Rooms Division Operations Management


Room division operations management is a place of administration dealing with structuring and monitoring the procedure of manufacturing and redesigning operations of a business in the production of products or services. It includes the liability to make sure the entrepreneurial activities that are effective with regard of utilising resources as required and efficient in terms satisfying demand of customers. The main objective of it is to fulfil the desires of  consumers by providing them better amenities and facilities. The centre of all tasks of hotels is the front office which is only section that working for twenty hours to interact with clients, guests and own individuals. Hotel enterprises are considered to be one of the best profitable section in business arena. Present report is based on the Hotel Hilton, UK which is a worldwide brand of full of utilities hotels and resorts (Alderton and Saieva, 2013). It is a popular name in hospitality industry and one of the biggest hotel brand globally. It focused on both enterprises and travellers with position in big cities, airports and on famous destinations in the world.

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1.1 Accommodation and front offices services of Hotel Hilton

Accommodation- Hotel Hilton has a well-planned housing services that helps in bringing diversity in its rooms obtainable for the guests with regard to volume and size. It will involve a wide range of space and housing facilities. The data provided to the consumers about the quality of the space play an important role. Its main function is to carry out the status and scope. The more it is capable of administering the required housing facilities for its clients to earn maximum profit. The more attachments in the facilitates provided to the individuals will support in gaining more revenues (Artto and et. al., 2011). It also involves considerable house-keeping, management and transmission as other utilities like cleaning of rooms of clients and public, improvements and washing services also considered to be chief concern of the authorization.

Front office services- The information provided by the reception also play an essential role. It also needs the functions of hospitality services to increase awareness in a systematic manner to complete the data of the house keeping services. It is considered to be a place where guests or visitors first meet the staff in any organisation. This department of a hotel is required to act as whole on its behalf, ordinarily by welcoming and checking in. It also supports clients at the time of staying there. It is the nerve centre of all the operations of this entity because all the transactions go through from this department only. The main objective of this section is to facilitate clients with luggage, information about the industry, conveyance and other amenities demanded during the stay (Assaf, Barros and Josiassen, 2010). Employees of the front desk leaves a first and last impact on the customers. In Hotel Hilton it is divided into various sections such as provided services of room allocation, house keeping, ring, enrolment, book-keeper and auditors. The officers of this division should be merciful enough to entice the customers.

1.2 Roles and responsibilities of accommodation and front office staff

Accommodation service officials are the essential part of the customer satisfaction. They do not directly communicate with the guests but play an important role in making consumers feel like home in hotels and also form them memories there. The profits of this industry based upon the selling of rooms and the best hospitality practices not only by stopping infection and make sure the health and safety of employees, customers and visitors. They also manage areas of public and the space of the clients. This department connects with the executing staff is liable for preservation of hotels. They organise to attach the destroyed or broken things in that during the stay of individuals and results in decreasing their complaints. Pleasant environment developed by the interior decoration of hotel will attract the customer to stay. By amalgamating art and craft with compound of furnishing fine and enjoyable atmosphere suitable for the living space and meeting rooms can be achieved.

The front desk department is considered to be the important area of selling of the hotel and primary liability involves customer services and amenities with property management services, book-keeping, reservation, profitability and basic data (Batun and et. al., 2011). Moreover, they will support each other so that the registration will finish with success and satisfy the requirements of the customers with the utilities and eagerly to come again.

Reservation and enrolment service- It is the basic function of the front office. The  guests arrived to hotel will first approach the reception for reservation of rooms and the official in charge will inform them about the possibility of rooms and then allot the space by completing their documenting details.

Monitoring operational activities- It is an important role of front desk within hotel to facilitate the wider standard of sell mannered services while achieving expected level of profits. They have to make sure that the work is finished to involve losing of shifts, room deposits, discounts and returns. They also requires to prepare schedules of employees, payrolls and supervise expenses of labour to manage figures and take liability for correcting the problems of customers.

1.3 Legal and statutory needs that apply to room division operations

Every hotel following the commitment of facilitating health, safety and privacy not only for its customers but also for its staff. Moreover it is the responsibility of both management and employees that they take initiatives to keep their place of work healthy, secure and safe. In hospitality business most of the ordinarily injuries arise due to misuse of apparatus, wet floors, quickness and distraction (Chon and Yu, 2012). All the individuals who are working in this industry require to have training regarding the policies and regulations that are applicable to their functioning atmosphere before they start performing activities.

Health and safety act- The main objective of this act is to preserve employees and employers both and also supports in raising the safety awareness at the place of work. Every individual is liable for their own life and of others. With this there are a number of health and safety measures established by the employer in the benefit of all the customers and workforce.

Fire regulations act- It is the duty of all the enterprises within hospitality businesses to ensure that each and everybody is safe and secure in the movement of fire and they have to proceed according to the rules provided for the prevention from any accident on their place of work. All the premises required to have smoke pointers, fire alarms, water and fire exits which are direct and easy to discover. All employees of hotel need to be trained in an manner to obstruct from fire occurred eventually.

Hazardous substance handling- For handling the hazardous things like cleaning agent etc., Control of substance hazardous for health is implemented. It has information about the labelling, storing, protection and usage. Every individual of hospitality industry needs to train its employees regarding this before starting working (Ellis and Austin, 2011). The staff during working with these substances should be facilitate with protective cloths like aprons, face masks and gloves.

1.4 Services provided by the room division operation management

In hospitality industry the common level of utility offered are food, shelter and travelling facilities. But the level of service of this kind of venture is confined to restrictions.

Serving customers- The basic liability of front desk executive is to serve guest and amenities with managing accounts, property, enrolment, profits and general information. Beside this they also propose many other assisting services to the customers but the responsibilities are not similar in every hospitality industry. In small business like restaurants with space, there the managers duty is to perform all the functions of front-desk executive and executed as the front desk officials.

Security- In present time the major conflict in  this enterprise is the privacy that is the basic concern of hotels. Further satisfying the needs and requirements of the clients it offers moderate services at low cost to luxurious facilities of huge cost to attract consumers of all levels.

The hospitality industry has to follow a number of civic rules for facilitating better services. There are so many issues arose in this business. The performance measures show the section of rooms which helps in generating more revenues. Due to increase in profits of hotel it increases its rank in the global market (Fahimnia, Sarkis and Davarzani, 2015). There are appropriate values gives for treatment of several types of reception provided.


2.1 Importance of front desk area to effective management

Front office of an organisation is one of the section of hotel management that operates and execute the meetings, mails, replies top phone calls and fix appointments of top level of management, details and maintenance of records, entering data and other transmissions related to the office. To get prosperity in business an enterprise requires a front desk management. Its importance can be quantified with the realities that official of reception welcomes the clients first and their magnificent gestures will affect the future entity.

The main function of this department is to administer all the sections of the hotel that involves house-keeping, financial records and online enrolment. The front office manager requires to understand the demands of the guests who are visiting their hotel. According to the desires of customers he can suggest them a room and decrease the enrolment of clients who do not reserve the space for the minimum number of days. The manager needs to be updated regarding the information of cleaning, maintenance and examining rooms from division of housekeeping.

The front desk official requires to have all data regarding the price of rooms, desires for the space so that they can increase profits by adjusting the costs by performing calculations. He has to take enrolment from the guests via mail or phone (Gummesson, Lusch and Vargo, 2010). It is their duty to registered the details of customers and allot them room after arrival. It is the very important duty of a receptionist is to monitor all the accounts of the individuals. At the time of departure they have to take all the costs of accounts and checking out them is one of the necessary function. There are a number of other services like to make sure that the security of the baggage of the consumers and transport of it to the room.

By providing all these services by the hotel the needs of the customers are satisfied. With the increasing demands of the clients the hotel will increase the cost of the rooms so that industry will be capable of raising price to generate more revenues (Hsieh and Lin, 2010).

2.2 Important aspects of planning and management of front desk area

To discover worldwide desires, the hospitality industry modernize the reception office with appropriate planning and efficient administration. Besides this the employees of hotel should required to be skilled and experienced to be motivated to get effective support in their place of work. The factors included in the planning and execution of the operational management involve the functions directed for the well maintained steps. It lead to upgrade the functioning of the staff. There is a wide range of utilities like rooms, gym, amenities, sports, banquet and conference halls etc. It needs a wide place for accommodation of number of people. There are several types of travellers mostly seen in the hotels.

As it plays an important role in creating first image on the customers by the setting ambience for hotel. Its presentation should influences the efficiency of the staff and accommodates clients also. There should be a direct opinion about the guest as he assess the front desk such that he is not come at wrong place. Every worker should be provided the necessary apparatus like computer, printer that will help them in completing work rapidly.

It includes leisure groups, conference, meeting groups, individuals and also travellers  that shows the raise in  the rank of the this industry in the global market. It is arise due to increase in the revenue. There is a correct statistical information is required to register in the introduction of dissimilar ventures in the hotel industry (Hu and et. al., 2010). This will give rise to higher amount of profits. The more attachments in the luxuries facilitated by the hotels to its clients will generate more money. The data provided to the guests about the rooms play an important role because it needs the various kinds of space along with their amenities and sizes.

The main function of hospitality industry is to carry out the standards of various rooms that also desires the facilities provided in it. The provision of wash rooms and equipments like refrigerator or microwave shall be facilitate in the space. It also needs a clean atmosphere of rooms as it results to manage the hygiene in the accommodation. There is the utilisation of art kind of technology that demands appropriate administration functions with it and also needs a modern application for the delivery of task performed.

2.3 Operational issues impacting the efficient management and performance of front office

There are a number of issues included in the administration of the productive form of enterprise and as well as its performance. There is a requirement to have a stake for coffee. A huge range of facilities required by the furnished form of hotels. For the treatment of several types of receptions, suitable utilities are required in the venture. The development of desirability and generation of wealth may also show by it (Inaba and et. al., 2010). The facilities provided involves restaurants, spa, gym, health and safety, rooms and beauty parlours. These all are depend upon the vogue by the guests. There is a correct statistical data is needed to enrol the institutions of distinct entities in the hotel industry.

This will results in increasing the amount of profits. The more attachments in the amenities provided by the hotels to their clients will deliver maximum revenue that includes spa, swimming pool, fitness space, relaxation room etc. The production is based on the registration of the individuals for a long period of time.

Hospitality industry such as hotel venture exists in its facilities, with the amalgamation of structure, atmosphere, cleanliness, food products and others. The unattractiveness and defects in these pitfalls will negatively impacts the business, its image and its capability of revenue generation. Words of mouth is capable enough to destroy the popularity of an enterprise. Development of bad impression of any industry leads to harm the stardom and profitability.

If the front desk of any hospitality industry is not well garnished, then it may be a possibility that the clients will not come again and switch to other hotel thinking that the interior of the hotel is not good. All these problems will increase the number of complaints of the prevailing customers and arrival of small number of guests gradually. These kinds of minimal mistakes and weakness can cost the industry more in short-term profitability and long-term status as well.

Hotels work for twenty four hours and three hundred sixty five days a year. It should also requires to reach the requirements of the customers. For this they need a staff that should be appointed on the basis of shifts (Jeang and Chiang, 2012). They should have assistance of employees in emergency leaves of the prevailing front desk officials. Any dissolution of the employees also impact the operations of the reception and needs to be planned. Notwithstanding of the planning issues will occur more cost for succession of strategy.

Front office department is the only one that have all informations about the arrival and departure of the guests. By utilising marketing skills it will add more benefits to the hotel that helps to upgrade the selling of rooms and also make it capable of ingress the desires of the clients (JI, WANG and JIANG, 2011). This process will raise the amount if wealth but it is very time consuming and requires proper training for it.


3.1 Importance of interior and design of property

The interior and design of property is play an important role to effective management in hospitality industry. By utilising components and principles of structure such as furniture and accessories they express their theme that helps in discovering a beautiful and an effective space. Before planning regarding decoration of the place it is very essential to plot a thesis and on the basis of this the selection of each item should praise each other.

The alterations in the interiors of hotel show the standard of performance. It includes the commodities of good quality. There is transformation of the products utilised along with plan created by the functions (Jing, 2015). There is a facility of contract that includes franchise and administration of it. It results in upgrading the execution of the company that also involves role of undertaking and parties interested in the business.

The selection and settlement of furniture is that which should needs to be match to the theme of the space. Good lighting is also essential for discovering an ambience. It is based upon the decoration planning and colour panel lights that are used to influence the visual effect of the front desk. Besides all these, curtains are utilised to increase the appearance of the public areas and rooms. They can also be utilised as amplifier against sound and cold. Flowers are considered to be perfect companion that can be arranged in several ways to magnify the beauty of the space, either that may be fresh, artificial or amalgamation of both. Colour is the most important device of design that develop depth which supports in carrying elegance, life and attractiveness to margin. Large plain floors and walls are the sign of space and grace. It is admired by employing the small and group furniture.

3.2 Critical aspects of planning and administration of accommodation services

There are some factors that are required to be taken into consideration during processing for the accommodation services as follows-

Extensive rooms- In hotels, space in the room is very essential. Free area in the room attract the customers and provide them a comfortable atmosphere such as if new client searching for hotel shows that it is small, they can vacate it.

Cleaning and ventilation facilities- Hospitality industries like hotel venture is very ambitious and always tries to deliver superior accommodation amenities to attract more guests. In this circumstance, the space and wash rooms attached with it should needs to be neat and polished (Khanna, 2015). Along with these the customers also demands for proper ventilation for fresh air.

Interior- The accommodation facilities provided by a hotel always requires to be luxurious and gorgeous as well. The furniture and apparatus used by them should requires to be modernized and have a taste of nobility.

3.3 Impact of important operational issues on effective management

There are a number of functions of government that involves a range of procedures. The profits earned daily, monthly and early is to be considered. There is also a wide variety of amenities like conference and banquet hall, gym, spa, rooms, accommodation facilities, sports etc. that needs a big space for residence of higher amount of individuals.

There are also dissimilar issues that impact the effective administration of accommodation facilities of a hotel industry such as transmission strategy. In Hotel Hilton, visitors come there from different nations. First thing is communicating with them  is very important. If any foreigner came in hotel and the appropriate greetings are not done in accordance with the culture of customers then they can feel humiliating and quit it. The second thing which is irresponsible staff. If any employee such as room cleaner is not taken care about the daily functioning and do not clean the rooms then the whole blame goes to hotel that can negatively affect the image of it (Lewis and Brown, 2012). Thirdly, the behaviour of front desk official. Well attitude is the primary standard that appeal the clients, the receptionist is not required to be that much flexible. In this situation, any type of little mistake can charge higher amount financially and non-financially both.


4.1 Revenue and yield management

Yield and revenue administration is considered to be similar while yield management is a portion of revenue management.

Revenue management is a method of planning implanted by the operators of hotels via profitable clients and increase the rates of room. Yield is the balance between real and possible price of space that has been acquired from aircraft industry.

The main objective of yield administration is to sale rooms at huge possible rates also not permit any room to be vacant with regard to maximise the wealth (Mensah and Dei Mensah,  2013). This is attained by pricing, control of room inventory and duration.

Pricing- This is the price differentiation approach in which hotels charges dissimilar rates from distinctive customers for the similar room. It is depend upon the various requirements and conduct of the clients such as facilitating discounts for advance booking of rooms.

Overbooking- In the situation of advance booking many customers either drop or do not show interest in the rooms that are left vacate. To neglect this, hotel requires to charge rates according to the overbooking to avoid this.

Inventory control- The hotel owners depends upon the desires forecast that will determine the number of space that are sold already and the other to be keep for coming customers. This will result to decrease the rooms that are sold on discounted rates via booking in advance.

Duration control- However customers who are staying for a long period of time are the source of earning more profit but the possibility of the rooms is the important that needs to be taken into consideration for hoteliers. For this they depends upon the desires estimating hotel owners who utilise duration control tool to increase their revenue (Nakayama and Bucks, 2012).

4.2 Sales methods used to promote and increase revenue

There are several techniques to upgrade the sales of rooms in hotel. This can be attained only by increasing the utilities for clients. With regard to increase revenue the staff is liable for the activities and performance of services. They are capable of negotiating prices and circumstances. They needs to be aware about the packages of services and also requires to know the chances of reducing or raising prices. The main objective of it is to develop long-term clients and achieve new. Employees who are accountable for sales needs to know how sales techniques will be utilise such as bottom-up, cross-selling, up-selling or top-down.

Up-selling is method that is utilised by the hoteliers and sale more rooms. Therefore, it is an essential issue that staff have to supply other facilities that are beneficial to the customers, packages, vouchers etc. Management of the database of the clients will assist to examine the upcoming quests that supports in appealing more guests by facilitating discounts and special offers (Parast and Adams, 2012). It is very important for every manager to maintain the interest of loyal and current clients as they expend wealth every time when come again in premises. The individuals who are staying for a long duration of time is a tool for advertising free. This industry also desires to establish an effective marketing strategy to achieve new ones. Internet and media is also utilised to promote the sale of the hotels.

Guests of the hotel can be separated depends on their behaviour towards price such as corporation, independent and enrol via travel agencies or tour promoters. The hotel operators have to limit the rooms that can be booked at lowest cost by advance booking and also abolish last minute bookings.

4.3 Use of forecasting and statistical data in room division

The forecasting includes elevation in revenue concurrently and also the work done by the employees. It is a technique of its valuation that depend on the historical data, experience of a particular utilities of an unmanageable factors for a specified time period. It is very useful technique that is used in tourism sector by the mangers and executives. By using this, they can plot upcoming activities based on the previous movements. Every enterprise has data for past years and on this basis they can describe the subsequent marketing planning.

Although it is a method used in tourism industry to predict the level of success in future and non-success in past. Therefore, they can take the correct6 administration decisions connected to the subsequent market strategies (Scherer and et. al., 2014). For example, if the information provided from previous period are right the the officials can supply the required enhancements and alterations with respect to increase the revenue.

4.4 Room division performance indicator utilised to measure the accommodation sales

Normally it is the basic computation of standards and occupancy rates. Besides yield is a new tool having benefit in the hospitality industry.

According to the information provided in the scenario in this task are as follows-


Number of rooms



Single room




Twin rooms



50 by two persons

5 by one person

Double room



30 by two persons  

40 by one person




180 rooms let out (260 sleepers)

Percentage of occupancy of rooms

=Rooms occupies/total number of rooms*100


= 80.72%

Occupancy of sleepers

=Double/twin let to two persons/ total double twin*100


= 73.20%

It is to be note that the double and twin rooms, one person is accommodates then the price charging is also for the single room because the hotel is determined to supply the sole guests in the rooms which are for two persons. From the above computation it is observed that the residency of space is with healthy parameters and also sleepers are closed to the occupancy of rooms (Shekherdimian and Lee, 2011). This will represent that in this industry mangers works at a superior level because they are trying to lodge all guests of the hotel.


It is concluded from the above report that, hospitality industry is the most ambitious venture because of its progressive nature. These kinds of enterprises always concerns with the needs and wants of the customers where a silly mistake or defect can cost higher loss of goodwill of the entity that will result in declining the revenue in short-term and impact vogue in long-term. It also involves a large number of workers who are liable for the distinctive activities, the directors and mangers desires to coordinate their performance and duties. Every employee of this firm should be aware of their policies and liabilities. This organisation must improve the innovative tools with regards to sustain the level of hotel and discover effective activities. Hospitality firms also demands well trained and motivated staff with the essential skills. Every function of the front desk and amenities service sector have their own importance. 


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