Documentation done by Employer to Select and Recruit a new member in United Parcel Services


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Organization Selected : United Parcel Services


Each and every organisation management require to work and lead people by giving them appropriate instruction and guidance in respect to duties and tasks assigned to them. This help administration to motivate and inspire employees to make them perform tasks effectively; thereby accomplish goals and objectives. Present assignment is based on United Parcel Services which is popular courier company established in UK. This report includes documentation done by employer to select and recruit a new member. Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical considerations in recruitment and selection process. By taking part in selection activities help examine contribution (Reesand French, 2016). This help acknowledge skills and attributes needed for leadership to motivate staff and achieve objectives. Superior assess benefits of team work and overcome their conflicts. Work and development needs of individuals are analysed by seniors to make them success and grow in career.


1.1 Documentation to select and recruit a new member of staff

Human resource is essential part of business which conduct recruitment process to select and provide duties to members to conduct appropriate business operations. In UPS, employer select candidate which have skills and knowledge to produce creative and unique things in according to fulfil demands of people. For this, management uses various tactics and techniques to communicate and inform public and staff about various position that are vacant. This gives opportunity to candidates to apply for job in respect to their qualification and experience. These are various documentation which are done by HR are stated below (Goleman, 2017):

Job description: This document is prepared by employer to specify company, job title, role, responsibilities and other essential details in respect to job. This help UPS to attract applicants by providing them information about post.

Advertisement: This is another tools used by human resource to aware individual about job and its description to grab attention of people.

Approval of recruitment: This is document which is send by employer to give information to candidate about their selection and invite them for interview.

Curriculum Vitae (CV): This is document which includes information about candidate that is name, address, e-mail and other personal details. Along this, education qualification, experience and certificate courses are specified by applicant to help entrepreneur acknowledge their capabilities and select appropriate person (O'Sullivan, Moneypenny and McKimm, 2015).

1.2 Impact of legal, regulatory and ethical in recruitment and selection process

Employer require to have complete information about rules and legislations that are formulated by government to protect and manage organisation. It is essential that system function legally and adequate workforce is present in firm which help administration to accomplish objectives. Human resource manager of UPS recruit people which have adequate skills and abilities to perform tasks in proficient manner. Employment equality regulation act, sex discrimination act and so on are various laws which are considered by administration of UPS while providing duties and compensation to staff. Therefore, this is influence of legal, regulatory and ethical consideration in recruitment and selection process is stated beneath:

  • Sex Discrimination Act: Employer duty is to give duties and tasks to members in respect to their skills and abilities. Male and female, both have right to get fair and equal treatment from management. Along this, they even require to get compensation in according to their performance and outcomes (Adamou, 2017).
  • Right to Employment Act: Every individual require to get job and able to generate adequate income to maintain and regulate livelihood and standards. Human resource check criminal record and background profile of applicant to select appropriate person.
  • Age regulation Act: Old and young members require to be given same advantage and facilities by employer in respect to their performance and experience. This help UPS to deliver quality things to people and give importance to competent and skilled members.

1.3 Taking part in selection process

Recruitment activities that is interview, aptitude test and group discussion are various techniques conducted to acknowledge skills and knowledge of individual; thereby select best candidate. Job description and advertisement are various tools used to provide information to people about profile, roles and responsibilities. This help attract people and make them apply for job. After this, these are various activities organised to select best applicant are as follows:

  • Selection panel: Individuals send curriculum vitae which provide appropriate information about knowledge and qualification. This help to choose candidate and send them confirmation and provide information about various activities that is test and interview.
  • Short listing: This is next step in which aptitude test that is MCQ and IQ are organised to examine knowledge and abilities of individual. This help select candidate andarrange interview for people which have adequate good technical skills.
  • Interview session: Panel is determined by top personnels to interact with candidate and acknowledge their skills and knowledge. Questions are asked from applicant in respect to know their background, educational qualification, experience and knowledge and cultural background.
  • Appointment: This is essential activity which defines sending letter to applicant about their selection. Individual is informed about job profile, role and responsibilities and other essential data in respect to location and salary.

1.4 Own contribution in selection process

Employer conducts interview, test and physical examination to anticipate skills and abilities of candidates. They plays essential part in selection process which is choose best applicant and provide them duties and targets in respect to their capabilities. Job description, advertisement and job letter are various documents that are prepared to inform people about job title, role and responsibilities. Along this, CV is tool used to anticipate qualification and experience of applicant; thereby select best individual. This help UPS to have adequate manpower which benefit company to execute business operations effectively.

As I was part of panel of interview, questions were asked from applicant to assess abilities of person and communication skills. Curriculum Vitae is document which specifies information about education, experience and various other courses that are done by individual. Face to face interaction with applicant makes it more relevant to acknowledge their knowledge in various field and areas. Besides this, physical examination is conducted by me in which mental and health condition of candidate is analysed. This help me to select best individual and send appointment. Induction and orientation are various activities organised to inform new joiners about environment of UPS. Along this, duties and tasks are given to candidate in according to their capabilities.


2.1 Skills and attributes needs for leadership

Superior require to have ability to direct and coordinate employees to make them perform tasks effectively. Leaders are not made as they are born talented and have skills to manage team members. They require to have appropriate skills and features to easily guide and instruct colleagues to function proficiently. UPS is company which is expanding business and increasing branches to enhance market reach and customer base. New outlets are opened in different cities and nations to provide appropriate facilities to people to avail services of UPS. For this, management require to have adequate number of employees which give quality and quick things to customers to satisfy and make them loyal towards firm. These are various abilities and attributes which leader have are defined below (Quaile, 2017):

  • Communication skills:Leader provide instruction and guidance to staff in respect to tasks and activities assigned. It is necessary that employees have complete information about targets and duties required to be accomplished by them. Along this, suggestions and feedback is taken from members to anticipate their opinion and thoughts; thereby make changes and modification in system accordingly.
  • Motivational skills:Subordinates work in proficient manner and complete tasks effectively. Training and development programmes that is sessions and seminars are organised by leader of UPS to improve skills and abilities of staff; thereby give them chance to grow in career. Promotion, rewards, appraisal and compensation are various other techniques that help superior to increase morale of employees (Ntui, 2017).
  • Decision-making skills:Meeting and conference are executed by superior of UPS to involve members and take appropriate judgements. Leader and manager are involved by administration to make select adequate things, frame strategies and design system to function effectively.
  • Conflict resolution skills:Leader establish friendly relations with subordinates which help timely acknowledge issues and difficulties faced by them; thereby provide them appropriate solutions. This help UPS to retain skilled and competent people for longer period. Along this, team members are coordinated and function effectively with each other.

2.2 Difference between leadership and management

Manager responsibility is to frame strategies and provide duties and targets to members in respect to their skills and knowledge. Employees work effectively if they have complete information about tasks and proper instruction and guidance. Apart from this, leader establish relations with staff to motivate and solve issues and conflicts of members. Thus, both management and leader have different responsibilities and duties which is stated below (Kim and Beehr, 2018):





This is narrow tactic, as leader duties and responsibilities are less than manager.

It is wider concept, because manager frame strategies and coordinate team.


Leader construct relations to motivate and inspire staff; thereby make them perform tasks effectively and achieve targets timely.

Manager frame strategies and provide duties to team members in according to their skills and abilities. This help them to attain UPS objectives.



Leadership might be present in informal group to direct employees by establishing friendly relations with them.

Management is aspect which exist in formal organisation structure which are given duties by executive.

2.3 Leadership styles of different situations

Superior responsibility is to direct and motivate members to make them perform tasks effectively. In USP, leader provide instruction and guidance to staff in respect to duties and tasks assigned by seniors. These are various leadership style which are used by leader to make system function in according to market conditions are stated below (Michelman, 2017):

Autocratic leadership: This style define that leader keeps decision-making and power with themselves as they don't give importance to members. Superior may not be able to make appropriate judgements and select things in according to their skills and knowledge.

Democratic leadership: This style determine that workers and superior are involved in decision-making which help administration to make appropriate judgements. This also help seniors to direct members and make them feel connected by giving value to their skills and experience.

Free-rein and Laissez-faire leadership: This is another style which is used by leader to distribute powers to employees and give them freedom to take decisions and choose things in according to duties and outcomes required to be accomplished by them (Williams, 2017).

From these leader of USP uses autocratic leadership style which help superior to make appropriate judgements and timely take decisions. Employees are given importance and feel connected by seniors by involving them in meeting and conferences.

2.4 Different ways to motivate staff to achieve objectives

Subordinates perform tasks effectively and complete work within defined time, if they get adequate working environment and facilities by management. UPS is courier company which require to have skilled and competent members to provide quality items and quick services to people. These are various tactics that are used by superior to increase morale of employees and accomplish objectives are stated below:

  • Compensation: In UPS, staff members are given salary in according to their performance and outcomes. This help superior to motivate employees and make them execute activities in proficient manner.
  • Training and development:Sessions, seminar, training and development are various activities that are conducted by manager of UPS to enhance skills and abilities of staff; thereby give them opportunity to grow in career. Along this, employees are even able to work with latest technologies easily (Cochenet, 2015).
  • Treating employees with Respect:Manager of UPS maintain good relations with team members to direct then and make them dedicated towards job. Employees are given respect and value which help seniors to retain skilled and competent members for longer period.


3.1 Benefits of team working for an organisation

Management frame strategies and provide duties and targets to staff in respect to their skills and abilities. UPS is courier company which require adequate business operations executed by employees. Various team are constructed to utilise resources and deliver appropriate items and services to clients. This help superior to prevent duplication and utilise material efficiently. These are various importance that team working have on performance of company are stated below:

Effective growth: In UPS, system function effectively which is due to team working which helps management to deliver appropriate items and services to people. Business activities become easier and faster, if activities are divided into workers (FitzGerald and Quiñones, 2018).

Establish employee relationship: Proper cooperation and coordination are various aspects which help leader to direct members and make them perform tasks effectively. Manger encourage open communication and positive feedback to have complete and accurate information about system functionality and market conditions.

Increase sales and profitability: Team working helps UPS to utilise funds, material and manpower; thereby deliver appropriate items and services to people. Along this, creative and innovative things are given to customers which help superior to attract customers and make them purchase things. Thus, management is able to enhance sales and generate adequate revenue from business (Heilmann, 2017).

3.2 Working in a team as a leader towards specific goals

In UPS, leader establish relations with staff to acknowledge issues and difficulties faced by them, thereby provide them appropriate solutions; thereby achieve goals and objectives. These are various importance that team working has on system functionality are as follows:

  • Coordinator-Manager provide instruction and guidance to members to direct them and make them perform tasks in proficient manner.
  • Monitor the performance- Superior conducts performance appraisal to acknowledge capabilities of employees by analysing outcomes generated by them. This help UPS deliver quality things and services to people.
  • Finisher- Manager takes care that staff complete tasks and targets within defined time.
  • Implementer- Superior require to have ability to execute strategy and conduct appropriate business operations to deliver adequate things to customers.
  • Team worker-Manager coordinate members and make them work in group so that appropriate things are delivered to people. This also helps UPS to utilise resources that is funds, material and manpower efficiently (Schmidt, 2018).

3.3 Effectiveness of team to achieves goals

Team working help organisation to accomplish goals and objectives within defined time. Staff members are given duties and tasks in according to their skills and abilities. This help management of UPS to organise business operations and deliver appropriate items and services to people; thereby accomplish goals and objectives. Company performance is analysed by superior by conducting market research and survey. This help administration to have complete information about reputation and image of UPS in respect to rival firms.

Proper code of conduct and tactics are designed by manager of UPS to direct members and make them perform activities in proficient manner. This help seniors to make employees perform activities in team effectively. There will be no duplication of activities and resources are utilised efficiently. Thus, management is able to enhance goodwill in market and accomplish goals and objectives (Rees and French, 2016).


4.1 Planning, monitoring and assessment of work performance

Management formulate strategies and plan which specifies about various business activities that are executed to deliver appropriate items and services to people. In UPS, employees performance and outcomes are analysed by superior. Market research is conducted by superior to analyse customer's requirement and image and reputation in market. These are various techniques used by manager to monitor working of staff are stated below:

Performance appraisal: Management by objective, BARS, 360-degree appraisal, cost accounting and various other methods are used by superior of UPS to acknowledge skills and capabilities by comparing actual results with standards.

Survey customers: Market research is tool used by manager to have accurate and complete information about needs and wants of people. This help UPS to design system and deliver things in respect to demands of customers (Goleman, 2017).

Professional Development Plan:

Focus Area

Where now




Presentation skills

Good communication ability and able to establish relation with staff.

Provide information to members about duties and targets.

MS PowerPoint software

15 days

Team working skills

Effective interpersonal ability which help in coordinating members and function in group.

Employee engagement programmes such as conference and meeting

Organise games

30 days

4.2 Assessment of development needs of an individual

UPS is courier firm which has outlet established in UK and various other nations. Management conducts performance appraisal which help them analyse capabilities of staff members. Outcomes are compared by standards to assess skills and abilities of employees. Training and development programmes such as session and seminar are organised to improve knowledge and capabilities of subordinates. This help staff members to grow up in career and utilise opportunities of promoting to higher position (O'Sullivan, Moneypenny and McKimm, 2015).

Professional development plan helps individual have complete information about their abilities and take adequate coaching and lectures to improve capabilities. Staff members learn new ways and things to conduct activities in innovative manner and complete duties effectively.

4.3 Evaluate the success of assessment process

Management of UPS conducts assessment activities to examine effectiveness of system. It is essential that employees are given duties and tasks in according to their skills and abilities. This help company to deliver quality things and services to customers which help superior enhance image and image in market. Performance appraisal techniques that is BARS, 360-degree appraisal, cost accounting to acknowledge capabilities of staff by comparing actual outcomes by standards. This help seniors analyse importance of training and development programmes to enhance skills and abilities of members; thereby make them give opportunities to grow in career (Adamou, 2017).


From the above report, it can be comprehended working and leading people is essential activity that is executed by management to direct members and make them perform tasks effectively. Documentation that is job description, advertisement, CV are used for recruitment and selection process. Equality, discrimination and government policies are analysed by administration to anticipate impact on business activities. Selection process is executed to choose best candidate and provide them duties accordingly. Leader assess skills and attributes and use appropriate leadership styles to motivate employees and accomplish objectives. Team working helps manager to direct staff and make them function effectively. Thus, planning and performance is monitored by management to conduct activities for development needs of an individual.

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