Unit 13 - L4 Managing Human Resources in Health and Social Care


There are many problems which are faced by society so there are some centres set up by government or voluntary associations to provide satisfaction to society. There is essential role of volunteers to achieve objective behind setting them (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). There are different associations which work for problem related to society and people are busy in their working life then scope of health and social care association. This assignment report is based on National Health Service which is public company deals in health related services. This association was established in 1948 having headquarter in 1948. This report puts light on recruitment of individuals, laws related to them, various approaches used by manager to select best candidate. Further there is discussion about interaction of individual in group, impact of team in operations of company, training requirement of personnel, leadership theories which are effective for achieving organisational goals.


1.1 Factors to be considered while planning recruitment of individuals

Selection is process which is very essential for effective working of organisation. There is requirement of workers in different departments of company but it is essential to place person from authentic source. Selection and recruitment is time consuming process so there is requirement of proper planning regarding number of candidates, their training and source of selection, etc. are essential factors which has to be considered.

Factors to be considered while selection and recruitment are-

  • Post of which candidate is required.
  • Required skills for that post.
  • Sources through which selection has to be done.
  • Government rules and regulation related to selection process.

These are some factors which are necessarily be considered by management of company and hence this helps company to achieve business objectives and image of company increases (Bae, Rowley and Sohn, 2012).

Internal and external are two sources which are helpful and important to achieve business objectives. There are possibilities of change in requirement of employees so there must be transfer or promotional of existing employees, so need can be satisfied through internal source only. In selection process cost is incurred so management of NHS must take options which is cheap and give best candidate for the post.

1.2 Relevant legislative of home country influencing selection and recruitment

Employees are the essential component for organisation, so it is essential to keep them satisfied. There are possibilities that due to change in government policies NHS health care organisation has to modify its policies accordingly (Budhwar and Debrah, 2013). These laws help company to achieve business objectives. These laws help in providing confidence to employees and they feel secure. Some laws applied in NHS are as follows-

  • Equal remuneration act
  • Sex discrimination act
  • Compensation act

These acts help company to achieve business objectives and if NHS does not accept theses laws and then government of UK interference in their operations. This affects image of company. There are many laws related to workers but it is essential to apply them in best way.

While selection and recruitment of workers, manager must convey about these policies very clearly so there will not be confusion regarding plans and policies. In organisation there are many employees in organisation and there is change in perception of employees. It is important to conduct business in better way when employees are satisfied. There must not be discrimination among employees related to status, caste, colour, creed, sex, etc. HR is the main component who frame policies for betterment of policies. There are many changes which are beneficial for company and its growth (Denhardt, Denhardt and Aristigueta, 2012).

1.3 Different approaches used to ensure selecting best candidate

Organisation works with the help of employees and employer. There are different policies adopted by company to select best candidates. There are different process which company has adopted to achieve various objectives. Selection and recruitment is done by HR manager of company and when there of need of employees then best source must be used. As competition is increasing so it is essential to select best candidate among crowd. There are few steps through which company can select best person. These steps are-

  • Assessment test
  • Group discussion
  • Personal interview I
  • Personal interview II

So from these steps candidates scrutinise and at last step personal interview II best candidates are selected (Harvey and Allard, 2015). Through these steps company came to know about knowledge of workers related and unrelated to subject. There is difference in level of understanding so there is difference in ways of communication also. Selection and recruitment is a time consuming process so it is essential that company has to select candidate which is best and satisfies need of company.


2.1 Theories which shows interaction of person in group or team

Group formation process by individuals  and the way in which they interact with each other can be analysed by approach such as Tuckman's model. In this model, 4 stages are defined, that is, forming, storming, norming and performing. Team leader and team dynamics are 2 critical components that governs the way in which individuals interact in group.

Forming: It is observed that initially, when team is formed, individuals are generally reserve and polite in nature & they observe their other team members. Here, leaders plays an important role and all members of team are depend on them for guidance.

Storming: In this stage, team members try to emphasize on groups & to solve issues by themselves. It is an important stage for overall team dynamics formation as this is the phase where each team member wants to make their presence felt in group by their contribution.

Norming: It is the stage in which individuals are more open to discuss with others and try to understand perspective of each other on range of areas. It is the stage where people start accepting perspective of others as well.

Performing: It is the last stage where team dynamics is achieved by team members, individuals are aware about strengths and weaknesses of each other & accordingly they try to solve a specific problem by considering suggestions of people as well (Jackson, Ones, and Dilchert, 2012).

2.2 Approaches used to develop effective team

Various theories that can be utilized by employees of National Health Services in order to develop and encourage team working. For instance, there must be more personal interaction encouraged, it means members of staff should be interact very frequently with other team members. This will assist them in having basic information of each other. In NHS, teams indulge frequently in activities like brainstorming. This will increase their interaction with each other and they understand the way in which tasks are completed (Kusluvan and et. al., 2010). For completing any activity, it is essential to identify timeline for attaining a plan and it must be followed accordingly. Team members needs to meet frequently instead of meetings only. This will manage continuity in team dynamics. Knowledge sharing should be encouraged by each others so that, the process of knowledge enrichment remains active. It will further enhance skill set of team members. In decision making process, management should involve employees so that effective decisions can be taken. By all this, effective team working can be promoted.

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3.1 Ways to monitor performance of workers

There are many associations like old age homes, day care homes, etc. which provide assistance to people who are residing in society (Varma, 2013). These days role of social care is increasing because of change in life style. There are various ways in which performance of employees are monitored. Company uses various tools and methods so that performance can be checked. Tools and methods used by NHS are-

Identify the current performance level: Manager of company helps in evaluating  current performance of all employees. It is done so that they can give corrective suggestions and other views and thus their performance can be improved. Manager can give feedback and other views so that all employees working in health care sector can improve their methods and techniques to handle activities which are related with healthcare. Thus through their views they can improve their performance.

Identify the areas of improvement: Manager give the views and opinions regarding the areas in which performance can be improved. All employees themselves and through suggestions identify areas such as either in techniques and methods used by employee to  handle all patients or other ar4esa van be improved. They can also find that they needs rto improve in working pattern and their communication level so that all persons can easily understand the views of employees and can take treatment accordingly.

Sets the standard for excellent performance: Manager organizes various seminars and programmes in which they can give different rewards to all employees who had achieved their goals. Certificates are given to staff members who perform exceptionally well and have handled all patients and other activities in efficient and effective manner. Thus it is the best way to monitor their performance of all employees.

Creates a software system: Company can also creates a software system in which all information related to activities done by employees can be evaluated. It also give data regarding the working hours they had performed and all other details at end of month. Hence through this performance can be monitored.

3.2 Need of individual training and development

Training is essential part of organisation. There are many changes which are taking place in business and it is essential to perform task as per requirement of company. As change in business environment it is necessary to make changes in business also. There are many policies related to employees which are framed for their betterment and upliftment (Mendenhall, 2012). In organisation training is important because this improves their skills and quality of product and services. In NHS there are many activities which helps to improve skills of workers. There are different techniques such as classroom training, probation, etc. which helps employees to know what better can be done to improve their skills. NHS use different techniques for benefit of society and for this they use latest technology. As change in technology, there is requirement of learning program so workers can apply new technique in better way. There are many changes which is taking place in society and hence it is important train personnel. This makes them competent to face external forces of business. This training is beneficial for company as well as individual, so manager of NHS must give emphasise on training and learning programme of workers.

3.3 Different strategies for promoting continuous development of individuals

Continuous development has become necessary for individuals at workplace. There are some strategies which can be executed to ensure that development of workforce can be promoted on regular basis at workplace (Ones and Dilchert,  2012). Employees required to be motivated by their management to develop and enhance their skills continuously. It assist in growth of both, individual as well as organisation.

Provides recognition for work: The most essential thing that is needed to motivate workforce for continuous improvement is recognition for work in organisation. It comes in many forms. It can be an award or can be in monetary form.

Salary Hike: Proper hike in salary assists in increasing motivation level of employees. National Health Services needs to provide appropriate salary to their employees so that they get motivated and encourage to work in proper way and deliver best care facilities to patients.

Performance feedback: Feedback regarding performance from senior administrators at regular intervals will assists workforce in knowing about their weak areas. This assists in selecting proper training programme that improves their skills & knowledge. After performance appraisal, National Health Service should organise training programme based on performance feedback of workforce.

Incentives: This increase confidence of employees and they get motivated. It promotes more development and learning which assists in getting more incentives. This facilitates in reducing the issue of high employee turnover in National Health Services.

Both, incentives and award requires to be innovative in nature. In health and social care organisation, various training programmes are conducted for the purpose of updating skill sets and knowledge of employee (Perez Arrau, Eades and Wilson, 2012). Above mentioned are some strategies that should be utilized by National Health Services in order to encourage continuous development of individual within organisation so that effective services can be delivered.


4.1 Leadership theories that apply to health and social care workplace

Leadership is an main aspects of any company, irrespective of the domain which exists. Likewise in social and health care domain along with that leadership also play a main role in firms development and workers. Therefore, there are different theories of leadership which can be implemented to social and health care working environment so that better enhancing of workplace. Theories of leadership can be situational within a nature. Hence, behavioural leadership theories is a core concept is a leaders behaviour which is known by everyone. It is based on years of research by theorists in a leadership field. Leaders find out that they are having a distinct style related with it (Sauser and Sims, 2013). This mean that portray is a innovative set of behaviour at entirely various level which make leaders to them. These leaders are having a nature of self-controlled. In health and care sector, this leadership theory is not succeed, as their may be various conditions which may not sync with a leaders behaviour pattern. In a case of situational theory of leadership, they are moulded according to conditions. They try to adopt quickly according to conditions. Therefore, sector of health care mainly in working environment like NHS there are having various conditions where unexpected cases are coming and quick treatment decisions can be taken. Such kind of decisions are taken by a situational leadership as they are more situational leaders as compared to behavioural leaders. Hence, situational theories of leadership is more useful.

4.2 Analysed how they can manage working relations

One main way to manage working relations is by making a friendly working environment in NHS. Workplace play a important role in managing work relations. It is necessary to ensure that there is no type of biasses in a NHS functions. Workplace management is paramount for an organisation to function in more adequate manner for which company organise various activities. Their should be in regular hours of working as well as workers are having fixed responsibility so that they should have clear about their tasks. Therefore, they should be flexible to accept responsibility if needed but they should motivate to fulfil their responsibilities which are given to them. For better relations while working in a NHS as well as team building exercises play a main role. It will lead to better understanding between employer-workers relationship along with that they give equal opportunity should be provided to workers for proving their potential (Sharma, Sharma and Devi, 2011). Fully allocation of exercise by supervisors as well as managers should be done in a effective manner. So that no one workers should feel linked overloaded with their work. For better relations of working, workers of NHS should promote for coming forward with new thoughts and ideas are used to improve functions of NHS. It is said to improve relations of working in a collective effort which is required from managing NHS along with its workers working their.

4.3 Evaluate own development which impact by its approaches in own experiences

It is based on my own experiences, I had faced many various approaches of management which influence the development of organisation and individual. I had seen that in a working environment if techniques is correct then it will be a positive changes in which employees are effectively allocate in their respective teams along with that feedbacks of specific members is important (Soltani, 2010). I have experienced various changes in my habits, skills and experiences. For example: approach of democratic management has impact on companies decision making process. It is that they feel like empowered to take a critical decisions because it is a fact that they management has empowered me along with it trust on my skills of executing decisions. It also assist in boosting professional confidence like me. Therefore, approach of management due to autocratic nature then it gave a negative influence as well. This mean that the process of making a decisions get focused in hands of choose employees within the company. This make me feel like I am not connected with firm which provide outcomes into a poor affinity which gave a negative as well as give rise to demotivation within a working environment. It is necessary to follow the approaches of management which involve workers at various levels.

I have also seen that how properly company ensures that effective process of standard operations for its workers are set so that their should be no confusion within workers linked to their job responsibility. Another main aspects which I see the managers role. They play a very important role for companies development. If a managers is properly as well as good, it will help in motivating workers in a positive manner or vice-versa as possible can influence entire functioning of company (Stone, 2013).


From the above discussion it is clear that there is requirement of proper guidance to employees. There are some issues which affect operations of organisation, so manager has to frame policies which are effective and efficient. There must be use of different techniques such as training and development program which help company in achieving their business objectives. When company has changed their working styles then there is requirement of  leadership which provide guidance to volunteer how to give best services. This helps in inner satisfaction as well as welfare of society. There is requirement of personnel so it is compulsory to select best candidate so this helps in best implementation of strategies. There are many activities which aims at achievement of targets, so there is requirement of framing teams and it is essential to create good environment in organisation.


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