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Managing introduction is the foremost planning tour for the organization. Management factor is another major factor which take care the needs of customers. Moreover, it is another major factor which impact on the behavior of customer satisfaction. Present report based on introduction to management of the imperial hotel which is situated in London. Furthermore, it will discuss about new product and services. Furthermore, it will also cover the importance of management skills or leadership power it will also discuss about issues which is facing by the company. All things are which makes moreover, process it will covers all member facing by the management skills

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Imperial Hotel is the most popular and impressive hotel in the organization. Management is the most important and essential function in the organization (Anderson and, 2015). It is very essential organization which makes company influencing and impacting the overall performance. Due to less monitoring and supervision Imperial hotel. Due to lack of managerial and control they get reduce their staff members and effective process of making. It also making effective process of making Moreover, Due to lack of monitoring of heads of departments it makes negative impression on the behavior of company it will also reduce number of impacting factor. Moreover, another factor of organization makes easy going work in order to make impressive work effectiveness (Anderson and, 2018). Lack of monitoring process is the main cause due to which they get negative impact on the behavior of customers. It will also be getting effect and take negative and impressive, it will also more getting affecting and making good process of working. The main reason behind ineffective process, it will also cover the process of making good impact. Peter Farnworth now sees the gap in good management as an opportunity it will also make opportunity to attract talented manager and leaders in order to attract number of customers. There are some causes due to which hotel facing low staff management and employee turnover. Challenges getting maximum result process.

Poor leadership misleading or lack of vision: it is the first reason due to which imperial hotel facing customer dissatisfaction and employee turnover. Good leaders always guide their staff and employees towards their growth performance. Moreover, another point to be discussing in order to evaluate the cause of the reason. That is low leadership power and influencing factor among employees due to previous manager. A bad leader or manager lead customer as well as employee dissatisfaction in the business environment. Moreover, it will also take care of the needs of effective management skills in order to sustain better leadership environment in the organization. Due to manager having poor lectureship styles or skills due to which all employees are not committed their performance towards the work which creates huge gap between strategy making process (Buono, 2015). Moreover, another ineffective process of working of the previous manager is that they are having low capability to execute strategy. Poor leadership can cause the cognitive gaps between employees.

Poor leadership impacts every area of business: this is the another reason or cause due to which Imperial Hotel facing huge employee turnover, lack of effective work, lack of motivation among staff members and customer dissatisfaction. Besides, Imperial Hotel facing big problem in every area weather it is accommodation, transportation, customer service and food services. Poor monitoring power lead this all dissatisfaction results. It makes environment unclear and spread negativity among all employee members (Berg and, 2015).

Peter Farnsworth’s suggestions

Lead by example

Peter Farnsworth's sees many changes and according to the analyzing process in order to identify the whole process. Besides, they also seeing so many changes and impact full factor due to which it will come out at the time of misleading as per the Peter they see many things in the preemies accordingly they analysis that Hotel is in very bad condition. Due to which they facing low sales and scope (Christopher, Laasch and Roberts, 2016). Many employees and staff members quite the job due to dissatisfaction and some of them left the job due to leaving former manager.

Review monitoring procedures and IT supports

Reviewing process is the best effective process to evaluate the ineffective process. Proper monitoring process is the best source to making ineffective process making which creates. Moreover, another process of making positive environment in the company. Designing monitoring and evaluation process. This is the process to ensure that appropriate and current information is used to review and inform decision making at various stages. With the helps of different software and process Imperial Hotel can easily make proper evaluating process for maintaining positive environment. It makes good impression on the behavior of employees. Moreover, M&E can also help to ensure making good presence of effective management skills. Monitoring process implement the whole process or working criteria in terms of performing task in more effective ways. Monitoring process is also very essential to keep the all requirement things perfect and effective. Evaluation plan is the most required and effective process of making effective management. With the help of effective monitoring process company can easily make efficient process of working. On the other side it also makes process of working in with great task member. Moreover, it wills more powerful and effective process of making good efficient skills. Moreover, another option to identify the effective process of working (Gharib, 2015). Along with that, monitoring process is very useful and effective to accomplish the organization goals and objectives. Moreover, another effective process of making good impression in front of the organization it makes good impression in front of the organization and staff members. Along with that, monitoring with support of IT Company can easily make easily task and implementing process. Moreover, another form of working will ensure that work should be done properly and effective. Monitoring process monitoring activities helps to evaluate process making through which effective working activities. For Imperial hotel it is very require adopting review monitoring process in order to make effective process making.

Incentive supportive management

Incentive supportive management must be required process making which protect the interest of employees (Haddow, Bullock and Coppola, 2017). Moreover, it will also protect the effective process making employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is the foremost service for the organization. It requires the best idea for making organization behavior process. Incentive is the legal right for all employees. In order to get, the employee interest in management activity and reduce employee turnover. Company enhance employee turnover. There are some effects and it makes good behavior and management activity.

Design economic incentives so employees at all levels of an organization can be benefit from them: it is the best process of making employee satisfied and happy it is the common tendency of employees to get happy from good amount of incentives. Imperial hotel will require adopting new policies of effective incentive management in order to provide employee satisfaction (Zada, BaÅŸkaya and Shah, 2017). These processes help to maintained employee motivation and reduce employee turnover.

Respect employees as individual in addition to the job they do: as per the analyzing of management behavior employees left the job because of dissatisfaction and employee motivation along with that peter Farnsworth motivate employees with the help of given full respect and motivation skills (Loughran and, 2016). Moreover, it must be adopted by the organization to sustain the motivation level among employees. Respect helps to enhance employee interest and enhance motivation skills and knowledge. It wills more effective factor organization skills and more impactful for the development of organization.

Empower the individual: Every employee require employee empowerment and productive nature and effective process of working. This process is highly effective and productive process in terms of making imperative process to accomplish employee retention. In according to the measuring process of working it gives great impact on the behavior this is the innovative and productive process of making strong environment in the organization premises.

Devise cross department collaboration

Cross culture collaboration process helps to maintained impressive process making job in order to develop new skills' development. Diverse cultures enhance new productive performances of employees. It also is increasing employee coordination to work together. In order to develop new skills and process making work. Togetherness of work will make coordination among employees (McKenna, 2017). Along with that, it will more productive in nature. Moreover, it will more focus on the organization purpose. Department collaboration provides work together which require new skills and wants. Moreover, another process of working will also influence. For hospitality it is required to work together such as accommodation, transportation and food services. It will make productive and impressive making profit. It will make more impressive and making profit revenue knowledge skills. Along with that, coordination also ensures working productivity and employee performance. For that Imperial Hotel will require organizing group meetings, group discussion for making good relation between employees (.Zada, BaÅŸkaya, and Shah, 2017). It gives new opportunity growth for better customer satisfaction. Positive environment removes employee dissatisfaction and ineffective process of working. Along with that, it will also cover moreover process of making task. Moreover, effective process working reduce negative impact which enhance organization image in the market seniors and getting high sales profit making process.

Further recommendations

From the basis of above section analyzing that due to employee motivation and ineffective making of employee policies all the staff members are quite the job. In the presence of former head of the department many of the staff members are left due to which lack of motivation and negative environment would spread (Shimomura and, 2015). It gives negative impression on the behavior of employee satisfaction. Imperial hotel will require adopting latest organization or employee technique and strategies through which number of staff members has been grown up. Furthermore, it wills more consulting along with that, employee satisfaction is the most required and foremost function for the organization. Further, helps company for having good environment. There are some employee engagement strategies which require adopting by hotel for having good profit or customer satisfaction approach. Employee satisfaction leads better management skills and productive working environment which motivate employees. In according to the case of Imperial Hotel Should require to motivate employees in more productive manner.

Improving employee retention

On boarding and orientation: in this process of working every new hire should get orientation process and should be set up for success from the very start. Job orientation is just one component of on boarding which is very productive for the organization. In which Imperial Hotel needs to express objectives of the organization. This process helps to enhance the motivation and enhancing level (Taylor, Bector, Bhatt, 2015).

Mentoring programmers

Pairing new employees with a mentor is a great idea for on boarding. Mentoring session is the most productive session in which company ensure employee skills and delegate work to them as per their skills and qualification. Mentoring session helps to motivate employees towards new development process (Zada, BaÅŸkaya, 2017).

Employee compensation: it is another strategy which is very significant in order to grab employee satisfaction. Good compensation process makes effective process of making employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction process helps to make good impact on the behavior of customer approach (Ying and Hongcui, 2015). Satisfied employee makes good impression. Moreover, for making employee satisfaction approach Imperial Hotel will require adopting employee compensation for better development process.


From the above section it can be concluded that, management is the potential function will enhance the quality of work and maintained customer satisfaction process. Present report based on introduction to management. It discussed about new skills and management process. It also explained the reasons of poor management and leadership growth. Moreover, management is very much required task for the organization to make perfect impact on the development. It was the effective management goals which provide the best opportunity for the organization. For reducing employee turnover and customer dissatisfaction they need to adopt for making customer service for efficiently.


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