Human Resources Management


Human resource management is a strategic approach which help the business to gain competitive advantage through effective management of workforce in an organization. In addition to this it can be defined as a management which is concerned basically with hiring, motivating and maintaining workforce within business (Alfes and et. al., 2013). The company which is being taken into consideration in order to carry out the given assignment is Wait rose& partners. It is a chain of brutish supermarkets, which forms the food retail division of British largest employee owned retailer, the John lewis partnership. Its headquarter is in United Kingdom. This assignment basically focuses on the purpose and function of HRM which is applicable to workforce planning. In addition to this strength and weakness of different approaches to recruitment and selection as well as benefits of different HRM practices for both employer and employee is also specified in this file. Moreover identification of key elements of employment legislation and the impact its possess upon HRM decision making is specified in this file. Lastly, a brief focus on application of HRM practice is also mentioned in this report.

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P1 Explanation about the purpose and the functions of HRM, applicable to workforce planning and resourcing an organisation.

A reputed company like Wait rose& partners, consider employees as its lifeblood of an organization. As it is a chain of British supermarket which form the food retail division of the Britain's largest employee-owned retailer and termed to be sixth largest retailer of groceries in UK. All the employees and employer of an organization maintains good employee engagement and democratic policies.

Human resource management is termed to be coherent approach to the management which effectively manage most valuable assets(workforce) of an organization. Like individual working in an organization contributes to their best in the achievement of the objectives of the business (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). The main aim of the HRM of Wait rose& partners company is to help the organization to meet strategic goals by maintaining and attracting employees effectively and efficiently.

Workforce planning, on the other hand refers to the process where an organization links the employees with its desired outcomes. In addition to it also determines the knowledge, experience and skills requirement as well as chain up the right number of individuals at the right time on the right place in an organization so as to benefit organization in future (Aswathappa, 2013).

Human resource management of Wait rose& partners company perform different function and purposes which are applicable to the workforce planning and resourcing an organization and they are specified below:

Purpose of HRM

  • Effective use of resources: If an organization wants to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace then it is very much essential for the company to make effective use of resources. It is an essential purpose which the manager of Wait rose& partners company should consider as it is applicable to effective workforce planning and resourcing an organization. Thus, optimum utilization of resources will help in minimizing the cost, minimize wastage of resources and result in increase in productivity of an organization.
  • Working in ethical manner: In order to carry out different operational activities smoothly manager of Wait rose & partners company should taken into consideration laws and rules under which the business should operate. For example, government implemented the law that every organization should have solar heater, so in that case HR manger of Wait rose& partners company should ensure that the company has solar heater (Bailey and et. al., 2018). Thus, if the company perform their operation activities as per the laws implemented by government then it will help in increasing the productivity and profitability ratio of an organization.

Function of HRM

  • Planning: Planning refers to the process about thinking about the activities which are required to be processed in order to achieve the desired objectives. So its the major function which the HR manger of wait rose& partners company should perform in order to improve the performance of an organization as well as to get better outcome in the future in the form of profit maximization.
  • Recruiting: It is the process of attracting, short-listing and selecting the suitable applicant for the vacant job available in an organization. So its the major and vital function which the HR manger of wait rose& partners company performs so as to get talented and skilled candidate for the company.
  • Training and development: After the candidate are recruited and selected, Other important function which the HR manger of wait rose& partners company should perform is to train and develop the candidate so that he /she can become capable of carrying out the roles and responsibilities which are assigned in an effective and efficient manner (Bratton and Gold, 2017). Thus, it help the organization to achieve organization goals on stipulated time period without any hurdle.

Thus, overall it can be concluded that HR manger should ensure that the function and purpose are performed in an efficient manner so as to result better outcome for an organization in the form of profit maximization.

P2 Explaination of the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches to recruitment and selection.

In modern era, every organization aims to recruit and select talented and skilled workforce who can render better outcome for the company in future (Recruitment and selection process, 2017). So in order to recruit and select best applicant for wait rose& partners company HR manger uses different approaches of recruitment and selection and they are specified below:

Recruitment is the process of attracting and appointing a suitable candidate for the vacant job. In addition to this there are two basic method for the recruitment process which the wait rose& partners company takes into consideration and each have their own strength and weakness which is specified below:

Internal source of recruitment

It is a process of recruiting the candidate's for the vacant job within the organization (Brewster, Chung and Sparrow, 2016). It is used by the HR manager of wait rose& partners company when they want to retain talented workforce in an organization. For example through promotion, transfer etc. Thus, this source of recruitment possess strength and weakness and they are mention below:

  • Strength: One of the major strength of this source of recruitment is that employees morale get increased. In addition to this this process helps in retaining talented and skilled workforce within the organization. Moreover HR manager of wait rose& partners company uses this techniques in order to save time and cost as well which is also a major strength for the company.
  • Weakness: The main weakness of this process is that there take place biasness among the workforce when one among them get promoted. In addition to this the company also fails to get talented workforce from outside source.

External source of recruitment

It is the process of recruiting the applicant through outside source instead of recruiting internally (Briscoe and et. al., 2012). HR manager of wait rose& partners company uses this techniques when they want to talented, expert, skilled and knowledgeable applicant for the organization who can result better outcome for the company in future.

  • Strength: The main strength of this process of recruitment is that wait rose& partners company will get new and talented staff members. As new applicant will come up with some more innovative ideas which can result in achieving competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Weakness: On the other hand main disadvantage of this technique is that the wait rose& partners company have to incur heavy cost and time as well on the new applicant in order to train and develop them.

Selection is a process of short-listing the best candidate among the one's who have applied for the job during the process of recruitment. There are different method of selection and one of them which is used by HR manager of Wait rose& partners company is online screening. It means that company prepare a job portal, where large number of applicant apply for the job and viewing all the applicant resumes HR manger select the best and suitable candidate among those (Chang, Wang and Huang, 2013).

Therefore some major strength and weakness of this techniques are specified below:

  • Strength: The major strength of this process is that it helps in saving of time, as the HR manger does not have to interact and spend time to view the resume of the candidate face to face. In addition to this it is beneficial for the wait rose& partners company because company can get talented workforce from all over the world which will result in increase in the productivity of an organization.
  • Weakness: Its main weakness is that it rarely give the whole pictures and in some cases candidate may not be honest while applying for job. Thus, because of which company have to suffer from loss.

P3 Explaination about the benefits of different HRM practices within an organisation for both the employer and employee.

In order to mange people effective Wait rose& partners company Uses HRM practices. IN addition to this the main objectives of HRM practice is to motivate, manage and develop workforce in a best possible manner so that they can result to get better outcome for the company (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). Moreover good HRM practices are termed to be the key element in enhancing productivity and to achieve objectives of the company. Like some of the best HRM practices used by Wait rose& partners company is performance measurement, payroll, administration of employee benefits, training and development etc. Therefore, best HRM practice beneficial for both the employees and for the employer too and some of them are specified below:

Promoting positive behaviour

As a successful company, Wait rose& partners creates positive working environment through HRM practices, like by keeping employees happy, job satisfied and productive in their job performance. In addition to this Best HRM practice reward and reinforce the desired employee behaviour. Moreover employer too get benefited as if the employees are happy then they will work for the organization which will result in development of the company. Therefore managing employee aspects is the key element which will best fit the Wait rose& partners company culture and confirms to employment laws and standard.

Developing employees

One of the best HRM practice used by HR manager of Wait rose& partners company is to render training and development session to the workforce. Therefore it leads in the development of knowledge, skills level of the candidate(Flamholtz, 2012). Thus, it result in increase in employee satisfaction which as result is beneficial for the employer too as it helps in the overall development of the organization itself.

Motivating employees

When the HR manager of Wait rose& partners company render training and development session then it helps in increasing the morale and motivation level of the employees. In addition to this other practices like rendering reward for resulting better performance also helps in motivating workforce which helps them to work more hard to achieve better outcome for the company (Jackson, Schuler and Jiang, 2014). Therefore employees benefits must be maximized by the employers of an organization so that they can come up with better result for the company in future.

Building flexible workplace

HRM practices like rendering reward for better performance, adoption of democratic leadership style, letting employees to take decision by themselves etc, helps in building flexible workplace. If the employees get flexible environment at their workplace then it will result in increase in productivity and profitability ratio for Wait rose& partners company . Thus, if employees will give their best, then it will be beneficial for the employer as well as it will help in finishing up of task on stipulated time period.

Thus, overall it can be said good HRM practice will helps in overall development of the organization in the form of increase in the productivity and the profitability ratio of the company.

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P4 Evaluation of the effectiveness of different HRM practices in terms of raising organisational profit and productivity.

In modern era, HR of every company have to perform certain functions so that each operational activities are being carried out effectively and efficiently. Its the prime responsibility of the HR manager of Wait rose& partners company to ensure that each activity is being executed accurately so business objectives and goals can be achieved in stipulated time period. There fore some of the different HRM practices which is used by Wait rose& partners company in order to raise organizational profit and productivity are mentioned below:

Employment security

This is the best practice adopted by HR manager of Wait rose& partners company in order to retain and attract talented and skilled workforce. Employment security is in the form of employees job security, insurance, health security etc. Thus, if the employees are secure of their job then they will give their best to the company and it will result in increase in profit and productivity of an organization (Jiang and et. al., 2012).

Selective hiring

This is the second best HR practice which is adopted by HR manager of wait rose& partners company as it enables an organization to bring in employees who add value to the company. If the HR will select the best applicant for the company then they will also come up with exclusive and innovative ideas which will help in achieving maximum profit and productivity for the organization.

Reduction of status differences

In Most of the organization it is being seen that mostly employees are differentiated on the basis of their status either in the form of marital status, lifestyle of individuals etc. But HR manager of Wait rose& partners company has adopted the strategy to reduce status differentiation among the workforce so that they can feel free to work for accomplishing organizational aims and objectives (Marchington and et. al., 2016). Thus, it helps in raising organization profitability and productivity as well.

Extensive training

This is one of the best HR practice adopted by Wait rose& partners company which specifies that after recruiting employees, the major responsibility which the HR perform is that they render training session to the workforce. Thus, it helps in developing their knowledge and skills power of the employees. Therefore after training they also come up with exclusive and innovative ideas as they remain update about the changes taking place within the organization which result in increase in profitability and productivity of an orgaziation.

P5 Analysis of the importance of employee relations in respect to influencing HRM decision- making.

As one of the major supermarket companies, Waitrose & Partners are required to build healthy relations with their employees. It is imperative as employees are an effective support system for an organisation and maintaining a healthy relationship with them would ensure Waitrose's long-term sustainability and future growth.

Employee relations have a wide impact on decision-making of Human Resource Management in a way that is described below:

Discouragement of Conflicts

In a supermarket with various posts and number of individuals working under same roof, there are high chances of occurrence of conflicts within the workplace (Pieper, 2012). Healthy employee relations means that managers at Waitrose must engage employees with each other and promote positivity within the workplace. It is imperative that there is a healthy relationship among employees as well as with managers as this would help Waitrose in reduction of conflicts. This is because where critical decisions are made, the employees have complete faith in the decisions taken by managers. Moreover, healthy relations would allow the managers to effectively solve conflicts by taking non-biased decisions based on the facts and ethical behaviour which minimises this possibility for conflicts.

Integration of Goals

Employee relations play an important role in goal integration. Personal goals of employees are not necessarily similar with organisational objectives (Purce, 2014). They might not align with the same and this could cause conflict of interest in their action in case the decision taken by the managers did not align with that of the employees. Healthy relations would allow them to integrate the goals of employees with that of Waitrose which would allow them to freely take decisions that are beneficial for the organisation.

Employee Engagement and Commitment

Employee relations also help HR managers in enhancing the performance of employees and make them more competent as per the standards of Waitrose & Partners. Good relations would allow the managers to take tough decisions and performance measure techniques to effectively provide training to enhance employee performance. With bad employee relations, there are high chances of resistance which is ineffective for the performance of the company. Thus, it is imperative to maintain good employee relations to provide better guidance to employees and increase their competence.

Collective Decision-Making

At an organisation, each decision taken by HR managers has a wide impact on the organisation. But there are various decisions that which are quite complex and almost impossible to be taken at individual levels. Good relations with employees would allow the managers to consult with their teams and other employees by conducting effective meetings with the employees. Moreover, these meetings would eb fruitful as even if conflicts arise, they would be constructive and beneficial for the organisation (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). Thus, it is imperative for managers at Waitrose & Partners to effectively maintain good and healthy relationships with their employees at every level.

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P6 Identification of the key elements of employment legislation and the impact it has upon HRM decision- making.

Employment legislation

It covers a wide range of law and duties that deal with the rights and responsibility of the employee is related with the pension plan, retirement,and discrimination in the work safety. It govern what the employers can expect from the employees. These legislation give protection to the employee regarding working environment in the Waitrose & Partners. It exist to regulate the relationship between firm and their employees.

Key elements of employment legislation and its impact on HRM:

  • Employment right act: This act amended by the employment relation act of 1999and give the protection to employee regarding working environment in the firm. This act provide protection against the unfair dismissal at work (Storey, 2014). This law affect the hr. decision and action involve the working condition which is given to the the employee.
  • Sex discrimination act: This act provide the protection against the discrimination on the ground of gender. it was established in 1975. hr,manager of Waitrose & Partners can see how sex discrimination can occur in the workplace and how it can be solve it so this act help the manager to take a appropriate decision and it reduce the chance of future discrimination. Act does not require any minimum length of uninterrupted employment,or any employment at all in case of job applicant for a discrimination assertion to be made.
  • Equal pay act: This act was made because to see that formal pay should be given to male and female employee equally. HR manager of Waitrose & Partners company can see out that the men and women should receive same pay for doing the same task. HR professional create and implement equitable compensation plan if in case employee feel that an employers in violation of the equal pay act , that individual has a couple of option that they can sue. So HR manager stands at the heart of addressing the matter and making changes that will help to attain equality in pay shortly .

P7 Illustration of the application of HRM practices.

Job specification is a written statement of employee characteristic and ability that are required to perform a job a in the organisation. It is a brief version of job description it help the manger to take the interview when they hire the new employee.


Job title and description

marketing manager is some one who manage and control all the marketing activity. the following requirement determined by the job specification.


·Bachelor degree in marketing and required field

·Masters of marketing administration .


2 -5 year experience in marketing field

have a experience supervising and managing the staff

Required skill and knowledge

·Strong communication and decision making skill.

·Easily handling the customer,

·team work skill

·Experience in global market place.

·Data analytical skills required

·have a good market awareness

Working hours

Required working hour for marketing manager in waitrose would be 9:30 am to 7:00 pm



Description of CV: Curriculum vitae is like a resume typically only a one page but the length of CV is more. it is a brief description of a person contain education, qualification, and previous occupation. It should be short and concise form include only education,and employment detail.

Curriculum Vitae

Name: Joseph smith

Address:42 oak drive, center city, UK,46258.


Apply for: marketing manager


To achieve a position of marketing manger in your esteemed organisation. where I can show my skill.

Professional qualification

2010-2012 Masters in business administration

2007-2009 diploma in management

2006-2007 Higher education


2 year experience in a firm

Skill and achievements

Team work: responsible for the performance of own customer service team awarded team form month trophy 2 times.

Communication: better understanding

conflict resolution

interpersonal skill

leadership: easily motivate the employees.

Job offer: It is like a invitation for a right employee. It is a final stage where the potential employee selected. In simple terms job offer means to select the right candidate for right job and to give the offer letter to the employee.

Documentation of preparatory notes: While selecting the best and suitable candidate for organization HR manager needs to do certain assortment on the basis of certain criteria. In order to identify candidate skill set the interviewer should ask certain question. In addition to this all the question to be asked must be clear so that an applicant personality could be easily recognized. Some of the important question which the HR should ask the applicant are mentioned below:

  • Introduction about yourself?
  • Strength and weakness about applicants
  • How you will deal with different situation?
  • Who directs you?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • How you handle the typical customers?

Offer letter for Marketing Manager

Joseph smith

42 oak drive,

Center city UK.

Date: 27 December 2018.

Subject: letter of appointment for marketing manager

Respected sir,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected in wait rose and partner Ltd. in the position of marketing manager your place of work in new york country. please find your terms and condition of services enclose. Please give your conformation by signing the original documents. also submit your educational certificate, your medical fitness and credit checks.

In case of any clarity, please feel free to write us back. On the same mail id.

Wishing you all the best.



Human resource manager.

Rational for conducting HRM practices: HR manager of Waitrose & Partners company carry out different HRM practices like rendering employees reward for better performance, training and development session, reducing status differentiation etc. Thus, the rational for conduction such type of HRM practices is that to retain talented workforce within the company. In addition to this to attract and create brand image and to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace. Thus, better HRM practices also lead in increasing the productivity and profitability ratio of an organization.


From the above mentioned report it can be concluded that It is very essential for every organization to create effective HRM practices. As effective HRM practice helps the company to mange each operational activities and human resources in an efficient manner so as to achieve predetermined objectives. In addition to this it can also be concluded that HR department of the company perform different function like recruitment, selection, training and development, so as to get better and talented workforce for an organization. Thus, it helps in achieving organizational aims and objectives in a predetermined period as well as helps in boosting up the performance of the company in the marketplace. Additionally, they also apply different approaches too so as to control and mange team members of an organization so that they can perform their respective task effectively and efficiently. Thus, it helps in reducing employees turnover ratio as well as increase the organization productivity level too.


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