Role and Responsibility of Marketing Function in Cadbury


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Organization Selected : Cadbury


Marketing is process of selling product and services by analysis clients needs and wants through this firm are able to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time. It refers to activities of enterprises which are associated with selling as well as buying goods and services. It cover advertising, promotion, market research and many more. In this report select Cadbury and analyse its marketing position at market place (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). Cadbury is a one of the well known international brand at global level according to “The Daily Telegraph” in 2013. company was establish since 1824 in United Kingdom. In this assignment cover key role and responsibility of marketing function and elements of marketing mix. It also includes marketing plan of an organisation.


P1 Key role and responsibility of marketing function

Marketing is a function of several activities like promotion, advertisement, market research, selling and buying product or may other it helps company to satisfied consumers in an effective manner.

Current and future trends of marketing: In current business scenario, modern marketing action of plan has been used like internet, social media marketing, gorilla marketing strategies etc. thus help firm to achieve competitive benefits at market place. In future, latest technology as well as innovation is a develop core competences in firm product as well as services so that it is a firm responsibilities to change their working style machinery to automatic function (Baker, 2014). Through this, firm are able to produce high quality goods and services resulted achieve objectives in given time frame.

Marketing manager pay wider role at work place and all other department has effected by it. There are various role and responsibility of marketing function that are explain as follows:

  • Development of product: It is a one of the most important function of marketing through this firm are capable to achieve their goals and objectives in limited period of time. Manager of Cadbury are conducting market research in order to identify consumers preference, needs, demand, perception etc. For this they have use different method of data collection like questionnaire, focus group interview, group discussion, survey, in-depth interview and many more accordingly develop product to get higher customer's satisfaction (Batt, 2013). Cadbury offer number of good to their buyers like Dairy milk whole nut, Dairy milk whole nut chopped, Dairy milk Tiffin and and more.
  • Price:In present market, number of meddle class person has very large as compare to poor as well as rich. So that, buyers are price sensitive in their nature and easily switch brand when they find out economic product. Management of Cadbury has develop pricing strategies in which they offer goods at different prices thus help to attract larger number of individuals toward their product. For example, 15gm 5star at rupee 5; 85gm Fruit & Nut at rupee 40; 30gm Dairy Milk sell at rupee 10 and many more. It shows, Cadbury are producing commodities for all kinds of market segment.
  • Selling: Selling is a unique process in which firm sale their product and services through several method like direct and indirect selling, distribution through different channel and many other. Cadbury are various method of selling to increase reachability in all segment (Chinn, 2017). They have directly meet with their distributors those are living in different nations as well as location resulted Cadbury are able to sell product through smallest store. Firm are also selling commodities by online or internet mode, malls, airports etc.
  • Promotion: In order to reach each one segmentation in depth it is very important to promote product through almost all type of promotional modern as well as traditional and Cadbury do the same. In which they use newspapers, social media sites, internet, billboards, hoardings, brochure, point of sales materials and many more. Through this, company are capable to get attention of large number of individuals toward their promotional material as well as firm product resulted increase overall brand values and image in clients eyes.
  • Finance: Financial manager of Cadbury has develop budget for each one division through this they are able to manage inflows as well as outflows of the money effectively. It is a management responsibilities to find out most appropriate sources fund from several like bank, capital venture, depth, share equity, debentures, investment institutions and many more (Desai, 2013).
  • Distribution:Cadbury is a B2B firm that has sell their product through distribution channel.

Administration of Cadbury has develop four tier system channel that covers production house, report, carry forward agent or distributors, re-distributors, wholesaler/ modern trade/ retailer and consumers.

  • Management of information system: Its a computer based method or system through this firm are able to established strong communication network at work place. Thus help Cadbury to reduce conflicts among staff members and enhance their productivity in long run.

P2 How responsibility as well as role of marketing has relate to wider firm

Marketing is a function of several activities those are help organisation and get high market share as well as achieve aim in given time frame. Management of Cadbury has develop group or team that includes several department employees (Diana, 2013). Through this, they are able to identify issues and information of each one department thus help them to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time. Here are explain interrelationship between marketing department and different division of the company:

  • Marketing function and operation division:Operational department is a play a vital role in Cadbury in which their main function is implementing manufacturing plan, control over production work, checking security as well as safety of all staff members at work place, shipment activities, dispatching, hygienic working environment and many others. For example, marketing manager has get sales order from distributors and provide that full information to operations team so that they are package their order, send it to shipment on time through this firm are capable to satisfy distributors channel appropriately.
  • Marketing role in human resources department:Human resources manager of Cadbury has completing several work like recruitment, selection, appraisal, training, promotion, transfer and many more. Through this, enterprise are able to manage and control all staff members effectively at with in a work place. HR manager has conducting training program for marketing employees so that they are able to sell commodities to clients and provide high quality of services (Durand and Barlow, 2012). Human resources executive has develop separate compensation plan for marketing staff because they are work in the field that more is more complex as compare to in-house work.
  • Marketing function with finance department: Marketing department completing several different type of activities like market research, selling, promotions, advertisement and many more. In order to complete these all task effectively they want money and financial division has provided it to marketing department through this they are able to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time. For example, marketing manager has get £5 million for their ad campaigning which was the biggest innovation of the year 2014.
  • Marketing role with Production:Marketing manager has organising market investigation program to identify clients demand, preference, perception etc. These all information has sent to by marketing division to production unit in order to produce product and services accordingly. Through this, firm are able to achieve goals and aim in an effective manner (Forrester, 2010). Both marketing as well as manufacture unit has share relevant information on time to time basis thus help them to completing task on time and run whole business activities effectively in long run.
  • Marketing function with research and development:It is a one of the most important interrelationship which are work with in an organisation. Research & development department has develop new idea to completing task or produce product with innovative features. These new product has been sell by marketing department into market place, create awareness about goods new features among consumers by promotional activities and many more. R & D can not able to sell commodities they are develop it with innovation so that both are interdependent on each others.

Different type of marketing process: Strategic and general two kind of marketing process are working at market place and Cadbury used both of them according to current industry situations (Gummesson, 2011). Both have some weaknesses and strength so that management of the company has select best one method in order to run entire business task effectively for long period of time.


P3 Ways of implementing marketing mix components by different organisation

Marketing mix can be define as combination of various components that control as well as organise by management of the company in order to achieve goals and aim in given time frame. Here are explain marketing mix elements for Cadbury are its biggest competitors Nestle as follows:

Marketing mix components




Cadbury offer diversify product to their clients like Dairy milk whole nut, Dairy milk Tiffin, Dairy milk whole nut chopped and and more.

Company has identify clients needs and wants accordingly continuously change product taste as well as features (Jones and Rowley, J., 2011). For example, candy, chocolates, gums, drinking chocolates and many others.

Nestle is a biggest competitors of Cadbury. Company has focus on innovating as well as healthy product thus help them to attract large number of individual toward their goods.



In terms of price strategy, management of Cadbury used to concern more on purchasing power of people and age factor of them. In addition to this, to gain profitability, it use to offer its products into combo and party packages with amazing deals to generate interest of people in buying the same

Products of Nestle are available on different-different rates. Among which Maggi is the most selling goods. Therefore, it has offered this product on low and high price rate as per quantity. Apart from this, Neslte is considered as one of the reputed company and manufacture amazing tasty eatables so price rates of the same are not effected with pricing strategy of competitors.


This firm has a wide distribution and networking channel. Its products are available in all types of market i.e. both in urban and rural areas (Babin and Zikmund, 2015). Along with this, its commodities are also displayed in supermarket and airport also like chocolates of different range.

In context with Nestle, this firm use consumer marketing channel to sell its products. They are distribute their product through systematic channel.


Cadbury Management are using various kinds of promotions such as advertisement which covers billboards, hoarding, newspapers, social media, magazine, internet and so on.

Business has develop various websites for targetting every segmentation as well as goods. Several campaigning functions has conduct by cadbury into various outlets of traffic . Management also recruit brand ambassadors for increasing customers to buy their goods.

Nestle has develop various strategies of promotional as per their geographical area by which they are able to reach customers from different area. Thus, it will aid in attracting large segmentation of buyers (Baker, 2014).

Nestle Manager has adopted various approach such as social media marketing, billboards, newspapers, internet, magazine and so on by this they can able to increase the level of customers satisfaction for gaining higher position within market for a long time properly.

Physical evidence

Organisation is selling their goods by various types of size, colour, packaging etc. for attracting customers. They are selling their products at various outlets and supermarket (Batt, 2013).

Nestle has make techniques as well as open their little outlet in various areas where having high traffic. They give different goods as well as most saleable products is coffee.


Cadbury is selling their items by channel of distribution so this process came under services of marketing mix. In this, they are using B2B method that assist in building high channel of market for raising reachability of niche business segmentation.

In this, Nestle is also operating their enterprise activities by network distribution by which they are able to sell their goods at a level of international market. Nestle is enhancing techniques for attracting distributors which aid in building higher network of market by which they are earning higher profitability and sustainability (Chinn, 2017).


Cadbury Management is conducting a program of market research for finding out customers wants and needs.

Organisation is continuously declining their share of market and low growth of brand is compare to their competitors due to that they are not able to concentrate on customers requirements.


P4 Develop marketing plan

Marketing plan is a document or report in which includes different marketing strategies like advertisement, promotions, packaging, selling plan etc., environmental analysis like SWOT, STP etc., vision, mission and many other. It help marketing manager to carry out whole business activities in right path and achieve goals and objectives in given time frame. It also shows marketing efforts those are done by marketing department in order to get growth as well as sustainability in long run (KAUR, 2015). Here are detail explanation of Cadbury marketing plan as follows:

Vision: Owner of the Cadbury is develop company vision that help them to run business activities in according to given path through this they are systematically run whole enterprise at market place. In this they says “ Entire company's staff members has work together for creating brand building and product those are loved by each one buyers at market place”.

Mission: Management of Cadbury is a develop enterprise mission in which they make tag line “Cadbury mean quality” that shows their core values. Through this, firm build their positive brand image in clients mind and get higher market share as compare to their competitors in the same industry.

Aim and objectives: each one organisation has develop objectives as well as aim for short and long period. Accordingly they are develop strategies and plan so that they achieve objectives in limited period of time (Mitchell, 2012). Cadbury is a biggest and best confectionery firm in the whole world by operating business activities at global level.

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing expenditures








Sales promotion






Direct marketing












Available balance






SWOT analysis of Cadbury: It stand for strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threat of the company through this management are able to know in which area they need improvement and build core competences. It help company to compete their competitors effectively and get competitive benefits in long run. Here are explain SWOT analysis of Cadbury in detail:



· Well established brand at internation level which are more famous as compare to competitors.

· Management has fix price of their goods according to quality as well as quantity (Ogunmokun and Tang, 2012).

· Consumer have positive perception about Cadbury commodities and brand.

· Strong and large distribution channel help Cadbury to sell goods in each location.

· In the confectionery industry, Cadbury have large number of product portfolio through this they satisfy each one target segment effectively.

· Lack of different market penetration has create negative impact on their profits and performance.

· Many individual has suffer cholesterol disorders as well as diabetes so that they avoid sugar in their food resulted sugar free confectionery has sell more in United Kingdom.

· Poor R & D work reduce market share and customer's satisfaction.

· Cadbury has hire candidates those have no better knowledge in their field which are negatively affect operational work.



· New company as well as brand has enter into market place which is a threat for Cadbury.

· Nestle is a biggest competitor of Cadbury which are directly affect their operational process.

· Less energy in their product with low level of sugar has lots of opportunities at United Kingdom.

· Competitors has innovate in their product as well as brand image that create barrier for others.

· Continuously increasing acceptance of global product with same international standard (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012).

· Large product portfolio with lots of variety as well as flavours that maximum reputation of the company at market place.

STP: Segmentation, targeting and positioning three major strategies those are used by organisation in order to achieve goals and objectives in limited period of time. These are explain as follows:

  • Segmentation: Segmentation is a marketing action of plan which are divided all broad target market into manageable section or subsets of clients, nations, business etc. Through this perceived common demand, priorities, interest, designing and many more. Segmentation has divided into three kinds geographic like rural; urban; semi urban, behavioural, psycho-graphic (Perreault, 2010). Management of Cadbury sell Daily milk on the basis of size of product like small blocks, large blocks, bars etc.
  • Targeting: Target market is a group of individuals through this Cadbury has decide their marketing efforts. Management of the company targeting customers on the basis of needs, perception, education, age and many more.
  • Positioning: It mean build image of the company as well as brand about business activities and its product. Cadbury positioning their product through website like provide recipes for life's upbeat occasions in which no matter what is a occasion it.

Marketing strategies: Management of Cadbury has develop action of plan in which they covers promotions, product development, market research, advertisement, campaigning and many more (Purvis, 2016). Company has select best method from all available alternatives which help them to achieve goals and get long run sustainability at market place.


From the above report it is concluded that different aspect of marketing is very help to run whole business activities effectively. Marketing manager has organising market research in order to analyse clients preference, perception, needs, wants etc. accordingly produce goods and services through this firm are able to achieve customers satisfaction in long run. Through this, Cadbury get high profits and market position that help them to achieve long run sustainability at market.

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