Exhibition and Conference Management


Here, the main purpose of this report is to develop awareness regarding handball as a sport and encourage youth and adults to participate in the exhibition. The target audience for handball exhibition is school students, children, adults and youth etc. It is essential to provide them proper information about the specific sport so that they can be influenced towards physica

Organizing handball event assists in developing sportsperson at local and national level in order to develop the brand image of handball sports in market. Here, retired professional coaches will help in selecting talent from both school and college and provide them training improving their skills in handball sport. Further, report describes involving different stakeholders and professionals so that they can participate in handball event and make it successful. Here, event organizers are also required to develop financial planning so that they can easily formulate the budget that from where they are able to receive funds and what actual amount they require conducting the sports program. Further, encouraging youth by adopting different public relations channels such as social media websites so that they can encourage them to participate in handball event.

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To promote handball sport among young and adult children and encourage them participate in more numbers. The objective specifically states that handball sport would like to enhance its youth engagement by promoting the event and through improving market share. For instance, enrolling around 35% of high school students in the handball sport.


To determine different methods which can be analyzed in regard to measure the effectiveness of handball sport with other sports. Such objective specifically states that sport organization would like to enhance its market share to 3%. Through stating the percentage it helps in identifying the desired goals which needs to be attained. It can be measured that out of 100 students visiting out handball camp, 30 of them are enrolled in sport event.


Promoting the handball sport by motivating school students to participate by 28% till 2020. It is essential that not only the objective should be achievable but they are likely to accomplish it. Here, handball organizers should be confident that they would be achieving the stated goals.


Handball event can be promoted through involving different handball professionals and select young children from the age group of 13-25 years. The objective is related to the goals of company.


Handball sport can be recognized as a national event within the time frame of 4 years (Center and Rosemont, 2015). It means that organizers create a time line that defines the beginning and end of the period in which goals can be measured. It involves a start and stop point and thus, organization can measure the change among these two.


There are varied stakeholders and professionals involved in organizing handball event. It is essential for the event organizers to make sure that stakeholder needs to be satisfied with their role. These are as follows-


It involves school students, children, youth and adults who are encouraged to participate in handball event. It is essential for event organizers to encourage and influence players to participate in large numbers so that event can be successful. Thus, through participating in such type of sport activity, individuals can enhance their skills and knowledge towards physical exercise. Such type of sport also helps in delivering proper mental and physical exercise to players (Qiang, Min and Bing, 2014). It is significant for government to expand upon the handball activity so that it assists young people to encourage and participate in physical activity as obesity is increasing day by day in UK. There are around 67% of men and 57% of women overweight in UK.


Both local and national government of the country has the responsibility to prevent health diseases among community in particular school children and youth as they are moving towards diseases such as obesity, drug addiction etc (Arnold, 2013). Therefore, it is their duty to encourage sports activity in the society and provide funding, relaxation in payment of taxes and also promote health. Through encouraging people to participate in handball activity it helps in improving the sports activities and thus individual people are relaxed from paying heavy taxes. Thus, they play potential role in promoting handball event through exhibitions and different campaigns to motivate youth and adults to participate in such event ad make it successful. Hence, government plays a crucial role in regard to promote the sports' activity and developing activeness among people to overcome their diseases therefore, it is essential for individual to support each and every individual by participating in such sports activities.


Event organizers need to be engaged with varied local clubs and leagues so that they can get the best skilled sportsperson involved. As there are varied players who are connected with the local clubs and play the national level championship. For instance, it involves Charlotte Leblanc and Christopher McDermott that are the players which are involved in promoting handball among school children. However, it is the duty of the club to recognize the talent and potential of player and encourage them to participate in such type of handball exhibition so that they can be selected for world championship and continental championship (Jones, 2014). Through participating in such championship that can showcase their talent as well as they can influence school children to indulge in playing handball sport.


They also plays a critical role as stakeholders in organizing any event. Event partners and sponsors are essential for making the event successful and popularize. They provide funding to the sport in order to create a brand image of their firm in market. For instance, the logo of their company can be printed on players t-shirt or commercials can be played on the screen ever moment. It involves Pepsi, Nike and local businesses of England sponsors the event.

Role of professionals

The role of professionals such as sports coaches or retired sportsperson can give their valuable services in order to provide training and mentoring to young and adult people (It’s My Party: The Role of Public Relations in Event Planning, 2012). It also assists in motivating them and enhancing their talent and skill to play different national and continental championships. Thus, sports professionals also play a major part in the selection committee in which they select the suitable candidates for playing handball sport.


Overall preparing and planning a financial budget and risk assessment budgeting are the methods that help in forecasting income and expenditure so that event can be executed in a well manner based on plans made and information gathered. Preparing an event budget is a financial projection of the income and expenditures that the event will incur. However, it is a crucial part of preparing the budget that helps in managing the event successfully. This financial projection of the income and expenditures that the event will incur helps in managing the event successfully to the financial plan given in Appendix 2 predicts with reasonable accuracy of whether the event will result in profit, loss or break even (Simpson and et. al., 2014). Also, it is essential for event committee to decide their budget in advance so that they do not face any contingency at the time of launching the event. Hence, budget enables them to involve promotion, staffing and equipment involvement so that surplus or deficit can be analyzed. It involves varied rules relating to basic event budgeting. These are as follows-

Budget gap

Here, it can be assessed that budget enables event organizers to focus on planning the event in order to fill the budget gap. Therefore, it is essential for event planners to effectively plan their budget in order to carry out best results. However, such gap arises at the time when the estimated amount exceeds and thus it results in budget gap. Hence, it is the main issue faced by event organizers therefore, it is essential for them to forecast upon mitigating such risk and avoid issues.

Lack of budget sources

Further, it is another major financial issues faced by event organizers and thus they faces issues of getting budget from different sources so that it affects planners to plan the event. Therefore, it is essential for budget planners to identify the sources of budget in advance and use that to make the event successful.

Budget helps in avoiding loss

It is essential for event to forecast its budget so that they can plan accordingly in order to make the event achieve at least break-even.

Developing realistic incomes from event

The event organizers need to be realistic regarding incomes from the event such as sponsors, ticket sales etc. They need to make optimistic predictions regarding income from event as it often causes financial loss.

Developing contingency plan

It is essential for the event planners to think that what could go wrong within an event. Thus, through analyzing the good idea in order to analyze the consequences regarding what must go wrong. For instance, there can be contingency regarding if sponsors pull out themselves at the last time from event (Sheard, 2014).


There are varied risk factors that can be identified in order to manage and mitigate the risks and also provide an initial risk assessment so that set objectives can be attained. Different types of risk assessed within handball event are as follows-

Financial risk

The event organizers may face the risk of availability of finance in order to make the event successful. The directors need to encourage financers to fund the handball event. For instance, if allocation of fund is not possible then executing the activity may face financial risk (Cassim, 2014).

Reputation risk

Handball sport faces risk of reputation as it is not popular event which is famous among sportsperson. Therefore, it faces risk of funding from sponsors in order to ascertain financial loss before investing money in the event. Hence, sport director’s faces reputation risk of executing such an event. Therefore, it is essential for such individual to promote the event so that it can help others to know regarding the benefits of such event and sport and enhances the popularity of sport.

Legal risk

Handball sport may face legal risk as there may be varied issues that can be faced by sport organizers relating to legal laws and regulations. Such type of risk required proper involvement of rules and regulations so that handball can be promoted effectively. For instance, if handball business faces legal risk then they need to determine it in advance and thus promote the sport effectively (Kumar and Hussain, 2014). However, it is essential for the sport organizers to develop the event effectively so that it would help people to learn more about the specific sport and thus, to enhance the sales and profitability. It also encourages people to learn the sport and play more to make it famous.

Audience risk

It is another crucial risk that event organizers may face i.e. they need to attract large number of audience to view the game. Thus, it is essential for organizers to encourage and motivate audiences by attracting them towards handball event and provide information about the sport to make it successful.

Health and safety risk

It is essential for event organizers to manage and mitigate the health and safety risks so that they can ensure that players and audiences should be safeguarded at the time of handball event. Proper health and safety measures need to be maintained so that individual can be protected from any type of hazard occurred in the event (Kerr, 2014). Risk Assessment has been drawn in Appendix 2.


Event organizers are required to promote the sport through developing its target audience and thus maintaining relation with people. It is the best way through which relation can be developed and thus handball can be effectively promoted within target audience. Moreover, it is essential for event organizers to maintain their public relations with different organizers and players so that popularity of sport can be attained. Developing public relation is crucial as it helps in enhancing the market share of event and generates more awareness. Thus, public relations help in effectively generating sale of tickets, securing sponsors and advertisers so that more and more people are excited to join the event. It is important form of marketing which helps manager of event to develop public relations in order to keep the audience in touch. However, a proper HR planning is required to be carried out through outlining different strategies for communication so that message can be conveyed effectively. In PR plan it involves different channels such as social media, e-mail marketing and website updates. It is a crucial marketing effort that helps event organizers to connect with sponsors as well as target people to connect to the game and popularize it in order to achieve results.

There are different types of public relations processes that involve in order executing the variety of activities of an event. It is as follows-


It is essential for handball event organizers to prepare advertisement for their handball event so that they can attract a lot many audiences. Further, it also assists in executing a message which can be presented to public as an acknowledged appeal. It is a paid form that assists in encouraging the target audience to gather at one place and play handball sport (Wang, 2015).

Corporate sponsorship

It provides support to handball event in order to build corporate sponsors so that they can sponsor the event and in exchange possess the opportunity to improve goodwill, product image and sales.


Big corporate houses can use handball events in order to promote their products and services. It can be done through creating and stimulating interest in a person or product and sponsor the event (Masterman, 2014). For instance, Pepsi and Nike such big brands use handball sport to promote their brand.


It is critical for directors of handball event to provide information to others through publishing or broadcasting messages through news media because it helps in enhancing the value of the event.


It can be assessed that the aspect of organizing handball event is to make it popular so that the best results can be attained. Sports organizers are required to identify the youth and need to encourage them to get involved in such sport activities so that they can improve their mental and physical health. From the above research it can be articulated that organizing exhibition or conference can help in displaying the product and providing useful information or knowledge to potential audiences. Thus, promoting handball event among students, youth and adults is an effective sports' activity. By this more number of people can be informed about the physical exercise executed through participating in handball event. However, in order to properly manage the handball event it is essential for organizers to choose the venue nearby local community so that large number of audiences can be reached. It helps them to effectively visit the place through buses, trains and ferry.

Furthermore, sport organizers need to identify different stakeholders of the event and satisfy their needs that help them to indulge and participate in the handball event. Also, proper financial planning is required to be carried out so that income and expenditures of the event can be assessed. Here, amount received from sponsors and ticket sales are the major source of income while cost of venue and marketing cost are the main expenses incurred by the event organizers. Also, risk assessment is essential through which organizers can identify the potential risk and try to mitigate and manage it in order to attain results.


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