Employability Skills


Employability skills are those skills which are present in the employees. in the present scenario all the employee are working in different sectors to meet their needs and the objectives. For this reason employees requires various types of skills which can make them successful in the long run. In this present report it talks about the Timbacourt which is the fashion clothes for the men and the women. In this report it talks about the team work and the group dynamics that are present in the organisation. Further it gives stress on the problems which are present in the company. Lastly it focuses on the strategies which can solve the problem wh


1.1 Develop set of own responsibility and performance objectives

There are different set of responsibility and the performance objectives which are required in the company. In case of the Timbacourt which is a leading high and fashion clothes for men and women. There are various types of responsibility which are need to asses at the time of working in the company. Even I have set objectives to achieve the organisational goal.

Problem solving skills- In case of the problem solving skills I am not good at it. As it takes time for me to solve the problems of all the employees. It is my responsibility to resolve the problems of the employees (Andrews and Russell, 2012). With that it will help to increase the performance of the manpower which will assist in achieving the sales target.

Team working- This is the quality that is needed in achieving the goals of the objectives. Even this is my responsibility to encourage the employees work as a team in the Timbacourt. With the help of team working I want to expand the business and open a new store in the UK. This is only possible when there is team working in this organization (Durrani and Tariq, 2012).

1.2 Evaluate own effectiveness against the defined objectives

The main objective of the Timbacourt is to expand its market as well as reduce the grievances which are occurring in the company. According to my effectiveness I am capable in achieving increment in sales. This is because I have good leadership skills which can motivate the employees to achieve the targets easily. The problem which has been raised is of the problem skills which I am lacking. Besides another objective which is set for the Timbacourt is that to expand the business and open a new store in the UK. According to this I posses good communication skills which is beneficial in the company as because of this it has become easy to satisfy the employees (Gary,2011). Even with the help of communication skill employee have become more efficient and there is reduction in misunderstanding this has provided the employee to work effectively. This has made Timbacourt successful organisation and had made easy for us to expand the business. With these qualities it will become easy to achieve the target in the stipulated period of time and besides this the target will be achieved efficiently. But still there are some of the improvements are needed to achieve the performance objectives.

1.3 Recommendations for improvement

There are quite a number of improvements which are needed in the Timbacourt so that the problem which has been faced by the company can be solved easily. The major problem is the team work. In case of the individual targets they are achieved by the employees but at the time of teamwork conflict arises which hinders in the functioning of the employees (Lussier and Achua, 2009).  To avoid these kind of problem several activities are introduced in the company that are executed at the free time which help the manpower to create a powerful bonding between them. Even the training sessions which were introduced can be changed with the games activity. These will create enjoyment for all the human resource and with that enjoyment they will be able to learn. Besides these activities there is need to reduce the grievances which are raised in the Timbacourt Company. Management can see to the working of the employees and ask them the problems that are faced by them. This will make them more satisfy with the job that they are doing and even the problems taht are faced by them will be reduced easily. These are the recommendations which can be followed in the company to achieve the objectives as well as the targets (Rao, 2014).

1.4 How motivational technique can improve the quality of performance in Timbacourt

There are several techniques which can be used to improve the quality of the performance. In case of Timbacourt it is essential to increase the motivational level of the employees. Increase in motivation of the human resource will help in increasing the quality of the performance (Rosenberg, Heimler and Morote, 2012). The techniques that can be used in the organisation are employee input in this kind of technique supervisor can provide the employee with input in the specific areas or on the particular task. This will encourage the employee to achieve more and even learn more from its supervisor. This increases the motivational level and after the input given by the supervisor it will achieve the target by improving the quality of its working. Goal setting is also a motivational technique which helps to motivate the employees which assists in increasing the quality of the performance. In this case employees are given objective or the goal which they have to fulfil according to that the accomplishment of goal they are given the incentive (Trought,2011). This makes the employees successful as well their quality of the work is enhanced.


2.1 Develop solutions to work based problem

The work based problems are the major problems which hinders in achieving the objectives of the organisation. The major problem in the Timbacourt is that of the team work as well as the grievances of the employees. Besides this the major problem that has risen in the present time is of the decrease in the employee performance because of the work load that has come in the organization. The solutions that can solve the work based problem is that to increase the quality of the employees the management can give compensation on the work which are done by the human resource (Vallaster,2005).This will enhance the quality of the work as well as keep the manpower satisfies. Besides that to improve the team work a group of employees can be made with that they should be given the goal which they want to achieve according to that incentive should be attached. So the employees will try to achieve the objective within the time period. This will increase the efficiency as well as help in increasing the team building among the manpower.

2.2 Communication in variety of styles at all the appropriate level

In case of the Timbacourt which has established its online business it needs to communicate with the employees effectively in the organization, all the outcomes are met. By opening the online business the levels of the human resource has been increased in the company so it has become very essential to select the means of communication work effectively in the company. There are different means of communication taht are designed at diverse level. To communicate at the management level emails can be used to give the information regarding any problem (McGurk, 2010).At the management level strategic designs are made so it is easy to communicate with the e-mail. The opposite is the case of the lower level of the employees. They means that is used to communicate with them can be through notices, announcement as the information that are communicated to them are generally the work that they have to do. The levels of the employees who are at that level are many in number so it becomes easy to communicate with them. In case of the middle level of mangers in the Timbacourt the communication means that can be used to communicate the strategy with those employees are through the meetings as well as through the notices. This helps in communicating them the message effectively.

2.3 Identify the time management strategies

There are different types of the time management strategies which are adopted by the organisation. In case of the Timbacourt the appropriate technique which is useful in this organization is:

Recording and scheduling- Recording helps in better understanding of the task as with the recording and scheduling all the task is completed in the time frame. Basically this technique hells me to arrange the task as per the requirement. With the help of scheduling the assignment and the work given to employees are managed properly. Because of this only time is divided according to the activity (Cassidy,2006).

Planning- There has to be predefined plan before starting the task. As planning helps to divide the time accordingly and even i need to know what steps are taken to achieve the time. This helps in reducing the wastage of time and all the work is done in the right direction (3 Simple Strategies for Better Time Management. 2015). In case of the Timbacourt were the company is selling the fashion product so the main task is to satisfy the customers with the services which are provided by the employees. So for this task there has to have proper planning so that the efforts are not wasted.

Prioritization- This is the best time management strategy which is adopted by an individual person. In this organization there are different works which has to be done by the employee so the human resource can categorize work according to their priority (Robinson, 2006).In this case I do the work which is important and then all the other work is done. So for me it helps to manage the time even the task is completed in the effective time period.

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3.1 The roles that are played in the team and how they help to achieve the targets

In case of the Timbacourt as it has established its business so there are several roles which are played by the different employees to achieve the objectives. In the online business all the employees have to work as a team only because of this they can achieve the results.  There is a marketing team which helps to market the products as all the advertisement and the schemes are made by them. Further these are displayed by the employees of IT on the online site. If the advertisement are not made properly it will not attract customers ad even if it is not uploaded correctly it will convey wrong message to the consumers (Okpara And Wynn, 2008).So they have to work in team and trust each other so that they can achieve the results properly. To manage all these activities there is a team leader who sees and governs the function which has been carried out in the Timbacourt. His work is to guide the employees and motivate them to do the work effectively. Even the individual is the one who sees that all the things are done in the correct manner. Even in case of any problem arises his duty is to solve them. All the employees who are important in the team work as with their efforts only the all the goals are achieved. Especially in case of the online business one person is not able to attain the objective since it needs diverse speciality in different areas.

3.2 Analyse the team dynamics in the Timbacourt

I have played several roles in the team work along with the group dynamics at the time when various task were assigned and we have to complete these task in the stipulated period of time. Some of the important roles that are played are:

Coordinator- At the time of the task given to us i played the role of the coordinator in the Timbacourt. The work of the coordinator is to mange all the activities as well as informs and communicates effectively the task to all the team members. The group has dynamic characteristics as well as the duties assign to them are also different (Warner, 2010). So it helped me a lot as it gained my confidence as well as at that time I came to know that I posses the leadership skills. In case of working as a team an individual has to play diverse kinds of role at the time of perusing the task.

Resource investigator- Recently I played a role of the resource investigator where I have to communicate with the other members properly and achieve the desired results. At the time of doing task there has to have proper communication between the members so that misunderstanding are not created which can lead to ineffective results (Hall, 2002 ).
Group dynamics is basically the different roles that are played by the employees to meet the task as well as the objective and the goals of the company.

3.3 Alternative ways to complete tasks and to achieve the team goals

The most important aspect in completing the task is that it should be completed within the time frame as well as the method that is used is very cost effective. There are ways in which the task can be completed and even the team can be achieved

Monitoring- To complete the task in the Timbacourt monitoring is very important because it helps to see the working which has been going on in the company. Basically in this company it assists in judging the current performance of the employees as well as in the ways in which it is meeting the organisational goal (Durrani and Tariq,2012).  Through judging of the current performance it will help The Company to make the training programme according to the needs and requirement of the human resource. Management can find put the deviations which are taken place at the time of working.

Review meetings- These meetings are very helpful in the reviewing the performance of the employees. In the Timbacourt Company the meetings can be held at the proper time so taht if the employees have any doubt in the process which has been carried out in the company is solved. This assist in seeing the position of the goals which are to be achieved by the company (Rao, 2014). Superior and the management can even provide with the feedbacks so that all the actions are directed in the right direction.


4.1 Tools and methods for developing solutions to the problems

There are different types of methods that can be used to develop the solutions for the problems. In case of the Timbacourt the problem it has been facing is grievances problem as well as lack of team spirit in the employees. In the present scenario the technique that can be adopted to solve the problem is to analyse the situation. To solve the grievance problem it is important to analyse the situation and find out the reason why it has emerged. This will help to find the right solution and even thee would be no partiality would be occurred since all the terms will be met (EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS. 2015).Besides this the best technique to develop the solution in the Timbacourt is effective communication between the employees and the management. Half of the problems are solved through communication. Another technique in developing the solution is to choose the best solution which satisfies all the employees and besides that it benefits most of them.

4.2 Appropriate strategy to resolve the quality issue in the Timbacourt Company

Strategy that is to be adopted to solve the issue of the quality is the monitoring strategy. Even n case of enhancing the quality of the fashion product tolls and technique of the quality management is to be adopted like six sigma, TQM techniques etc. but in the short time and the cost effective technique is the monitoring of the employee.  With the proper monitoring on the process of in the selling of the product and the services given by the employees will help the manger to analyse and identify the problem which is occurring in the Timbacourt. Through this it will help the management to the appropriate solution that can improve the quality of the services which are rendered by the employees of the company. Even to improve the quality effective training is the good option for the employees (Okpara And Wynn,2008). Training provides them with the correct guidance and the method which helps to enhance their services. This strategy is the best strategy which will benefit the organisation as well as the employee in the present time s well as in the future also. The company has to adopt the technique because o the quality of the service all the profit and future expansion is dependent.

4.3 Potential impact on business of implementing the strategy

There are both positive as well as negative impacts on the organisation. If any of the change comes in the process or the working pattern it has positive impact on the firm but sometimes on the employees it affect negatively. The change in establishing the online business had positive impact o the business. At the time of implementing the strategy on Timbacourt it will have positive impact on the business as the quality of the services will be enhanced that will attract more customers as well as will also increase the brand image of the customers. But in case of monitoring presently employee would be resistance to change because in the past they were doing the work according to their own way (Trought,2011).  But now there are leaders to command them. Initially the change will be not accepted easily but at the mean time it will become the part of the process. In the starting the productivity can be decreased of the employees but still in long run it will be beneficial.

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From this report it can be concluded that there to do the duties and the responsibilities there has to panning so that all the actions are directed in the right way. Timbacourt is successful because it manages the work easily and even satisfies their employee by adopting the motivational technique. Further there are several strategies that are incorporated in the company to achieve the long term success as well as to attain competitive advantage over the other competitors firm.


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