Unit 1 BTEC HND in Tourism Regent College Level 5


Tour operators are regarded as one of necessary stakeholders in whole tourism industry. In United Kingdom, tourism is one of the rapid developing sector and it also generated the more revenue at market place. This sector provide its contribution in Gross Domestic Product of nations. In context to this, purchasing power of persons enhancing which assess business firms to create various as well as sustainable plan on the basis of expectation and requirements of various target groups (Barratt, Choi and Li, 2011). This assignment is based on Thomas Cook Group Plc organisation which is leading leisure travel firm in all over world. In this firm more than 22,000 staff members are working and it operates its business from 17 source markets. Under this mention report discuss about effects of existing as well as recent developments and trends on tour operations sector. Suitability of various methods of contracting various elements of holiday and also various kinds of tour operator.

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Task 1

1.1 Effects of current and recent trends and developments

In travel and tourism, current trends many impacting whole sector in both ways which can be negative or can be positive. Current position of this sector is to developing very quickly and also attract large number of consumers. In the market of United Kingdom, tourism forms have more scope and also have many attractive locations for existing visitors and make changes on the basis of current trends. Thomas Cook Group provides many advantages to consumers and also provides attractive travelling packages for specific destination and which is Thailand to them so that they can travel in all over the world. Sector is reshaping structure to deliver the maximum services as well as comforts to consumers on the basis of their changing demands (Cook, Hsu and Marqua, 2014). On the other hand recent trends in this industry has impacted business firms in context to customize according to the trends. The impact of recent as well as current trends and developments given below as above:

Technological changes- In past time, people go to airport, railway station for ticket booking so it was more expensive and time taking. But from changing in technology in this present time period, consumers book their tickets through online. Thomas Cook Group us using its own mobile application to facilitate consumers at the door step in order to deal with the travel packages as well as tickets. In this, consumers can book their tickets as well as cancel them. Internet became a necessary part of modern era and it puts its efforts to attract more consumers on the online interface.

Enhance purchasing power- Maximising power of the consumers is to leading towards luxurious trips and travel. Consumers are more expecting many facilities them at the time of tourism period. Customers are more seeking for any speciality in amazements and comforts for tour. Thomas Cook Group provides many holiday packages and also continuous programmes in order to meet needs of consumers whose income is varied.

Dynamic packaging- Consumer are demanding its travel packages for own tour packages as independent as well as personal tours (Dietz, 2011). Under this, visitors are selecting own attractive destinations sin order to visit in effective time. Thomas Cook Group provides offers as well as vouchers to its loyal consumers.

Cost effectiveness- The firm is running its business online, consumers provides facilities in context to compare travelling packages and services of Thomas Cook Group with the other business firms. If cost of travelling packages will be reduced then in this case large number of visitors will be attracted towards it and profit level of firm will be enhanced effectively.

Task 2

2.1 Stages and timescales involved in developing holidays

The people of this modern era are regarded tour as life time experience and also want to satisfy their needs from tour operators. The Thomas Cook Group enveloping the travel packages on the basis of demand of consumers and also fulfil them in a systematic or proper manner at destination at Thailand. In United Kingdom, there are various attractive locations which satisfy needs of consumers in an effective manner. Some of the stages of developing holiday plans for visitors given below as above:

Gathering information- It is primary stage which is necessary for tour operator in context to gather the relevant and accurate information regarding taste as well as needs of consumers in a better manner. In addition to this, manager of Thomas Cook Group gathers necessary or accurate information from which it can satisfy demands of consumers in a better way.

Cost evaluation of packages- After information collection, there is a need to organisation to examine cost of the different trips and also their values through business firm and give the many holiday packages to consumers (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell, 2012). Because of this, there is a need to manager of Thomas Cook company to attract different needs of various consumers to access the holiday packages.

Arrangement and Negotiating with services provides: The main aim of Thomas Cook Group is to attract consumers and also satisfy their needs by offering effective travelling packages (Grant, Wong and Trautrims, 2017). There is need to Thomas Cook firm to provide various services such as leisure time, sight- seeing, transportation, accommodation and many other services. This firm provides all the facilities to its visitors so that they can not face any kind of problems.

Completing legal needs- Under this, there is a need to Thomas company to conduct its business by following all rules of company. The rules and legislations of every country is different from the each other so it is essential that firm can know about the legislation of other country while conducting business internationally.

Advertisement and promotion strategies- Promotion as well as advertisement both are the effective strategies to attract the people and aware them about the services of firm. Through many different communication channels, tour operator can interact with consumers (Hoyos, Morales and Akhavan-Tabatabaei, 2015). It is an effective way to developing the better plan and encourage people to use travelling services of Thomas Cook firm. This company gives advertisement with the help of social media, television, newspapers e and many different modes.

2.2 Suitability of different methods of contracting for different components

There are various factors which need to handled as well as management by Thomas Cook Group in order to planning for a trip at Thailand. It provides many facilities to visitors like for an instance accommodation, transportation, attractive destinations, cleaning rooms and many others. On the basis of environmental nature and also needs of consumers, Thomas Cook Group needs to do many legal facilities ( Kerzner, 2013). The needs of every tourist is different from each other at the time of tour. This organisation prepare the tour packages which is fully dependent in interests of consumers. Under this there are two different contracting methods along with the suitability of two tour operators which are chosen given below as above:

Fixed income based contracts- These are made in industry of tour operators in addition to allocate volume based as well as long term capacity. The fixed contract is made through tour operators with the other stakeholders like for an instance owner and also owner transportation with the fixed amount through them without based on filling specific services which are provided through travelling firm. Its main aim is to earn more profit in off- weak of the travelling.

Sales based contracts- These are made on utilise basis where the costing as well as cost paid for sold facility. Generally these contracts are used for mass markets. Under this tour operator books specific facility like for an instance transportation and hotel facility which are depends on utilization of the payment of all facilities (Lenahan, 2011). These contracts are effective or particular tours including small number of visitors.

2.3 Selling price of a holiday from given information

Under this, Thomas Cook Group plan for holiday group for individuals as well as family for United Kingdom. There is a measure of total cost of all package which are mention below as above:




Cost and value of room



Cost of bad room



Total variable cost



1 =.9£

Variable cost in £



Cost of Transportation facilities



Cost and price of guide services



Total tour cost



Profit margin ratio 20%



Entire sales price of tour(Discounted)



Cost for family holiday determined:




Cost of room



Cost of Bad room



Total variable cost



1 =.9£

Variable cost in £



Cost of Transportation facilities



Cost and price of guide service



Entire cost of tour



Profit margin ratio 20%



Total price of tour



Both these give tables explains about measurement of the selling cost. There are two different kinds of costs and these are valuable and fixed. The fixed cost is not changeable and on the other hand valuable cost can be changed (Martinez, Stapleton and Van Wassenhove, 2011). In context to family package, there are four members cost is main part of this which determine in the form of Euro and cover in pound. The margin cost of all kinds of facilities has analyses as 20%.

Task 3

3.1 Planning decisions taken for the design of selected brochure

Travel and tourism industry is informing their tourists towards providing good as well as services which are given through tour operators to visitors at the reasonable prices. Better planing is helpful in doing all the activities and operations of firm in a systematic manner. Thomas Cook Group conducts its activities by using different techniques as well as tools for attracting the large number of consumers through providing them attractive destinations. Brochure is a necessary element which is prepared through the tour operator consist comprehensive data related to trip which is provided through the business entity to consumers.

Format of Brochure- Under this, for effective design of the brochure, format plays a necessary role to people towards information offered through Thomas Cook Group firm. For developing a better plan, management of this organisation chose Z format in order to put information in various category which will simpler for the people to search as well as understand (Moutinho, 2011). Under this format, management of Thomas company will provide information regarding specifications of destinations, accommodation, transportation related services, images, costs etc. This kind of brochure format will develop curiosity and also engage target consumers. There are many attractive brochure which are mention below:

Name of tour operator- Thomas Cook Group is tour operator which gives various services to consumers in an effective manner.

Transportation families- There are many various transportation services which are used through Thomas like cabs, tourists buses, cars on rent and some of the other services to consumers.

Name of itineraries and destination of holiday trip- This firm decide to providing their holiday packages in United Kingdom. In this country there are different attractive places which are more attractive.

Accommodation and other necessary facilities-Firm gives various kinds of services concerned to the accommodation. Under this, it provides clean room, fresh food facilities to consumers in a better manner.

Cost of holiday trip- Thomas Cook firm provides its tour packages to person as well as family with attractive offers or discounts (Naji-Azimi and et. al., 2012). Under this costs which determined are £2475 and £780.

Conditions and terms with extra charges- This firm charge extra costs for its consumers like for an instance lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Lawful needs and requirements- Under this, company follow all the legislations and fulfil all kinds of formalities which are developed through government of United Kingdom.

Budgeting and choosing target destination- Budget is a planning too; which is necessary for company in context to prepare an effective budget for travelling. Before providing the destinations to consumers, firm determines needs and requirements of consumers and also their paying capacity.

Time frame for fulfilling stage- Under this, it is necessary for an organisation to make better time frame on the basis of activities (Robinson, Heitmann and Dieke, 2011). It is a necessary part of the marketing decision for manager of tour.

3.2 Suitability of alternatives to a traditional brochure

Traditional brochure: It is determine as classical approach for the marketing decision of Thomas Cook Group which consist relevant data. But it is not very much effective as well as relevant for an organisation. There is a difficulty arise for company to finding an attention of consumers. This brochure provided to Thomas Cook Group to attract more consumers towards providing services of firm with various design of the brochure. The methods of traditional brochure have remind more popular method to give information and also attract customers for holiday packages at Thailand. In addition to this, there are various alternative which are given below as above:

E-Brochures- It is necessary part of brochure which assess tour operations for offering all relevant information to consumers. It will be helpful in supporting the planning in a specific time period with more attractiveness.

Visual- In this, tour operator attract consumers while presenting the beautiful images in a better manner.

Social Media- In this present era, large number of people are connected with the social media and it is a best source to communicate with people (Scherrer, Smith and Dowling, 2011). Thomas Cook uses Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to interact with people and provide information about firm and its services.

Internet Websites- Under this, there is a website of Thomas company which is operated through tour operators in order to evaluate the attractive places which are according to consumers.

It has been determined that online brochure consists necessary information related to destination places.

3.3 Suitability of different methods of distribution

There are various options present which are helpful in developing goods or services to the firm. Various facilities are chosen through Thomas Cook Group given below:

Direct sale- It is a necessary part of business which help in making business successful and more effective. It refer to selling of all facilities in a direct manner without assist of the intermediary like mail and online order, organising and also monitoring the visit. With the evaluation as well as getting comment from tourists will help business entity in changing the atmosphere of marketing accordingly.

Partner- When two or more than two persons are working together for attaining single objective then it is a partnership (Tigu and Calaretu, 2013). Under this, tour operator has some concern with the most popular attraction places, hotels and tour operators all working together for providing all kinds of facilities to tourists.

Opaque Distribution: It determine as selling process which includes whole benefits that provides services at minimum cost to consumers through business sellers. The real marketer of facilities do not understand because consumers are valuable for an organisation.

Task 4

4.1 Strategic decisions made by different types of tour operator

Strategic decisions are decisions made for longer period of time made by top management of company. They can affect the direction of company. They are complicated in nature and hence deal with firm's tasks. Strategic decisions are described below:

Pricing strategy: These strategies are created by firm so that they can increase their profits and can increase the market share (Evans, Stonehouse and Campbell,2012). These are also developed so that no new entrant can enter in market place and thus they can easily enhance their market share. Tour operators charges low rate from all users so that they can gain more users in less time.

Segmentation: It is process which divide whole population on basis of certain characteristics. This includes lifestyles, demographic and interest of users. Main objective is to find profitable segments. Tour operators divide population on basis of income,behaviour ,age,sex and other elements.

Positioning: It creates unique strategy for all users. People are divided into economy and business class. Business class seat can be occupied by high class family and economy seat can be taken by middle age family.

Promotional strategy: Tour operator can use strong promotional strategies such as advertising and online sites to protect their tour packages. Through this they an attract many users in less time. Hence they can earn more revenues and thus they can give strong competition to other firms.

4.2 Tactical decisions that could be taken by a selected tour operator

It refers to whole judgement which supports the tourism sector in context to chose the better techniques. It helps business firm to generate more profit and attain the long term objectives. Tactical judgements are taken through top management in addition to develop daily functions and operations of business.

  • Under this short term policies are formulated through tour operators which helps them to change and also develop effective strategy for produce services and products in a better manner (Hoyos, Morales and Akhavan-Tabatabaei, 2015). There are different kinds of consumers so for them firm develop various policies through Thomas which are concerned to selecting, adopting different costs etc.
  • Some of the additional facilities are provided through tour operators of Thom,as such as giving tourist guide to visitors so that they can get whole information about those places which are visiting.
  • In addition to this, there are different other strategies are adopted through tour operators such as interact with consumers through calling, e- mail and many other different methods. With the help of these all methods firm can take feedbacks from them and also gain their trust as well as loyalty.


It has been concluded from above given that travel and tourism company provides many advantages to people and also give its contribution an economy of United Kingdom country. The recent and current trends in this sector are effective or profitable for the tour operating company like Thomas Cook Group Plc. Which provides its services in all over the world. Under given report studied about the suitability of the alternatives to traditional brochure for various kinds of tour operators. Strategic decision which are made through different kinds of tour operators also discussed.


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