Relevant Models through which Baxter India managing their Human Resource

Organization Selected : Baxter India Pvt. Ltd.


Human resource manager play an important role in an organisation where they supposed to manage human resource at workplace (Alpkan and et. al., 2010). Managing human capital and perform well leadership get done by the effective contribution of HR manager of a company so that they could gain and derive beneficial outcome in nature of frame. This project is based on Baxter India which is one of a famous medical streamline company whom used to engage in health care products and services so that various infectious diseases could be cure. Baxter International began working in India in 1996 as Baxter India pvt Ltd. Baxter India goes under EMEA( Emerging Asia) class. Baxter India works from Singapore office which is a Head quarter of Asia pacific and rising Asia nations. Baxter India is working together in three zones; Renal, Medication conveyance, Bio science. Thus, management want to become more competitive in nature and for this they want to improve their HR working practice so that they could sustain at market place in more define manner.

For this aspect, it will going to include and define about relevant models through which company will going to manage their human resource in better manner. It will also going to describe about recruitment and selection process of a company so that better and deserving candidate would take place and recruited in better manner. There will be human resource development approaches get describe properly with better recommendation that improved working practices (Andrews and Boyne, 2010). Further, classical theories of motivation get evaluated and from such discussion of these theories propose a hybrid theory which may combine the most meaningful characteristics from a range of these theories and which you believe will have practical value in this organisation. It will also going to describe about characteristics of effective leader with proper justification of model utilise by company.


Drawing on relevant models, analyse the approach of the company to the management of its human resources

Every business need to assess and understand that management play an important role in managing things properly. It is really essential to understand such facts and aspects properly so that human resource management get done. Thus, various approach required to understand by managers of a company so that better management of human could get done.

Baxter Limited have to understand such fact where they provide appropriate appraisal to each and every individual which further enables in managing things better and in effective frame of manner. This will result in drawing and deriving beneficial aspects so that effective and better results could get assess in long period of course. This appraisal and performance review method support in analysing attribute properly regard each and every single associate of a company. This will result in drawing and providing effective and better gains in nature.

The essential target of Baxter is to give quality items and administrations to its clients with the goal that the clients are fulfilled and come back once more (Birasnav, 2014). The HR administrator of Baxter is having the duty to plan and actualize best HR methodologies for the organization and furthermore to choose the HRM display that suits best to the organization so Baxter work is finished in a successful and proficient way. It is a vital duty so HR director should finish this with full commitment so the organization won't not endure in future. All these HR methodologies are extremely useful in enhancing the execution of representatives.

There are fundamentally three kinds of HR demonstrate which are utilized by Baxter while doing their business tasks which are:

  • CONTROLLED BASED MODEL: It is considered as a viable and critical approach that will be utilized by Baxter in order to make development and progress in the market. In this model, HR chief deals with every one of the procedures which are going ahead in the organization so they can accomplish higher benefit in showcase. Different viewpoints that shrouded in this report are individual, specialized and bureaucratic results and process based controls (Birasnav, Rangnekar and Dalpati, 2011). This approach is exceptionally viable for the administration as they can gauge every one of the issues that are winning in the association. According to this , the administration structure and HR procedure are the best methods to bring great control inside the association. Thus, administration of Baxter should ensure that they deal with the conduct of workers so they can execute as the desire for organization. In this way, HR supervisors are given the authorization to give suitable direction to the workers so they can contribute in accomplishing the objectives and goals of the organization.
  • RESOURCE BASED MODEL: This approach depends on compensate trade exertion strategy and furthermore here the administration is thinking about workers as resources and in this way they care of them in a proper way. This model recommends that if there is great innovation accessible in organization alongside the fundamental assets with the goal that the representatives can perform in a suitable way and give great outcomes to the organization. Likewise , it is viewed as that if the worker is furnished with god information and ability then they are having the capacity to give upper hand to the organization (Buller and McEvoy, 2012). This approach likewise abuses diverse abilities of work association. These assets are separated into two sections which are ; substantial (Human, physical, mechanical, budgetary) and Intangible (notoriety, mark name) . In this way, Baxteris required to have these assets and that too in a novel and significant way.
  • INTERGRATED MODEL: This model is considered as a blend of both the previously mentioned models. Consequently this present model's principle point is to talk about the two fundamental measurements of HR Strategy which are; 'Obtaining and Development' and 'Locus of control' (Burgoyne, 2012). The Former factor discusses the degree to which the HR methodologies are utilized to build up the inward human capital i.e. the staff individuals instead of the variables of outer condition. While the last factor says in regards to how much the HR methodologies are utilized to keep up centre around observing the representatives in order to enhance their work execution.


Recruitment and selection in relation to strategic human resource initiatives with relevant recommendation

Recruitment is define as such process where an individual get assess properly and try to reach out the best candidate whom is suitable for define and design job profile (Caza and et. al., 2010). Although, by assessing better and effective individual, such candidate got selected for define job profile. For managing and defining better human resource management, it is really essential to craft appropriate and suitable recruitment and selection procedure so that things lead to drawn out in better and definite manner of frame. An appropriate recruitment and selection process facilitate things in supportive manner so that such kind of candidate get selected whom have potential to draw better and effective things in frame of consideration.

Thus, an appropriate and effective recruitment and selection process facilitate supportive things lead to take place in design manner. This result in proclaiming better suited results in nature of outcome. Every organisation have their define pattern of recruitment and selection on the basis of what candidate get selected for job profile. This enables in better strategic human resource management for each and every define organisation. Baxter is one of a famous medical streamline organisation, whom engage in providing medical health care facilities to each and every individual (Coff and Kryscynski, 2011). They have their own pattern of recruitment and selection which used to describe as below in order to facilitate and draw better and effective candidate for define job position. This process used to convey on each and every individual which facilitate and support in grab such individual whom have potential to do and perform right things. There is a four round of interview for selection for product specialist or key account manager role.

First taken by HR, then by ASM, then by Sales Manager, then by Marketing manager and NSM

Graduation in science and Minimum five years’ experience is must in pharmaceutical or medical device industry.

  • The very first round of Baxter get done through human resource manager of a company. This round enable and determine potential of an individual towards working where company profile also get disseminate in front of them (Dalakoura, 2010). HR determine communication skill, learning skill as well as pattern of thinking such candidate. If they found that such individual have potential to draw things better and manage activities then it would prefer for next round. Thus, it get evaluated that such person have management skills or not. This support in drawing things in better and determine frame of manner.
  • The next round for sales profile get done and taking by assistant sales manager of a company. Assistant sales manager analyse an individual through more understanding where they start assessing that such individual have some basic knowledge of sales profile or not. This enable and support only such candidate whom have potential to draw things according to themselves as well as have quality to manipulate customers easily. This enable and facilitate to manage and draw things in better and define frame of manner. This result in proclaiming such candidate whom have potential to manage things more properly and in effective manner so that determined and have knowledge individual get recruited. This support in managing things in more effective manner as well as potential candidate get recruited for design job profile as well as supportive in order to accomplish targets crafted by senior authority of a company for long term.
  • Next round is just a formality where an individual get understand in more depth clearance and required a senior individual decision for selection (Dimov, 2010). But this is not an end if manager not found that particular appropriate towards job position then they get rejected as well. Thus, it is really essential to draw things in better and determined manner so that such round would also get clear in frame. Hence, manager evaluate each and every consideration of such person properly and ask some questions regarding opportunities, job profile and might related with qualification. Hence, they need to understand in more better and determined manner for long term project working.
  • The last round which define as difficult one in Baxter history would be NSM. On this level, national sales manager utilise their own skills and attribute to understand such individual more properly (Gates and Langevin, 2010). As they found and determine that such kind of associate have potential to do things in better manner or not. NSM not only check experience but also determine that such person have some academic qualification or not for possessing things better in future oriented specification. Thus, once this level get clear then individual get selected and take place for selected job profile design in frame or nature.


Approaches of human resource development with appropriate recommendation

HRD defined as systematic and appropriate activities which has been designed by organisation in order to provide its members proper knowledge and skills so that they easily meet with their present as well as future requirements (Ling and Jaw, 2011). Further HRD is consider as such process in which efforts is made in order to increasing skills, knowledge and capabilities of employees. Various activities which are included in Human resource department are training development, career development , coaching and succession planning.

Apart from it there are different approaches which has been used by HR managers in order to develop human resources of company. Baxter health care uses different types of approaches which provide better outcomes to company employees in future. This will also help in completing all the tasks in most effective and efficient manner. Baxter is spending most of their revenues on enhancing professional attitude among medical employees. Various approaches and method described are stated below:-

  • Strategic human resource framework approach:- This is consider as appropriate approach in which different types of strategies has been formulated in order to increase the skills and capabilities of employees (Luthans and et. al., 2010). This framework is developed by Ulrich and Lake and this practices in HRD help in increasing the productivity and efficiency of employees that help in enhancing all the profitability and returns of business.
  • Integrative framework:-This approach is consider as proper strategic HRM approach and their main focus is on improving the overall performance of employees. Under this three paths is focused I.e. Building capabilities of organisation, adequate satisfaction to employees and give proper shape to employees. Further, their main criteria is to develop the whole system of human resource within the organisation.
  • Human capital appraisal approach:- The main objective of this approach is to consider the employees as important asset of company and it is developed by Friedman in 1998. This approach is subdivided into five categories I.e. assessment stage, design stage, implementation stage and monitoring stage. Baxter can use various type of approaches like recruitment, selection, rewards and performance management in order to enhance the performance of employees (Makri and Scandura, 2010). It is essential for companies to follow all these in order to retain the employees for longer period of time.
  • PCMM Approach:-It is consider as people capability maturity model which is build by company in order to deal with different software and the main objective in respect of using this approach is to get the ultimate benefits and better outcomes in future. Further management try to develop initiative of active participation among employees so they motivate to do work with proper deligiency and effectively. This is best way of retaining the employees in organisation for longer period and it is also said that maturity level consist of various process areas that help in identifying cluster related to working environment.
  • Integrated system approach:- This is consider as very effective approach which is used by Baxter heath care in order to develop and execute human resource development system in proper adequate manner (Nyberg and et. al., 2014). Further, tactics and strategies applied at the beginning stage and main aim is to achieve goals and objective of business in proper manner.
  • HRD Score card approach:- This is consider as very effective approach that act as link between the whole management of HR department and set standard for goals and objectives. These are generally those HR practices which is used in order to enhance all the skills and capabilities of employees and further whole management of Baxter using score card techniques in order to measure the daily performance and also for improving overall behaviour of employees that help in achieving all the goals and objectives of business.
  • SCOPE OF IMPROVEMENT:There is always a scope of improvement in every business. At Baxter also, they are having different types of facilities that can be improved by them in order to provide good services to the company. They can also re form new plans and policies for the company so that they can achieve their long term goals and objectives of the company.

There are different scope to improvement in business performance such as promotion, job rotation, understudy, mentoring and task evaluation. All these approaches are effective and efficient that bring growth and success to the company. Out of all this, Promotion and reward policy is considered as the most effective tool in order to motivate and encourage working performance of employees.


Classic theory of motivation and creation of hybrid theory of motivation

Motivation is the most important component which makes changes in business policies, it helps to achieve targets in better and effective way (Ployhart and Moliterno, 2011). There are various workers which have difference perception and it is essential to know mindset some they can apply appropriate actions to achieve tagetes. Baxter uses following theories of motivation-

Theory X and Theory Y- This theory was propounded by Douglas McGregor. According to it, this is divided employees in two category. They are negative which is considered under Theory X and positive people are considered under Theory Y. according to it, employees covered under this theory Y are aware about their roles and responsibilities. It is essential to work as per requirement and this helps to achieve targets in better and effective way. While workers covered under Theory X are not working properly and hence manager has to work with carrot and stick approach to make them work completed.

Maslow's need hierarchy theory-In this theory there are five stages which works as per requirement of society. This is effective for changing policies to alter policies in making task done in efficient manner. As per this theory, it is essential to satisfy demand of employees so they can work in more effective and efficient manner. As per requirement, there are possibilities of change in demand of employees so manager has to fulfil them.

Equity Theory-There are some workers who want that managers of association must be take care of employee's emotions. There is requirement of policies through which they can achieve targets in better and effective way. It is important to perform activities which are effective for achieving targets. Through this theory there will requirement of policies which help to make policies in which all employees are treated as equal and this helps to create good relations among employees and employer.

Hawthorne Effect-This theory was propounded by Henry A. Landsberger ion 1950. In this theory activities are checked by employer and this helps to make activities through which they can achieve targets in better and effective way (Stevens, 2010). There is difference in mindset of workers so different actions are required to be taken by manager to know what can be done, so employees give their best. This is responsibility of employees to know wart can be done through which they can apply actions in effective and efficient way. As per this theory there are six aspects which has to be checked so motivation of workers is possible. These six activities are- Psychological contract, Socialisation, interaction, group activity, interest of workers, recognisation. Policies must be planned in way through which there must be feeling of competition among workers and they give their best. Communication within company must be good and clear so activities can be performed in efficient manner.

Hybrid Theory

This is the theory which is combination of all above mentioned theories. It is essential to work as per change in plans and policies which help to achieve targets in better and effective way (Wright and McMahan, 2011). There are many factors which affect business operations. Motivation level of workers is one of the best and efficient way, through which they can analyse market in effective way. There are possibilities that due to alteration in strategies of Baxter which has to be considered. It is essential to act as per change in plans and policies so they can achieve targets in effective and efficient way.

Employees are the most important part of company, so they have to analyse policies in effective way. It is important to work according to requirement of business environment and this helps to make company to achieve heights. There are possibilities that due to change in plans and policies they have to analyse market and then take actions through which profits must get high and cost must be reduced. In case of need of training, then source which is best for all has to be selected (Zarutskie, 2010). As change in trend, there is requirement of adapting change which helps to analyse market and then this assist company to compete with other external forces. Theory X and Theory Y is effective for change factors to perform activities in efficient manner.


Effective leadership and appropriate approach

Leader is working as such thread for a company whom enable and support each and every individual to perform their working in better and determined manner. A good leader always uses to support associates in order to facilitate things better and in determined manner. Although a good leader have certain qualities and characteristics which need to understand properly by a person while handling a team so that each and every task get done in better and in define manner as well (Guest, 2011). Baxter leaders have to include and improve their consideration and try to include these features into them so that they could become effective leader in frame of manner. This result and support them in managing things better and in appropriate frame so that better consideration could be gain.

An effective leader is one whom have these define consideration which reflected and manage as follow:

  • An effective leader is one who always used to inspire future actions to their supporters. It enables and support in perform things better and in appropriate manner so that determined outcome could be resource (Gutiérrez, Hilborn and Defeo, 2011). This enhance and improve ability of a person to an extent to done and perform things in more define manner. Thus, a true leader always needs to inspire actions which take place in future need of course. Baxter leaders need to inspire their vision properly towards followers so that they could work on them in better and define manner which support in utilising resources properly.
  • Many employees stated that their leader need to be integrated in nature who is honest, fair and have faith towards team. Thus, this is another quality which need to work on by Baxter company leaders. Leaders of such association required to be honest with their employees so that they could work in more define and effective manner which assist in accomplishing targets better.
  • An effective leader always have a faith and courage towards team where they know that their team is able to accomplish each and every milestone in nature. This define their confidence which present lack in leaders of Baxter. It got found that Baxter leaders needs to be effective in frame after first they required to be confident for their teams. This is another major quality of a good and effective leader which further assist in managing human resource at workplace.
  • One of a major and appropriate quality or characteristic of effective leader would be decision making power or strength. A good decision maker is one whom used to present things in better and define frame of manner. Thus, whenever any problem arise effective leader take the charge and try to resolve it as early as possible.

On all these things, Baxter leaders need to work so that they could made such kind of team whom are much able to accomplish any kind of milestone in future course. This support in managing and maintaining better and definite outcome in nature so that suitable and better accomplishment of targets get done. With this consideration, leaders of Baxter need to implement and utilise democratic approach of leadership. This style enable them in made things more better and define in frame.

Out of various approach, this style is effective because it includes about employees and associates perspective as well. They are free to take judgement by own but ultimate power are in hands of leader. This enable and support in improving management of human capital so that effective and better working get done so that definite outcome could be resource properly. In democratic style of leadership, leaders divide the working in each and every group where they are free to provide suggestion (Jiang and et. al., 2012). Out of various aspects one of a beneficial one get determine and judgement would carried down on that. This result in motivate employees to provide better and more effective suggestion to done things in define frame of manner.

Baxter required to do this thing at workplace so that a better working culture get promoted. It will also going to support and promote each and every individual where they start working on thinking and analytical skills to provide better suggestion in order to improve working more properly and definite frame of manner.


It get concluded from the project that management of human capital is not an easy thing and need to understand by HR manager of a company. There are various consideration are related with this aspect where HR manager, Leader need to take active participation in each and every consideration. Thus, with this evaluation, approach through which management can manage human resource of a company get done. This get perform through effective management of motivation theories like Maslow etc. This contribute in managing human capital at workplace. Although, mainly company have their own and definite pattern of recruitment and selection which enables in managing things better and in effective manner. Thus, a leader needs to be supportive in nature as well as apply democratic model of approach in frame so that boost up of morale of delicate could done in better manner. All these things need to understand by management of a company so that they could improve working as well as implement such consideration which facilitate better working management and practices. This support in made them competitive in nature of frame.

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