The advancement in technology and the internet has completely changed the way the social, economic, and political process are conducted. The computational era is changing after every second, with new methods of performing various activities being invented. The sector of information and communication has shifted towards the technological inclination. This shift has in turn resulted to the shifting of the audience towards the technological side. As a result, most of the business operations have also changed in accordance to the technological changes.

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The growth of the internet has resulted to the invention of new methods of conducting the business operations over the web. Emergence of the e-commerce sites became the onset of the shifting of the business operations to the web, it was then followed by the internet banking, or simply online banking, and recently, internet marketing. In the, contemporary business environment, internet marketing has been the key factor towards gaining competitive advantage by businesses since most of the audience is found on the social media sites, political forums, and recently on e-commerce sites. The products are usually promoted well where the audience is huge, therefore, the internet has become a lucrative platform for promotion and creating good customer relations through internet marketing.

An Overview of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, also known as online marketing or e-marketing, refers to the process that involves the promotion of a brand, product or service via the internet. According to Becherer&Halstead (2004), internet marketing entails all the techniques and strategies involved in promoting a particular product or brand by utilizing the millions of internet users. Online marketing is one of the fields that have been growing continuously with more companies shifting from the traditional offline methods of promotion and venturing into it (Schwarzl&Grabowska, 2015).

The growth of the internet marketing has been accelerated by the daily growth of the internet users throughout the world. The explosion of the interactive and commercial features enhanced by the introduction of web 2.0 in the year 2002 creates the first step in the growth of the internet usage and hence the idea of internet marketing (Jones. Malczyk&Beneke, 2011). Today, the method of advertising over the web remains to the widely used means of product promotion and marketing hunting. This method combines the creativity and the technicality of the World Wide Web in the process of designing, developing, advertising and maximizing the sales of a particular product or a service.

The decision made by the Smart Restorations Limited venture into internet marketing is one of the brilliant decision. By using this platform, the company will be assured of utilizing the different elements of the internet marketing, the internet marketing mix, the effective internet marketing tools, and also, to utilize the interactive order processing technique with an assurance of reaching more customers hence an increase in sales.

1.1 Elements of Internet Marketing

At Medium Blue Search Engine Marketing Company, we have been utilizing various elements of the internet marketing for ensuring positive results for our clients and ensuring that their products gain a wider market share and therefor make greater sales. The same elements will be combine when conducting the promotion of the products from Smart Restorations Limited.

For internet marketing to be successful in providing positive results, it must have key crucial elements that work in a combined form to ensure an effective product promotion that produces the positive results to the organization. Among the essential elements that must be present includes, digital marketing, e-commerce, e-business, and the internet marketing micro-environment and macro-environment. These elements functions as the basis of not only understanding, but also the working and the functioning of internet


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