Approaches for Push The Envelope Strategies


Marketing approach is composition of different terms related to product qualities and maintaining its reputation in market for long time period. For advertising and attracting customers towards goods and services provided by entity. However, manager uses different strategies for attracting people through push and pull strategies. Under which, for push strategy, advertising is done for pushing and forcing to customers for purchasing goods while through pull strategy, products are prepared according customer choice regarding fulfilling their requirements. In addition to this, excess of limit and going beyond it is considered as 'push the envelope strategy'. It has both aspects as positive and negative for society related to gathering information and advertising product services. The study is related to presenting this strategy for Google and its advertisement manner. Thus, different aspects of this push the envelop term through this research project.

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In accordance to this, basic concept including significance and limitations of push the envelop can be expressed that affects society and its interest for effectiveness of Google. It is multinational technology company provides internet related services to million people worldwide. The number of employees who work for the organization and for providing its services are at large scale. Including this, through this assignment, different research methods for conducting research and critical evaluation on this strategy can be introduced. However, various approaches to cross the limit of pushing customers is to be described (Andrews and Hampel, 2015). Thus, learners are able to understand positive and negative terms of push the envelop strategy though this report.

Aim of the research

To understand push the envelop strategies for gathering information from Google.

Objectives of the report

Several objectives are set for gaining information and advertising internet services can be explained as:-

  • To conduct research for gaining different aspects of push the envelop strategy.
  • To recognize impact of exceed the push strategy on society.
  • To understand analyses of push the envelop affect on product qualities and services provided by Google.
  • To express adequate information gathering source for conducting effective research.

Rationale of the study

The report is significant for analyzing impact of push strategies for collecting information on society and their opinions for organization's internet as well computer hardware and software services. However, different research methods and adequate rationale way for advertising and getting information is to be introduced through this assignment. Including this, concept of push the envelop and its various strategies are to be expressed that affects on society and services provided by Google (Gale and, 2013). In this regard, manner for getting information and various sources can be described that is related with research methods and analysis on customer attitude towards strategies used by organization for advertising and getting information through several internet browsers. However, search engine aspects can be presented for effective internet services through this report (Goodman and, 2013).


Concept of push the envelop

According to Huang and, (2013) push the envelop strategy is traditional approach for collecting information and advertising products to selling products. However, it is useful for gaining actual position of product services and organization in market. It is considered that the manner for conducting research relating to recognizing customers' views can be effective through applying push approach. It is related to using tools for attracting people and pushing them for getting information regarding services provided by entity. In accordance to this, it is estimated that by using exceed the pushing approach for encouraging them for demand the goods provided by company. Therefore, push the envelop strategy is quite effective for attracting people at high level that is helpful to emerge positive attitude towards services. It influences productivity and profitability of organization that affects further operations.

Kuntz and, (2013) argues that crossing the limit for advertising services affects negatively on personal information and privacy of people. However, through social media networking, for promoting services, privacy and security can be affect negatively by tracking them. In this regard, it can be understood through critical evaluation that push the envelop approach is undisciplined regarding disclosing privacy and also society's interest towards services get flows negatively for internet access and so on. It is an undisciplined approach that is related with hiking the restricted sites. Along with this, fear for unlocking restricted sites repulses society for using internet and sharing privacy on personal portals. Apart from this, adults and youngsters of society get impacted through watching videos on YouTube who are not considers as against the nation's effectiveness. It disturbs society and country's culture for accessing internet efficiently.

Impact of push the envelop on society

As per the point of views of Landt and Melville, (2013) push the envelop approach affects different factors of organization and services provided by it. In this regard, well mannered advertisement and source of gathering information attracts society also emerges their positive views for taking advantage of services provided by entity. Including this, excess of advertisement and pushing customers for using services provided by organization impacts on demand and supply for transacting business operations. However, demand for particular product interrelated with market position and its efficiency at high level to maintain its good reputation in market for long term effectiveness. In addition to this, it enhances society's awareness with services provided by entity and different positive outcomes are obtained for effectiveness of customer loyalty towards product qualities and attracting them at high level.

On the contrary to this, Lazarus and, (2014) claims that going across crossing the limit for advertisement and getting information depend on society's perception. Including this, fear of disclosing an individual's identity is occurred for sharing details and accessing internet. However, it is difficult to trust on social networking sites completely because of undisciplined advertisement process. There is also risk for unlocking restricted sites and providing all information of company or any entity on search engine sites. In accordance to this, there are several kinds of risks obtained for getting information through internet and trying on getting deep knowledge of an individual related to work and its relationship status. In addition to this, it is risky to pushing customers over the limit for building for society's trust for services.

Adequate manner for gathering information and advertising services

There are several kinds of methods used for advertisement and gathering information to analyze customers' views on product qualities and services. For instance; conducting survey, face to face interview, using social media networking as Facebook, Twitter, Email and so on. I n opinion of O'Leary, (2013) through push the envelop strategy, crossing the discipline for conducting research related to gathering information and advertising for services provided by company attracts society at high level. In this process, pushing customers for taking advantages of organization's services is effective to enhance demand and profitability. However, it is required to following on proper steps for gathering information related collecting data in systematic manner as well advertising for attracting society at large scale. Including this, providing information related to organization's quality services and improving its advertising manner. Moreover, proper method for promoting services provided by entity. Thus, it is needed for manager to following on all instructions and efficient techniques for adverting goods and collecting information in adequate manner.

Ricciardi and et,al,, (2015) argues that using social networking sites in ineffective ways is difficult for advertising and getting information to analyze customers' views on product services provided by organization. In this regard, too much pushing customers for collecting information and promoting goods affects efficiency and effectiveness of company. Including this, due to variances in people attitude and perception, different views and opinions are gained for organization's performance. Besides this, by creating misuse for search engine and social networking sites, unblocking restricted sites and disclosing personal identities of any entity and individual is difficult to maintain personal identifications and keeping secrets. However, there is negative impact occurs on society for misusing social engine and networking sites for communication of information. Along with this, youngsters of the country attracted towards negativity and different approaches of search engines and advertising goods. Thus, it is needed for organization to provide strict security on personal identifications of an individual as well improving efficiencies of search engine and different networking sites effectively.


Research is conducted through different methods at primary and secondary level. In this regard, for primary data collection, methods applied as conducting survey, face to face interview and door to door asking questions regarding quality services of Google as quantitative approach (Speight and, 2016). Where, research is conducted in qualitative manner through analyzing customers' views, opinions and perceptions. While, on the other hand, for secondary data collection, information are gathered through ready and prepared materials just as newspaper, articles, social networking sites, government publications etc. However, research is conducted through both methods as primary and secondary effectively that presents actual position of organization and generates varieties of ideas for further implementations and preparing strategies on the basis of collected data.

In this present research, analyst selects 20 respondents and further presents society's views on push the envelop strategy for gathering information and advertising manner. Including this, both positive and negative aspects of Google services and its data collection manner is gained through this process. Moreover, different ideas are created for security of search engine and aware society with positive aspects of Google (Google, 2016). Including this, quality services and strategies are required to be followed on for social networking sites effectiveness as well making decisions for adequate and relevant data collection. However, for advertising and promoting services provided by organization is to be promoted at high level. Thus, by applying research methods, society's views ca be gained through conducting research efficiently. However, different tools can be applied for securing data collections and advertising at high level. Hence, research methods includes various methods for conducting research and making decisions for effective Google services as well advertising efficiently.


By conducting survey through selecting 20 respondents, different views and opinions are gained in varieties. In this regard, positive and negative both aspects are introduced on Google services' usefulness and limitations. Including this, at positive site, it is the most helpful search engine for accessing internet regarding computer hardware and software services (Andrews and Hampel, 2015). However, various information, name, meanings, concepts and positive as well negative aspects are presented through this analysis. Moreover, it is valuable for aware society with google services and its positive aspects. Besides this, positiveness of Google is quite effective for overall growth and also gaining different information of several countries, their social systems, cultures, languages and so on. Apart from this, now-a-days, google services also provides better communication services through video conferencing, social networking sites and so on. However, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Email are liable for exchanging information and gaining deep knowledge of different countries and various costumes worldwide. In addition to this, value of proper internet access and different sites are gained through this process system for increasing efficiencies and providing things and knowledge related to any aspect easy and convenient manner. In this regard, various opinions are gained that attracts and repulses society for Google services and its push the envelop strategy in respect of gathering information and advertising efficiently.

At most, it is analyzed that society and people have positive views on services provided by Google. In addition to this, it is considered as key need for an individual now-a-days to gain any kind of knowledge relating to analyzing any nation and its particular costumes, as well geography, ant business organization's performance and so on. Selected respondents expresses their views on services of search engine and various social networking sites. In this regard, various tools and systems are gained for acquiring knowledge and using google services. Thus, push the envelop strategy is quite effective and also requires some tools to be followed on for its effectiveness as well making personal identity as secured as possible (Kuntz and, 2013). It is also needed for presenting positive aspects and motivating factors for an individual's welfare that affects development of all countries in entire world. On the basis of this analysis, it can be forecast that in future time society's this positive attitude will be maintained and sustained for using search engines and internet accesses for long time periodicity. Including this, several aspects are gained that is useful for following on all instructions and different tools for identifying actual performance as well collecting ideas for better quality services for any entity. Hence, strategy to pushing customers for getting information and advertising is useful for search engine and enhancing social awareness and identifying all aspects worldwide (O'Leary, 2013).


The report is concluded that research project is essential for conducting research and analyzing different views of people regarding pushing the envelop strategy impact on society. However, performance of Google and its services is provided through this assignment. Including this, various aspects of Google and its various positive as well negative aspects are described for collecting information. However, importance of push the envelop strategy is presented through this assignment that affects search engines and effectiveness of social networking sites. Including this, research methods and role model of survey method is understood for getting information and advertising services effectively. In addition to this, it is analyzed that search engines and social networking sites are useful for gaining deep knowledge regarding all aspects and various tools of any nations' systems. Moreover, several kinds of ideas are gained through this research for better quality services. Thus, through this report, different aspects of getting information for analyzing society's views on push the envelop strategy.


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