Managing Human Resource


Managing human resource is the process of managing the employees as assets of the business. It includes recruitment and hiring, training, motivation, performance appraisal and many others for the talent acquisition and retention as well. Health and social care organizations have to recruit highly talented and capable workforce for rendering the best care services to cure the diseases. The present project report is based on St Margaret's Nursing Home which aims at delivering best treatment to their patients. The report will identify various factors that are required to be considered by the care home in recruitment process. Moreover, the report will also analyse various strategies to build team-working practices at the workplace. At the end, it will demonstrates various leadership theories and ways through which individual can be promoted for the growth.

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Task 1 Recruitment Process

1.1 Factors that affect the recruitment process of individuals

There are various type of factors which are affect the recruitment process of the health and social care organization these are: organizational objectives, need of the organization, recruitment cost and financial implications and government policies or rules and regulations. It consist of  internal and external factors which are: supply and market, labour market, image of the employer, high unemployment rate and many more. These are the major factor that affect the recruitment process of the management in direct and indirect way(Baum, 2007). Moreover the size of the firm also the main factor in recruiting process like if  the firm planning increases and expand their business so in this case hiring may be more personnel and effective according to the requirement of the firm. Recruitment incur the cost of the employer and firm try to employ that candidate which will bear a low cost of recruitment. Political and social factors directly affect the recruitment process in the way of physical handicapped, scheduled tribes etc. Union regulation can restrict the recruitment sources, while social factors include many factors like change in recent market trend, technology changed moreover it consist demand of the consumer like what is the requirement of the customers and what type of hospitality they want from the firm. In the recruitment planning process HR officer have to know the demand and requirement of the customer and  St. Margaret's Nursing Home firm  as well, and then design the blueprint to recruit the best candidate for the organization. Recruitment is the main process of the  organization so that it have to be  very effective and also the economy affect the recruitment process of the firm so considered the economy factor as well in the process of recruiting. Major issue faced by the firm is the competitors in this factor recruitment policy of the competitor directly affect the policy of firm what they have decide and followed.

1.2 Factors of legislative and policy that affect the recruitment process

In the recruitment process legislative and policy are the main factors in which  management have to know the rules and regulations of the home country London like what type of policy they have followed in the recruiting process. As per the stated scenario, nursing home is facing issues from high staff turnover due to favouritism, unjust treatment, low pay, poor working conditions and many others. In order to overcome these issues, there are following legislations that needs to be adhere by the St. Margaret's Nursing Home, while recruiting and hiring any candidate, presented underneath:

Equality Act, 2010: Equality is the main factor that needs to be followed in selection process and its aim to provide equal opportunities to each individual. Positive approach of diversity is allow to select the best individual for the process and allow to grab the opportunities. Being

Anti-discrimination policy: Anti Discrimination policy  consist age, disability, industrial activity, marital status; these factor directly affect the employment  of the firm, HR management have to follow the anti discrimination policy so that they can recruit more candidate for their firm. They have to make sure that their selection processing is more effectual in compare with the other nursing home processes.

Health and Safety at Workplace: According to this law, it is the responsibility of  St. Margaret's Nursing Home's HR professional to follow health & safety standards and maintain effective working conditions for the employees to safeguard against possible risk. It will allow staff to carry out their responsibility effectively. Safety of the employees and customer is also very important in the workplace and they should provide best kind of hospitality to their customers so for that they improve the growth of the firm.

Data protection Act: In accordance with the legislations, it is the duty of nursing home to maintain privacy and confidentiality of the information of all the applicants involved in the hiring and selection process

1.3 Evaluation of different approaches in the selection of best candidate for the firm

There are various types of approaches in the selection process and different sources like internal sources, external sources and third party sources.

Internal sourcing: In this internal source processing there are many ways to hire a best candidate for the because in the internal source of the hiring process best thing is that there no training is needed for the process and  it is also a loyal and parity among the team members.

External sourcing: It is the main factor in the selection process of St. Margaret's Nursing home in which HR search the best candidate through the external recruitment tools like different job boards, advertisements, or publication and announcements. Employment exchange is the set up which is affiliated to the government and in this section they exchanges the unemployed people  and maintain their record and names in their databases.

Candidate selection: In this process there is main focus on the pre-interview process like candidate have to assure their quality and knowledge  about the Nursing home. Candidate selection is the process in which HR look up for the quality of the applicant and then they hire the best candidate for their organization and it is the main approach in the selection of best candidate.

Task 2 Strategies for building effective team

2.1 Discuss the  theory in relation of team work

St. Margaret's Nursing home is that type of firm where the team work is considered as a strong factor to improve the business growth of it. Team exist where each member work together to achieve their common goal while some teams are highly formal at the workplace an on the other hand there are teams which follows the informal rules like constantly changed and based on interpersonal relationship. There are different ways which are followed by the firm which are discussed below:

Hierarchy:  It is the main structure followed by the St. Margaret's Nursing home and it is the formal behaviour of the team work in which employees are directed by the higher authorities of the management. In this structure they followed the rules and regulation set by the management and behave formally. An informal groups there is no major effect of higher authorities or in this section people come together and interact regularly with the team member so it would be effective for them or firm as well(Becker and Huselid, 2006).

Now discussing  the TUCKMAN'S theory for team work; In this theory there are 4 stages which have to follow by the St. Margaret's Nursing home firm which are: forming, storming, norming, performing. Forming states that member of the team come together and discuss the task and make the strategy accordingly. Storming stage is figure out the the interpersonal issues like polarization and conflicts. After these stages move towards the Norming  stage in which team member understand each other and move gradually. Performing states that each team member comfortable with each other and work efficiently(Lewis and Heckman, 2006).

2.2 Discuss the approach of effective team working

Team-working is the main aspect for the growth improvement of the St. Margaret's Nursing home and various strategies used for the approach of effective team working like common goal, clarity goal, commitment, work as a team and play as a team. Moreover for effective team working , mainly focus on the common goal achievement and team-working is the ordinary factor which plays a significant role in the growth of the firm(Sun, and Aryee, 2007.). Understanding of the thoughts of each member of the team and also clarity is must about the allotted task. Commitment is the main factor in which each team member have to discuss their thoughts with the team members. Effective team working also includes that each team member know the crises of the health and care firm so that they discuss their task accordingly and work efficiently. Apart from that it must be clear that each team member do what they do best for the firm and how it would be helpful for the growth of the organization.

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Task 3 Approaches for managing people

3.1 Leadership theory applied at workplace

At the St. Margaret's Nursing home workplace leadership theory includes various factors like autocratic, democratic and more. In autocratic theory all the task and procedures handled by the higher authorities and they do not include their employees in their decision and set targets, While in democratic theory of leadership there is main focus on the team work like authorities include their employees in each decision making process and also apply the ideas in their decision which are given by their employees. In this leadership theory firm should be applied the effective ideas which are important for the growth of the organization.

3.2 Managing the working relationship

In the firm management of the workforces is the main target in which there are many consequences occurred so HR should have to follow the rules and then apply it on the workplace so because of that working is more effective and relevant. This is the process applied at the management and improve the business growth of the organization.

3.3 Evaluate own development influence by management

Own development influenced by the management and it also consist the part of the strengths and leadership purpose. Creating a new development plan for the firm St. Margaret's Nursing home in which basic leadership theory applied for the own development of the firm. Moreover it includes once you develop your plan for the firm it will get feedback from the HR, mentors and others which are in your network.


From this report it can be concluded that in St. Margaret's Nursing home recruitment and seletion process is the main focusssing factors for the  growth of the firm. Furthermore  it is clear that strategies are very precious for the effective team plan and motivate the each individual. It is also clear that approaches for the managing people for the firm, managing the working relationship.


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