Human Resource Management in Hilton Hotel


HRM is strategic approach that is used in overall effective management of workers working in an organisation. HR department of any type of organisation is responsible for designing overall structure of organisation so that productivity of employee can be increased to certain level. In hospitality industry role of HRM is slightly different as as from allocation of resources to managing various aspects working and managing people includes (Glendon, Clarke and McKenna, 2016). Hilton hotel is an American hospitality company that gives full and flagship services to their customer. There are more then 500 hotels and resorts in almost 85 different countries. In present report different roles and purpose of HRM are highlighted. Furthermore, an HRM plan is made on the basis of supply and demand. Along with this, current state of employees in Hilton Hotel, impact of legislations on employment policy and importance of training sessions are also describing.

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1.1 Role and purpose of HRM in Hilton hotel

Human resource management is the most important function of a company which helps in running business in more appropriate manner. HR managers in this regard, perform various functions related to manage workplace. It includes recruitment and selection, training and development, reward, compensation etc. In context with hotel industries, organisations deal in this sector, are considered as one of the fastest growing companies in world. This industry is such diverse that people can work in different areas of interest. Hilton hotel provides various types of services to their guest and customers (Fulton and et. al., 2011). overall emerging trend of hospitality industries also helps in making foreign exchange and developing economical growth of a country.

There are several roles of an HR managers starts for allocating resources to various department or to handle issue regarding behaviour and ethics. hospitality industry is blessed with various opportunities but also suffers from high employee turnover and also deals with change in technology. As this hospitality business is in demand and there are  various types of desire in among customer so role of HR also changes from time to time based of various types of activity.

Functions of HRM

Human resource manager has overall expertise in general business and overall management skill. In smaller organisation HR managers deals with all types of management function such as administrative matters, operational matter etc. But regardless to size and department function HR manager should have such skills that can helps in making each and every function properly. several roles and responsibilities of an HR manager are as follows

Training and development- HR manager of Hilton hotel provides timely training program and helps in improving skill of an employee. Through training and development programme areas where improvement can be done are identified. By having seminars and various workshop skill of a worker can be improved to  certain level and overall planning of succession can be drawn by HR managers of  Hilton hotel. various types training program are developed by HR manager of organisation accordingly to priority. Hence training always growth and development of company as well employees working in it.

Recruitment and selection- In HR department of  Hilton hotel hiring of new employees in done by Human resources manager of an organisation (Daley, 2012). For example in Hilton hotel  overall knowledge of shortage of employees in hotel industries then manager of hotel should have skill to develop overall strategies so that company can retain employee as well can maintain level of staff in current level.

Employees relation- To maintain healthy environment  with in an organisation is another responsibilities of HR manager in an organisation (Human resource management, 2016). healthy relation ship between employees always helps in building working environment more impactful towards work. This also ensure safe working area where worker can work without any type of concern. In  Hilton hotel HR managers always tries to ensure that create safe working environment this helps in bringing up trust level of an employee towards  image of company.

Purpose of HRM

In Hilton Hotel, the main purpose of HRM practices like recruitment and selection, training and development, etc. is to increase productivity of workplace. Through such process, managers can entail workers and other staff members about how to provide effective services to customers. By applying different practices such as employee relations, managers can develop strong relationship among staff members and bring cooperation in them. This would help in increasing efficiencies of business because if employees work in healthy environment then they can give high contribution in achievement of goals and objectives.

1.2 HRM Plan based on supply and demand of service industries

In Hilton hotel is organising party famous business corporates people that organisation has planned to develop recruit and select various employee for particular event. so HRM of company decided that there will be need of almost 100 office boys that can work for 4 to 5 hours for several days  purpose of serving various types of dishes to guest as well as handling different services regarding hygiene of place for three to four days.

5 manager are required to handle 20 of office boy each and one HR manager is required who can guide 5 of manager regarding duties that have to performed (CHUANG and Liao, 2010).

Here party duration would be of 4 to five hours where all corporate and business person will come and thing that would be needed as a resources in party.

Recruitment and selection – Recruitment is of office boys is done by lower level management  of organisation where all common ethics and general communication is required for post of office. educational background is limited as there is no need of degree for this post.

Procedure of selection – Overall committee of two people is required to select right candidates for right job. Generally ethics and behavioural and way of talking is considered for selection of candidate. general vocal interview is taken where life background is taken to consideration while hiring  of an  employee.

Compensation – Allowances, dress code and travelling charges are given to selected candidates in process of interview. Meal after working hours is also given to employee.

Training- Short term training regarding how to address guest while receiving them into hotels. Welcoming guest with various type of starter in initial stages.

Performance appraisal- Overall performance of individual is calculated. appraisals are done to recognise effective performer. Awards and rewards are given in for there best of performances this also helps in boosting performance and staying motivated towards work.

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2.1 Current state of employees relation in Hilton hotel

As hotel industries is reaching to newer heights, current survey done by commercial property expert Savoy Stewart has revealed that UK has confirmed at least 34 % of supply of construction industry (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017). news has also confirmed that by specialists that there would be almost 21000 of new room would be available at end of year 2018. This also helps in booming hospitality industry in United kingdom.

Seeing in recent years, there are almost 14000 rooms are under construction where as London has highest no of room under construction. Hilton hotel also gaining profit and tries to expand their business in different location.

After Brexit, UK is being separated from European union, company firstly Hilton hotel had a fall down in business. Due to several implication and legislation being member of European union. Hilton hotel was unable to make proper growth of business due to several restriction. But after separation, healthy and good policies made by government of United kingdom makes growth of business.

Taxation policy of UK government has been revised and due to which benefits are  observed while expanding business in various location of world (Shuck and Wollard, 2010). As in Hilton hotel business is growing from day to day so various training and development program are also there to gain high performance working environment in working process of organisation. This also helps in gaining overall competitive advantage over rival industry in same field of working.

2.2 Impact of employment law in decision-making procedures of Hilton Hotel

Employment law is a field of legislation that rules relationship of employer and employee. If an organisation has more than one personnel then it uses laws of employment. This field of laws involves state laws as well as federal laws and includes various subjects with common objective to protect against rights of workers (Importance of HRM practices in an organisation, 2018). These laws help employees in preventing discrimination, promoting security and health, create a certain level for economic support and preventing disturbance in work which occurs because of conflicts between  management and labour.  A HR manager helps in ensuring that  employees are getting protected by laws of employment and enjoy their rights within an organisation. Employment law that affects management of human resources in Hilton hotel are mentioned below.

Health and Safety Act, 1992: This law states that employee working within an  organisation must be provided with a safe working environment. It also includes safety needs of employees and includes  broad concept  on basic health of  employees and welfare for safety of employees (Schuler, Jackson and Tarique, 2011). This act includes two main legislation which are Factory Act 1948 which means to protect employees against safety of factory and another law is Sexual Harassment of  Women at Work place Act 2013, that look forward to protect incident which took place in organisation of sexual harassment. In Hilton hotel, these acts are used to gives employees benefits to their health and safety needs within workplace.

Data Protection Act 1998: This Act states that information of organisation and employees are between each other and it should not be leaked out outside organisation. main aim of this Act is to  protect individual regarding any misuse of details of them. In Hilton Hotel, this law states that details given by employee during time of interview are kept within organisation and should be leaked to outer public.

Equality: This Equality Act constitutes of three more acts within it Sex discrimination Act, 1975; The Race Relation Act, 1976 and Equal Pay Act, 1976. These acts ensures that employees within organisation are treated equal and ensures that there is no discrimination between employees related to their race or gender.  employee should get wages or salary according to their profession and rank and not according to their race, religion or gender. In Hilton Hotel these acts is being implemented to ensure that there is equality among employees and all workforce is treated equally and given fair remuneration.

Employment Act, 2008 : This act states that person is being terminated according to an individual's wish or when one misconducts or do not adhere to rules and regulations of organisation. It also ensures that  minimum wages should be given to employees .wages of employee should be according to hours of working and position of employees.

Current changes in employment law

In UK, some modifications are currently done in Equality Act 2010, according to which it becomes compulsory for both private and public organisations to give report about gender pay gap. The main purpose behind this is to ensure better performance and specify equality aims in organisation. Along with this, some more laws are added in National Minimum Wage Act, according to which, companies have to provide minimum salaries in following manner:-

  • Employees aged over 25 years: £7.50
  • Employees aged 21 to 24 years: £7.50
  • Employees aged from 18 to 20 years: £5.60
  • Workers aged 16 to 17 years: £4.05
  • Apprentices (under 19 years): £3.50

In addition to this, other laws like Heath and Safety Act, Employment Act and others are also changed in some certain manner. Therefore, in this regard, managers of Hilton Hotel is required to create changes as per these laws.


From above report, it has been concluded that human resource is an important factor as it is affecting every aspect of business sector. For running a business successfully, HR managers of a company carried out various functions. It includes hiring best talented workers as per requirement of workers. Furthermore, to make employees able according to business demand, they provide effective training and development program too. In order to gain high contribution of workers, managers also introduce various HR practices like reward and compensation, appraisals etc. Furthermore, it has also analysed from this report that due to changes in employment law, companies have to make modification in its job employment which create various difficulties. 


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