Human Resource Management of Tesco

Organization Selected : Tesco
Question :

This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

  1. Give effective purpose and also the functions of HRM with their effective skills for Tesco.
  2. Analyse the strength and weakness in selection and recruitment.
  3. Give the effective employee relation and the HRM practise.
Answer :


This study is based on Human resource management . Human resource management is related to management of people in order to perform different functions of the organization. Human resource management includes various functions related to planning, organizing, and directing and controlling .in order to achieve the organization objectives. Tesco will be included in this study to perform various tasks of this assignment. Tesco is a public limited company and provide various products and services such as supermarket, hypermarket, and superstore and convenience shop. Tesco is employing employees more than 400000.

Tesco is operating its business in various countries to increase its customer base and gain more market share. This study will include different purpose and functions of the organization. It will also include different approaches to recruitment and selection. It will also provide explanation of various benefits of HRM practices with relation to employer and employee.  Furthermore, this study will include importance of different employee relation in influencing decision- making. Moreover, it will include different elements of employee legislation and its impact on HRM decision- making. It will also include different HRM practices in relation to organization.

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1. Explaining the purposes and the functions of HRM in Tesco Plc. and its function in providing talent and skill.

Tesco Plc. is the UK’s leading retailer, considers workers as their life blood of the business. All the workers and employer of the firm manages good democratic procedures and policies and employee engagement. In addition to this, it can be said that workforce planning is a process in which the firm links its workforces with the desired goals and outcomes. It helps to determine the skills, knowledge and experience to the right number of people at the right place on the right time.

For effective workforce planning and resourcing, the purpose and functions of HRM of Tesco are discussed below:

  • Benefits and Compensation
  • Human resource development
  • Planning, recruitment and selection
  • Establishing relationship between labor and employee

Best Practice

Best Fit

Best practice states that several HR Policies will be including reward plans

It believes in reward system which should be aligned with that of the strategies of the company

In this practice the HR leads to better commitment of employees as well as high motivation to the same

Best fit results in achievement of competitive benefits for the firm

Recruitment and selection: It is a process of screening, captivating and selecting best and potential candidates for the work in order to achieve objectives and goals. The process is crucial that it helps to reduce cost of mistakes such as unmotivated, incompetent and underqualified workers.

Orientation: This is a fundamental step includes goals and objectives of Tesco in order to achieve them by workers. One of the major function of human resource management is to provide intensive orientation to workers. This will help them to know their assigned job role, description and relationship with others.

Establishing relationship between labor and employee: It can be said that workers are the pillars of firm and relationship with them is a very broad concept. It is also one of the major function of HRM that it helps to manage effective relationship between employee and employer. It helps to enhance ability to influence behaviors and working outputs.

Training and development: It is a function of HRM that helps to increase ability, skills and knowledge of workers in order to achieve their individual and business goals and objectives effectively. It helps to improve performance by educating worker in a particular subject.

Benefits and Compensation: There are several benefits provided by human resource management to workers in terms of good working conditions, machineries and environment at workplace. It can be described as a functional duty of department to motivate workers to accomplish their goals and objectives.

Thus, it can be said that function and purpose of HRM, applicable to resourcing and workforce planning within Tesco is important to provide talent, skills and knowledge to workers. This helps business to achieve its goals and objectives by increasing profitability and production effectively.

The function of HRM

 The human resource management perform various functions which are as follows :

  • The Human resource manager formulate plans for accomplishing the objectives of the firm.  In tesco, the human resource manager make planning for operating the various activities.  It includes foresting relating to job requirement.
  • HRM is also performed activities for recruitment and selection of the employees for achieving  the organization objective effectively and efficiently.
  • It also provides training to the employees for increasing the employees skills and knowledge.
  •  Moreover, It also performance function of performance management through monitoring the performance of the employees.

 Purpose of HRM for workforce planning

 The human resource management purpose for workforce planning include the following :

  •  It assists in identifying the requirement of the person in the organization for performing the various job roles.
  •  It helps in retaining the employees in the organization and building strong relationship.
  •  The main purpose of HRM is to achieve the objective of the organization by making effective strategies for workforce planning.

2. Explaining the strength and weaknesses of deferent approaches of recruitment and selection process in Tesco Plc.

Recruitment and selection: It is a process of determining that the Tesco requires to employ someone up to the point at which application forms for the post have arrived at business. Selection than consist of the procedure involved in choosing from candidates a suitable applicant to fill the post. The process is crucial that it helps to reduce cost of mistakes such as unmotivated, incompetent and underqualified workers to select the best and potential candidates for the work in order to achieve objectives and goals.

Tesco is the largest private sector employer and operating over 13 countries outside the UK. There is increasing all the time in the number of both store-based and non-store. Thus, Tesco requires effective and enough number of employees to complete the work to accomplish goals and objectives. The firm has a step by step procedure for recruitment and selection for both managerial and operational roles. Workforce planning is also required for the future needs in terms of skills, knowledge, locations and numbers.

There are two approaches of recruitment and selection method such as internal and external. Firstly, organisation looks at internal talent plan to fill the posts in which the list of current workers will be also consider for a move on or on promotion. However, external process is different in which vacancies are posted as advertisements. Applicants have an interview process in which people are selected on the basis of their CV, skills and knowledge according to the post. Screening is the most important part of selection that ensures people who are selected have matched with the job requirements.

Advantage and disadvantage of recruitment and selection methods

This will be easy for applicants to seek available jobs that it has a simple process of application. Internal recruitment will cut the cost of recruiting new workers which requires less training and orientation. This will enhance productivity and profitability of current workers towards their stronger commitment to the firm. Apart from this, external method will benefit to firm by bringing new perspective’s and ideas that the firm have more choices to select the best and appropriate candidates.

The disadvantage of internal recruitment method is that the applicant numbers are limitedExternal process of recruitment is more expensive because of the longer procedure of advertisements. Thus, the selection process might not be effective enough to find or select the best worker for the suitable job.

Thus, the internal and external approaches to recruitment and selection have both advantages and disadvantages for the firm. HR department needs to be sure to decide the best approach to fill the vacancies in order to achieve the goals and objectives that helps to enhance productivity and profitability effectively.

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Internal recruitment : It includes transfer, promotion etc.

 Advantages of internal recruitment

  • It assists in improving the morale of the employees.
  • There are no error in selection.
  • It helps in increasing the loyalty  among employees.

Disadvantages of internal recruitment

  • It discourages capable person from outside  to join the organization.
  • For job roles relating to innovation and creativity there  method of recruitment.

External recruitment : organization uses external sources  the existing employees are not suitable. It includes use of advertisement, recommendation etc.


  • It assists in providing the qualified and suitable person for the job.
  • It encourages innovation and creativity.


  • It is expensive.
  •  There is lack of co- operation.

3 Benefits of different HRM practices in Tesco plc.

The various sort of recruitment processes that are been taken in reliance by the HR department of Tesco plc. The various operations that are been followed by the HR department of selected retail enterprise will help both employees and employers in multifold. As the various operations and recruiting processes are been followed by HR department. Some major HRM practices and procedures that are been taken in consideration by Tesco plc. and is beneficial for both employees and employers are as follows:

Manpower planning:

Benefits for employees: For the employees or the workforce, these measures will help them to plan their job roles and activities in much suitable and effective manner. These measures are taken in consideration by the staff in order to carry out effective operations at selected retail enterprise.

Benefits for employers: this process is of utmost importance and effectiveness for the employer firm. Tesco plc. will see through this approach in order to gain a better profit and thus will support a good rise in placing a good share of operations to be carried out at the organisation. Besides this, it will help the organisation to plan suitable strategies for their work force.

Reward and motivation

Benefits for employees: this will encourage the employees to carry out their job roles and work operations in much suitable manner. This will motivate them to give their best performance and thus will support a good rise in business operations and activities to a greater extent. Besides this, the rewards will improve their loyalty and dedication towards selected business enterprises.

Benefits for employers: Employers like Tesco plc. will see through this approach for maintaining their work operations and ensure suitable growth and development of their work force. This will help Tesco plc. to plan their appraisal and carry out the performance management activities. It also invokes the opportunity for the fiorm to emerge as the desired employer by the candidates. Besides this, it will support a good rise in employee’s loyalty towards the selected retail enterprise.

Training and development:

Benefits for employees: this is the most significant and major HRM practices or approach that is been taken in consideration by Tesco plc. A proper delivery of training and development measures will help the organisation to enhance their confidence level, knowledge and effective skill set that will support a good rise in their satisfaction level. Besides this, it will improve their performance at the workplace.

Benefits for employers: for the employer firm like Tesco plc. the suitable positioning of training and development measures is beneficial in multiple ways. It not only helps the enterprise in improve the effectiveness of finished goods and facilities provided by retail enterprise, but also support gaining of employee’s loyalty and trust level towards the firm. This will support a good rise in overall profitability and gaining a good market share by selected retail enterprise.

Flexibility at Work place

Benefits for employers: It will help the firm to get the work or job done even when the employee is unavailable at the workplace, maintaining productivity of the retail firm

Benefits for employees: It provides them with suitable freedom to operate and work away from the workplace, with convenience and comfort.

4 pros and cons of recruitment and selection process

Different approaches for the selection and placement of effective work force is selected by Tesco plc. It helps organisation to get effective and suitable position in the market and enhance quality of business operations and action plan effectively. Basically in firm, two types of recruitment process, involving external and internal recruitment is selected. This assists a firm to increase effectiveness of their workforce development or management functions in much effective and significant manner. They have their own individual benefits and thus will facilitate a increase in placing of retail administration of Tesco plc. The benefits are as follows:

Benefits of internal recruitment process: Internal recruitment can be termed as the placement process that is taken within the organisation and no outside factor is involved within the firm. It includes measures like promotion, transfer etc. The internal recruitment process that will help the organisation will support the selected firm to get the suitable employee to carry out their job role. This is a cost effective and time efficient process that helps the organisation to enhance the overall work performance.

This measure will help the organisation to cater their customers’ requirements to a greater extent. Besides this, the internal recruitment process or approaches including the promotion’s, appraisal and recruiting the employees from within the firm has the advantage that it helps the organisation to improve the performance of employees. It saves the effective cost and resources that are been followed for training and developing a new recruit. Besides this, it supports an effective rise in the effectiveness of selected organisation to undertake suitable measures to gain the employee loyalty and trust level towards the selected retail enterprise. Also, it will help in effective placing of business operations in much suitable manner by proper allocation of resources.

Benefits of external recruitment process: The external recruitment process includes the selection and placement process that includes the third parties to provide the effective services related to selection process within the firm. It includes recruitment agencies etc.

The external recruitment process is comparatively longer, more time and resource consuming and tedious process. But it helps the organisation to have a better idea about the effectiveness of the skill set that is required to be taken in consideration by the HR department of Tesco plc to have a good employee or candidate for the job. This process will include the effective and proper measures like direct interaction, group discussion, personal interview and conducting assessment tests that will help the organisation to get the most knowledgeable and experienced or skilled candidate for their job role. Besides this, it will help the firm to understand the situation and recruit the employees accordingly to the needs. This will not only help in improving the interpersonal and interdepartmental communication but also ensure that the organisation has a good efficiency to carry out its operations and activities in suitable manner. It also helps the HR department to carry proper training programs and improve the quality standards and process of their retail operations.

5. Importance of employee relation, key elements of employment legislation and impact on HR decision making

Employee relation can be termed as the efforts a company made in order to manage and increase the relationship between employers and employees.  With better employee relation programs company can fair and consistent treatment their employee and earn their commitment towards work. This is the way in which employer and employee are related to each other or are maintaining their relationship within context of organisation. It is very much important that they are maintaining healthy and progressive relations with each other so that both are motivated, efficient and productive as well. Employees who are further leading to increase into sales level will be playing very important role into decision making process of company (Bamberger, Meshoulam and Biron, 2014).

Like it is done in case of TESCO which is promoting good and healthy relations within its environment. If every employee within the company is feeling that they are all equal and important then it is possible that they are working harder and trying to be more and more productive as well. This is the duty of TESCO that they are making efforts in creation of sound and efficient working environment with management and employees as well

So this employee relations could be regarded to as vital key of either success or failure of company which management need to consider. There are many ways in which company could be making their efforts in delivery and making very good and healthy relations most important among will be resolving their grievance and problems. If the employer is knowing issues and problems faced by their employees at all level then it will be possible for them to make and maintain healthy and good relations with them.

Further if the relations among employee and employer are not good then it is also duty of both of them that they are making efforts in improving and strengthening as well (Glendon and Clarke, 2015). So there are many reasons as to why this employee relation with their employee is so much important for company to maintain it.

There are number of issues or problems which are faced by individual employees and they could not be able to resolve this issue all alone by themselves where they need guidance and supervision of others. So it would be helpful if employer or their HR are motivating them to share those problems with them and even they are making efforts in resolving it.

It could also be noted that all sort of work will be becoming easy and done on timely bases if it is been shared among all people of organisation. So if employee are helping employer to achieve target of company then employer could also help their employee in resolving their work related issues. Thus this would give opportunity to TESCO that they are getting all their employees participate into decision making process which is very important as well.

Further the organisation could be feeling happy and satisfied from within that their all employees are not only working together but also with company in achieving goal and objectives of company.

If the employees are feeling happy and satisfied then it is possible that they are helping their company in every possible steps which they could do (Bringezu and Bleischwitz, 2017). This also helps them to participate into decision making process of firm.

6. Application of HRM practice in work related context

It is the duty of HR to recruit, train, develop and select the right individual for the correct position which company must be in need of. So TESCO is having empty post of HR manager which need to be completed in giving timeframe so that it could be filled up. It the duty or role of HR only to provide or publish job description for that particular post of HR manager into daily newspaper so that others could be having knowledge about that particular post (Deery and Jago, 2015).

Apart from this there are several employment legislations like that of Equal pay act 1970,  Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Disability discrimination act 1995, Employment Rights Act, National Minimum Wage act 1998, Race Relations act 1976, Working Time Directive act 1999 and Employment Relations act 1999 which HR need to follow and have knowledge about. These all legislations will be very important in formulation of company’s own rules and regulations. So there are certain elements from each of these regulations which company need to consider like they need to give minimum wages as per the National Minimum Wage act 1998. Then they do not need to discriminate with their employees based on gender or any sort of disability of employee as per the Disability discrimination act 1995 and Sex Discrimination Act 1975 (Gupta and Shaw, 2014). The working hours and timing of employees must be fixed and according to Working Time Directive act1999.

7. Application of human resource management practices in Tesco

Human resource management practices are related to activities performed by human resource managers through which they can provide direction and motivation to the employees in order to improve their performance. Humana resource practices involve recruitment and selection to hire personnel’s for performing various activities of the organization (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). Recruitment and selection process include job and person specification. Job description in recruitment and selection provide information relating to job profile and contain minimum qualification that the person must possess to meet the selection criteria.

Job description provides roles and responsibilities of the person acquiring that particular job position (Brewster  and, 2016). Person specification provide the candidate required for particular job profile and also include its various skills and knowledge which the candidate must possess for selection. Technology provide assistance in recruitment and selection process by hiring talented candidates for performing different activities of the firm. Technology assist Tesco in conducting recruitment and selection process through the use to technology to hire skilled and knowledgeable personnel’s for the organization. Technology assist in recruitment and selection process by way:

  • Social media recruitment: Tesco by using social media technology for recruitment and selection process to hire new employees (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). social media recruitment is increasing day by day because of its various benefits that it provide to Tesco such as easy way of recruitment and also it save times of the company. Social media recruitment include video conferencing in which social media profile of the candidate is used for recruitment and selection.
  • Mobile recruitment: This recruitment process assist organization in identifying various candidates for the job profile (Akyüz, Kaya and Özgeldi, 2015). Tesco can use mobile recruitment for hiring candidates for the particular job profile. Mobile recruitment assist in providing large information about the candidates to the organization.

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After recruitment and selection process short listing of the candidates is done in order to select qualified candidates for further interview.  Short listing of the candidates is done on basis of skills and knowledge possess by the candidate. Interview process is done after short listing the candidates in order to choose the best candidate for the job profile (Brewster, 2017).  Human resource management practice also include training and development of the employees in order to provide them understanding of work culture and their responsibilities towards their work. 

HRM practices also include providing compensation and appraisals to the employees to motivate them to work for the organization. Human resource manager provide incentives to the employees to motivate them to improve their performance and efficiency level to achieve higher profitability and gain more market share (Guy and Shove, 2014). HR practices also include formulating strategies and planning to achieve the future goals of firm.

Human resource managers in order to measure the performance of employees take feedback from the employees to measure their performance and provide appreciation to e employees that are performing their best to achieve the desired results (Paillé and, 2014).

 Selection of best practices include choosing the effective practice to achieve the objectives of the organization in order to improve productivity and profitability of the Tesco.  Human resource manager of Tesco implement this practices in order to perform its various functions effectively and efficiently to achieve the targeted goals of the firm.


Position Title: Senior HR manager

Report to: President and Director of HR

Job Title description: HR manager

Department: HRM

Division: TESCO retail store, Northwest London UK.



Each of the employee will be expected to speak well for company; communicate with the peers and supervisors into respectful and professional manner; exhibiting mature behaviour in dealing with ambiguous situation


Job summary:

Providing advice and counsel to all managers, supervisors and employees as per HR policies and procedures and employee benefits. Managing the recruitment program from strategic planning to implementation. Oversee worker compensation and their related benefit program as well.

Duties of HR:

  • HRM will be reporting directly to President and indirectly to Director of TESCO retail store, Northwest London UK
  • HR will be responsible for policy formulation and its implementation within TESCO retail store, Northwest London UK
  • HR will be working in all level and with all departments of store in providing expertise to all employees to their expert level. This should not be limited to recruitment, worker compensation and benefits related to employees but having wider aspect.
  • HR reporting to President will be related on topics like that of procedures, personal policies, employee’s record and medical related benefits.
  • HR will also be responsible for the consistence evaluation of recruitment program of TESCO Plc. so continuously building up efforts in building up relationship with outer community as well.




Senior level manager will be responsible for all the management and task which need to be performed by all employees.


Master’s in Business and management

Bachelor in commerce


Management of overall staff

With working experience of about 5 years in any private firm



Skills required-


  • Should be excellent in presentation and communication skills
  • Should be having management skills
  • Must be good in numeracy skill


  • Having ability to use various database packages



  • Must be having professional qualification



Respected Sir,

We have received your letter within which you showed interest in joining our company with having experience of working with M&S. so we are very much glad to inform you that your interview is been scheduled on 1st of Feb 2019 at our store. So you are invited to appear in that interview with carrying all your documents and 2 passport size photographs.

Thanking you




Resepcted sir,

We are very much happy to communicate with you that you have been selected in our TESCO store after your interview which was held.

Congratulations for this post and you are welcomed to join our company from 4th of Feb.

Thanking you


From the above study it has been concluded about different purpose and function s of Tesco that has included benefits and compensation, human resource development, recruitment and selection and establishing relationship with employees. This study has also provided with strength and weakness of different approaches of recruitment and selection that has included saving time, cutting the cost and also provided organization with qualified workforce to increase the productivity and profitability of firm. This assignment has also provided with importance o employee relation and also key elements of employment legislation that impact HR decision- making which has included that employee relation has provided organization with improved performance in the industry by motivating the employees and providing them various benefits and compensation to provide them job satisfaction.

 It has also provided Tesco to maintain sound and effective working environment that has provided motivation to employees. This study has also provided with different HRM practices in the organization. That has provided Tesco with various HRM practices such as recruitment and selection practices, training and development practices, compensation and benefited related practices etc. that has provided Tesco with improved performance and profitability of the organization.

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