Analyse Knowledge, Attributes and Skills needed in the HR Department

Organization Selected : Whirlpool


There are certain factors which are necessary to run a company and for development of an organization by earning profits or providing services. Aim of this report is to analyse knowledge, attributes and skills needed in the HR department of an establishment. It is a base on professional as well as organization's improvement of Whirlpool which is the largest multinational American company operating in more than 70 countries and deals in home appliances. In addition, it includes necessity of analysing continuous individual development to gain sustainable growth along with different approaches or methods applied to manage the performance o

Another purpose of this project is to appreciate developing abilities to achieve high performance in cross organizing. Professional betterment helps in improving working of the teams, workers and organization for which they work. This will generate awareness in the employees learning and understand how development needs are linked to studying interventions aimed at supporting firm's strategy.


P1 Professional Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours that required by HR of Whirlpool

Human Resource Management deals with staffing, recruiting, training and developing, compensation, pay roll, dismissal of employees in an organization. It is their responsibility to plan and implement all course of actions related to staff, working, joining, leaving the firm, leaves and payments.

According to the size and scope of an organisation, its range is being determined. Whirlpool is the largest home appliances maker in the globe having employee strength of nearly 100000. Maintaining and developing such a large establishment and employees needs knowledgeable, skilled and behavioural HR professional at each level for growth, evolvement, training of new recruits and then the entire structure(Belbin, 2010) .

The knowledge, skills, and behaviours needed by a HR professional must be to manage all employees and to analyse their satisfaction level.

Knowledge required for a HR:

Personal and Human Resources- HR of Whirlpool requires to have awareness of principles and processes for personnel recruiting, selection, training, compensation and benefits, relations of labours, and negotiations

Administration and Management- It is the understanding of management and business ethics involved in strategic planning, allocation of resources, modelling human resource, technique of leadership and coordinating people in the Whirlpool company's environment.

Market Knowledge- HR must have a full knowledge of the market so as to formulate certain policies and implement them in the organization. They should also be aware of the demand and supply force of market, trends, preferences which can affect the recruitment process of staff in Whirlpool.

Psychology, Sociology and Anthropology- It is the understanding of human behavioural performance, differences in individual's ability, assessment or treatment of disorders, group dynamics and attributes, trends in society their influences, cultures and their history ( Eime, and, 2013).

Skills needed for an HR

Role model- The main skill required by an HR professional at Whirlpool is to be a motivational and inspirational component to the employees. Words, actions, positive chemistry, integrity, communication are the traits that should be followed by the employees in the establishment. They must not act as a irresponsible manager and must always address the employer in a proper manner, and must solve issues of employees by taking correct decisions.

Leadership- It is one of the main skills which an HR professional should possess. Being a good leader HR professionals must encourage or motivate employees to bring extra in their work, help teams, groups and organization's developments.

Coordination- HR of Whirlpool will be the link between management and employee . They need to coordinate among them. At the same time, they must also synchronize with external environment to ensure that there is communication between the macro environment and Whirlpool.


Employee concern- HR should be available for helping and motivating employees at Whirlpool and it can be implemented if there is enough concern and care about all the staff in the organization.

Tolerance of stress- Job of an HR is stressful and responsible so they should be able to manage their tension levels while working and must not affect the workers of Whirlpool's (West, and, 2010).

Self controlling- HR professionals should have a control on self, anger and aggressive nature to avoid further problems which may occur due to these emotions or feelings at work in Whirlpool.

P2 Personal Skills, Auditing and Development Plan for the HR consultant at Whirlpool

Determining personal skills and knowledge requires several operations which are to be finished to attain satisfactory information relating to own strengths and weaknesses. This is also helpful in analyzing quality which is to be improvised inside a HR professional of Whirlpool.

Main role of Human Resource Consultant in an organization is to ensure and decide changes in the operations which must be finished and performed to understand the business and employee requirements. To enhance the efforts and motivating of staff who are seeking job needs and level of exertion are meant to be created.

Strengths- Whirlpool is the world's largest home appliances manufacturer and a leading brand having adequate revenues. They have a unique design which considers better quality. It has more than 60 units of manufacturing and technological R&D centers.

Weaknesses- Limited variety of products is a reason behind reduced market share and profitability. It also lacks in perfect strategies and management.

Threats- Reduced value of operating or net profit margin over years. Tough competition and strong competitors are also a risk factor.

Opportunities- Whirlpool Needs to develop products over international segmentation which will benefit in revenue generation. Developing online marketing techniques will help in creating unique identity (McCormack, and, 2011).

Personal Audit Skills: While developing professional HR quality in the managers of Whirlpool there is a need to analyze the real strength of an individual to handle or evaluate the organizational activities and human resources in the company. But there are some personal skills which an HR needs to be adopted:

IT Or Computer Skills- They must be well versed with IT skills related to preparation of reports as well as presenting them to the Whirlpool heads. If they do not posses any relevant abilities or knowledge of such software, applications and devices then required training must be provided for them to learn things.

Communication Skills- It is required to deliver messages to one person from another person of conveyed thought to implement in the operational activities of the company. So there will be a need to build positive relationships between co-workers making it easy to transfer information. A favorable communication must be attained by an Executive Manager to easily present their vision and justify the objectives of company.

Managerial Skills- HR needs to examine the requirements of a firm, i.e. number of employees and amount of funds. A manager must acquire knowledge in managing conflicts which may incur during operational activities. The requirements of the workforce should be studied which could generate adequate information related to needs, wants, requisites of manpower and also manage their wages. Satisfactory management of salary, remuneration, bonus, incentives or commission must be a needful factor (Ryan, S. and O’Connor, 2013).

Managing Conflicts- Issues at workplace are to be resolved by the operational managers in making correct decision and implementing changes in duties and responsibilities offered to the employees of Whirlpool.

P3 Analyse the differences between organisational and individual learning, training and development.

Training and development of employees is an essential part and function of human resource management. It aims at improving performance and productivity of the workers. Grooming is a organized program by the organization to create knowledge and skills inside an employee as per the job need. Development is an activity organized to make the manpower of the firm acquire and evolve. Preparation is done to provide skills, gain knowledge and make work efficient and effective. Whereas, Evolution is for the future growth of employees to make them expand their curiosity and objectives are stated broadly. Training is provided for a particular time period and is generally short and development is done usually for a long period never ending process as it is concerned with employee's future. In Whirlpool grooming sessions are delivered by expert or trainers who are professional and is often conducted as group events, seminars etc. And the development part is fully the responsibility of the employee as its a self learning phase or process. The knowledge part is more focused on a particular job in any field but the improvement is related to career and future of the employees which continues through lifetime. On the job training and off the job training are kinds of training methods. Development doesn't require any specific know-how if employees of Whirlpool. Grooming is done to present employees of an organization so that they can take help from each others to solve issues while learning. Improvement is relationship with both present and future outcomes in Whirlpool. To enhance talent and skills of s staff a good training must be provided by the HR. development helps to run the working of the company smoothly (Langkamp Bolton, and Lane, 2012 ).

Organizational learning is the way of creating new knowledge and improving oneself. It is applying proficiency for a purpose and learning from the process and outcome. It is the task provided by the company that the employees need to be learned. Overall learning and group project are involved in this. The HR department is wholly dependent and can bring changes to it which improves the overall efficiency of Whirlpool by bringing them all together in learning. To improve performance learning from external factors are important as it can change the environment of Whirlpool as a result some practical changes happens.

Individual learning is a method based on the power and curiosity of a learner and teaching them according to that content, way of instruction and speed. This part is learning by itself to accurate errors without anybody's help. It is mainly for a particular time period till a task is finished. Every individual will learn something fresh through workshops and lectures which will affect one's efficiency and improves growth. Does not require any motivation and if one is lacking something then it needs to be learned thereby energizing the mind of employee and it may happen due to the inability to perform a task or work.

P4. Analyse the need for continuous learning and professional development to drive sustainable business performance.

Uninterrupted learning for both employees and firms is important in today's market change. Many support financial aid foe education and benefits. Continuous learning are some theories of continuing professional development which are:

Teacher theory: It is specific changes in skills, knowledge and attitudes and not effective development ( Dahlgaard, Pettersen,2011).

Mentoring and coaching: It focuses on developing relationships by way of identifying the colleagues in workplace who's having more experience. It is a technique to train someone for reviewing and developing.

Action research: Enables the HR to identify all training techniques and methods to improve specified skill and teaching process.

As new developments and advancement of the living environment there comes a need to change ourselves (Belbin, 2010). The duties and responsibilities of a human increases according to age, so to cope up with that there is a need to start improvising the skills. By continuous learning employee remains satisfied and happy due to which their performance also gets increased resulting in better productivity of business. It makes them more professional and posses the trait to learn things quickly. Numerous companies like whirlpool thinks that HR staff needs to be provided with latest techniques or skills to work or else they may leave the organization. Retaining the crowning position of employees in an organization it is important for the constant growth and development of the company. Employees of an organization are valued the most in a firm as they the the business on top level and improves performances each day. As a result the enterprise needs to provide latest skills and techniques to the workers to learn. Because it makes them acquire new knowledge, skills, and understand the current situation of business. Accordingly, strategies may be made and decisive actions are taken which benefits both the employees and business. Thereby it contributes to the profits and sales of the commercial enterprise and can afford up-to-the-minute technology and knowledgeable workers.

Professional development- It means enhancing advance the skills in a present profession to become expert in it and gain more expertise in that. Versed organizational employee can easily determine a specific skill needed to complete a task or job (Eime, and, 2013 West, and, 2010

McCormack, and, 2011). That employee can advice management regarding the improvements that can be made to prolonged performance of the business. It also helps him to build a strong team of workers which require uninterrupted learning ability. These individuals in the team may also help one another in gaining knowledge after they are totally trained and acquired new skills in the job. By continuous learning employees in Whirlpool can present the top-grade to their customers so that the lost clients can also be retained and existing ones who are experiencing satisfaction in services will become loyal making them draw to the brand. Maintaining the returned customers improves the performance of the business and will be able to bear on the changes in industry or environment. HR of Whirlpool must arrange proper training and development sessions to give new skills to workers and analyze their performance in the overall development of the company.

P5 Demonstrating how HPW contributes to employee engagement and competitive advantage within Whirlpool.

HPW- High Performance Working helps the HR in managing the firm and employee participation and seriousness in order to achieve high level of execution. It is a generic approach of involvement and commitment that can be attained in Whirlpool if there is a transparency and trust between the employee and the management of the company ( Ryan, S. and O’Connor, 2013). It helps the management to create an ample working environment where all the administration and members are involved in the decision making activity. As the employees are active in the management operations then there will be a assured gain in amount of motivation and engagement in Whirlpool. It includes the development of individuals, squad and organization. High performance working are used by the Whirlpool's management to get contribution of employee and gain competitive advantage. This render a broad scope of worker participation, in the HR activities and rewards are ensured.

Employee involvement in high range- HR policy of Whirlpool includes all the employees of each level. This advanced reach of employees participation increases growth and gains. Here all the workers are in every day touch with the management thereby helping in solving problems of each other.

HR practices- To help them grow over and evolve, every kind of patterns and routines needs to be implemented.

Reward and commitment-Involvement of employee at Whirlpool are eligible to get the honor for their carrying out of work. Which will increase the sincerity of workers to the organization.

P6 Evaluation of various approaches in order to manage performance and demonstrating examples with reference to case study of Whirlpool

The anchor for any firm or company is the measuring executing of individuals working at the organization. It helps to ascertain and examine efficiencies of manpower and choose kinds of training that they need to promote existing skillfulness ( Langkamp Bolton, and Lane, 2012). Performance management is the part of HR managers that includes managing the performance or practicality of employees who are working within the company. Many strategies are used by the HR professionals to manage performance of employees like that of balanced score card. Three steps are involved in this process:

High performance culture


Organization culture

Managing performances of employees there are a broad mixture of methods that which assist HR manger of Whirlpool:

Comparative Approach-HR manger makes comparison among groups on the ground of piece of work finished, end product or execution. Ranking is given to every group in this mentioned approach at the workplace ton evaluate performance. It is a best and easy way to assess performance of groups. In Whirlpool four teams working into groups who delivers outcomes in 11 days will be given Rank 1 and one which completes the same in 8 days will be ranked second ( Dahlgaard, Pettersen,2011).

Attribute Approach- In this method of performance management some factors are used by the manager to measure employees level of efficiency needed for completing tasks. Parameters used in this approach may be problem solving skill of individuals, opinions, creativity, invention, connection, cooperation etc. according to this variables to give the employees ratings graphic rating method and mixed rating scales at the working environment are implemented at Whirlpool.

Result approach- This method of performance management is simple and straight forward. For the application of such kind of particular approach to rate workers a Balanced score card method is given. The expressed method includes four perspectives that includes financial, internal business activity, learning and growth as well as customers. In Whirlpool last perspective is taken into consideration.

Quality approach-This is another suited method that which focuses on satisfaction level of clients considering quality of goods and services provided by Whirlpool. Employers of the HR manager of the selected firm may take response from the employees on a regular basis so as to get information easily to ensure quality increase or decrease (Belbin, 2010).


From the above project of developing, team and organization at world's largest manufacturer of home appliances company Whirlpool it was broad and distinct by the report to become a booming HR of a firm they need to possess some skills, knowledge, and some set of behaviors so that they may be useful for the company. While enforcement and assessment to cause the sustainable business performance certain factors are to be considered. Whirlpool uses a high set of guidelines which are of high performance that assists the employees to work in prompt manner which in turn increases their involvement.

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