Integrated Project Management


The project management refers to the process of managing the business performance through completion of all necessary projects related to different department such as operation, sales and marketing etc. Present report is based on impact of analysis of EEF (Enterprise Environmental Factors) which covers internal as well as external environment of the business. In this context, analysis has been done by considering those aspects and its direct impact on the management of project undertaken. In addition to this, communication strategies between different stakeholders have also been developed which portray image of the business.

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Evaluating the internal and external factors and their impact on project management processes

The management of project related procedure can be completed by considering different internal and external factors. This influences corporate decision and ability of the business to manage all the operational activities.

Internal Factors

The project under consideration is influenced through different factors such as technological, human and physical resources. Along with that policies around the people as well as performance related aspects are also considered. In addition to this, retention and overtime policies are included which do affect the business decision to a great extent. Owing to this, it is important to implement the right kind of strategies so as to implement the project related activities in a smooth manner (Clarke, 2009). For example, if employees are not satisfied with the current policies and practices then it would be effective for management to implement the right kind of strategies so as to increase their satisfaction level and shift their focus towards the more ethical work. However, corporation need to ensure that workforce are provided necessary resources for the production of good quality of services. The mode of communication should be clear and effective among personnel so they can get information related to allotted task and complete the task in an effectual manner. It is the important to have positive working culture and highly skilled workforce for implementation of Nightingale project of Medcon. This would be effective to render good quality of medical services to the end users. However, workforce must be trained and skilled who can cope up with the changing scenario (Dunne and Dunne, 2011). In case they are not provided right kind of services, then it might be possible that they face issue in managing the business activities or project related aspects effectively. Apart from this, resources must be available properly whereby management of the business can effectively implement the project, However, project team associated with Nightingale project of Medcon contribute towards organizational success in such a manner that deadline of project can be met without any kind of hurdles. Though, it is because of keeping track over their performance and providing them right guidelines by taking into account span of control.

Environmental Factor

External Factors

The external environment of the business made of several factors such as marketplace condition, government policies and commercial database. On a critical not, these mentioned factors do not have greater influence over the project performance. For this purpose, management need to establish proper control and accordingly carry out the operation activities so as to produce valid outcome (Hällgren and Maaninen-Olsson, 2009). For example, changes in the marketplace condition will have greater impact on the performance of the project as it is already targeted on future base. This in turn corporation can integrate business related activities and contribute towards the organizational success. However, automobile sector related project must consider the influence of external environment. For example, they need to consider the standards set by government related to the emission. Also, the HIPAA standards must be complied by project of health care sector. However, some of the projects such as web based software do not have major impact due to external factors.

Developing strategies to implement appropriate course of action

There are different kind of strategies applied for completion of certain course of action. This assists management to work with integration and complete the project related activities with regard to Nightingale project of Medcon.

Strategies applied to implement the action plan has been explained as follows-

Strategic Goals

It is the first and foremost step of the project management under which goals are established to provide the quick emergency solution for medical paramedics and technician. For this purpose, 30 working model will be prepared for MedCON. This basically applies to keeping track over the health care services and handling the emergency condition effectively. Thus, strategic objectives are set to complete the project before the time and meeting the expectations of all related stakeholders (Jones, 2007).


Strategy applied for the project is dividing small team and communicating with them via electronic mode of communication. However, each team will be headed by the expert who will guide personnel to accomplish the project related task on right time. However, work breakdown structure has been followed and accordingly employees will work to resolve the conflicting situation. However, expert shed light on continuous improvement through on the job training and enabling workforce to focus on better coordination (Leybourne, 2009).

Setting Objectives

The objective was set to handle the emergency situation by develop 30 work models. For this purpose, it was proposed to increase the sales turnover by 30% as the product or project will be launched first time in the marketplace.


The responsibilities is shared between the team member but major work be with the project head. For this purpose, project head just focus on allotting the work and anticipating the changes through clear communication with the employees.


The time line for the project has been set in accordance with data collection to the testing mode of the project (Makarova and Sokolova, 2014). For example, database, document design and lab as well ad field test related activities are consuming relatively extensive time. It was managed through the production of more appropriate outcome. Other methods such as crashing can be employed to complete the project on time. On a critical note, cost will be increased due to association of higher number of workforce.

Reviewing the Performance

The performance of the project was reviewed in accordance with the set standard related to quality, performance of workforce and budget. This would be effective to take the appropriate decision related to selection and rejection of the project. However, strategies related to cost effective aspect will be employed under which business can focus on reducing the cost (Morris, 2012).


It is another important activity of the project which is completed at the last. Here, project management find the deviation between the actual and expected results. However, the Nightingale project of Medcon major issue is being faced related to higher cost and deadline. For this purpose, management of the project would focus on extending the working hours and making the employees more competent to achieve the time and completing the work related to test in house only.

Communicating on project management processes and outcomes to diverse stakeholders

The communication plan plays important role under the field of project management which consists of different project related activities. The current project of Nightingale project of MedCON will be communicated among the related stakeholders in the following manner-

Service Users

Under this nursing staff will be communicated regarding the services which will be provided quickly through the outcome of the Nightingale project of Medcon. This aids to handle the emergency effectively and render good quality of services to the parties responsible for the same (Pitagorsky, 2007).


The technician working in the health or medical sector will get to know about the work related to project and they will be able to communicate about the procedure of the project in an effectual manner. It proves to be effective in deriving the valid outcome and meeting the expectations of all related parties associated with the field of medical (Art of communication in project management, 2017).

Nursing Staff

The staff of nursing will handle the important task related to project effectively when it will be implemented. Nightingale project of Medcon will provide the effective guide regarding the electronic medical. It proves to be effective in ensuring the expectations of users are met effectively and solution of the quick issues can be brought. Moreover, nursing staff will be communicated through internet communication channels and E-mail (Ward and Daniel, 2013). This in turn it becomes easy to address issues which are being faced by the health care sector.

Health Care Sector

Health care sector is considered as the most important one. For this purpose, Nightingale project of MedCON will provide the potential benefit to the respective parties in the means of offering good quality of services. It enables corporation to work with integration and meet the long as well as short term objectives of the business in an effectual manner. Apart from this, introduction of new project or product would be effective for entire health care segment to take out the most effective solution for the emergency issues. They will be communicated by using appropriate marketing tools or business magazine so as to avail the same when it comes to the market (Wysocki, 2010).


Criteria and process used to select a project

There were several criteria used foe the completion of the project in order to determine its success and ensuring my own development. It defined the criteria regarding the management of time and better quality which aids health care sector in handling the emergency related situation. The project was selected on the basis of demand ion the market and highly demanded sector. In this manner, I found the health care as the most demanding sector and accordingly project was selected to manage the emergency.

Evaluating changes and formulating project management processes and life cycle in the global context

In case of global context life cycle of project will be changed through focus on marketing related activities. It would be effective for me to guide the project team and enable them to allocate the cost and task so as to completing the related task in the most effective manner. Furthermore, project processes will be completed by using the techniques such crashing so as to reduce the time but cost will be increased. Also, I will ensure to outsource for the testing purpose in order to reduce the chance of uncertainty and determine the best quality of the project. However, the project management processes will remain three such as initiation, planning and implementing as well as closing phase. However, in case of global context I will add up three more activities under each heading.

What can help you as a project manager to identify and effectively manage the impact of enterprise environmental factors in global projects

The better research and development activities would be the most effective aspect for me to manage the enterprise environmental factors in global projects. This assists me to update the project on the basis of internal and external environment factors and accordingly implement the most suitable strategy for resolving the complicated business situation (Clarke, 2009). In addition to this, I would ensure to provide training to personnel so as to update their skills effectively. This contribute towards the long term success and meet the expectations of all related parties. Apart from this, projection techniques will also be used so as to to get the information related to any kind of improvement which might be incorporated under the global project.

Skills and knowledge as well as lessons learned from the project

The present project is based on integrated project management. This project helps in developing my lots of new skill and knowledge. Skill of mine which developed from this project such as communication skill, learning skill, decision making skill etc. My communication skill develop which help in communicating in effective way with other without losing confidence. Further I get lots of knowledge in relation to way to make strategy for achieving goals. Further it learned a lesson that at the time of working on project it is important to gather knowledge related to work so that whole project can be accomplish on time.

Skills and knowledge that you developed helped you become capable in managing a global project

There are some skills and knowldege which I developed in respect to become capable in managing a global project that is I improved my communication skill, problem solving skill and decision making skill. It is important for me to communicate with others in such a manner that they can understand me. Further at the time of working on project there are lots of problem which I faced in competing the project. Here, I need to improve my problem solving skill so that I can easily manage by work in effective manners. This all skill which I developed help in making capable so that I can manage global project easily.

Difference has learning made in your professional development

Different has learning made in my professional development is that I need to make sure that my entire project get completed on time. For this purpose I need to improve my time management skill so that I can met the deadline of project. Further I also improve by presentation skill so that I can present my work in front of other on effective manner. For this purpose I at tent some conference and seminar which help in improving my presentation skill. This all learning made in my professional development plan which is very effective for me in at the time of working on another global project.

What do you believe is your role as professional in the field of project management

My role as the professional in the field of project management would be as project manager who need to be more responsibilities towards the management of change and cope up with changing scenario so as deliver project as per the standard (Dunne and Dunne, 2011). I must ensure to implement suitable mode of communication in order to provide right information to project team managers and provide them detail regarding to the task to be done. Also, I would be responsible to complete the project on right and arranging necessary resources for all activities associated with the project. Therefore, I must be able to coordinate with all members and ensure to deliver the right quality of project. In addition to this, I should be aware of changes to be incorporated under the project and ensure the satisfaction of all related parties. It is helpful for me to determine the success of the business and create competitive edge of corporation. Apart from this, I should be able to anticipate the future and focus on design aspect of the project.


The aforementioned report concludes that project management must be completed with the integration of all related activities and offering extensive support for the related stakeholders. The internal and external factors affecting the project performance must be considered by the project management and necessary changes must be updated in the project for successful completion. It can also be concluded that requirement of stakeholders must be known the project manager so as to work upon the same and determine the successful delivery of project.


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