International marketing is a process through which a firm operates in more than one country. Gems and jewellery sector is one of the most broad market in which trading across countries take place. H. Samuel is a big chain dealing in Jewellery business from a very long time. It is one of the most likely brand for people of U.K. and therefore its contribution in total economy of country is significant. Following report is prepared in order to understand various factors that effect cited business by doing PESTLE and SWOT analysis of same. Also the succeeding study will enable learner to enhance their knowledge about how cited company can enhance its market in different countries like India, China, Nigeria and Thailand.

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Question 1

Factors that impact the global jewellery industry

In order to analyse the macro cause that has their effect on ornament sector PESTLE analysis of same needs to be done which is given below:

Political (P)

These are very important factors as they bring direct impact on functioning of this business. Though political surroundings do not fluctuate much this business can continue smoothly in international market. It gets affected by various taxes that are imposed on prime products as behaviour of customer changes with alteration in revenue enhancement. Apart from this it also gets affected when laws related to export and import of stones are modified.

Economic (E)

Capacity of customer to buy is the most important factor that effect purchasing of products in this business. Alteration in customer duties has brought positive change in cited industry. Also after relaxation in import and export of gold expansion is done in jewellery business.

Social factors

as these days ornaments have become a part of status symbol demand for same has raised. After hike in price of gold consumers prefer to invest more in stones and diamonds. All these trends keep fluctuating demand by customers.


With increase in trend there was a need to develop this profession and therefore highly skilled labour are necessary so that total cost can be minimised. Introduction of developed tools and machinery helped cited industry in giving tough competition.

Legal factors

there are various favourable moves taken by legal authority so that diamond business can flourish.

Environmental factors

This industry full fills all its responsibility towards surroundings while mining and selling of their products. Although this business is affected by the health issues of those working with them as their safety is at question when operating with big machinery.

Apart from these there are also various competitive factors that impact the global jewellery industry like which can be understood through Porter forces analysis. It is a guideline which shows level of competition in a particular industry.

Threat of new entry

  • Cartel character has made it impossible for fresh companies to enter in this industry
  • Merger between various medium scale organisation is taking place to get into this business

Negotiation ability of provider

  • New entries come with major drawback of increased supply
  • It promotes stock keeping which results into increase in negotiating power.

Bargaining strength of customer

  • Less negation power was given to buyers
  • After economic problems this industry faced fall in price

Question 2

Internal business environment of H. Samuel using Porter’s Value Chain

As the cited industry is engaged in business where a number of activities are performed which may be classified into primary or supportive tasks. In order to understand the internal business environment of H. Samuel action performed in same are given below and than swot analysis of same is also done in order to understand analyse its strength and weaknesses.

Primary activities

Main acts – It includes employee contacts with their suppliers so that inputs can be received stored and broadcast raw material.
Operations – it includes all efforts taken by operational team to transform raw material into final products.
Outbound logistics – As the cited company is dealing in manufacturing products which need effective distribution system. It includes activities like collection storage and dispersion of final item.
Marketing and sales – H. Samuel use various methods to market its products to customers. Buyers are given information about various innovations done by company in its designs.
Service – Commodities sold by this company falls under the category of prime quality. Therefore management ha different department who gives after sale services to their


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