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Case Presentation on the Relationship to Change

The case discussion group consisted of 5 persons and what do discuss and produce and presentation on this subject. Members decided to have a discussion on the relation of media in shifting attitudes towards mental health. While discussing the case, we used Tripartite Model as our reference. This model was used in the illustration of the formation of attitudes and Stages of Model Change. In this case, I will reflect on the change process since we started the problem-based learning for all the members of the group including myself. It is essential to note that the problem-based learning happened at a time we had not begun our placement and therefore there are some things the group did not have time cover.

Despite us being age mates, the group constituted both genders which brought various individual features and experiences. There were changes in the extent of the contributions by the individual as the discussion progressed. Personally, I was quiet and reserved at first in the discussion process. My contribution increased exponentially as I settled and learned more about the topic. My contributions on the subject become more, and I was able to relay my perceptive to the others. The group members were professional and respectful of each other and this only improved with time.

I had a feeling that we needed to focus on the task at hand. After the group had reviewed the presentation of other groups, there was evidence that our group remained task-oriented for the whole time. One point was clear that we dealt with the task and did not compare our experiences with others. This can be explained using therapeutic interventions in which lack of enough time and not enough sessions which mean many forget the therapeutic process and get on the issues highlighted. In the group discussion, the group members had an early bonding probably enhanced by the initial atmosphere we created. Our group had agreed on sharing ideas and anxieties, and this ensured the cohesiveness of the group. As time progressed, group members gain trust other and constructive criticism was tolerated. The discussion was made until an agreement was reached. This is an objective we would not have achieved due to people's reservations and differences. In the clinical settings, it can be seen in situations where a patient is unable to express himself initially but can do so over time as the relationship develops. This is an essential factor to consider in the formulation and then points out the need to reformulate with new information.

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We had a facilitator who attended two of the seven sessions of our case discussion groups. The inclusion of a facilitator in the group resulted in changes in the group dynamics. Since we were freshmen and this was our first task, the group members had the tendency to seek for reassurance. We needed approval since we lacked confidence. In the facilitator's presence, I was more silent since I feared being evaluated. I realized that in the presence of the facilitator, we were more restrained and tentative. From the clinical aspect, the psychologist is required to facilitate groups both therapeutically and in group supervision. A difference could be clearly noted in the situations when there a facilitator and when the facilitator was not present. This kind of cases can be witnessed in other types of group settings. Considering that power differentiation is impossible to eliminate, interactions in various scenarios will always vary. The essential thing would be to ensure people feel comfortable in various settings. Feeling of easiness could be created through appropriate sharing experiences in the respective settings. In our group, the facilitator took the time to share experiences, and this had an effect on how we interacted from that point on. After this, all the group members felt at ease to share issues they faced in difficult situations. The facilitator assured us that it is okay to feel anxious and no one should know everything.

The group worked considerably well on the topic. Assignments were assigned at the end of the discussion, and we would share what we learned at the start of every meeting. This aspect can be said to showcase the CBT approach in which the group was laying emphasis on the achievement of a specific goal of having the presentation documented. As I have worked, I have noticed that CBT is very appropriate in the application where the clients want to identify behaviors they need to change and the techniques they should use. In our discussion, I came to notice that we were too much finishing the job that we might have neglected holistic approach. The discussion could have been considered as an opportunity to engage and learn from the dynamic relationships.

Models of Change

The discussion group I was in decided to focus on two models about the topic of discussion. The models were Tripartite Model and the Stages of Change Model. According to the stages of change model, there are five phases of change and include Pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action and maintenance. In my place of work, it is a requirement that people are motivated to change and engage. This means that in most cases, they are in the contemplation or preparation phase. There is a big difference in this setting and the situation of patients in an acute ward. It is easy to note that there is a great difference in that here patients are less not entirely aware of the difficulties they have and the need to make any considerable changes. I had time to think on the how various therapies might help clients in the different phases and how different techniques may be implemented. Such techniques might include motivational interviewing at the initial stages. When I was thinking, I analyzed such situations and questioned the normal. I asked myself if such patients were not in distress to them or others, then they might be being forced to change. Another issue which crossed my mind is what measures significant change. Through various experiences, I was able to change my attitudes and beliefs about people who are in distress. It is essential to consider their experiences and goals they have.

The group also had a discussion on the Tripartite Model which deals attitudes and how they can be influenced or changed. This model points out that attitudes consist of cognition, affect, and behavior. According to this model, attitude can be changed by working on these three constituents. This can be so through activities such as new information, direct experience or forced behavior. I felt that I needed to look at attitudes towards mental health issues. This is because the society attaches a stigma to mental illness. I also needed to look at the role played by the media in the support and in a trial to address. It was essential to point out that other factors such as media are in play. Experiences can trigger some thoughts such as the general attitudes of the staff and teams. As there is dynamism in the roles of the psychologists and the adoption of more consultative and leadership functions, teams dynamics will be one factor which needs to be addressed.

Concluding Reflection

It has been quite a lesson having to reflect on the dynamics of our case discussion group. We were able to quickly bond. I would say that this bonding was enhanced by our common goal of having the presentation done and the common theme where all group members felt anxious and wanting to do the right thing. By experiencing shared learning, all members now had the ability to conclude from the vast knowledge and experience. It was quite fun having a shared learning since after we could trust each other we could use humor to have the message relayed to the other members. This was a reflection of our case discussion group in which everyone largely used humor was keen on the task at hand. I was able to think about my application of humor in my place of work to help in therapeutic alliance and enabling the patients to deal with some their distress. I think the groups were not only about dealing with the exploration of new ideas but learning the ways of expressing and managing various opinions and being able to reach a conclusion after a discussion. I feel that despite the success of the group discussion, we did not take the time to learn the process in us as individuals and as a group. The presentation we developed emphasized on changes of attitudes towards the mental health issues. I believe that psychologists and mental health issues teams have a role to play in consideration of attitudes, the view on various groups, mental issues, and diversity. It is good to know that such attitudes are essential in the acknowledgment of the need for change in various attitudes in collaboration with training and appropriate supervision. From the learning I had, I will work to develop my training and confidence, and through this, I will have the ability to facilitate changes in various attitudes.

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