Different Types of Management Style of Thomas Cook and TUI


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Organization Selected : Thomas Cook and TUI


In present time organisation management is become one of the critical issues for hospitality sector. For the developing manager to carry out roles and responsibilities is become stressful as because they have to fulfil the expectation of may people who are working with them in order to get recognition (Armstrong, 2011). Thomas cook is known as the travel and tour company which is considered for the present report and it is one of the leading firms in all over the world. The present research will cover various task that incorporated different types of management style. Along with this, organizational culture and change in selected businesses will be analyses. Apart from this, the way own managerial and personal skills will support career development will be explained.

Task 1

1.1 Compare different management styles

In modern era, travel and tourism is known as one of the fastest growing industries in the world. There are different agents who act for selling various tourism services and products to customers. Two major firm who are operating in travel and tourism sector are Thomas Cool and TUI. They both possess different management styles which are as follows:


Thomas Cook


Management style

Thomas Cool management style is coercive in which managers of the firm take charges and do not involve other in their opinion and decision-making process.

TUI has adopted active management style. Under this style manager of the firm fund portfolio is managed by the firm. Many times complex situation occur in which firm use to applied contingency approach in which manager lead to behave in different manner as per the situation.

Managers task

In this manager of the firm lead to give strict command to their workers and they should obey it.

Manager used to make purchase of undervalue stocks for utilising inefficient market.


For employees it is important to follow all the rules and regulation (Vaioleti, 2016).

For employees there is no restrictions and they were provided flexibility in working.


No freedom for workers

Employees can work freely as per their own way.

Moral support

Manager put pressure on employees for completing the work which make them demotivated

Manager focus on quality of work, so they used to motivate employees for working.

Time period

Due to work pressure employees switch to other company (Perrin, 2010).

Employees satisfaction level is high and they remain attached with the firm.



Manager of the firm used to make improvement in the employee’s performance, well disciplined and threats are considered.

In TUI manager used to control the negative behaviour of employees so that they can work in an effective manner.

1.2 Discuss leadership characteristics

A leader is known as the person who reflect the positive attitude and have different qualities to become a good leader. It leads to bring out best efforts ad assist in accomplishing betterment of the firm. Different companies used different types of leadership characteristics to carry out their work. Here below is provided comparison between Thomas Cook and TUI leadership styles that are as follows:

Empowerment of members: Empowering the worker's methods giving them a specific level of independence and obligation regarding basic leadership. Autocratic leadership implies that unique the principle pioneer has the expert to take choice about others though the other two classifications take the other firm individuals likewise in account while settling on choice. Thomas Cook is as of now following democratic style of authority in which every single choice includes see purpose of each and every part to accomplish wanted go for improvement of association in this way presenting new plans and plans (Jorgensen, 2012). While going to the TUI gathering, it takes after the autocratic style as a result of gap among various divisions which influence the organization's development.

To have wide spectrum of information: leader should have wide range of data identified with undertaking and without genuine data, gradual addition and solidarity among different specialists couldn't be made. Thomas Cook since it is internationally perceived the pioneers are exceptionally careful in interfacing with clients and representatives prompting accomplishment of innovative approach. Because of absence of correspondence among various levels of TUI, data isn't traded among the representatives that influence the leader choice (Hsu and Tsai, 2015).

1.3 Evaluate communication processes in selected businesses

The transfer of information from sender to receiver is known as the channel of communication. There are different way of communication which can be adopted by company. Such as mail, fax, email etc. different types of firm use to various communication methods. (Meeks and Culp , 2011). Thomas Cook used to follow top and down communication method., under this higher authority used to directly communicate with the employees who worked at the lower level.

Formal communication: While imparting message certain tenets, traditions and standards are taken after. In this, right elocution is required and utilization of foul dialect is stayed away from (Han and Kim, 2010).

Informal communication: Slang words, foul dialect isn't confined in the casual correspondence. It's only an easygoing talk among known ones.

In Thomas Cook, higher specialists exchange their message by means of phone, fax, email, and so on to their representatives. To get positive answer and to comprehend the message effectively, the goal of the correspondence ought to be clear at the season of sending data. To get the perspectives from representatives, a formal gathering is sorted out by the directors after the death of message through every one of the levels. Representatives give imaginative thoughts and additionally their criticism to the manager. Techniques are made by higher experts to comprehend issues looked by the representatives at work put. This procedure helps in getting inventive thoughts and in addition in building great relations with the workers which by implication helps in enhancing execution of the referred to association. Level correspondence process is executed by the referred to firm to facilitate with their workers all the more viably (Kotler, 2011).

On the other side, TUI used downward communication method within the firm. In this higher authority pass message to the department heads and further department head lead to pass then to the workers who work at lower level. Employees used to follow the instruction given by manager and there is no direct communication between higher level authority and employees.

Hence, it is analysed that both the firm have different process of communication which is followed by them. Both are different but effective in respect to carry out business activities in an effective manner.

1.4 Analyse organisational culture and change in selected businesses

Ever organisation has different sets of values, culture and beliefs. It is important that employees get satisfied and they become loyal for company. For, Thomas cook one of the most important thing is to have effective organisational culture. It leads to help in accomplishing the aims and objectives of the firm in an effective manner. In respect to provide quality services to customers company used traditional methods. To new and existing employees regular training facility is provided by the firm. It leads to make employees familiar toward the firm. Along with this training facility help in continuous improvement of the firm. For carrying out the flow of communication in an effective manner with customers it is important for higher authority to work on employees working efficacy. It assists in delivering quality services to the travellers in a effective manner (Fraser-Arnott, 2014).. Along with this, Thomas Cook used to take suggestion from their customers in respect to make improvement in their tour package. For the firm, customers are main assets which used to keep satisfied. Communication is required to be done with the employees before making changes in tour packages. Hence, it leads to increase the retention rate of employees and the entity provided positive results through their culture. On the other side, TUI group used to follow pragmatic culture in which higher authority lead to involve identified of customers needs and wants (Su, 2015). New technologies were adopted by the firm in order to well manage the relationship with customers. Along with this, organisational working efficiency is used to improved with the support of this culture.

Task 2

2.1 Assess own management skills performance

Clayton Crown Hotel London is known as the well-known brand of Dalata Hotel group. Within the firm being as an assistant manager it is important for me to possess a certain set of qualities and skills which assist in better growth. In order to work in an effective manner for me it is important to possess different management skills which are as follows:

Communication skills: For a systematic functioning of the firm it is important for assistant manager to possess a good communication skill. While working as a assistant manager within the Clayton Crown Hotel London, I have to deal with customers and head of departments. Therefore, it is important for me to develop my communication skills such as listening, speaking writing etc. However, my speaking skill is good due to this reason I am conformable in carrying out presentation among employees.

Time management skills: To work on the post of assistant manager it is important for me to manage all the work on time. I also need to travel in order to deals with investor and to manage other official work. To do this all things it is important to have some time management skills which I already posses. For me it is easy to manage all the task within the allot time without getting a bit stresses due to workload. Despite this I am able to conquer over this in well mannered.

Problem solving skills: As an assistant manager various problems occur within the Clayton Crown Hotel London and employees used to come to me for solving them. For me it is important to handle all the problems with the positive attitude without any biased. Through solving other problems, I get chances to develop my own knowledge.

2.2 Analyse personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

SWOT analysis is divided into two part that is internal and external. In this, strength and weakness come in internal and threat and opportunities are considered in the external. For me internal are more challengeable as compared to external.

SWOT analysis


  • With the help of my effective communication skills I can easily coordinate with employees and customers. this lead to help me in improving the profit of the firm at high extent.
  • I can easily make effective strategies for the complex situations and easily forecast upcoming situation which can be faced by Clayton Crown Hotel London 


  • My time management skill is not effective enough to manage all types of work.
  • One of another weakness is that I used to take time in making decision and most of the time not able to make right decision.


  • I could have carried out my further studies to enhance my knowledge and skills.
  • I have great experience in the hotel management i due to which I get high salary package from various reputed organisation.


  • In respect to carry out m higher studies I need to leave my job and focuses on my studies.
  • due to ineffective time management skills and writing skill I could be easily expel from the firm anytime.

2.3 Set and prioritise objectives and targets to develop own potential

While working as an assistant manager in Clayton Crown Hotel London I need to manage different type of task in an effective manner in order to show my confidence in different situations. Here below are the factors that can help me to accomplish my goals.

To build own potential:

  • It is essential for me to stay updated with the new technologies which are used at present within the firm.
  • In respect to work as an assistant manager it is important to know about previous case studies related to the business (Lindlof, and Taylor 2017).
  • I should take actively participation in different training program so that I can develop my knowledge and skills.

Display of confidence and effective handling of different task is required to be reflect by me in the Clayton Crown Hotel London. Here below are my objectives:

  • Makin improvement in working efficiency and motivate employees.
  • To meet the deadline
  • To maintain strong relations with high level department of Clayton Crown Hotel London.

In respect to improve my knowledge related to the new technologies I need to read articles attained training session. It will help me in developing knowledge related to the use of new technologies. Further, I should learn to handle multiple task on time and it can be done through prioritising the task. Through reading different case studies, I can easily learn the way of working and making effective decision within the firm. Hence, making improvement lead to improve my working efficiency and I can easily manage al the work within the firm on time in an effective manner. I can make a right decision which can help in carrying out business operations in an effective manner.

Task 3

3.1 Lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective

Working in a Frankie & Benny's restaurant it is analyses that focal point of the restaurant is to deliver quality services to the customers in order to increase the income of the firm. In order to deliver quality services for chef it is important to motivate its kitchen staff which help in regular delivering of quality services (Siddiqi, 2012). Chef required to set time duration and objectives so that important task can be accomplished on time. However, manager can provide reward to its staff member for achieving the target. Here, below are different motivation of the team that are as follows:

  • Effective communication:To motivate employees it is important to keep regular flow of communication between employees and higher authority.
  • Fair policy: Policy which are implemented within the firm should be fair and as per accordance to the employee’s welfare which lead to motivate them.
  • To share vision with every employees: Vision of the company should be share with employees so that they get motivated and work accordingly.
  • Opportunities to grow: if firm provide any opportunity then it leads to motivate employees to work hard for the firm for growth of their own (Ravallion, 2010).
  • Healthy competition: through creating a positive competition environment the firm can easily encourage its employees to work hard.
  • Challenging task: at the time when higher authority provides challenging task to their employees then it help in making improvement in skills of employees.
  • Objective of the team: The high-level department can easily lead to guide their employees through creating objectives for the team (Marquardt, 2011).

3.2 Justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goal or objective and recommendations for improvements

In order to make operational and functional process of the firm effective there are different types of decision which manager of the firm is required to be taken. In order to manage services and products, Frankie & Benny's restaurant used to make following key decisions that are as follows:

Building relationship: One of the major issue is known as the ineffective services delivered to the customers by Frankie & Benny's restaurant. Therefore, to abolish this relation with the management and employees play important role to complete the task in an effective manner. Here, firm need to conduct meeting and get together of the staff. It lead to aids understanding of the values ad behavior of all the team members. Along with this, proper coordination and empowerment of staff is essential (Hales and Rabey, 2011).

Improving the quality of employees: To ensure that employees deliver quality of product and services firm can easily conduct brainstorming session for staff members. It assists in increasing the thinking ability and knowledge of the employees. Along with this, users a can provide innovative ideas to employees. Hence in order to deliver quality services this managerial decision is effective enough for the firm.

Strategic planning: In order to carry out organisational development and implementation of plan for operational activities is one of the significant. To plan all the activities, it is important to plan all the activities and assign roles and responsibilities in an effective manner. Through reviewing the past organisation activities company can easily identify their issues and make improvement accordingly. Further, in respect to increase income, manager of the firm need to develop the systematic process of the firm which lead to avoid misunderstanding in employees and they carry out their task in an effective manner

Task 4

4.1 Explain how own managerial and personal skills will support career development

Career development plan lead to help and support the managerial and personal skills of employees. I can make improvement in my various personal and managerial skills that are as follows:

  • Listening skills- This is one of the effective skills which enable me to understand issues faced by patients. Therefore, this leads to develop trust and confidence in patients over the services provided to them.
  • Decision making skills: There are many situations which take place where right decisions are required to be made. Decision-making skills provide me various alternatives in which one is selected (Meek, 2016).
  • Communication skills: The communication skill is that which help in communicating information in an effective manner. It helps in creating strong relationship between employees and patients.

Skills To Be Developed








Skill Development



Target Date For Completion of Short, Medium or Long Term

Presentation Skills

Communicate fluently

can be improved through coaching classes and seminar presentation

For judging performance feedback can be taken.

20 days

Short term goal



Observation my senior

Can be improved through video performance

Can be improved within 1 year

It is my long term goal

Time Management


Through scheduling task

Reviewing time of completing the work

4 to 5 weeks

Medium term goal


Can delegate work

Through learning from seniors

Through analysing the way goals are accomplished of team on time or not.

Maximum two months

Medium term goal


Not yet any skills

It can be improved through Observing seniors and books

Can be judged through couching training

Required minimum 20 days

Short term goal

Planning and Organising


It can be improved through observing senior

Taking feedback from supervisor

It can be achieved within a month

Medium term goal

Effective Communication

Communicate fluently

Can be improved through reading books

Online test and written test help in judging my skills

Maximum 1 years to improve it

Long-term goal

4.2 Review career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce development plan

The above plan of career development is effective enough for me to accomplish the better communication skills. Through improving my communication skill, I can easily coordinate with the employees. I can easily express my view points to them in a better manner. Further, I improved my time management skills so that each work can be managed by me on time. At present my performance is better then others but I can should focus on teamworking skills so that I can easily delegate works to other accordingly. However, there are many possibilities for me to make improvement in my decision-making skills, and I should improve it earlier. To make more improvement I should attained training session for 15 days. I can easily do interaction with professional who can make effective decision and takt some advice from them. Further I can examine the situation and lead to make correct decision on correct is one of the effective technique to carry out business problems in an effective manner. Hence to make effective decision I need to make improvement in my listening skills. in order to be more successful in life I can focus on improving my leadership skills at some level. However, I feel that my leadership style is at average and I need to make improvement in them. To work in a team, it is important to motivate employees so that they can work in an effective manner. For the betterment of this skill I will lead my team in an effective way. To accomplish that I have to gain some professional skills and I can easily become capable to motivate the team through knowing their needs.


From the above report it is concluded that developing manager lead to play important role in respect to boost the growth and to enlace the efficiency of the firm. For an effective manager it is important to bring changes within the firm through use of skills and knowledge. further it is concluded that there are various types of skills which can be developed through the help of training session and other activity in respect to develop skills for working in the firm.

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