HR Policies in University of Education Excellence UK

Question :

Some of the main questions which are needed to be answered are like:

  1. Elaborate the policies and the concern of the employees in working.
  2. What are the effective barriers of organisation.
  3. Give all the implementation of the company.
Answer :


In order to understand strategic human resource management, it is essential to focuses on recruiting and hiring best people and providing them several benefits such as compensation, benefits, training and development program. In this aspect, successful operations will be continuous develop that assists to take several roles and responsibilities with align goals and targets in overall consideration. HR departments practice also implement to accomplish mission, vision, values and goals that is important part of the business. Furthermore, strategic human resource management is practice that attract, develop and retain employees with several benefits to ascertained desired results (McIver, Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2018).

In this consideration, present study based on case study of University of Education Excellence in UK. With this regard, over the past 12 months staff morale also develop with confident in education standards that are fallen due to plethora government report. There are different students and employee concerns exists that need to be consider to develop control and redress such matters.

For gaining insight information of the present study, it covers significance of current contextual issues that can be impact on case study. Furthermore, HR policies also consider successfully that can be implemented to overcome employee concern and student concern which can be outlined in case study to successfully accomplish business performances. 



Significance of current contextual issues impact on case study

Contextual issues define as depending on the context, surrounding words, phrases and paragraphs. It can be create impact on study of students so that it is essential to solve with consider effective aspect of in present case study. Within the collaboration framework, there are around 6 contextual factors identified that are important and create impact on case study. They are as follows:

  • Connectedness: It refers to create link between individuals, groups and organisation. Therefore, it considers know people each other and connected with one another. There are multiple types of connection that consider individuals groups, community and networks. In the present case study, students are drawn together socially with organisation and groups (Allen, Lee and Reiche, 2015). With the help of informal and formal rules and resources, relationship can be successfully build. Individuals connection between two individuals also drawn together so that social history is not related for careers and employment. At individual level, association or sense of belonging between different groups and organisation refer to understand principles and value of community.
  • History of working together/customs: In this consideration, it is essential to focus on community's past with regard to work cooperatively and competitively. With the collaboration, communities will get success to develop working together cooperatively. Usually, in the communities with long history so that wide solution for present case study. Diversity of members is welcomed as a resource that increase creative solution. In this consideration, power structure of the community also demonstrate history of working together that share value in the community. Competitive history also might be useful to implement educational program for potential collaborators regarding several benefits, costs and processes.
  • Political climate: In present case study, political climate also create impact with history and environment surrounding power and decision making. Political climate within the community as a whole, systems and network of people will be develop healthy collaboration that identified and utilised in positive development of the collaboration. Wide spread political support is more important consideration that increase sustaining collaboration for particular policy making and emerging trends. In university, collaboration also support and endorsement of key people with organisation in power that are more likely to reach agreed outcomes. With the help of together power and new system find opportunities to align themselves to shared and focus on wide range of people in community (Allen, Lee and Reiche, 2015).
  • Policies/ laws and regulations: In the present case study, policies, laws and regulations also create impact to solve collaborative problems. In this consideration, means transforming and changing policies, laws and regulations in all aspects of concept and activities develop successfully. Hence, collaboration are more likely to gain success when this can be placed at a particular time. Policies, laws and regulations contribute towards the political climate that assists to directly create impact on environment. Hence, systems and their structures develop in decision making process with open and supportive collaboration that depends on sustainability development to take practices in particular place.
  • Resources: Within a collaboration, there are several resources refer in four kinds of capital. As a result, it ascertained financial and human perspective that assists to accomplish goals and objectives. Ecology can be promoted with collaboration which discourage students in the present case study. When environment possess connectedness at all levels, history of working together successfully develop at workplace. As a result, supportive political climate and policies can be increases with encourage cooperativeness to increase probability of successful collaboration. In this regard, members in university will be contribute their participation for meeting rooms, supplies and computers. Financial capital also involved monetary resources that assumed to be most important consideration that includes collaboration and cooperate to seek fund in more effective aspect.
  • Catalysts: Catalyst get started collaboration to solve existing issue and problem for the collaboration which exists and viewed in community and potential collaboration members as a situation which needed comprehensive response. With this regard, problems and reasons are catalyst with having skills and gifts which increase quality of community in particular life. In addition to this, community has wide issue so that second type of catalyst needed that is convener. This is the person who calls the initial meeting to draw each person into dialogue with possible solution. Hence, with shared vision person will convey for interpersonal skills and must carry role with passion and fairness. It can be create impact on university. In this consideration, it can be stated that there are wide issue and second type of catalyst included that assists to conduct initial meeting that can be drawn with possible solution.


HR policies that university could implement to overcome one employee concern and one student concern

HR policies in university develop to make appropriate decisions and taking actions regarding day to day problems in the organisation. Process of developing HR policies also involved assessment of different factors such as identify purpose and objectives that can be attain within the human resource department. Human resource policies are formal rules and guidelines that businesses can put to hire, train, assess and reward members at workplace. With the help of these policies, misunderstanding between employees and employers can be solve with rights and obligations in the business place. In order to focus on concern of the business, human resource policies must be written so that having policies in written context can be successfully placed which can be applied consistently and fairly across the university. There are several HR policies implemented to address basic human resources issues. They are as follows:

  • Equal employment opportunities policies: In order to work in effective manner within university, it is essential to focus on employment opportunities. All employees in university must provide equal treatment to develop more significant advantages. With the help of effective consideration, all members have opportunities to consider their part to make high growth at workplace. Furthermore, it assists to maintain significant advantages that increases desired level of results. It increases employees loyalty at workplace that ascertained to maintain effectiveness at workplace.
  • Employee classifications: Furthermore, in university, there are several issues occur because employees are not classified to perform their work in systematic manner. With this regard, it can be stated that all members are classified to ascertained significant advantages. On the basis of skills and capabilities, it can be stated that employees are classified to perform several tasks and goals with their effectiveness. Furthermore, it is also important to classified employees as per students requirements. Hence, there study and work performances will be successfully expanded at workplace of university.
  • Overtime compensation: Furthermore, another HR policy in university consider overtime compensation which assists to focus on appropriate system of work at workplace. With this regard, it can be stated that all employees need to get effective consideration for there work and performances. In order to accomplish students learning program, it can be stated that all members need to provide extra pay for their work. As a result, it assists to focus on overall development activities. It also develops students efficiency and university results that can be helps to attain more desired results at workplace. In this aspect, it can be stated that proper working system will be manage to consider successful HR policy at workplace.
  • Performance improvement: Moreover, another improvement in university can be successful applied to improve each employee performances. On the basis of effective consideration, it can be stated that all students requirements and demand will be fulfil with employees performance improvement. As per students needs, each employee require take training and development program so that it would be beneficial to focus on goals and targets which students will be develop to ascertained to maintained appropriate working system. Employees are also improved their performances that assists to develop more systematic work and ascertained creative results at university level  (Gollan, Kalfa and Xu, 2015).
  • Sick days and personal leave: In addition to this, employees are also needed to get sick days and personal leave. With the help of appropriate leaves, employees are encouraged towards proper work and manage effective results at workplace. Furthermore, it can be stated that employees are also required proper rest and medicated treatment so that university need to implement this HR policy on prior basis. In addition to this, it can be stated that sick days and personal leaves could be applied which is beneficial to focus on benefits of all staff members (McIver, Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2018). It increases loyalty programs as well that are beneficial to attain overall performances. These leaves assists to increase sick and personal leave program which would be beneficial to attain overall targets and effectiveness as well.
  • Effective management: Furthermore, in university it is essential to consider effective management programmes. This is because, it assists to focus on students performances and their development at workplace. With the help of proper management policy, university can consider their work as per customer needs and requirements. It will assist to focus on accomplishment of targets and goals as well. Therefore, targets will be ascertained to increase students performances at workplace. It helps to manage students work in university in appropriate manner. Effective management strategy assists to university to develop their program and activities in creative manner. Hence, it can be stated that proper working system will be successfully applied to focus on targets and goals. This policy can be successfully implemented to manage appropriate work system and ascertained more desired level of results at workplace (McIver, Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2018).
  • Reduce delay in enrolment and general admission onto programmes: In this consideration, it is essential to focus on general admission onto programmes. There are several students face problem to get enrolment and general admission. As a result, it is essential to focus on appropriate working system that ascertained to focus on goals and objectives. With the help of proper management in enrolment and general admission, it can be stated that efficiency will be increases successfully.
  • Being let down by modules and programmes: Another HR policy in university also develop with being led down by modules and programmes which ascertained to focus on students' development. In this concern, students will able to gain more effective results at workplace. As per effective consideration, it can be stated that module and programmes also ascertained to attain more creative results at workplace (Bondarouk, Trullen and Valverde, 2016). Furthermore, students have also capabilities to learn effective program that provides by their teachers which would be beneficial to consider positive HR policy at workplace. In addition to this, modules are also prepared that helps to attain appropriate working system at workplace of university. As a result, systematic work with efficient program can be successfully develop.
  • Effective succession planning: Moreover, it can be stated that HR policy in university effectively applied to get succession planning. Therefore, it helps to meet with systematic work. As a result, appropriate work will be applied that assists to get success in systematic manner. Furthermore, it can be also applied to focus on getting effective results at workplace (Coetzer and Sitlington, 2014). As a result, it can be stated that successful results will be implemented that need to focus on students performances. Succession planning also develop in appropriate manner to focus on HR policy that would be beneficial to attain significant advantages. In university, this plan can be accomplish when employees provide successful results to attract different students. As a result, they can easily communicate different consideration at workplace to manage plan.
  • Vacation policies: Along with this, vacation policies also applied in university for employees on special occasions and festivals. In this regard, it can be stated that systematic results and outcomes will be develop in appropriate way which ascertained creativity at workplace of university (Hu, Wu and Shi, 2016). Furthermore, there are different rules and regulations can be applied that can be ascertained to focus on managing appropriate work. In addition to this, it also helps to increase their working pattern and solve overall issues of students through provide them systematic goals and objectives.

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How their successful implementation can helps in assisting business performances

In order to make successful results, it can be stated that human resource policies consider formal rules and guidelines that businesses can put to hire, train and assess performances of employees. In this regard, effectiveness can be generated that consider policies when organised and disseminated in easy form and used to serve right things in appropriate manner. Obligations are also put into business so that new small business owner focus on concern at workplace to put off tasks of writing up human resource policy (Ali, Lei and Wei, 2018). All the university analyst and employment lawyers advise to perform new activities in the business that ascertained creative results for having appropriate policies. In business performances, these policies can be systematically applied to maintain standard practices with human resource policies. Employment contract also maintain between employee and university. Without clear written policies, the company has its disadvantage (Oppel, Winter and Schreyögg, 2016).

In university especially time and resources are more valuable so that it drawn out policy that can be potentially adopted at particular place from start that can helps to avoid situation. Owners are also takes time to establish sound so that comprehensive human resource policies will be far better equipped to get succeed over the long run business owner to take established sound and comprehensive human resource policies. Human resource policy can be successfully applied that are inconsistently applied or based on incomplete data that are inevitably results in decline and assists to consider personnel management policies fairly (Jamali, El Dirani and Harwood, 2015.). Business owners and consultant recommend to produce and maintain written records of HR policies which came into play. There are different kinds of policies such as equal employment opportunities policies, employee classifications, overtime compensation, meal periods, etc. On the basis of these policies, university work to perform several functions with increasing salary and more growth.

These policies help with templates that may be used to create first human resource policy document that are available from many sources. There are two such resources that are contained more information with full range of issues in university (Tang, Che and Jin, 2015). Broad spectrum of issues can be addressed in human resource policies which depending on nature and promotion policies. Along with this, for students use of company equipment, resources also contain access to internet, personal use of tax machine, etc. All these considerations also need to be implement for students to reduce their sexual harassment, substance abuse, etc. Flexibility and telecommunication policies also contain to take appropriate care and educational assistance with recreational activities.

Advantages of formal human resource policies

University also consider successful plan and procedure that assists to update appropriate information for good personnel management policies. There are several important ways in which success can be contribute with the best business policies (Gollan, Kalfa and Xu, 2015). HR policies in an intelligent and consistent manner which can be benefit to the university in following ways:

  • Communication with employees: Well written and thoughtfully presented with human resource policy that can be maintain to perform several business activities. In this kind of policy, disseminating information about employees can also expect which assists to perform several functions and operations at workplace. Work performances and behaviour on the particular job will be established to attain overall development at workplace. In this consideration, it can be stated that performance will be successfully establish to attain overall targets and goals (van de Voorde and Boxall, 2014).
  • Communication with managers and supervisors: Well written and thoughtfully presented human resource policy also establish tone which consider by new business person and maintain operations in appropriate manner. Within the university, it can be stated that such policy serves to disseminating information for employees those are work according to employer expects. Regarding work performances and behaviour, it can develop more effectiveness. Formal policy can be applied that assists to managers and other supervisory to faced with hiring, promotion and reward decisions those are concerning with people to perform their work (Allen, Lee and Reiche, 2015).
  • Time saving: Prudent and comprehensive human resource management policies in university can save significant amount of management time that can be spent on business activities such as new product development, marketing campaign, competitive analysis.
  • Curbing litigation: Members in the university also seen that legal and business communities agree that organisation can do cut off with legal threats that disgruntled or ex-employees that is simply creating and apply fair and comprehensive set of personnel policies (Rees and Smith, 2017).


Barrier within the organisation which will face to implement new HR policies and using appropriate literature sources with critical explanation

In order to implement HR policies in university, Fratričová and Rudy, (2015) that there are several barriers occurs that create impact on work. Obstacles presently exists that prevent desired changes from occurring in the business. Strategy implementation also systematised process that implement internal aspects. Every strategy in university also encounter some measurement of resistance. Dramatic changes in strategy potentially develop anticipating and addressing problems that are arises continuously. There are several barriers arises with implementation of HR strategies. 

Before HR professional can work for implementation of strategy, they need to ascertain obstacles that are present and prevent desired changes that can be occur in the organisation (Wright, Guest and Paauwe, 2015). Strategy implementation in many ways consider systematised process of removing many internal changes that are imperative and more dramatic course more struggle exists in it. There are several barriers exists those can be explained here:

Barriers occurs in HR policies implementation

In order to understand successful implementation of HR policies, it can be stated that there are several major barriers occur at workplace. In this regard, following barriers occurred in HR policy implementation:

  • Inadequate assessment of the environmental and cultural factors which create impact on strategies
  • There are several failures occur to understand strategic needs in business that results to take HR initiatives such as performance management to support performance pay (Cooke and Saini, 2015).
  • Inability also persuade with top actively participation to support initiatives.
  • Failure to monitor and evaluate implementation of strategy and take appropriate remedial action when things are not going as per plan.
  • Inability also gain to understand and acceptance of employees.
  • In order to recognise appropriate initiatives, it is essential to take new demand on the commitment and skills which assists to develop major part in implementation.
  • Failure also occurs which required to implement initiatives that available to take HR support in essential consideration (Knies, Boselie and Vandenabeele, 2015).

In the university, it is essential to focus on management of barriers to strategy which is an intimidating and given to make effective strategy execution. It is essential to understand strategy and helping employees so that direction can be successfully develop that are comprehended for particular strategy and driving as well. Forces are also established in which strategy will be develop to focus on potential work with aiding strategy (Lengnick-Hall and Lengnick-Hall, 2018). Furthermore, employees also need to understand strategic direction itself so that comprehend reason for this strategy also included driving force so that it is important to focus on full potential work with strategy implementation.

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Changes in strategy also require mean of modifications for people at individual level and change tends to solve issue and problem due to disappointment and challenge. In addition to this, in the present case study it has been seen that local efforts are streamlining with strategy that contain all employees to understand and committing towards desired level of results. In order to accomplish business strategy, it can be said that all off work successfully proceed with renewed urgency and dedication. Cooperation in system of change also organised into different aspect that assists to create unique among several designs for strategic HR. All these barriers must be solved with taking initiatives to develop potential by anticipating and addressing problems that can be occurred in university (Paauwe and Boon, 2018).


Reflective Assessment

I have gained knowledge about strategic human resource management. I have analyses that it is very much crucial for a human resource manager to appoint as well as recruit highly talented staff, as this factor can have great effect on business performance.  I have realized that human resource manager have important role to play in driving an organization towards success.  I have gained knowledge about the techniques as well as strategies which can be adopted by Human resource manager for increasing employee morale. I have developed understanding about the few tricks which can be utilized for developing as well as maintaining collaborative environment at workplace. I have also analysed the way different laws and regulations can help in resolving various issues at workplace. I have realized that it is very much important for human resource manager in an organization to implement policies on right time, as this will help them in generating desired sample results.

I have identified the various issues as well as challenges which human resource manager have to face in developing as well as maintaining collaborative environment within an enterprise. I have developed the understanding about the different policies which can be implemented by human resources' manager for resolving the issues as well as the reducing the concern of employees. I have realized that an effective communication as well as implementation of clear policies is very much important in order to avoids misunderstandings as well as conflicts at workplace. I have also analyses that different policies implemented by human resource manager have direct as well as significant effect  or influence on employees' behavior as well as performance at workplace. I perceive that delegating the task according to the skills possessed by an individual will assist them in improving their performance at workplace.

I think that providing training to employees can be another best technique for encouraging workers to improve their performance and increase their participation in business activities.  In context of given case stud, as many students are facing issues in getting enrolled I perceive that human resource manager in institution need to implement appropriate working system. I have realised that an effective succession planning is very much crucial for managing diverse workforce or large number of people at workplace. In addition to this, I have developed understanding about advantages or benefits of implementing different human resource policies. I have also gained knowledge about the various barriers or hurdles which might occur in implementing human resource policies and I have learned the techniques to overcome them.  I have realised that the major reason for barriers in implementation of human resource policies is ineffective planning as well as  lack of resources.

My tutor have explained me about the structure of the report which I  need to follow. I have provided with the important points by tutor which I need to highlight in the report. During the preparation of report I have been regularly guided by my tutor. After completion of my assignment I have been asked to make few changes in the content of report.


From the above report, it can be concluded that strategic HRM consider important role that assists to accomplish goals and objectives of university with implement several policies. In this regard, effectiveness can be generated to focus on desired changes that are occurred in the organisation. With the help of strategy implementation, it can be stated that systematised process can be develop to make changes with internal consideration. On the basis of measurement of resistance, it can be stated that dramatic change in strategy of course potential battle by anticipating and addressing some problems in appropriate manner. Furthermore, it summarised about concern of employees and students in university that create major impact on results.

In order to focus on further report, it articulated about HR policies that implement to solve problems and issues of universities. For example, effective management, equal opportunities, etc. All these aspects assists to develop more effective consideration in positive aspect at workplace. At last, barriers are also explained that occurred because of different HR policies and effectiveness that can be successfully applied in management of university.

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