Marketing Strategy Plan of ALDI

Organization Selected : ALDI
Question :

Given are the assessment question provided for the role of marketing managers:

  1. Provide role of marketing mix opted by ALDI with their functional unit.
  2. Develop a marketing mix of 7 or 4 p’s ALDI
  3. Make an effective marketing plan of ALDI
Answer :


Marketing is the term of creating, publicity and delivering goods and services to consumers and businesses. Marketing activities are not limited to products are buy in particular store, it is conducted on broad level. Mainly, it is done by enterprises for developing a specific way for a business to engage consumers in business operations. Now a days marketing world becoming more and more focused on directly connecting with consumers and making the marketing experience more personal (Bakshi and Mishra, 2014). In marketing area various activities are done under this for creating a strong customer base that contributes it success and growth of firm. Mostly, all marketing activities related to buying and selling of the products and services. When individuals work under marketing section of the firm do assorted efforts to grasp the tending of large number of people towards firm's offering. In this report selected company ALDI, it is the common brand of two German family closely-held discount supermarket chains with over 10000 stores in 20 countries.

In this report covers that roles and responsibilities of market function, that is relate to wider organisational context. Compare different ways to applying marketing mix on planning process to achieve objectives. Evaluate basic marketing plan for an organisation context.

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P1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

Marketing function that are using to conduct business activities. These functions are helps to understand marketing situation that are fluctuated according to external factors. These functions are helping to operate business in effective and efficient way.

Marketing is reasoned as one of the most important functions of every organization as this is the one which supply possibility to business entity to communicate with target audiences. Through this, company makes its customers modify about the characteristic and utilisation of its materials. The eventual purpose of marketing is exchange of goods and services from producers to consumers in a way that maximizes the satisfaction of customer's neds (Brown, 2016). Marketing is the function that helps to every organisation to helping carry out of good results and requirements as per the customer requirement. Marketing function helps to start identifying the customer needs and end with satisfying the customer needs. The universal function of marketing involve buying, selling storing, transporting, financing and securing marketing information. In present time some marketing functions are coming that are easily help to understand marketing activities. In marketing function including marketing planning and strategy formation. Roles and responsibilities of using marketing functions, they are as follows -


Along with researching in market involves that packaging of products and services. It is searching that what is customer needs and wants. When company launch new product in market so it is design according to customer perception because it helps to selling in the market. Conduct market research helps to receive to feedback by the customers that will help to modify packaging of the product (Brychkov and Domegan, 2017).


It is addition function of marketing that are helping to transportation of goods. If business promote new products and demand increases of new products that time fulfil of demand of customers so transportation helping to distribute on particular place. Deliver of the products on time that are effect of market campaigns.


For executer of all activities that are related to business, it is very essential that firm should have adequate amount of finance. When company have not sufficient amount for conduct business activities so they are out from market and that is effected to business. Sufficient amount are support to business operations and contribute in growth of the business. Marketing manger of the enterprises responsible to identify the funds require to execute various promotional activities for achieving it set goals.


This aspects covers the process of transfer the goods from warehouse to final target consumers. Several distribution methods and channel are there which ALDI can use for the distribution of its products. Cost effective channels increase profits of firm and ensure timely delivery of products. Effective distribution helps to satisfying the consumers and provides competitive benefit to firm.


Under this function it is very important for any company, ALDI also use this function because it helps to earn revenues. This consist a way to hand over the final product in hand of customers. With the help of different types of distribution channels are selling to products on time. Number of distribution channels are there that can be used by form but it is very essential that cost effective channels should be used by company as this helps in decreasing the final price of product.


This is illustrated as the midpoint function performed by the marketing department of a business entity. In this, various strategies are developed and assorted actions are taken by company to are the consumers aware about company's product. In the business direct to entity in right mode that are using effectively way for promotion. In promotion including tools are sales promotion, trade shows, personal selling, advertising and many more (Durham, 2018). One of the main reason by enterprises remains to make more customers inform about its offering and influence them to buy the same.

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P2 Roles and responsibilities relate to wider organisational context

Marketing concept on broad level consist various activities that are carry out as a result that create and keep a large number of customers for long time. It is believe that ALDI must assess the need of their consumers first and foremost. According to needs, companies can make decisions in order to satisfy their consumers' needs, better than their competition. The main motive of the marketing is that influence of the consumers in more numbers for purchase companies products. This also make manager inform about the strategies use of its competitors and this support company in formulate better policies then its rivals (Withanawasam, 2015). Further actions and decisions taken by marketing department affect the various other function of enterprises. Relation of marketing department of other function of entity is given in following points -

Marketing department with operation department – In the corporation marketing and operation is most important part. There is a connection between both department because each are related. In the organisation marketing department helping to carry out different types results that are helping to know market activities. This marketing department along with its function helps to collect information from market place. After that operation department work to on this information. These information helping to know customer interest and needs. So from this aspect marketing department and operation department bot are interrelated to each other.

Marketing department with finance department – Finance is back bone of any organisation because any business not survive without fund. It is basic need and without it company do not execute any plan. Company growth are depending on and finance department important as well as marketing department. When marketing department conduct any activities that is helping to finance department because when marketing department wants to execute of any plan so they needs finance. Manager of finance department are predicated of marketing activities and on the basis of prepare budget of related different departments (Engemann and Henderson, 2014). These budgets are helping to understand activities and along with properly execute of plan to getting actual output.

Research and development department with marketing function – Activities of market are based on research and development department. Both departments are conducting activities with the help of each other. Research and development department are taking action in market and search those segments are related to the business. Also search those applications are helping to marketing department to promote to product. With the help of R&D department know to customer needs and satisfaction and according to this launch product and also designing packaging of the product.

Marketing and sales function – Sales function of the company directly effected to the marketing functions. When company wants to selling any product that time marketing functions are plays important role because from starting to ending they are guidance of the sales department. Activities of marketing department are support to sales manager in achieve to company goals and objectives that re related to the particular product. When marketing functions are helping so as a result coming out that number of consumers are increase and directly addition in effectiveness of sales product. In the other words, department of marketing to provide several services that are supporting to sales department to achieve the set targets (Tsui, Karam, and Bernal, 2016). It is directly effected to net profit that is obtain by the company for survival in long term in the market.

IT department with marketing function -It department works to when new technology are comes in market so this department identify these techniques. It is collect fully information about that and supply information to the heads. They searching that how to this helping for company to launches the product and also for production. These are supporting to market department to carry out various promotional activities to make large number of consumers and attract to customer for products. Technology helps to marketing manager to collect and store information and effect to marketing activities in positive way.

Human resources department with marketing function – In any organisation is employees of the company is main assets. They are provides to support to the organisation for proper management. HR department of any companies are recruiting of employees on right time because time to time company needs to talented people so for this need to hired skill candidate. With the help of these employees accomplish of business objectives and goals. Marketing department finalise the main feature and products that are need to the company. After knowing that according to HR department set training programs for new employees.

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P3 Compare marketing mix to apply planning process of business

Marketing mix is a concept of that are consist to majors components that are helping to conduct marketing activities. These are known as product, place, place and promotion. In the present scenario every organisation taking help to these concepts for achieving objectives and goals (Kayabasi and Mtetwa, 2016). Element of the marketing mix but all the organisations are according to strategy apply in. There is marketing mix of ALDI and sainsbury which are definite and making comparison between both organisation.





They are providing proper price commodity. Usually choose perception evaluation strategy through which they change state able to contend into market world becoming. Their prices paradigm on every group single which enable them to generate more and more revenue and support in derivation growth and improvement.

Sainsbury is the 2nd largest retail subdivision in the world which specify that their products prices are ordinarily high as compared to others. Fundamentally they trade in luxury group of products and services which enable in create more and more profit so that better explanation results could become possible for continue into keen competitive market world.


ALDI demand to supply low-priced food items that are of the same quality as other branded products. The goods selling at ALDI's are origin from chosen suppliers and are then proprietary as their own to have a control over the production and finally the cost, which is the single reason that modify ALDI to value its products lower than other supermarkets. This provides an overview in the marketing mix commodity strategy of ALDI.

It is a largest super market chain in the united kingdom which supply products on appropriate rate and they are deal in each and every types of products. They are provide good quality of the products and facilitate better result to customers.


ALDI promote activities under marketing mix strategy. They are invested negligible amount for promotion and does not keep marketing department in Germany. For promotion in US, UK and Australia markets ALDI makes extensive use of print, electronic and display media to promote its stores (Manion and Widder, 2017). ALDI also makes an extensive use of email marketing where it informs all its customers about special buys and new product.

They are focus mostly on social media to promote products. They are targeted only particular area of consumers. Although, their promotional quite weak compared to ALDI which need to improve in define time frame otherwise a big harm lead to suffer in form of losing market share.


Employees are plays important role in marketing process as these are the people who manufacture products and supply services to the consumers. It is very crucial for company to hire proficient people and provide training to them so that they fulfil the specific requirements of consumers. When an enterprises employ the individuals who have trust in what organization produce and offers then in that case worker do their best. They give their view, support and thoughts that is valuable for the company growth. This function as internal competitive benefit for organisation and mostly effect the enterprises market position. Proficient employees of ALDI help company in production so that they provide best services as per the demand of the customer.

One of the primary dimension of Sainsbury is that it has a manpower of well disciplined occupational group and experts and all have a big perceptive about the action of user. Firm ever given its first orientation to its customers, supply education to its workers so firm can accomplish fixed goals and objectives. Activity help in evolve ability of staff members which assist them in execute their roles and duty in impressive way.


Process is the system which is used by company to deliver the product and services to customers. So it is very necessary that organisation have standard operation to produce products with minimum cost. It is essential for business to have a effectual pay system, sales funnel and pay system so that the firm work effectively and efficiently (Mekonnen, 2018). The proper distribution system of ALDI help company to deliver the standard quality of products and services at a given time periods. They keep less number of standard, nominally brands price so customer will confused this reduced the selection time.

Sainsbury content its products to its customers online which intensify their expedient as now they can sound and roll up the products they want. Organization present a fluctuation in its rating policy which help in raise customer's fidelity.

Physical evidence

ALDI group today operate more than 10000 stores in more than 20 countries. Total firm has a whole existence and have big number of grocery store in which it stores 85% stock of own brand and rest other branded products. Low-level cost of its products support firm in create and keep a large customers base (Marketing mix of ALDI. 2018).

Company use an effective strategy to promote its product by use the concept of physical evidence. Firm has a unique layouts and design of store as per the requirements of customers. Further firm use quality baskets and trolleys which add a positive note in shopping experience of customers.


Beginning more than super market in London and other parts of the world which make simplicity to buy commodity from dissent places. This thought process always assist them to scope wide range of customers so that better and effective delivery of products become possible which modify in exploit their expiation level.

Sainsbury is biggest wholesale division in the world as they also have more number of stores but not as much as ALDI. They normally mark high financial gain customers which limit them to open more amount of stores at each and every favourable locating. This might be hold as one of a weakness for Sainsbury.

P4 Produce a basic marketing plan for an organisation

Marketing plan refers to a primary or essential requirement for accomplishment of business objectives and goals. It described what have to be achieved in definite period of time and entails effective strategies for achievement of the same (Pike, 2015). In context, with ALDI before designing and appropriate plan its managers are require to consider following essentials aspect-

Overview of ALDI – ALDI is consider the world largest as well as leading retailer companies of UK. It has business operations in 1946 by Karl Albrecht and Theo Albrecht and several products like food, beverage, house hold goods and more. Currently it has near about 10000 store in more then 20

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