There are various functions which occurs in the company are controlled and manage by the Human resource management of the organisation (Tyler and Blader, 2013). It has been found that several operations are being performed by the HR department in order to attain the aims and objectives of an organisation. These tasks are like hiring of employee according to requirement made by organisation. It consists of recruiting &selecting candidates, trained them and create effective policies and plan to retain within the department. The major purpose of HRM is to increase level of profit and create effective environment so that valuable results can be attain near future time for the company. The main role of Human resource department is to regulate various employee according to their skills and capability to perform work. Aldi is the company which deals with the retail supermarket chain which was started to provide different consumer products to the consumer. In this report it is discussed regarding the duties and roles of human resource management of organisation.

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Task 1

P1 The purpose and functions of HRM that applicable for workforce planning and resourcing

Every business organisation a proper explanation human resource management is the group of different functions which are performed by single department that is human resource management of enterprises. Manage of Aldi recruit different types of employee in order to accomplish various functions of Aldi in accordance to increase the profitability and overall goodwill at the same point of time. It has been seen that HR manager plays an eminent role in effective control and management of environment within Aldi Ltd which aids to achieve essential requirement of the company. The valuable roles and responsibility of Aldi is to regulate and manage various activities with attainable sources. HR manager conduct various mode of recruitment and selections these modes are like hiring, conduct interview, skill and knowledge development of different employees working in organisation. The major purpose of HRM is to enhance the performance and productivity of organisation in stipulated time period which aids to complete the target in allotted period of time. Some vital roles and responsibility of HR manager of Aldi is to control and manage the different functions of Aldi in context to attain company set objectives so that future benefits can be taken into account. Such activities help enterprises to attain competitive advantage in the marketplace (Choi and Turk, 2011).

Purpose of Human resource management

Certain essential types of operations and functions of organisation are performed by the Human resource department of organisation. As Aldi have very large super marketing and there are different types of activity of organisation are manage and controlled by the HR manager of company in a systematic manner (Post and Preston, 2012). It also implements different types of strategies which aids to build healthy relationship with the employees and different customers present in the marketplace. There is different purpose of HRM are given below:

  • Create better culture of company: The major purpose of human resource department is to implement different types of strategies in order to crate effective environment that would assist in order to performed operation function of Aldi during the time. It aids to allocate various resource in order to perform several kind of functions of organisation in proper manner.
  • Law: It has been observed that there is certain legal legislation which consists of rules and regulations that are imposed through legal bodies in order to defend rights of workers or employees those are working within Aldi. The management of Aldi desires to through these procedures and rules for overall operations of all the super chain market. These laws are effect various effective decision making processes. These decisions are related to recruit new applicant, selection and terminating employee of organisation.
  • People management: Human Resource management is also best-known for proper management of people which helps to achieve task of organisation as per the desire aim of Aldi. This is so important focus on to regulate different employee as per their capability of performing different types of work.

Functions of Human Resource management

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