Marketing plays an essential role for all of the sectors by which organisations can offer high quality services as per the requirement of customers. It also helps to enhancement in the level of sales and revenue by fulfilment of customers needs. Travel and tourism sector is considered as the most significant business for a economy. Further, the growth of economy is based on the development of travel and tourism sector. Tourism industry also creates different number of opportunities of employment and it is an element of development of country. Present report is based on the understanding of marketing in travel and tourism for the purpose of achieving growth (Ashworth and Goodall, 2012). For this, the organisation is selected  Thomas Cook that is UK based tour operator organisation. Further, the report covers that the stated organisation is planning summer holiday package to Egypt and Morocco. This report gives clear understanding of the different effects of marketing for making successful package. Moreover, it also covers the different promotional strategies for promotion of the summer holiday package.

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1.1 Understanding core concept of marketing along with principles of marketing in travel and tourism

The concept of marketing can be termed as to determine the needs and wants of the targeted customer group. To identify the choice of customers  and firms make appropriate efforts in order to provide services as per their requirements. There are certain key concepts of marketing as discussed below:

Needs, wants and demands

All of the customers have their own choice as well as needs and it is essential to for an organisation to design products as per their demands for remain competitive in market. For instance, Thomas Cook needs to understand the market for getting information regarding the preference of customers (Buhalis and Foerste, 2015). There are certain strategies are developed by the organisation for attracting large number of customers. Thomas cook also required to give appropriate security to the visitors at the time of travelling. Apart from this, stated firm design products and different services according to the requirement of customers. Therefore, Thomas Cook developed a holiday package for their customers along with appropriate quality of services.

Value of customer and satisfaction

In this, the stated required to make sure that to provide services as per the prices paid by the customers. Further, Thomas cook offered value of services that can be determined which is based on the satisfaction of customers (Dasgupta, 2011).

Exchange transactions and relationship

In this, the customer have to pay the prices which are charged by the tour operators for getting appropriate quality of facilities. The stated firm offers packages according to the needs and wants of the customers for that the organisation required to make some of the specific changes in the package.

Changes in the marketing of travel and tourism

There are different types of changes occurred I the marketing of travel and tourism sector. In modern era, the tour operator such as Thomas Cook make various arrangements for the tourists in the several areas such as accommodation, travelling as well as other leisure services (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). The stated firm also use to track the requirement of customers for making an appropriate trip along with providing comforts to them.

1.2 Assessing the impact of marketing environment on travel and tourism sector

Environment of marketing refers to the various factors which can have impact on the activities of travel and tourism businesses. Further, Thomas Cook is planning summer holiday package for customers to the countries like Egypt and Morocco. In respect of this, they are required to identify the micro and macro factors of the environment which helps them to get appropriate knowledge about the effects of the factors for planning of package. There are some of the micro environmental factors which affects the stated organisation which are discussed below:

Customers- This can be a major factor that can having an impact on the different activities of the business (Garín-Muñoz and Pérez-Amaral, 2011). Further, Thomas cook is required to understand the needs and demands of customers. Through this, it helps in getting data for making plans of packages that is to be offered to customers in Egypt and Morocco. They can also provide high quality of products and services at reasonable prices which can be affordable to the tourists. Thus, with the help of this factor it enhances the satisfaction level of customers so that Thomas cook needs to consider the customers requirement at the time of offering services.  

Competitors- This factor is considered as one of the major rivals of the business and the stated firm is required to concentrate on the different types of strategies which are followed by their competitors. It helps them to make plans for introducing their holiday package to Morocco and Egypt in the market (Goeldner and Ritchie, 2012). Apart from this, Thomas Cook have to make proper strategies of pricing in context of package which helps in building goodwill of business in marketplace.

Macro environment

Technological factors- There is an high level of impact of technological factors on the various types of activities in travel and tourism sector. With the help of e-brochure, stated firm can provide appropriate information regarding to summer holiday package to Egypt and Morocco. Further, they can also make appropriate use of the official website of Thomas Cook for providing information (Goodall and Ashworth, 2013).

Political factors- All of the countries have different legal environment as their rules and regulations which are employed by the government. There is huge impact of the policies on the strategies of company due to the different types of rules and regulations which are created by the government. It is essential to analyse the political environment of different countries at the time of creating strategies. Therefore, Thomas Cook needs to have a look on the competitive policies of the Egypt and Morocco for maintenance of fair competition.

1.3 Factors affecting consumers motivation and demand in travel and tourism sector

There are different types of customers so that the organisation  is required to take decisions as per their preferences. Customer's behaviour plans an essential role for the decision of purchase and demand of services of Thomas Cook in market. The stated firm can provide appropriate products and services through understanding the behaviour of customers. However, there are different factors which can motivate and affects the customers which can also have an impact the demand of services by Thomas Cook which are as follows:

Power of purchasing

There is requirement to analyse the budget of customers at the time of making plans for offering services in the different types of packages. It shows the capacity of spending through the purchasing power of customers (Hall, 2013). Thomas cook create package in some various styles that is based on the income of customers. There are different types of categories are available for customers in packages such as normal to luxurious so that it helps to serve different range of customers.

Personal preference

It is based on the personal preference and values which plays an significant role in the decisions of purchase made by customers. For examples, if the customers want to travel Egypt and Morocco through cruise so Thomas cook can provide such type of service to them (Hudson and Thal, 2013).

Economic conditions

This can be considered as the decisions of purchase which is based on the economic conditions of the market. In context of this, if there is increase in the disposable income of customer so that they are able to pay on the activities of travel ad more interested to take summer holiday package.

Affects of group- This is also an important factor in the decision making of the bookings of tour package by the different members of the family as well as friends.

1.4 Analysing the principles of market segmentation and its use in planning of marketing at Thomas Cook

Segmentation can be defined as to divide the market in some of the small divisions according to the needs and demands and ate that frame strategies for targeting customers. Through segmentation company get an opportunities for making plans and attain targets of marketing. Furthermore, it helps to identify the customers and develop strategies which helps in order to reach customers and fulfil their needs (Law, Qi and Buhalis, 2010).

Behavioural segmentation

In this type of segmentation, the division of market is based on the behaviour, attitude along with loyalty status of the customers with respect to the services which  are offered by the company. In context of this, Thomas cook target the brand loyal customers for offering new summer holiday package.  

Psycho-graphic segmentation

In this, market is divided in terms of interest, style as well as psychology of the different customers which can affects them for purchasing. It also related to the factors which can have impact on individual to use the leisure services. This helps to reach the customers who are ready to purchase the luxury services in travelling. Thus, through psycho-graphic segmentation Thomas Cook can offer high quality services (Medlik, 2012).

Geographic segmentation

Through this segmentation, the division of market is based on the criteria of geographic and target the customers as per the requirements. This is the mostly used segmentation criteria in travel and tourism sector. Thomas Cook is providing summer holiday package and mainly considering the UK based individuals.

Demographic segmentation

In this type of segmentation, market is divided on the basis of age, gender, education and income etc. It helps in reaching different types of customers with respect to age groups, income of customers appropriately (Morrison, 2013). For example, Thomas cook can provide adventure tour for the young age group as well as walking tour for elder people to the historical places.

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2.1 Analysing the importance of strategic marketing planning for Thomas Cook

Strategic planning can be defined as procedure in order to achieve goals of the business with the help of different strategies of marketing and it can be done by the top level of management. It is considered as an important part of the business for the purpose of determining requirement of customers before applying various tactics of marketing in the target area. Therefore, it is important to analyse the market before any product launch in the market in travel and tourism sector (Moutinho, 2011). Furthermore, Thomas Cook is planning for summer holiday package for Egypt and Morocco so that it is necessary to use effective marketing strategies before implementing the plans of package in target market in order to enhancement in the sales and revenue of the business. It helps to identify the core competencies regarding the strengths and weaknesses for attaining competitive advantage. In respect of this, there is an appropriate SWOT analysis can be done by Thomas Cook that is described below:

Strengths- Thomas Cook is one of the leading tour operator company along with a strong brand image around the world. It also provides different types of packages along with the luxury services to the tourists. Furthermore, there is continuous growth and build appropriate strength in so many yeas that includes the financial position along with the function of brand.

Weaknesses- With respect to weakness of Thomas cook as there is increase in the level of competition so that there is limited share of market for the organisation. Through this, it leads to reduction in the number of customers as they have to travel from one place to other in travel agencies (Xiang and Gretzel, 2010).

Opportunities- There are certain changes in the technology which is to be considered as possibility for Thomas Cook in order to make expansion of organisation through marketing of packages through online in the various number of countries.

Threats- Competitors are considered as threats for Thomas Cook which are engaged in providing same services to the customers. There are different types of options are provided to the customers regarding the packages which helps to increase in the level of tourism. Thus, it is easy for customers of Thomas cook to switch to another tour operator (Ashworth and Goodall, 2012).

2.2 Discussing the relevance of marketing research and market information to the managers in context of Thomas Cook

Market research can be termed as a procedure which can be used for collecting information regarding market in which organisation will sell their products. It is considered as an important for business to carry out market research in which there is proper planning is conducted for selling products and services. Further, in case of Thomas Cook there is an appropriate market research has been carried out  for identifying preferences of customers along with their requirement of services in package of Egypt and Morocco (Goeldner and Ritchie, 2012). Further, it is important for the stated firm to use the strategy of market research in travel and tourism sector. Therefore, there are some of the benefits of market research which assists Thomas cook to sustain in competitive market are described below:

Enhancement in opportunities of growth: Through appropriate market research it gives proper direction to the manager. Further, there are certain areas which are analysed for the development and growth opportunities that helps in the enhancement of proficiency of company. Manager of the stated firm can identify the areas which helps in increase I the level of revenue of brand.

Ensuring focuses on key activities- Market research also helps in identifying the issues of organisation. In context of this, there are some of the areas which are required to be improved by the manager. Thus, company make effective changes in their functioning and give high level of satisfaction to customers (Hall, Timothy and Duval, 2012).

Market research in customer centric approach- One of the major focus of marketing research is on the preference of customers who are going to visit Egypt and Morocco so that to satisfy their requirement for the enhancement in loyalty of brand. Furthermore, main purpose of marketing research is to determine the opinions along the demand of services which are provided by Thomas Cook.

Identification of level of competition- Thomas Cook can analyse Morocco market for the purpose of identifying the effects of service providers and other competitors in market. Along with this, company can get appropriate knowledge regarding the products and services which are offered by the competitor company along with their strategies of marketing. The information related to marketing can be utilise by the manager in the campaigns of marketing and using effective approaches for leading in marketplace over competitors (Hudson and Thal, 2013). Thus, it helps the firm to stay ahead of the other companies in marketing with the help of appropriate research.

2.3 Assessing the influence of marketing on society

Thomas cook offering different types of services at lower charges by targeting society. They also started experience of travelling to their customers by providing low cost on air travelling through flexible packages. Along with this, Thomas Cook started offering services of hotel for satisfy the needs of customers and charges reasonable prices from the customers. The stated firm also offers trust to customers for creating proper relationship with the visitors and other travel agencies. Through online services by Thomas cook it attracts customers as they are offering financial security along with the high quality of services. Apart from this, they are also maintaining relationship with customers by using appropriate strategies of marketing  which affects consumers in a positive manner (Medlik, 2012). Furthermore, there are certain corrective measures are taken by Thomas Cook for the purpose of minimising the effect of carbon dioxide which helps to increase the ratio of fuel properly. Thus, it assists to raise the funds for the purpose of charity trust which provides different services to the children and also reflects the activities of customer relationship in the campaign of marketing in the society of Egypt for getting appropriate recognition.


3.1 Assessing the integrated nature and role of promotional mix

There are different types of promotional tools which can be adopted by Thomas Cook in order to promote their new product which is summer holiday package to a high level which are described below:

Advertisement- This is considered as one of the most important tool of promotion which can be used by Thomas Cook through the advertisement of package on Television, magazines, newspapers along with the different websites that helps to make product successful in market. By this, the customers can recognise product for a long period of time and they also get attracted towards it.

Sales promotion- In this, the company is providing different types of discount and premium services on the products and services (Molina, Gómez and Martín-Consuegra, 2010). Further, it helps to increase the wide range of customers for the business. Moreover, firm also provide discount to initial 100 customers who will book summer holiday package.

Public relations- Through appropriate public relations helps the company in order to launch the product in market in an efficient manner. Here, there are certain types of activities are conducted by the company at public places for create awareness regarding the features of Egypt and Morocco. Thus, it will helps in attracting large number of customers and generate high level of revenue (Morrison, 2013).


From the above carried out study it can be concluded that marketing plays an important role for the development of travel and tourism sector. This report is based on the Thomas Cook which is a tour operator company and launching its new product that summer holiday package 2017. further, it can be inferred that there are different types of tools are adopted by the company for attracting large number of customers for the tour of Egypt and Morocco. Other than this, there are some of the elements of service sector mix are also discussed such as packaging, programming and partnership which is considered to be beneficial for the business. Moreover, there is appropriate assessment of promotional mix is carried out for promotion of products and services to wide range of customers.


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