The Two Management Issues that has been Faced by Imperial Hotel


The term management is defined as an administration of organisation whether business or the body of Government (Aamir and Bhusry, 2016). Management also includes the activity that involves setting strategy of a particular organisation and also coordination of efforts of the employees that are involved in a company. It often includes factor of production where there are involvement of machines, materials and money. Marketing and innovation are the basic task of management. In this report, Imperial hotel has been taken into consideration. It is a hotel that is situated on the east side of Russell Square, a branch of Imperial hotels, London. Thus, the original building of the Hotel was designed by Charles Fitzroy Doll and was built between 1905 and 1911. It was later renovated with the same name in year 1966.

In the following report, it has been discussed about the two issues that has been faced by Imperial hotel. First is poor team working, where the employees have conflict with other departments due to wrong information provided by them. The other one is Inefficient use of IT system. Due to these challenges the hotel had to face the problem of inaccurate information that leads to conflicts between each departments. In addition to this, with help of this assessment management theory has been applied in order to resolve the conflicts and helps the cited hotel to achieve success.

Poor team working

This is one of the main issue that is being faced by Imperial hotel. Poor teamwork can act as a major drain in any team (Abadi and, 2016). It is the particular problem of the organisation right from starting to the end. It mainly occurs when individual of the hotel tries in order to impose the solutions that helps in meeting their own needs that are in conflict with team needs. The main and foremost reason of people failing to work together is a lack of leadership. There must be a proper management in order to set expectations and also keeping the group in order to focus on the goals. The leaders must have ability for providing positive reinforcement in order to help by keeping everyone motivated and morale of the team upwards.

Imperial hotel is mainly facing the problem related to front office department (Anderson and, 2018). They has a customer facing role in terms of offering services and support to guests. Therefore, for this the Reception has to be opened for 24 hours a day. For this they have to adopt management theory that includes the following context-

Management theory

This theory helps manager and supervisors in order to relate with the organisations in knowledge of goals (Bourdieu, 2018). This theory helps in accomplishing the goals of the company and also helps in motivating employees in order to perform the higher standard. Thus, it includes following-

  1. Scientific theory- this theory of management helps in analysing and synthesizing the flows of the work. Thus, its main objective is to improve the economic efficiency and labour productivity. It is an attempt in order to apply science in management.
  2. Administrative theory- this theory is based on departmentalisation concept that means the different activities to be performed in order to achieve the common purpose of organisation that has to be identified and also classified into the different groups that has been involved in Imperial Hotel. According to this theory, the staff of the imperial hotel must be structured so well according to the skills and duties that will later help in order to accomplish the goals.
  3. Bureaucratic management theory- this theory is the basis of systematic formation of organisation and later is designed in order to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the economy.
  4. Human Relation Theory- it is a researched belief that is desired by the people in terms of being a part of support team that helps in facilitating the growth and development of Imperial Hotel. The basic principles of this is as following-
  • The staffs that are involved in front office department in Imperial hotel are not interested in financial gains, they want recognition and appreciation for their hard work.
  • They must be treated as the human beings rather than machines. So the manager of a particular company must try to understand the feelings and emotions of their employees.
  • They must get the high degree of job security and job satisfaction. Therefore, the cited hotel must provide them with this security that will help them in gaining the interest of staffs towards the work.
  • Employees may like their participation in terms of decision making. Therefore, they must give them freedom of sharing their vies in terms of the changes that are required in a company.
  • Managers must communicate with their staff in efficient and accurate manner. This will help staff in understanding the needs of the hotel and staffs may work accordingly to fulfil those needs.
  1. System theory- this theory is a line of thought of that management field that stresses that interactive nature and interdependence of internal and external factors of organisation. This is used commonly in order to evaluate market elements that affect business and also its profits.
  2. Theory X and Y- these theories are of human work and also of motivation. The description of this theory is the contrasting models of workforce motivation that has been applied by managers in human resource management, organisational behaviour, organisational communication and also its development.

Thus, if Imperial Hotel of London applies any of this theory on the staffs that are involved in front office of the hotel, they will get interested in their work and may work with enthusiasm. Application of this theory is important for Imperial hotel in order to increase their employees efficiency and reducing conflicts between department (Christopher, Laasch and Roberts, 2016). This theory will also help hotel in order to pass the important information to the next shift about the guests or day to day activities that are essential. This will lead in working with proper coordination and in quick manner without any conflicts. Poor team working of hotel can be managed by using this management theory in appropriate manner.

Inefficient use of IT systems

This is the second issue that has been faced by Imperial hotel of London as inefficient use of IT system. IT system is being termed as information system that aims in supporting operations, management and decision making (Combe, 2014). This is used by every organisation and also its interaction with people that mainly supports the process of business. It is the use of any computers, storage networking and physical devices in order to create, process, store, secure and exchanging various forms of electronic data.

Thus, Imperial hotel uses Micros Fidelio reservation and property management system. This system helps in providing up to date information on the prospective guests along real time guests and also detail information about their reservation. In addition to this, the other department of the hotel that includes kitchen, restaurants and conferencing also depend totally on reception or front office in terms of guest numbers and data.

Micros Fidelio reservation

This system is one of the popular one that is being used by the staffs of front desks of Imperial Hotel (Matera, 2015). It has been implemented in order to handle all types of reservations in terms of individual, group and party, company, travel agent, multi legged, multi rate and wait listed. This system basically offers solution to the operators of Hotel and also an ability in terms of sharing information across multiple applications and properties on a single database.

Property management system

Property management system is a comprehensive software application that is used in order to cover the objectives in terms of coordination or operational functions of front office, sales and planning, reporting etc (Molina-Azorín, Tarí, Pereira-Moliner, López-Gamero and Pertusa-Ortega, 2015). This software is being designed in order to meet varied requirements of any size of property or its chain. This also helps in providing tools that helps in running the operations at greater level of productivity and profitability than before.

Thus, the cited company fails in order to use this system in efficient manner. This leads in conflict of front office with other departments that were involved in Imperial hotel. This occurred due to wrong and inaccurate information that were provided by them to the departments. They lack in using this software in efficient manner that would have given them the complete information about the reservation or any other things in the hotel. The department of house keeping were provided wrong data about room availability, or guest staying inside the room. This lead them in not cleaning room on time as they were not having actual information about room is empty or full. This lead in conflicts between various departments due to lack of information (Rohrbeck, Thom and Arnold, 2015). Thus, the department of banqueting and conferencing also complaint as they were not provided with the information as the exact number of guest that are going to visit. This situation caused difficulties for banqueting department as they have to make availability of the hall as pert the members that were going to visit. They have to make plans accordingly and manage the situation accordingly. This is also the main reason of conflicts. All this arises because of inefficient use of IT systems that helps in maintaining accurate information.


  • Training into It system- training plays an important role for making use of technology in efficient manner (Šimunić, Stifanich and Prodan, 2018). This is important in order to make use of the skills for performing their jobs. This type of training includes courses that is being related to application, design, development, implementation, support or management of systems that is based on computers. This training will help staff to maintain the accurate information that will lead in reduction of conflicts.
  • Cross-team building exercises- this type of exercise is a collective term for various types of activities that is being used in order to enhance social relations and also in defining the roles within teams. The main aim of this exercise is to expose and address international problems within a particular group. This resolution will help the staffs in order to perform their work in enthusiastic manner that increases the loyalty of customers towards the brand.
  • Team bonus schemes- it is that scheme of a Imperial hotel where employees that are involved receives the bonus for achieving particular objectives of a task that has been allocated to them. The cited hotel must adopt the bonus scheme that is basically based on annual performance of business.
  • Team training- training must be provided to team in terms of working together. The teamwork environment aims in promoting environment in a positive way that leads in fostering loyalty and friendship. This close relationship motivates employees of Imperial Hotel to work harder and also be supportive and help one another. For this, they will have to strengthen their talents which requires proper and accurate training.


From the above report, it has been concluded that the entire study is based on the case study of Imperial Hotel, London. It has been analysed that the cited hotel is facing two major issues related to staff. This issues are poor team working and inefficient use of IT systems that includes reservation and management system. Furthermore, it has also been analysed that the cited hotel fails in using IT systems that leads in poor quality work and lack of profitability. Thus, teamwork is important to maintain the quality work and reduce conflicts between various departments. In addition to this, the whole assignment also highlights on the management theory that leads in maintaining the efficiency of employees in performing their work and also leads in smooth functions between various departments that are involved in hospitality industry.

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