Marketing Function & Plan of Hilton Hotel

Organization Selected : Hilton Hotel
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This assesment will cover - 

  1. Elaborate the roles and responsibility of marketing in Hilton.
  2. Analyze the marketing mix and functions of Hilton.
  3. Elaborate the marketing plan of Hilton
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In the modern era, marketing plays a vital role for every organization in order to increase the profitability ratio for the business concern.  Each business concern has understood importance of customer satisfaction so they are trying to innovate some creative approaches towards the marketing section of business concern (Baker and Magnini, 2016). The company should analyze the current trend of the marketplace and accordingly should produce and render the goods and services so as to increase the level of the customer satisfaction. So in order to examine the significance of the market, Hilton hotel has been chosen in this assignment. It is an American multi-national hospitality industry which direct and charter broad range of hotels and resorts. It was founded by Conrad Hilton in 1990. In this present assignment roles and responsibilities of marketing function and their inter-relationship with other department are explained in addition to this the file focuses in importance of marketing mix for Hilton Company and its comparison with its competitor is being explained in this file. Lastly the file focuses on basic marketing plan of Hilton Company.  

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P1 Roles and responsibility of marketing function of Hilton

Hospitality Organization

Hospitality industry is the broader term of service industry which mainly includes theme parks, transportation, event planning, traveling and lodging. In addition to this many other fields are there within the tourism industry. This type of industry is a multi billion industry which specifically depends on the availability of spare time and non-refundable income. Moreover Hospitality organization is termed to be one of the top industries which generate much of revenue throughout the world. Furthermore, it mainly includes those business concern which render food, drinks and accommodations to the visitors and customers especially to the people who are away from the home. It mainly consists of four service sector lodging, recreation, travel and tourism and food and beverages industry who meet the need of the individual with kindness. One of the best examples of Hospitality industry is Hilton Industry which is one of the multinational hospitality industries (Desai, 2013).

Activity and location of Hilton industry

Hilton industry is termed to be the best and top most hospitality organization and its main activity which it performs is to deals in managing the brand portfolio of resorts and lodges so as to render better customer satisfaction and to increase revenue for the organization. It was founded by Conrad Hilton in 1919 with it’s headquarter in United States.

Marketing function

It is termed as a role which help an organization to sort and supply potentially unbeaten products for the market place. In addition to this main role of marketing function is to promote goods and services by differentiating them from the competitor’s products and services. Typically different types of marketing function include producing market plan, market research, product development, promotion, distribution, to build public relation and to satisfy customer needs and preferences (Florence and et. al., 2014).

Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

How it is executed in Hilton industry

To conduct proper market research

Marketing function of Hilton industry plays an important role in the overall development of an organization. Marketing function can increase the company profitability ratio by doing proper marketing research. A with the help of marketing research an organization can differentiate about different types of advertises opening. In addition to this proper market research also help in gaining superior understanding about the customer needs and demands. Moreover the company can do this by analyzing the industry reports, by advertising information on different sites or by reaching o each customer and prospects so as to get the overview about their requirements and preferences. So the manager of Hilton industry conduct a proper research in order to identify client’s demands and the type of goods and services they needed. Thus, it will help in enhancing the company’s profitability ration in future.

To form strategies and policies

The higher authority from marketing function has the responsibility of planning promotion methods in line with existing company’s norms. In order to expand the market share in the specific market area, marketing function of Hilton company set out criteria about sales technique that will have to influence and attract large number of customer towards their products and services (Dixit, 2016). Thus, accordingly marketing functions prepare proper strategy so that it can be helpful in accomplishing the target goal.

To do product development

In order to enhance existing goods and to grow new items the advertising work place walks with internal and outer item development group. In addition to its marketing function open door for the business concerned by investigating offers of the existing items and by distinguishing holes in the items. Furthermore for the product improvement process advertising department of marketing function sets cost and finally dispatches them to the final customer. So, manager of Hilton industry performs various activities in order to develop product like attractive packaging, by labeling new designs etc. Thus such activities will help the product to look branded in the market. So, that it can easily attract large number of customer in order to increase the competitive advantage in the marketplace and to increase the profitability ratio in the company.

Customer sale support service

Advertisement gives additional promotion to the company and more is explained in just a limited time and space. Company can enhance and expand its marketing area by running advertisements that incorporate in the development of overall growth of an administration. So, in addition to this Hilton company’s advertisement also incorporate a byproduct i.e. the feedback from the customers. Moreover marketing function of Hilton company promotes their product or services in large marketing area by organizing events such as promotional exhibition, workshop and by rendering customer sale support services. Thus it will be helpful in attracting new customers as well as to retain old customers. 

Overall it could be concluded that manager of the Hilton company perform all the above roles and responsibility in an effective and efficient manner so as to generate large amount of profitability ratio through proper execution of events (Kastenholz, Carneiro and Marques, 2012).

P2 Interrelationship of marketing function roles and responsibilities with other organization department

Marketing functions plays the vital role in promoting and accomplishing organizational vision and mission. So in order to achieve the vision and mission of Hilton Company marketing function perform certain roles and responsibilities which are explained below:

Roles of marketing function

Responsibility of marketing function

Relationship of roles and responsibility of marketing function with micro and macro environmental factors

To work with top management

Responsibility towards employees

To work with top management is the major role of marketing function, and major responsibility is toward employees in order to provide employees with flexible working environment and this cannot be achieved if the Hilton company does make proper analysis about the external factors like changes in political, technological and social factors which are taking place due to the advancement in the modern era. Thus, it can be said there is a link between roles and responsibilities of marketing function with the internal and external environmental factors.

To study political and economic environment

Responsibility towards customers (Matikiti, Afolabi, and Smith, 2012)

To study and analysis the political and economic factors is the next important role which the marketing function of Hilton company plays. Whereas, major responsibility of marketing function is towards customers. Marketing department cannot perform its responsibility and roles without making analysis regarding changes taking place in the social culture environment like religions norms taste and preferences of the society. So it can be said that there is the clear interrelationship of roles and responsibility of marketing function with internal and external environmental factors.

To evaluate about the customer’s needs and preference

Responsibility to achieve target goals on specified time.

To evaluate and identify the needs and preferences of customers is the crucial role of marketing function of Hilton company. Whereas major responsibility of marketing function is to achieve and to accomplish target goal on specified time period and this cannot be achieve if the company doesn’t would itself and changes its technology as per the changes taking place in advancement of technology. So it can be said that technological factor which is the external macro factors is related with the responsibility  and roles of marketing function of Hilton Industry.

Interrelationship of marketing with other functional unit of Hilton Company

Marketing department with Finance: Finance department plays an important role in the overall development of marketing department. In order to market and to advertise products through different types of medium there will be the requirement of funds which can be accumulated through finance department. Thus it can be said that marketing function of Hilton industry alone cannot accomplish the organizational aims and objectives without the help of finance department.

Marketing with research and development department: In order to increase sales revenue it is the prime objective of marketing function of Hilton Company to analysis and to identify the changes that are taking place in the needs and preferences of the customers. So such analysis marketing function alone cannot pursue it without the help of research and development department. Thus the proper coordination and communication of marketing and research& development department is must in order to achieve the common goal of an organization.

Marketing with operation department: As the marketing function is linked with research and development department as this department helps in making a research about the analysis of clients needs and demands that keeps on changing from time to time. Further such information collected through research is being communicated to the marketing department by research and development department and further research and development department communicate the message to the operation department. As it’s the operation department of Hilton industry who produces products and render services as per the customers wants and desires. So there should be proper communication between the research & development department, operation and marketing function department (Okumus and Cetin, 2018).

Marketing with human resource department: Marketing function of Hilton Company are closely related with human resource management department as they are one who will render and select proper aptitude and workforce level  for the marketing function of Hilton industry. It she prime responsibility of HR department to select the best candidate for the marketing function department who has ha ability to influence customers and who can earn more of revenue for the company (Pappas, 2015).

Thus, overall it can be concluded that marketing function plays an important and crucial role in the achievement of aims and objectives of a Hilton company. So marketing function should properly coordinate and communicate with each different department of the business concern so that they can accomplish organizational goal easily and effectively.  &n

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