Strategic Marketing

Introduction to Strategic Marketing

Qualitative decisions can be taken only when strategic planning is performed. Every function of a company has to be planned and implemented in such a way that aim and objectives are accomplished. This report on Strategic Marketing aims to provide an insight regarding the strategic planning of business expansion to Dubai for NEXT CONSULTING. The depiction of favourable factors and market has been produced through use of analytical tools like PESTLE and market segmentation. Furthermore, the options suitable as a mode of marketing will also be depicted with viable Por

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PESTLE analysis

External environment of a business comprises six basic elements which influence the decisions and strategies when operating in certain market. The NEXT CONSULTING is planning a business expansion in London's growing markets. For supporting this strategic marketing decision, PESTLE analysis has been performed. It includes evaluation of business functioning as per political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal factors.


The tax and revenues which are levied over the company. In Dubai there are no political parties, but still it plays an essential role in international politics. NEXT CONSULTING is hosting web services in Dubai in which it has to follow all the rules and regulations of the government which includes their tax and duty charges which affects the entire revenue system of the organisation. Business environment of the company is affected by the fiscal policy, trade tariffs etc. As Dubai is oil producing country, its political factors cannot harm the performance of the organisation. Dubai government has made flexible policies for local and outer population, it has attracted many companies to give their services.


Economic factor is very essential in evaluating the economy performance of NEXT CONSULTING organisation. It helps in analysing the inflation rate, foreign exchange rates, interest rates, economic growth rates etc. of the company which directly influences the organisation products, price and services. NEXT CONSULTING is the largest hub of IT and finance services. The company has faced the major downturn as a result of property bubble which was caused due to financial crises. The company is also affected by foreign direct investment rate of other companies.


Social factor are very essential in analysing the social environment of the market. It analyses population analytic, cultural trends and demographics. This factor influence culture and societal of an organisation. The control of a firm based on attitude of people, religion. Hospitality help for society according their culture. NEXT CONSULTING is successful due to effective utilisation of socio-cultural environmental factors.


These factors involve innovation in technology which may affect the soft running operations of NEXT CONSULTING. These factors include the technological awareness, automation, R & D department of the company. As the company is hosting web services therefore, it has to include new and latest technologies for better conduction of web services. The technology and IT software of the company has showed the tremendous expansion of their revenue. The technological awareness and equipments has made the work easy for the employees as well as for the organisation.


Environmental factors includes all the factors which directly impact the surrounding environment. NEXT CONSULTING has to take care the environmental factors like climate, weather, pollution, availability of non-renewable resources so that all the services must be given properly to the customers. These factors also includes health of customers, availability of energy and climate change. The company has to take care of all these environmental factors while expanding its business in Dubai.


Legal factor include certain laws which influences the business environment. NEXT CONSULTING has to follow all the laws and rules of the government for diversifying its business in Dubai. As Dubai does not have political parties but it has made some rules and regulation which every organisation has to follow in order to smooth functioning of their business (Gürbüz, Albayrak and AlaybeyoÄŸlu, 2014). There are federal laws which the company has to follow so that it can increase its productivity in the market.


There are variety of market entry modes through business can easily enter in new market of Dubai. In international market, these strategies assist to set up venture in successful manner. Further, there are several factors also impacted to these entry modes such as choice, tariff rates and degree of adoption, etc. that is required to make product and services (Wirtz, Tuzovic and G. Kuppelwieser, 2014). Following strategies can be used as the main entry options through NEXT CONSULTING offers web hosting services in Dubai:

Strategic alliances

Direct exporting is the method in which NEXT CONSULTING demonstrate their services in Dubai market with using own resources. When the business establish their own sales program, they have to turn into further market with the help of agents. Agents and distributors are very closely that represent interest regarding selling and providing services in market (Schleimer, Coote and Riege, 2014). They are face to the chosen business that is very important to choice of agents and distributors to handle business outcomes and results. In addition to this, strategic alliances determines previously that in which area and market, the firm should carry their operations and functions in successful manner. With adopting entry mode such as established enterprise in Dubai, different types of costs need to be ascertained that includes transport costs, trade barriers, political risks, economic risks and competencies, etc. In attractive market of Dubai, time need to set to enter in new place (Wirtz, Tuzovic and G. Kuppelwieser, 2014). This strategy has several advantages such as ability to pre-empt rivals and assess the demand through established strong name. It also determines switching cost that assist to tie with customers regarding products and services that are difficult to maintain results.

Foreign direct investment(FDI)

FDI is the relatively arrangement of market entry mode through NEXT CONSULTING can make investment in right way to enhance their businesses in new areas. It is very useful strategy in which purchaser has the large market share to implemented new services. It is the useful strategy that assist to purchaser to make choice with enhance productivity for effective results in the enterprise (Gürbüz, Albayrak and AlaybeyoÄŸlu, 2014). This can be determines for marketing that is related to web services in organisation. With the help of this method, in Dubai web services can be implemented in successful manner. In this strategy, firm has advantages to deal with control degree of risk that is present in commitment of resources which requires create return on investment. In this way, there are two types of entry modes has been determines such as equity and non equity modes (Ramaseshan, Ishak and Rabbanee, 2013). Non equity modes category includes to develop export and contractual agreements for joint venture and wholly owned subsidiaries, etc. This strategy determines direct ownership of facilities with the target country. It includes transfer of resources that includes capital, technology and personnel. Direct investment may be determines in term of acquisitions for an existing entity with establishment of new business.

Merger and acquisitions

This strategy is known as the expansion of strategy. In this aspect, powerful driver is drawn on globalization. In foreign, there are many businesses prefer this strategy to develop their functions and operations in successful manner. This strategy is useful for NEXT CONSULTING to enhance their market power, acquisitions of technology, optimum utilization of resources and minimization of risk elements (Wirtz, Tuzovic and G. Kuppelwieser, 2014). The chosen enterprise selects foreign consultant company which is exists in Dubai and merge themselves with them to enter in market. Alternative option is determines with purchase of foreign company that is acquired ownership and control in effective manner. It assists to provide immediate access to international web services facilities to create a network. Main advantage of this strategy is less time consumer and quickly execute for gain high market share, therefore, competition could be reduce that assist to enhance goodwill of the company in market.

From the above entry modes, NEXT CONSULTING can use merger and acquisitions strategy. This is because, it is very effective strategy which assist to grow outcomes and results with less risk. Hence, the chosen enterprise has advantages to enhance their productivity with undertake this option in successful manner. Hence, high market share could be gain that assist to make right competition at workplace.


Market segmentation is the oldest form in which consultant firms can determines their functions and operations with taking customer population and their preferences (Schleimer, Coote and Riege, 2014). It makes more wide competitive options that are available within the market to create segmentation which is become critical in marketing plan of NEXT CONSULTING. With the help of three ways, customer wants could be classified. It creates segmentation first which assist to prefer services that are needed in market (Definition of 'Segmentation, 2017). According to customers requirement, segmentation could be ascertained that decide to make products and services in market. Web services are design in the business to covers several aspects that make positive impact on unique features (Miles, Verreynne and Luke, 2014).

Demographic segmentation

In the segmentation of market, there is geographic type is determines to use for classifying market in different areas. Marketer can be develops similar strategies for each individual that are living at different places. This strategy highly influence to the customers to demonstrate offers prices and promotion in different perspective of market. In order to make significant results, better understanding need to be develops that support to marketers in accomplishment of marketing objectives (Martin and Isozaki, 2013). Segmentation assist to make strange with creating interest for influences marketing with engagement of practices. In order to target the people, NEXT CONSULTING needed to evaluate potential and commercial attractiveness for each segmentation.

Psycho graphic segmentation

This segmentation is based on lifestyle of particular individual. Attitude, interest, values and many other activities assist to classify the people in various categories (Sok, O’Cass and Sok, 2013). In this aspect, small groups has been created as per the basis of above elements that assist to grow performances in successful manner.

Geographic segmentation

This segmentation is determines as the classification of market in different geographical areas. Marketers determines similar strategies for each individual that ascertain at different workplaces (Hastings and Domegan, 2013).


It includes criteria size in which market must be drown in large enough that assist to justify segmenting. When the market is small, target would be develops in successful aspect. There are differences also measures that exist in two different segmentations. Money is another crucial aspect which shows anticipated profits that must be exceed with cost of additional marketing plans and many other changes. Accessible also need to be gain for segment the whole team to receives marketing messages. Web services of the chosen company determines for creating several benefits. Hence, it is beneficial to attain growth and objectives in the business environment.

Targeting is the most useful element that assist to make profitable results with covers more segments. Choice of NEXT CONSULTING is depends on serving outcomes of the business that is difficult to understand customer demand. Thus, large segmentation is determines as per the expectations that is growing to attract competition.

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Positioning maps assist to create effective STP process for NEXT CONSULTING. In this aspect, web services could be provided on low cost so that it would be beneficial to attain overall growth in successful manner (Miles and, 2016). Hence, the organisation could develop their performances as per the business requirement. The selected business is the largest way to measure their performances and outcomes. Hence, profitability could be determines with developing results. It creates different range of messages for various group that assist to make effective results. There are varied of customers group ascertained at workplace that provides several services to compete with different customers.

Market segmentation is determines as the process for dividing the market of potential customers into several groups as per same characteristics. Segment is mainly created with composed of consumers response through determines marketing strategies to share traits with similar interest, needs and location. On the basis of income group, market is divide for consumers into the smaller segmentations. In this aspect, high income group, mid income group and low income group is developing in NEXT CONSULTING. In the organisation, there is high income group is determining that provides different range of web services and strategies that assist to compare target the lower income group of people.


The key strategic challenges for most of the organization to find a way in order to take competitive advantages in the present market. The generic strategy is based on taking advantages of market by adopting strategics that helps to make business more better. Under this model there are two types of competitive strategics with scope of activities for which a firm seeks to achieve them. There are mainly three types of generic strategics which includes cost leadership, differentiation and focus strategy. In this way, the company could also attain competitive advantages that are combined with developing scope of different activities in which firm can seeks. It is also leads to make average performances that ascertain high growth of business in three different strategies.

For the NEXT CONSULTING, it helps to make selection of the correct strategies for the company. Following are the porter's generic strategy.

Cost leadership

It refers to offer the low cost products to customers in the targeted market. Under this approach, organization make sure that each type of products must be offer at the low prices. The firm must be able to making offering low cost products to their customers as compare to their rivals (Abdul-Talib and Abd-Razak, 2013). In the NEXT CONSULTING, need to make sure that all types of services which offered by them need to be cost effective. The organization is London based and moved to business in Dubai. So for that to gain competitive business environment they need to offers low cost products. This strategy assist to enhance profits and revenue through reducing cost. It also enhances market share with making changes in lower prices and ascertain reasonable profits at each sales of product or services in NEXT CONSULTING. Cost leadership involves cost in which industry could ascertain lower prices producers that are not so good so that the company can choose the best element. In order to promote web services, high capital is needed that assist to make effective results within the organisation in successful manner through bring cost down.

Cost focus

The focus strategy is based on the charging prices lower than compare to the rivals. Under this strategy organization make target to only those products which has few no competitive advantages or where economics of scale are achievable with higher production volume. Under this company offers those products which have narrow market segments and offers product at lower costs. It assists to make successful operations that are based on developing ideas and concentration to focus on particular areas of the businesses. Hence, successful outcomes could be ascertained at workplaces.

Differentiation focus

It refers to make target to specific products or services at low prices. Under this market segment organization make focus on develop unique products or services. According to the generic model. Such type of strategy used organization when they are only few buyer in certain segments. Under this strategy, organization target to only special area of the segments (Ots and Nyilasy, 2015). This strategy assist to NEXT CONSULTING to focus on particular market area so that they can make good understanding with dynamics nature and assess the needs of customers easily. It also develops unique elements at low cost with well specified products for the market.

Differentiation leadership

It refers to make offer differentiated goods and services that fulfil customer's needs with the help of the sustainable competitive advantages. Under this approach organization is offers different products at the high prices. The major benefits of this strategy is that it fulfil requirement of customers in the particular market in order to make target to goods and services at particular segments.

From the above analysis it is considered that, there are different types of generic strategics which can be followed by NEXT. The company offering web hosting services in UK and they want to expand their business from London and move to Dubai. For this, the best strategy is differentiation leadership. For the company this is most suited strategy. Under this organization offer unique products and services to their customers at the high prices. Dubai is developed country and belongs to high income (Wirtz, Tuzovic and G. Kuppelwieser, 2014). So NEXT CONSULTING can use differentiation leadership for generating more profits in their web hosting services.


From the above report, it could be concluded that NEXT CONSULTING has the great advantages to expand their business in Dubai market. In this aspect, report summarized different elements that assist to gain knowledge regarding expansion of business in successful manner. Furthermore, PESTLE analysis has been articulated that assist to identified different elements of market that could create impact on functions and operations of chosen business, it includes, political, social, technological, economical, legal and environmental elements. Moreover, it discussed about market entry modes in which the best option is merger and acquisition that assist to grow performances of the company for enhance productivity and outcomes. In addition to this, porter generic strategy has been implemented through differentiation is the best element which assist to grow effective results in successful manner.


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