Unit 2 Human Resource Management Level 4 Regent College


Human resource management is important for the organization in order to achieve objective combining and the organizational goal. In HRM it includes recruiter people, motivation of employee, performances appraisal etc. this all have beneficial effect on the organization. The present report is present on Burberry group Inc, it is ans English luxury fashion house which is situated in London, England. It is focus in the development of Outdoor attire the fashion house and moved toward the high fashion market. The present report covers, effectiveness of the organization HR practices for achieving the company goal is evaluated, along with this, effectiveness of employee relation is assessed. Apart form that, key area of employment legislation within the organization is outlined.

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Task 1


Burberry overview

Burberry is an English luxury fashion house, which headquarter is in London England. It has a branded stores and franchises around the world. In the Hay-market of London its first shop was open in 1891. it sells various fashionable cloth of men and women. Such as women handbags, shoes, beauty and fragrances etc (Burberry 2016). further company also outlined its plan for future growth, it expended it business all over the world. Online presence  Burberry is very strong and many people buy its product through its online websites. It has big ideas for beauty, including the growth of the sector by 23% in 2015 fiscal year. Moreover, Burberry got huge benefit form the its strong marketing campaign and from its higher price of products.


Human resources management and its main function in line with organization business strategy.

Managerial function and operative function

The managerial function of human resources management of Burberry are as follow

Human resources planning: It is a main function of the human resources management , in which Burberry need the skilled employee which help in accomplish organizational goal (Bhadauria and et. al., 2012). Resources is important part of function, it is necessary to collect the information and analyzed it current and future human resources. It is needed and forecast so that attitude and behavior of employee and their impact on company cane be known easily.

Organizing: In this  all work In Burberry which is organized is allocated to employees and activities are coordinated toward the common objectives (Ehnert,  Harry and Zink 2013). Company strategy is toe establish a relationship between employee so that they work together of achieving a organizational goal and objective.

Directing: Burberry manager direct its employees  at different level so that they work more effectively and efficiently (Allen,  Shore & Griffeth, 2003). When employee get proper direction and motivation  toward their work they will motivated and work hard for the organization. Employee are required to be direct because they need proper guidance in some typical task.

Controlling: After planning , organizing and directing then in Burberry it is required to be judge the employee performance and required to be verified and com,pare with plan (Elmuti and Kathawala 2011.). After checking a actual performances then if it found deviated form plan then is necessary to take a control measure.

The operative function of HRM of Burberry are as follow

Recruitment and selection: At Burberry HR manager recruit highly skilled and experienced employee so they get new innovative ideas to the development (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson 2014). Selection is done on the basis of skill which help in achieving the aim of the  organization.

Job analyzing and design: In the job analyzing it describe the nature of the job and specifying the human recruitment that are skill, work experiences which are required to perform a job (Budhwar and Debrah, eds., 2013). In the Job design employee are assigned a task, duties and responsibility for achieving the objective of company.

Training and development: Burberry provide training and development facility to its employee so that their skills can be upgrade and they can perform more efficiently for the organization success. However training charge high cost form the organization but it very helpful for the success of company. Many employee will give a quality work which liked by customer overall it increase the profitability of the organization


The approaches to recruitment and selection process of the the Burberry:

Burberry follow the systematic recruitment method for the selection of candidate for working in their organization

Systematic recruitment method:

  • Identify the position: In this method company aim is to reduce the amount of personal bias in the selection process to a minimum (Too and Weaver 2014). Firstly company identify the vacant position and evaluate the need. Through proper planning company will lead to hire a right person for the role of team.
  • Develop a position description: in this Burberry provided a first impression of the campus to the candidates (Currie, Finn and Martin, 2010). The person who want to apply for the job should know about the job position and description.
  • post  position and implement recruitment plan:  After the description of the position it is posted on the career websites and on the site of Burberry so that cans came to know about the position.
  • Review application and develop a short list: When the position has been posted, candidates will complete an electronic application for each position. Company select few candidates for the interview purpose (Jenter and Kanaan 2015). The people who are highly skilled and experienced are shortlisted and called for the interview.
  • conduct interview: Those candidate who are short listed and called for the  interview. Question asked form them related to the work and other and selected for the vacant position. At the marks and Spencer the selection and recruitment procedure is simple and perfect that is company firstly identify the position and recruitment internally by promoting a candidate on higher position (Koh and Sebelius 2010.). Or company externally select the candidate by advertising a vacant position in newspaper or carer websites. Further if any candidate apply for the Job they are called for the interview and selection is done on the basis of  interview questionnaire

Marks and Spencer recruitment process is short and simple while Burberry selection is process is long and consume time. In this only highly skilled ad experienced employee are selected. As compare to the marks and Spencer recruitment selection process, the Burberry selection process is more effective.


HR practices in all the sector are same but in some sector there are difference in some of the organization. At the Burberry employee are proved training and development facility so that there skilled are developed and they work more effectively. While in service sector employee are not provided. Recruitment and selection process is also different in may organization that is Marks and Spencer employee are selected who are skilled or freshers (Employee Selection Process. 2016,). On the other hand at Burberry only skilled and experienced candidates are selected. Their is no flexibility for employee in working time at the some of the industry. However but in Burberry employee are provided flexibility and work form home facility which motivate employee toward their work .  All the work at the Burberry is manged by the HR according to the planing and organizing. Employee are delegates work according to their skill and knowledge. However in some sector it no happened employee are given a job without directing them properly (Allen,  Shore & Griffeth, 2003). In the Marks and Spencer employees are not motivated by giving them reward they are only motivated by non monetary incentives given them on their best performances.


The effectiveness of the organization in term of HR practices for achieving the objective of increased the profitability and productivity.

  • Training and development facility: employee of Burberry are provided training and development facility so that employee skills and knowledge can be developed. Once in the month existing employees are provide training so that they can easily overcome their weak area (Budhwar and Debrah eds., 2013). Those employee who are new they also given a training facility so that came to know about their work. Conducting training and development session is befitted for the organization so that company productivity can increase.
  • Flexibility in working arrangement: Employee of Burberry are provided training and development facility so that they got satisfy with their job. Workers are provided work from home facility and further they are also given a flexible working In this employee chosen their own working hour (Jenter and Kanaan, 2015. ). This help in increasing the productivity of company. It is so because employee are given a flexibility they feel much satisfy with their job and work stress free. It enhance their productivity.
  • Selection and recruitment of candidate: Employee at Burberry selected on the basis of there experienced and their high skill. This further increasing the productivity of the organization because employee are skilled they work more effectively and efficiently in the organization. They give new innovative ideas to the company which help in achieving a goal.


Employee relations effectiveness and its impact on organisation

Burberry fashion business focuses on effective employee relations on the organization. Employee relations remains as company's efforts to make good relationships between employers and employees. It is a pert of human resource strategy, which is careful for maintain employee relations and create healthy and positive environment of Burberry (Koh and Sebelius, 2010). This effectiveness of employee relations programs includes tools such as pay and benefits, supporting work life balance and to make working conditions safety. For employee relation effectiveness, organization makes plans and policies shows Burberry's philosophy, laws and stages about employees related matters and also their resolving problems in the organization.

According to human resource terms, it is needed to make effective relations among employees therefore, Burberry's environment would be healthy, positive and peaceful. Employees work with supportive spirit and coordinate each other for better work and possibility of conflicts and partiality occurs (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson,  2014). Healthy relations are also beneficial to encourage employees for better performance and give their best of abilities. An understanding environment seems, where employees understand each others needs, expectations and problems results in work together to accomplish goals of Burberry. Hence, employee relations effectiveness plays vital role to create organization's positive atmosphere, which is helpful achieve targets and maintain a great position in competitive market.


Key areas of employment legislation

Employment legislation refers as the rights and duties of employees of Burberry. It is useful to provide safety and job security in the workplace (Currie Finn and Martin 2010). It includes rights of employees for example, deductions, keeping records, vacation pay, hours of work, meal break, resolving conflicts and also provides insurance facilities as car insurance, health insurance and different kinds of life insurances. Some of the main key areas of employee legislation can express as:-

  • Health and safety at workplace:- Burberry provides facility to its employees regarding health and security by providing several facilities as health insurance and job security. It reduces risks to health and provides facilities of personal protective and safe. It is beneficial to have rest breaks during the working days and during working week, it is useful to to have time off from work.
  • Equal opportunity act:- Employment legislation as HR strategy, is useful to provide equal opportunity to each and every employee of Burberry. Company provides equal rights to opportunity to use and act in equal form (Booth and van Ours, 2013). All employees of same level of management work can grab the opportunity and take advantages of legislation rules and regulations in equal form.
  • Employee welfare facility:- Burberry's HR strategy is helpful to welfare of employees regarding security and safety needs of employees. Some rules and regulations are to be provided by company to its employees, which is helpful for employees and organization's growth as well.

Task 2


According to the given scenario, South wood is following a single recruitment method for advertising all teaching position in a specialist newspaper.  The HR manager reviewed that company the selection method and it came to know that some inappropriate candidates have been hired. So this method of recruiting need to be avoided for this purpose developing a portfolio with following document that are discussed below

Job role for teaching position: There are many responsibility of teacher in school that are need to be have a teacher, so that they can work more effectively in school.


Day to day activities includes

  • Preparing and Delivering lessons to range of classes of different age and abilities
  • Teacher need to research on new topic and maintain up to date subject knowledge
  • It also need to select a huge range of different equipment and learning resources.
  • Managing a behavior of person in classroom and take a appropriated action in case of misbehavior
  • Regular communication with parents if any student not regular come in class and if give poor performances.

Job description:

Overall function

  • To teach the students according to guideline provided by the Southwood school under the overall guideline of the education authority.
  • According to the educational needs and abilities it is required to teach students.

Main responsibility:

  • In the main responsibility it covers the planning and deliverer a lesson to all students in the class.
  • Check home work and class work of students daily to make sure that they are completing their work on time.
  • Keep all the record and report on the development and behavior of students.

Person specification:





Status of teacher it should be qualified.

Post graduated are required for the higher class students


Experience of 2 to 3 years class teacher should have

In addition teacher must have experiences of teaching all primary age students

Knowledge and understanding

Class teacher should have proper knowledge of theory and clearly understood individual need of children in study.

Experienced of 3 to 4 years and handle any type of students

Job advert :

Requirement of graduated teacher for the Southwood school.

  • Experienced holder- 3 to 4 years
  • Salary : 8000 to 9000
  • working hour: to
  • Interview time : to
  • contact number: 45857385474


Comparison between job specification and job description in the selection and recruitment process of Southwood school


Job description

Job specification


Job description is a written statement, in which detail of major requirements of a vacant position.

The statement in which explain the minimum eligibility of for a specific job is given is called job specification.

What is it

In this detail is given of what the person will do when it selected for job

This express what an applicant must have eligibility for getting selected.

Prepared form

Analysis of job

Brief description of job



Job holder

Comprises of

Salary, working hour, responsibility pace of work, designation and reporting authority

Experience, knowledge, age, abilities, skill etc.

There are some following major differences job description and job specification. In the job description responsibility, duties, and scope are particular job is fully described while in Job specification there is minimum qualification required for the performing in a particular job is only describes (Knowles,  Holton III and Swanson, 2014). In job description whole job related key describes while in  job specification is only given a description of job holders.

Recruitment is difficult task because there is many activities are include in this in which first activities is job analysis after that interview is conducted by different method such as through survey and questionnaire.


Different way of identifying a potential  capable employees screen applicants. It is necessary to screen the potential candidates through the following steps

  • Review resumes and cover letters: At the time of screen candidates it is required to firstly   Review the resumes. At the time of reading a resumes it is necessary to keep eye on the skills, education and and relevant experiences that which match the vacant position. Further see the last three years experiences.  In the cover letter which give a first impression on the person writing style and their ability that is cover letters must be clear and concise and there should be no grammar mistake.
  • Conduct a video or phone interview:  after reviewing a video and phone interview than screen the candidates by video or phone call. In this screening process there is two purpose. to see that candidates is active and available for answering their question any time or not (Booth and van Ours, 2013). Candidates communication skill and ability to answer the question cane be screened through phone call.  Candidates skilled can be easily identifies and how much it is serious for its job can be recall through a phone interview.
  • Identifying a top candidates: After completing a screening interview it is ready to sort the candidates in which following steps three steps. Shortlisted  three candidates out of five for review and hiring managers (Koh and Sebelius, 2010). Provide recommendation and insights to the hiring managers. Then top candidates is selected for the organization and training facility is provided to them so that they can help company in success.


From the above report it can be concluded that there are various recruitment method but the Burberry recruitment method is most effective. By providing training and development facility to the employee is increase the productivity if the company and employee also motivates toward their work. Employee are provided flexibility in working hour and work form home facility. So that employee can not get dissatisfy from the job and stay for longer period of time. Further it can be concluded that through proper planning and organizing daily work in organization can be arranged. Job specification is the best way of recruiting a employee, in which full description of the job detail. It help in hiring a best candidates for working in the organization


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