L/616/1850 People Resourcing And Talent Planning Unit 21 HND in Hospitality Management


Resourcing of people is interrelated with filling talent in the organization for the vacant position. This report incorporates various planning and management activities regarding human resources in an organization which helps in fulfilling tasks in an efficient manner. It is vital to retain talented employees in the organization in order to carry out activities and organizational objectives in an effective manner. Managing talent is another perspective of business organizations which helps in formulating business strategies and their implementation for the successful working of organizations. HR personnel are vital for making and taking decisons which will have proper and equal impact on all.

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The NHS Trust is the largest trust in UK which is providing welfare services as well as academic teaching services to major portion of society. The Leeds Teaching Hospital being as part off NHS Trust has helped various people in obtaining health care teaching education in Leeds and has various other sites operating all over Europe. These sites are Leeds General Infirmary, St James’s University Hospital, Seacroft Hospital, Wharfedale Hospital, Chapel Allerton Hospital, Leeds Children’s Hospital, Leeds Dental Institute. The LGI has been planning to expand and needs to incorporate decisions in order to be successful competing with others. The report thus takes a critical; evaluation of various planning and training programs taken care by chief executive for new and old employees.

1. Three Key Resourcing And Talent Planning Issues Impacting Leeds General Infirmary

Resources are vital to an organization and its planning is essential to meet needs at times of vacant position (Slåtten and Mehmetoglu, 2011). HR manger needs to plan and coordinate with other departments in order to meet needs and challenges in a correct manner (Nadiri and Tanova, 2010). The institute policies are based on recruitment, selection, performance management, reward, training and development are critically done by the managers to evaluate talent amongst employees and provide right job to the right candidate (Beecroft, Dorey and Wenten, 2008).

The Leeds General Infirmary being a part of NHS Trust has faced many issues related to human resource management which affects its overall working performance. The Leeds General Infirmary situated in the city centre is a major centre for entertaining people and solving their problems and thus needs an effective HR management system (O'Fallon and Rutherford, 2011). These issues are :

Change In Structure

The corporate structure at Leeds General Infirmary is autocratic in nature which refers to as the decision making power is in one hands and all other members needs to obey the same irrespective of their interest (O'Fallon and Rutherford, 2011). It usually implies shift from one way of working to another way which at times is resisted by employees and thus hamper their performance and organizations profits. The resources resists change and thus requires motivation and inspiration to keep up with the changes as modifications are inevitable (Nadiri and Tanova, 2010). The structure of LGI influences its culture and thus maintains a competitive edge.

At LGI, the chief executive is responsible for talking strategic decisions which helps in keeping tight control over work environment as well as the Trust (Chon and Maier, 2009). The motive of chief executive is to enhance success of the Trust by keeping the decision making powers in one hand (Beecroft, Dorey and Wenten, 2008). Such a structure usually have only downward communication though informal horizontal communication do takes place at LGI. Such a control by the executive director demotivate employees as their needs and desires aren't fulfilled with institutional objectives. The change of structure requires new talented employees to be recruited within the institution which will bring in new and innovative ways of thinking affecting the overall working (Blomme, Rheede and Tromp, 2010).

LGI has working experience of around 200 years by serving people and taking care of their health in a same structural way but with time the need arises to implement new ways of operations which affects everyone (Chon and Maier, 2009). The key issue of resource planning and talent management at LGI is change of structure which is resisted my many people and thus reduces their morale and brings in turnover in huge numbers. When employees are not being motivated they won't perform to their level best which will impact LGI (Blomme, Rheede and Tromp, 2010). The challenge for LGI management is to shape culture, strengthen and put into perspective with the necessary strategy so as to formulate correct structure.

High Turnover Of Staff

Human resource is a vital area of management and it is mainly responsible for looking into the benefits to the employees, their training and development, timely appraisal of their performance and rewards (Chon and Maier, 2009). The HR department of LGI is taking corrective measures to retain talented employees in the institute as new recruitment and selection process is time and cost consuming. Staff or employee turnover is defined as the time span of working by an employee in a particular company or sector. Employee turnover is a problem which affects the sales and productivity of LGI in a vast. Turnover can be a result of many issues, especially employee dissatisfaction towards work (Blomme, Rheede and Tromp, 2010).

At LGI main reasons of staff turnover is low morale of employees at both clinical and non-clinical levels (Nadiri and Tanova, 2010). As the HR team at LGI comprises of HR manager, HR officer and three HR administrators there is always discrepancies arising amongst them which impact policies and procedures (Analyzing employee turnover, 2011). Such internal issues amongst the HR team lacks in planning for overall requirement of resources for the health care centre. The LGI is facing all such issues which incorporates voluntary and involuntary turnover of staff. The voluntary turnover refers to leaving of employee on his or her terms due to dissatisfaction, ill treatment or any other reasons (Nadiri and Tanova, 2010). Attrition is a part of turnover which implies reduction in the workforce due to voluntary turnover of employees at LGI. On the other hand involuntary turnover at LGI implies termination of staff by the HR personnel due to certain reasons or misbehaviour (Blomme, Rheede and Tromp, 2010). It is also known as firing or discharging of employees from the job. Desirable and undesirable turnover are also impacting LGI as new talent creates dissatisfaction amongst old employees. LGI has been witnessing undesirable turnover of employees which means the institute is losing their employees whose performance, skills and qualifications is of valuable importance to the concern (Analyzing employee turnover, 2011).

Increasing Competition

The LGI operates in a dynamic environment which is changing on a continuous basis and the institute needs to be keep up with the changes by incorporating them as and when it is necessary (Phillips, 2016). Both the micro and macro environment is affecting overall performance of the institute thereby impacting its structure and working tactics. The HR manger needs to incorporate talented candidates so as to enhance performance.

The increasing competition has led LGI behind in the race as the HR personnel are not able to compete in the dynamic environment with others (Chon and Maier, 2009). Being part of NHS Trust, various policies and procedures have been defined by the NHS which needs to be redeveloped with time. Competition in the health care sector is increasing at an alarming rate and every one needs to keep up with the changes in order to survive in the competitive market (Blomme, Rheede and Tromp, 2010). The chief executive who is responsible for taking decisions at LGI needs to take various perspectives for implementing changes in the institution so as to enhance services of health care as well as teaching courses will be updated providing students newer ways of operations and handling situations (Nadiri and Tanova, 2010).

The competition has increased tremendously which poses threats for LGI to keep up with the changes and government laws and regulations so as to achieve competitive advantage (O'Fallon and Rutherford, 2011). The HR personnel needs to implement and plan various ways to bring in changes which will motivate people to keep working in harder ways (Beecroft, Dorey and Wenten, 2008). Such practices of HR will eradicate issues of resource planning and talent management which is faced by LGI a part of NHS Trust. The employees needs to be given proper training and development so as to keep up with the changes. The executive director at LGI needs to develop certain training programs for new as well as for old employees in order to attain objectives (Slåtten and Mehmetoglu, 2011).

The chief executive has high hopes for LGI and has plans to expand the institute in the coming years (O'Fallon and Rutherford, 2011). The expansion of LGI will bring in major structural changes which needs to be incorporated in an efficient and effective manner by the HR manger. The expansion will include new ways of working, more number of employees for rendering services, more professionals, doctors, nurses and specialist for rendering health care services (Beecroft, Dorey and Wenten, 2008). In order to expand the institute will require more qualified teachers for rendering quality services by teaching students in an effective manner.

The executive director needs to communicate such strategic decisions to line managers so as to implement the process in an effective manner as employees will be prepared to accept changes (Phillips, 2016). Such behaviour at LGI will help in planning and implementing decisions regarding resources and talented employees in a effective way (Analyzing employee turnover, 2011).

2. Recruiting And Selection

Teaching hospital NHS trust is the one of the largest in the UK and the one of the largest teaching hospital in Europe. Manger decided that each department new member of staff in section. HR advertising and collating for responsibility. Its arranged by department is responsibility to own recruitment. HR is process of selection choosing the right candidates to department. HR manager does not have responsibility for recruiting staff. Recruiting is the process of HR is identified the candidates is making potential to apply for a job. HR involved in the recruitment of the candidates and is depend on the level of the position. Recruitment is a positive process HR to identified the recruiting staff of attracting as possible of the candidates for the vacant job. They have received any recruitment and selection training. LGI's currently recruitment and selection process of the different department. HR becoming aware of the vacancy and interview process an offer of the employment.

LGI's is currently recruitment process of the department of HR is identified the candidates for a jobs and selection process of the HR is choosing the right candidates for the vacant positions.

Recruitment process is called as positive process but selection process id called negative process. Recruitment process is attracting many candidates for the vacant job and selection process is the possible for identified the right candidates for the position is the process with its elimination or rejection. Recruitment and selection both play the different role of an LGI's growth (Reynolds and Weiner 2009.).

LGI's is the structured decided the vacant of the job they needs of a new staff. HR is responsibility the advertising the vacant job and all the positions arranged the department. Department management decided the responsibility of their recruitment and involved the all interviews. LGI's the structure and the process of recruiting has responsibility of the department manger. Recruiting process of the department mangers as known as finding possible candidates for a LGI's job. Department mangers is undertaken by the employment agency to the possible candidates of the staff LGI's organization (Kao and Rowan 1959). Is the decided that advertising par. Is the part of the commonly of the recruiting process and department managers and HR is using advertising through

newspapers is using to job advertisement. HR the professionals publication to using advertisement through a job center, campus interviews and placed in windows etc. A structured approach to recruitment of an LGI's to skill set and experience as well as good fit the organization. Department mangers using either a third party to source of candidates and find the ideal candidates.

LGI's in structured planning of the recruitment. Is the skill and experience it needs to the planning and the culture of the allows to identified the type of personalities. Its responsibility of the HR is structured already planning. It can use the recruiting sources. Structured planning is the best candidates is effectiveness in recruiting both the prospective employees and organization.

Structured sources for recruiting is choose the candidates the level of availability of skills sets in the job market. The organization to surplus the skills for a particular positions is may recruiting directly the candidates submit their resume directly. HR may advertisement in publicly to skills set. A structured method of testing (Cascio 2018). Is a measures of candidates skills and knowledge, abilities.

Is required for a job to testing the candidates without the minimum qualification for the job and require a exam to test a job specification function. LGI's conducting the structured interviews for recruitment to ensure that the each candidates each opportunities. HR is ask the same question for candidates the same order and using the same scale. The structured interviews help the LGI's to ensure the effectiveness of recruitment for a position.

Selection is the process of hiring good resources and increase the overall performance of the LGI's. HR is responsibility of the selection process of the suitable in the job. Its important the different attributes for the each candidates their qualification, skills, overall attitudes and experience etc. and the picked the candidates most suitable after the elimination of the candidates. HR is structured of the selection process making recommendations the changes of the strategy and procedures. In employees groups the structured approaches in recruitment and selection (Raphael 2009). There the three types of selection structures if, if/else, switch. If is single selection structured, if/else is double selection structured and switch is multiple selection structured. LGI's is selection structures used the If end the process will be only be performed the candidates its true. If else selection structured are used that the candidates is necessary. In structured action will be performed the candidates is true and another action.

Selection is very important for LGI's for minimizing the losses and maximizing the profits. If the procedure selection should be perfect. HR the selection process the steps are followed the good selection. HR is the process of a selection is the employment interview. Is the process of the one on one session is know the candidates better. It helps to the HR is inner quality of the applicant and helps a right decision. (Chapman and Webster 2003) HR is selection process the checking of the reference of verifying the candidates qualification and experience the references provide. The help of the HR is understand the reference check the conduct, behavior of the candidates and the attitudes as an individual and as a professionals. Selection process of the candidates is medical examination of the physical and mental fitness to checked the insure that of performing a job is capable and the final selection is that proved that the application qualified and the HR is recruiting and selection process it will be issued an appointment letter. In overall the structure has appointed the individual and HR is aware from the interview process the issue an offer of employment.

3. Implementing Your Proposed New Recruitment, Selection, Talent Planning Strategy And Procedures In Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

For the recruiting employees in NHS trust, the basic model are helps to recruitment and selection for new telnet, hospitals NHS trust faced to bad condition, hospital employees and not doing proper work so that effect going to hospital reputation, some employees feeling bored to do work their they give resined as well. Hospital needs new staff which handled all the working of hospitals and give the best service to customer (Goldstein and Passmore, 2017). The hospital recruiting a new staff the following models are helps to selection of new employees:

  • Organization Chart - NHS hospital have to set planes for again start their hospital. They need to improve there services for people, they having new procedure for patient and they use new technologies to improve peoples medical conditions, NHS hospital need to develop plan for organize the pre chart for future planing, they need to know what kinds of facilities provide to patient, hospital management must know about the people reactions and what problems they have to face. Hospital authority need to organize the planes for patient safety and their care, NHS hospital is famous for their social helps for people, the hospital management helps to improve all the social service which provide to poor people (Smith, 2015).
  • Job Description - NHS hospitality authority to recruiting new staff they need to provide full description about the job for people who want to job in hospital. They provide fill description for each position and inform knowing what are the work is doing in each fields. This job description attract the applicants who exactly what the job entails. They also know about the what qualification and ability needed in their fields. For this description applicant know they are capable of this job and doing well. They work properly and perform well. If job description not given they never no what task is given and what they do and what responsibilities for this task.
  • Recruitment - Main purpose of NHS hospital to appoint new employees for hospital and improve their hospitals working skills. NHS hospital needs god staff who handled all patients very carefully and take care of them (Bersuker, 2016). The hospital need to give full proper description for job. Hospital authorities define all polices which require knowing each employees in there fields. They established planes for employee so attract to the job, the hospital authorities gives full support to their employees and also gives security planes like insurance or security benefits etc. NHS hospital authorities give food facilities to their employees and make friendly environment for each employees so they enjoying their job and never left to job. Hospital authorities also parted shift in day to night so employees handled the work load.
  • Selecting - NHS hospital authorities create list of ideal employees, and divide the list according to each employee's ability, they divide into sections like A,B,C based on the score of each person, during selection period the manger ask questions about their fields accepts suitable answers. If the answers are properly correct they trying given practical task, this type of selections required in fields. The selections process is importance for recruitment (Wheelock, 2017). NHS hospital required an overall staff they need a to handled all facilities which is included hospitals services, handled all patients records, patients medical treatments and emergency services, provide ambulance service to patients who are handicaps and affected by lifting.
  • Hiring - when hiring employees first need to discuss about the compensation, payments and benefits of job. Also, including holiday time, week off, heath insurance and salary. NHS hospital authorities when hiring employees in their hospital they first inform the employees about the position and all the important information about the hospitals, they also provide information about benefits of salary, and what are the holiday include in the year, they also need to notify about week off and polices which provide by hospital authorities, the hospital authorities also develop plans for people who are doing over time in their working hours (Abzug, 2017). NHS hospital hiring those employees who capable for the hospitality jobs they also appoint good experience nurses who take care of patients and they also handled minor problems of staff and patients. NHS hospitals hiring some employees who handled 24 hours hospitals and also handled emergency case absence of doctors.
  • Retaining - Retaining refers that the hospital authorities gives time to time rewards to employee's hard working skills. For these rewards encourage other employee's to do hard work and they also get rewards for feather work. The hospital employees retain their image as well as like past hospital runs successful. Hospital must develop new facilities to retain employees in hospital (Mügge, 2016). They also develop new strategies to for new environment of hospital. And they also appoint old employees again to join hospital. NHS hospital needs a high working skills staff who present new image of hospitals behind UK peoples, so people again join the teaching hospitals and again trust them. The hospitals need new talents for people to handled all major operations in hospital.

NHS hospital placed better planes for hold employee's to long times and they gave better experience for people, hospital provide the best facilities for people who are caused by cancer or other serious infection, the hospital also present those planes who are beneficial for hospital and employees (Alonso, 2015). NHS hospital develop planes for students who are join hospital for training and placements. The hospital must defines their new strategies and implement them to others.


The report concludes the importance of resource planning and management of talent is vital at a health care institute which is responsible for both providing care and teaching secondary and tertiary activities. The report focuses on vital issues related to resource planning and managing talent which implies formulating policies so as to implement processes and systems effectively. The LGI's has faced several issues which has been rectified by proper planning and recruitment of talented employees either from within the organization orb from external sources. Various recommendations and strategies are formulated so as to enhance the overall performance of the NHS Trust. All the theories and aspects have been used in a structured manner in order to get better outcome with managed work and increased profits. Thus resource planning based on human resources and talent management is an essential task accomplished by HR mangers.


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