Marketing Function & Plan of Cadbury

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Organization Selected : Cadbury
Question :

This report will undertake the following questions which are given below:

  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of marketing department and its compliances with other units.
  • Frame and apply the components of marketing mix with the aim if attaining objective of the firm.
  • Develop and analyse the marketing plan.
Answer :


Marketing refers to the place where the buyers and seller comes in contact with each other. Specific role of marketing function is to create awareness about the goods and services so as to attract large number of customers in order to generate revenue (albright, 2014). This project takes into consideration Cadbury company, it is one of the British confectionery organization with its headquarter in United Kingdom. This present assignment gives the brief analysis about the roles and responsibilities of the marketing function in a particular administration. In addition to this it also gives the brief about the relationship that the marketing function have with other functional department of an organization. Lastly, in respect of marketing mix, comparison has been done of cadbury company with its competitors organization.

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P1. Specific roles and responsibilities of the marketing function of Cadbury company

Marketing refers to the techniques for boosting and marketing of products and services to the final consumers in order to accomplish maximum profitability for an organization. Main goal of marketing function is to influence target market so that they can purchase goods or services. Step by step procedure need to be followed by the marketing function in order to achieve given target of an organization and which consists of four steps:

  • Firstly, the marketing function should make an analysis of the opportunity which is present in market by assessing the need and preferences of customers (Aschengrau and Seage, 2013).
  • Secondly, after analysing the market, marketing function of Cadbury company should step to select target market customers so as to offer quality services to final customers.
  • In order to promote goods and services effectively to the end customers next step which the marketing function of Cadbury company should follow is to make proper marketing strategies so as to influence and attract more number of customers towards their goods and services. Thus, it will help in increasing the productivity level of an organization.
  • Lastly, the marketing function of Cadbury company should execute and implement the plan and strategies so as to promote product to the final consumers.

Marketing plays a necessary role in influencing the customers so that they get attracted to purchase goods and services of an organization. In addition to this, it refers to the accumulation of numerous functional activities which render support in order to market productto the customers as per their needs and preferences. These activities help identifying the need and taste of customers. Moreover, it also helps in analysing the future demand of the customers and about the changes that might takes place in respect of their needs and preferences. Specific function and responsibilities of marketing function of Cadbury company are as follows:

Financing: -It refers to the techniques which helps in carrying out business efficiently by providing support of funds, without which company cannot achieve its successful growth. Moreover, it also helps to make fund available when there is the requirement of executing marketing activities. Marketing function of Cadbury should prepare budget statement so that it will be helpful for financial manager in estimating the capital required to perform different operational activities in in the company (Baker, 2014).

Promotion: - It is defined as the set of activities which are performed so as to attract and retain customers in order to increase the productivity level of an organization. Moreover, this function specifies the major role of marketing function is to render proper information about its goods or services offered to target market customers. Thus, it will help in influencing customers so that they get attracted and get to purchase product or services of an organization. Marketing function of Cadbury perform various other promotional activities like through sales promotion, advertisement etc.

Distribution and Selling: - Distribution and selling are regarded as complementary services as it helps the marketing function in creating awareness which helps in increasing sales revenue for the organization. In addition to this marketing function of Cadbury company role is to ensure that company's goods and services are made available to customer as per their needs and preferences. Moreover, marketing function of Cadbury should also focus on holding up their stock so that whenever the demand exist it can be made available to their distributors and final customers.

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P2. Interrelationship of marketing unit with different department of organisations

Marketing refer to the process of activity which are performed in order to influence and attract customers towards their goods and services. Marketing function of Cadbury company perform various activities which includes advertisement, promoting selling and delivering the goods to end consumers. Marketing function plays a prime role in accomplishing the successful growth of an organization in market place. Moreover, it also helps in creating awareness about the goods and services to target marketplace. In addition to this, these activities cannot be performed solely as all the functional department have the interrelationship with each one another. Some of the points given below describes about the interrelationship of other functional department with the marketing function of Cadbury:

  • Finance and Marketing department- Chief role of finance department is to control, audit and plan about the company's monetary capital requirement. Its the prime responsibility of financial manager to examine the needs of funds that are required to perform various activities of marketing in an effective and efficient manner (Brooks and Simkin, 2012). In addition, this, marketing function perform several promotional activities for which there will be the requirement of large quantity of monetary fund. So, its the prime responsibility of marketing function of Cdbury company to convey the marketing plan information to the finance department so that if there arises any need of funds they can render to the marketing functional department. Thus, it helps the marketing function in accumulating sufficient amount of funds on period of time so that the company can perform their tasks effectively and efficiently.
  • Production and Marketing department- Its the production department who render goods and services to the marketing department in order to sell goods to the final customers. So there should be proper communication between marketing and production department as they both are interlinked with one another. Marketing department alone cannot perform its activities with the help of production department.
  • Marketing and human resource department- Its the chief responsibility of Human resource department to appoint and select the best candidate at the right time for the right job so as to accomplish organisational aims and goals effectively and efficiently (Caragher, 2016). So, it is very important for marketing function communicate with human resources department so as to generate high skilled and capable workforce which will help in contributing in accomplishment of successful growth of the company. Marketing function of Cadbury communicate to the human resource department about the vacancy available in their department. Thus, the HR manager of Cadbury company will can recruit candidates for the marketing department who can contribute toward increasing revenue generation for the company. Thus, it can be said that there is the direct interrelationship between the marketing and human resource department of Cadbury company so as to accomplish organizational goal on specified time period.
  • Marketing and Research & Development department: - Its the prime responsibility of the research department to make an analysis and to identify the changes that are taking place in the needs and preferences of the customers. In addition to this R&D department should also make an analysis about the strategies and policies that the competitors are adopting in order to attract and influence customers. After analysing the marketing research, R&D department must communicate all the information gathered to the marketing department so that marketing department further can convey information to the production department. Thus it will help the Cadbury company to make atrategies accordingly so that they can attract more number of customers and can achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. (Illing and Anders, 2016).

Thus, overall it can be concluded that all the department of Cadbury company are interlinked with each other. So there should be proper co-ordination and communication among the members of each department function in order to achieve successful growth in the market place.


P3. Comparison between the marketing mix of two organisations

Marketing mix refers to the four different elements of an organisation that helps to increase sales and profits by establishing a good market image. Earlier there were four elements that are product, price, place and promotion and then four different models are introduced that are people, process and physical evidence. All of them depicts the actual position of the company. Comparison of 7Ps of Cadbury with Sainsbury’s as follows:

Marketing mix




Cadbury is offering chocolates to the customers according to their preferences and needs. It is mainly known for its good quality chocolate and it ahs acquired larger market share by providing best quality products to its customers. It helps the organisation to attract large number of customers by offering them such products that are produced according to their demand (Khan and Adil, 2013).

Sainsbury’s is offering different range of products to its customers so that it may retain them. All of them are of good quality and according to the preference and demand of the market. The company is able to attain all its goals with the help of products that are offered to its customers as it helps to enhance sales and increase profitability.


Price that are set by Cadbury for its chocolates if appropriate and organisation is also offering products to different segments of customers who are from different markets. Organisation is using premium pricing strategy for the products as it helps to provide qualitative products to the customers.

Market penetration pricing strategy is used by Sainsbury’s as it offers good quality products on lower prices for the purpose of acquiring large market share. All the offered products are provided on lower prices so that all type of customers may afford them and organisation may expand its business on different locations.


It is essential for organisations to choose such place for the business which is easy to access to the customers. As Cadbury is a famous brand of chocolates and providing products all around the world that help it to be on the top of its industry.

Place can be defined as the location where the organisation in executing business activities. The location of Sainsbury is easy to reach for the customer and they are able to access it easily.


For all the organisations it is very important to use effective promotional activities in order to aware customers about their products and to increase sales. Cadbury is using good marketing techniques that help it to enhance its profits and sales and lead toward success.

Sainsbury’s is using effective promotional activities so that the business can be expanded. The company provides different types of vouchers to its customers that can be redeemed by them on their next purchase (Kladou and et. al., 2016).


It refers to the procedure which is used by the company to deliver its products to the market and its customers. It is essential for Cadbury to use effective processes so that it may help to acquire large market share. Organisation is using appropriate methods for the delivery of its products.

Effective process is used by Sainsbury’s while delivering goods to the customers it helps to establish a good market image and also help to attract more and more customers.


The employees of Cadbury are mainly concerned with the marketing processes and organisation is providing appropriate trainings to its employees so that they may perform all their activities effectively and fulfil requirements of the customers and also resolve all their issues (Larson and Drape, 2015).

Employees of Sainsbury’s are trained and skilled as the organisation only hire well educated and skilled employees who are able to face challenges. The employees of the company have to deal with customers face to face and also have to resolve their queries regarding the products.

Physical evidence

It refers to the image of the organisation in market which is evaluated by the customers before buying any product. Market image of Cadbury is very good which is because of good quality products that are offered by the company to the customers. For example, Cadbury is a famous brand of chocolate which is used all around the world, this a physical evidence for the existence of the company.

Sainsbury’s is a leading supermarket all around the world which is physical evidence of the company and it ahs good market image as the organisation is supplying good quality products on lower prices to the community.

All the above mentioned elements help an organisation to evaluate its effectiveness and performance that are result of all the efforts. It is very important to analyse all the elements so that actual situation of the company can be determined.

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P4 Marketing plan of Cadbury organization

Marketing plan: It is the detailed plan in which all the future information is recorded by the marketers of an organisation or the purpose of acquiring larger market share (Schlenker and Roth, 2013). Cadbury is willing to launch a new product in the market which is a diet chocolate and mainly made for the health conscious customers. A detailed marketing plan for the company is as follows:

Overview of the company:

Vision: Vision of the company is to expand its business all around the world by retaining all its old customers and targeting prospect customers.

Mission: Cadbury is working for the achievement of long term sustainability which is possible with the support of its customers (Mueller and et. al., 2015).

SWOT analysis

It refers to the identification of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for a business entity. A SWOT analysis helps to analyse all the current and future situations of an company. A detailed SWOT analysis of Cadbury is as follows:



  • Organisation is having a good market image that helps to operate the business activities effectively.
  • A good brand image and equity has been maintained by Cadbury that helps to enhance the number of brand loyal customers.
  • Good promotional activities are used by the company that helps to aware customers about the products that are offered by the organisation.
  • Effective distribution strategies are used by the organisation in order to enhance its productivity and profitability with the help of proper execution of all the business related activities.
  • The price of the products that are offered by the company is very high which cannot be afforded by customers who are living in rural areas.
  • Another weakness of the company is that there is news of that cockroaches are found in the chocolate which as affected the sales of the company for a long period.
  • A few illustrations of merchandise recall hindered Cadbury’s market and brand image.



  • Introduction of the new and modified chocolate may help the organisation to acquire higher market share by offering good quality chocolate.
  • The organisation can increase its reach to the rural market and introduce a lower priced chocolate that may be bought by the rural society.
  • Customers are becoming health conscious and they do not prefer to have chocolate as it harm the health.
  • These is possibility of increasing the cost of material as inflation rates may vary any time (Proctor, 2014).

Objective: Main objective of this new launch of the company is to expand the business and to acquire higher market share so that the profitability can be enhanced.

STP: It includes three different elements that are segmenting, targeting and positioning. All these stages are followed by Cadbury in order to achieve all the organisational goals that may help to attain long term sustainability (STP Model, 2018). All the stages are explained below:

  • Segmenting: In this step the organisation chooses the target segment where the product is going to be launched for testing and also to analyse the reaction of the customers about the products. As Cadbury is willing to launch a new chocolate in the market than it is essential for the organisation to choose the segment correctly to introduce the chocolate in the market.
  • Targeting: In this step a target market is being selected from the segment. For Cadbury the diet and health conscious customers are target customers and the product is mainly going to be launched for them. This will help the organisation to expand its business and increase the number of its customers.
  • Positioning: The last stage is positioning in which the product is launched in the market and organisation tries to position the product in the mind of customers (Rudden, 2016).

All the above mentioned steps are mainly used by the company to launch the product successfully in the market. It helps to aware customers about the product and to expand the business in various locations.


Overall from the above project it can be concluded that without marketing function an organization cannot exist in the marketplace. Major purpose of Marketing Function is to creating awareness product and services in marketplace so as to increase the sales volume of an organization. But marketing function of the company cannot perform its task solely they must communicate with other departments of administration so as to achieve positive outcome. Lastly it can be said that the company should focus on each department whether they are working according to the policy and norms of the company or not. Thus, it will help in rectifying the changes that need done if any issues or problems arises so as to accomplish organizational aims and objectives on as specified time period.

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