample and improper recording of treatment procedure which are faced by mangers and staff of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre. This thing creates gapes in service quality and reduces organizational efficiency in facilitation of distinct kinds of services. In order to resolve these kinds of problems, firm should develop universal formats and resisters that will assist staff members to keep systematic records of various aspects (Mockford, Staniszewska, Griffiths and Herron-Marx, 2012). In this aspect, organization could use different kinds of computer software and hardware that helps staff of health care organization in order to manage distinct kinds of data related to personal information of patients. This tactic may reduce the chances of misplacement of blood sample. It also increases accessibility of information because staff members can easily acquire information of service users within few seconds with the help of latest technologies. With the help of above mentioned strategies, Dilly’s Diabetic Centre can reduce waiting times between treatments because computer software and technologies help managers in order to manage an efficient schedule of treatment and list of appointment in particular day. In this regards, health-care staff fixed the schedule of patients at particular date and time that will avoid waiting time and prevent patient from anxiety. It also increases the satisfaction level of patients.

Communication plays an important role in providing proper and quality services to the patients. With the help of effective and polite communication skills, care workers can improve their relationship with the patients. This will also help in maintaining respect and dignity of the patients (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). Effective communication helps in convincing the service users for any kind of treatment or medicine as per their disease or disorder. This also helps in understanding the past and present life of clients and with the help of this information, doctors of Dilly's Diabetic Center can provide proper treatment to them.

Organizational communication is most important part of any kind of organization. In context of current case, an efficient communication system develops mutual understanding between medical staff of Dilly’s Diabetic Centre and service user about different health issues. This approach will assist both parties for resolving health issues in a proper manner. In order to provide the best treatment, medical staff should have to carefully solve the problem and difficulties of patients (Olsson, Engström, Skovdahl and Lampic, 2012). By understanding problems of workers efficiently, medical professionals can provide best treatment. In order to enhance efficiency of organizational operations, manager needs to promote sharing of information with the help of proactive communication medium. This thing increases corporation and coordination among medical staff. Proper communication may further aid in eliminating the overall waiting time that exists in between treatments. It is likely to aid in the prevention of patient’s anxiety and improve patient’s satisfaction level that occurs if he/she is made to wait for too long.

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Multi-agency partnership is created by several health care organizations in order to meet mutual goals. But, in Case specific partnership, management develops partnership with other health care firms according to needs of particular case. Multi-agency partnership operates wide range of organizational operations as compared to case specific partnership (Health and social care working in partnership, 2007). In development of Multi-agency cooperation, health care unit should enhance relationship between staff of both firms. In case specific, staffs related to particular case are managing relationship.

The primary goals of case specific partnership are to identify health issues of particular patients and facilitation of treatment. In this process, all parties and health care firms carry out joint efforts in order to provide best treatment with some unique way. On the other hand, multi-organizational partnership is generally used to carry out detail research and development of activities to identify causes of new diseases as well as development of an efficient treatment procedure (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). With the help of this process, manager can resolve health issues faced by several individuals from either common cause or different causes. So, the managers of health and social care firm can easily resolve problems of people within less cost. To manage treatment for individual suffering from mental illness, manager evaluates several procedure of treatment. In order to facilitate best services, managers develop partnership with other health care organization in order to get expert advice related to particular case. With the help of this approach, organization can facilitate best treatment to an individual suffering health issues (Lu and et. al. 2010). The joint efforts of professionals of both organizations lead good results in terms of health benefits. So, health care organization can provide large number mental patients with an appropriate manner. In order to deal a specific mental case, care unit has to adopt of case-specific partnership. This approach will help of organization for facilitation of special services and treatment. On the basis of above assessment, it can be said that multi-agency partnership is more beneficial for health care organization. This is because it provides wide range of new professional knowledge to medical experts, sharing of resources can reduce service cost etc. It also increases ability of staff to mange health-care operations with employees of other firm.

Multi-agency partnership is preferable for the social care organizations as it provides them an opportunity to make their relationship strong with the workers of both companies which is good for its working environment. Good relationship with the care workers results to high level of job satisfaction which leads them to improve their performance for the progress of firm (Savage and Ford, 2008). In addition to it, detailed research takes place in this approach which can help the firm in taking proper and strategic decisions for their workers and patients. It will also help in increasing trust for resolving the issues effectively by understanding the reasons behind them.

Similarity between multi-agency partnership and case specific partnership:

Both types of partnership manage large number of mental patients. They further provide good returns. This is because; both organizations can share large number of resources in terms of medical staff and other equipment (Bernard, 2013).

Difference between multi-agency partnership and case-specific partnerships with respect to the mental health services:

In case specific partnership, mental health services give focus to the disease or disorder of the patient and tries to find out the best treatment with joint decision. On the other hand, multi agency partnership needs detailed study and research for determining the treatments of new and specific mental disease or disorder. It also provides a wide range of resources as compared to the case-specific partnership for resolving the problem because of strong relationship with the staff of both companies. From this differentiation, it is clear that for new mental disease, mental health service needs to follow multi-agency partnership as it will help them in collecting proper information about the problem. In contrast to it, for the mental disease which is known to the social care workers, they can use case-specific partnership. Joint decision will be taken by them to use new and proper method for recovering the problem effectively.


There is a range of considered by NHS in development different kinds of partnership for development of several solutions related to distinct health issues. Some important approaches are explained below which can be implemented by managers of health care firm in order to handle positive partnership in the process of treatment of patient suffering from mental health issues:

Coalition model: With the help of this system, health and social care organization can develop different kinds of teams of medical professionals and nursing staff formation of an efficient treatment procedure for patient facing mental health problems (Kereiakes and Willerson, 2004). In this process, teams are also divided into subdivisions that preform different elements of treatment procedure according to needs of patients. In this process, managers and medical staffs develop social relations with staff of other health care unit.

Unified model: According to this concept, managers consider several principle and practices for treatment mentally ill patients on the basis of organizational structure and rules and regulations. In this, medical staff follows rules and principles determined by top managers.

Problem-orientation partnership: This partnership is designed to manage common problems of both health care organizations. This system also assists medical practitioners in order find solution of a person suffering from mental health problems (Mackay and 2012). It is a very effective tool for developing common understanding on particular task.

Ethical partnership: It is a systematic designed partnership which aims to improve a better way of living for both clients and service users suffering from many problems. With the help of this approach, managers can meet health needs of patients suffering from mental health.

In handle an individual suffering with mental health problem, different agencies of UK have developed a range of approaches that ensure safety of rights on a patients (Hughes and Urwin, 2013). In this aspect, Humanistic theory is very useful for health and social care organizations. On the basis of this approach, management can enhance quality of decision-making process and will facilitate best services and treatment to patient suffering from mental health problems.

For the positive promotion of partnership, firms can follow the following theories:

Enforced co-operation: Proper cooperation of partners results in enhancing the productivity and profits of business. Cooperation also helps in using innovative strategies and decisions for resolving the issues (Bernard, 2013). Sharing of ideas and perception leads to provide partners a fresh and new idea that can be effective for the organization. For improving the future of partnership, it is important to have cooperation among partners at present.

Game Theory: As per this theory, both the partners get identical payoffs for a set of strategies. In this, cooperation of partners can be based upon the reciprocity but once this theory is established properly, it helps in taking right strategies for the business by neglecting wrong and inappropriate plans (Savage and Ford, 2008).


Full time working: According to this model, staff members work in organization by spending some period and hours with reference to employment contract and appointment terms and conditions. In this, an employee manages same kind of job and perfumes a set of activities that will reduce chances of mistakes (Munn-Giddings and Winter, 2013). This process increases proficiency of an individual in particular job that increases goodwill of staff. This process and inflexible working conditions lead stress and reduces productivity. Employee is also facing problems in order to manage social life because an individual gets only few hours to spend time with family.

Part time working: On the basis of this section, staff members of health and social care manage their job and work for a segment of time, not for full working day (Fox, 2012). This process helps workers in order to maintain proper balance between personal and professional job. This aspect assists employees in management of social activities. It also reduces stress among workers because they can meet all responsibilities with an effective manner. This system will increases cost of organization because firm has to appoint extra part time worker for managing of several business operations.

Flexible Working: This system is mainly followed by top medical practitioners. In this, top medical professionals manage different kinds of activities according to needs to medical institutions (Alakeson, 2013). This thing increases efficiency of an individual by maintaining proper balance between office and home works. This process also reduces expenditures of health care organization (Ellaway and Macintyre, 2009). Employee can perform several tasks in one day. This method increases chances of delays in various organizational projects. It creates problems for top management in order to manage several tasks with an efficient manner.

With help of collaborative working, the managers and employees of health and social care organization in proper utilization of various resources according to needs of consumers. This system encourages employees in order to share different kinds of medical equipment and other resource that will decrease overall operational expenses of firm. By developing common understanding, firm can enhance corporation among worker that will improve quality of health care services and satisfaction level of business entity (The learning, teaching and assessment of partnership work in social work education, 2015). It leads communication or transmission of information between employees and other organizational partners. By transmitting different kinds of data with other partners, firm could create positive impact of outcomes and satisfaction level of consumers. But, differences in working methods also affect collaborative working. When full time workers of one organization are handling special case that times part time other workers cannot manage their job practices with them. It will create problems in coordination among staff member of both health-care unit. It will reduce effectiveness and efficiency of outcomes of partnership working.

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Advantages and disadvantages of different working practices:

Advantages of different working practices are:

  • Increase in the satisfaction level of employees,
  • Higher talent pool,
  • Reduces absenteeism,
  • Increases worker's commitment (Savage and Ford, 2008)
  • Increases productivity.

On the other hand, disadvantages of different working practices are:

  • Less teamwork,
  • Reduction in initiatives,
  • Inequality,
  • Lack of proper communication among staff members.

The differences are likely to impact collaborative working by creating inappropriate work on the account of decreased team work. Workers in this case may not make an attempt to understand the views of each other and does not like to share their views which results to ineffective and inefficient working environment. They also lack cooperation and coordination which affects the objectives and performance of the organization (Lu and, 2010).



In health and social care, working with partnership provides both positive and negative outcomes to health care unit. With respect to patient suffering from mental illness, this method provides good results for patients in terms of improvement in health. It has been done because off a range of medical practitioners, doctors and other nursing staff make efforts in order to develop new procedures and methods (Bernard, 2013). This thing assists employees to increase effectiveness of treatment along with completion various operations on the basis of predetermined schedule. In context diabetic patient, an individual encounters many health issues. With the help of efficient partnership working, medical practitioner develops different kinds of treatment and solutions which can be used by patients to manage health problem such as development of diet chart and use of exercise. With the help of these tools, patients can manage their health in appropriate manner and can live healthy life. This approach increases the sharing of wide range of resources that will lower the cost of services and would improve the effectiveness of health care services.

The partnership working also develops basis for development of new ways and procedures in order to manage schedules and plan of treatment that assist organization in facilitation of best treatment to diabetic and mentally ill patients. This approach assists managers for developing of several element and supportive strategies that will improve effectiveness of business decision related to treatment (Kereiakes and Willerson, 2004). On the other hand, there is some negative effect also identified in partnership working. In partnership working, various doctors and medical professionals give their different views to diabetic and mental patients that lead misunderstanding and confusion among service users. This element leads conflicts and also creates negative impact on service quality of health care unit. In addition to that, patients will not appropriate treatment that directly lead negative impact on health of services user. It also increases the chances of conflicts among medical staff.

Working in partnership is greatly influenced various section and activities of organization. By developing partnership with other firms, management can enhance learning among its staff with the help of mutual working (Olsson, Engström, Skovdahl and Lampic, 2012). With the help of effective system for delivery of integrated services, organization can improve service quality along with firm efficiency. This thing reduces cost of health care firm and increases satisfaction level of service users. It improves overall productivity of firm by implementing various business changes.

Partnership with respect to mental disability service users results to provide them quality services which results to improve their behavior and attitude. It also helps in providing independence to the mental patients which increases their level of motivation and confidence. On the other hand, if relationship between partners is not good then it results to ineffective treatment to the mental disorder service-users. Lack of proper strategies and equipment leads to make clients suffer more which sometimes result to their death (Bernard, 2013).

On the other hand, for the physical disabled service users, partnership can enhance the activities for their active participation so that they can divert their mind towards them. It also helps in providing proper guidance to the patients so that they can access the services properly (Savage and Ford, 2008). Proper partnership leads to effective management which can be able to provide effective treatment to their patients whereas ineffective management makes patient to suffer from various issues.


There are several problems or barriers arising in learning disability centre for young people from partnership working. The one of the major problems is faced by person suffering from different kinds of disabilities in messaging process. Improper communication reduces effectiveness of partnership working. Due of improper communication skills, majority of doctors and other medical staff of learning disability center cannot facilitate the best services to patients (Lu and et. al. 2010). Improper conversation leads problems for caring staff in assessment of different kinds of health problems faced by patients with an efficient manner. Insufficiency of different kinds of resources also acts a barrier in partnership working because workers face problems in order to perform various tasks.
There are different potential barriers that they encounter in the daily operations in learning disabilities centers for young people. The first one is not having a clear specified boundary for partnership responsibilities because most of the roles are being allocated twice a time (Lu and et. al., 2010). It has created conflicts between different care providers. Along with this, the deficiency in time of commitment between care partners leads to changes in the scheduling of the routine tasks of health care workers.

Some other reasons includes lack of appropriate financial resources, human resource, latest technology and etc. are greatly affected a range of decisions related to health and social care practices (Savage and Ford, 2008). This thing leads negative impact on service quality and growth of organization. In health care unit related to learning disability centre for young people, management has to provide different kinds of training session that will improve efficiency of staff. Due to lack of proper training, doctors and various other medical staff of learning disability centre for young people do not have efficient knowledge of process to handle different circuital and serious health issues of learning disability centre for young. This creates negative impact on service quality of health care firm. In present scenario, technology plays significant role in development of different kinds of treatment procedures that will meet needs of patients suffering from several health issues. Lack of high-tech equipment also creates adverse impact on services and output of partnership working (Mackay and, 2012). Improper domestic infrastructure such as hospitals and etc. influences services of staff of learning disability center for young people in a negative way.


There are different kinds of recommendations suggested to service users, professionals and organization in order to improve partnerships working outcomes in learning disability centre for young people. Some most important factors are discussed below:

Service users: It includes patients and other individuals. The patients of learning centre should have to provide clear and accurate information about health issues to medical staff of health care firm (Wild and et al. 2012). On the basis of accurate information about health problem of service user, medical staff can easily share with other individuals that will increase effectiveness of partnerships and creates basis from future activities.

Professionals: In order to enhance service quality and generation of efficient outcomes, staff member of health care unit should have to adopt new techniques and strategies which assist them in optimum utilization of different kinds of management resources in order to enhance service quality and goodwill of health and social care organization.

Organization: To handle patients with learning disability effectively, health and social should apply different kinds of training and development activities within business entity. This thing increases effectiveness of treatment procedures and creates positive impact on service quality (Carnwell and Carson, 2015). Health care unit needs to facilitate best and suitable technologies and medical equipment in order to enhance efficiency of services. It also improves overall efficiency of firm.

Recommendations for improving the working in partnership at learning disability centers for young people are as follows:

  • By giving empowerment to care partners for taking decisions and suggesting different valuable ideas for improving the services, partnership working in learning disability can be improved in the organization.
  • By sharing the information between care partners, care services can be easily improved for the service users (Lu and et. al., 2010).
  • With the help of better planning and monitoring, working in partnership can be enhanced in learning disability center for the young people.

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The above study finds that partnership working provides both positive and negative results in various management operations related to health and social care firm. This report finds that health care firm has to identify different health issues of patients in development of partnership decision so as firm can adopt either multi-agency or case base partnership. It concludes that organization has to manage different kinds of resources such as finance, technologies and medical staff in order to facilitate best services to patients.


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