Information Technology In Human Resource Planning


Information technology is a process by which data are collected, organize, distribute and transfer by using the computer as a tool. With the help of information technology the life human can be improved and problems are solved easily. As per the feature of information technology it can help to develop the human resource so that by using of information technology is human resource planning is can also help the development of organisation too. In this research report, the role of information technology are describes as an important tool of human resource management, and it also describes the literature review in which factors that influence the human resource management and there function are explained. It also explained the role of information technology while using human resource planning. In this research report it also describers the various tools and techniques so that human resource professionals can make an effective plan. This report also shows the impact of information technology of the organisation's plan. At last this report also explain the impact of information technology in human resource management. So that by using growing techniques will also create the more efficiency of worker so that they can better and achieve the organisation's goal and objectives (Rios, McConnell and Brue, 2013).

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It also describes the recommendation which can help to adopt new IT technology in human resource planning (Tao, Zuo, Da Xu and Zhang, 2014). It also describe the traditional human resource development style and new strategic human resource development style which are more supportive to make an effective plan. This report also describe the new role of HR manager which can understand the strategies and formulate such strategies for the development of the staff members. In this way employees are essential tool for the organisation's development and getting feedback from them and take corrective action by improving the strategies is important task for every human resource manger (Rainer, Cegielski, Splettstoesser-Hogeterp and Sanchez-Rodriguez, 2013).


Information Technology

According to (Morgan, 2013) information technology is a science that manage the information by collecting, organising, distributing and transmitting by using computer as a tool. In present days, to implement, develop and maintain the information system for Human resource planning is one of most important techniques of any organisation. In this way Human resource manager provide the facility so that information are freely deliver to the employees by using technology so that information can be use properly as per the given information.

Human Resource Management and Planning

According to (Mok, Sparks and Kadampully, 2013) human resource management involve all the managerial activity in which as per the human capability, task are divided by the employees in an organisation. It include effective planning of human resource that who can report to whom. In this way human resource can be managed by using effective human resource planning. There are various factors that affect the human resource management such as rules/regulation, labour market, important goals, customers etc. As per (Lian, Yen and Wang, 2014) human resource management can perform organising, planning, analysis for the development of Human resource, design and planning of applications so that it can facilitate the entry of new employees. It also include reward management, training etc. functions are performed in human resource management.

As per (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014) Human resource planning is a process to find out right person in a right place there per there skills, knowledge. It include the future forecasting of organisation's demand and availability of the human resources. It main objective is to supply right kind of person to the various organisation's position. It include, determining the objective of human resource planning,current position and demand forecasting, requiring the job and after that making a plan or giving training and development to the employees (Staab and Studer, eds., 2013).

Tools and Techniques which are used in Human resource planning

According to (Kern, 2014) there are various tools that help the human resource professional to make an effective human resource plan. It include social media is an important tool of making effective human resource planning, it include selecting the right social media sites and format so that they can create a value of an organisation. There are many social sites which are used in Human resource fields such as Facebook, LinkedIn and google plus. All this sites help the Human resource manger to make an effective development plan for the human resource. As per (Helander, ed., 2014) Management Information system (MIS) also designed to give the support for making effective human resource planning. In this Human resource management system (HRIS) are launched and many software are developed such as Zenefits, Beeye etc. so that it will help to make effective human resource plan.

According to (Griffin, 2013) there are many policies are framed for making effective human resource planning such as giving equal employment opportunity, employee classification policy, Payroll deductions, holidays/vacations, termination policies etc. In this way information technology plays an important role for making effective human resource planning (Sparrow, Brewster and Chung, 2016). For making procurement e-recruitment web portal, Social media sites, induction package and human resource planning and forecasting can be considered as a tool which help the employers to allot there position as per there qualification. For developing the employees e-learning, training, career development and online appraisal techniques are used and by giving compensation payroll, e-compensation system are used as information techniques. By making employee relation or making communication data can be shared, protected by the management and manager also take decision support system, online analytical process, data warehousing or by using group decision support system effective decision making can be done by the human resource manager (Snell, Morris and Bohlander, 2015).

Statement of the problem

In past days human resource planning is not taken an main function of HR but now human resource planning is an important tool for every business organisation. By adopting new information techniques, human resource development are switch to administrative activity to strategic activity. In this way many problems are solved by making effective strategic plan.

The role of information technology in human resource planning

According to (Gatewood, Feild and Barrick, 2015) Information technology is one of the best techniques to manage the human resource by using effective planning. It considered all the aspects such as social life, economical and political effect etc. There are various role of information technology in human resource planning. As per the (Ebert, Griffin, Starke and Dracopoulos, 2014) organisation need to face various competition in market so that to match up with this information technology should increases there speed and maintain the accuracy such as remote and job collaboration, help to increase the interaction and immediate feedback is used to create a centralised database so that it can achieve the human resource planning effectively. In organisation information create transparency, ease of access and processing/ analysis. So that Information technology can focus to provide staff security and process management in an organisation. Information technology techniques also support to making effective human resource plan and help to increases the information, provides feedback, it can easily modified knowledge,make a comprehensive plan and also help to take the right decision so that Human resource planning can be done in less time.

According to (Davenport, 2013) Information technology techniques also developed the skills in staff members so that managers can appoint right person in a right place as per there specific skills. Information techniques also developed the activities range by reducing clerical jobs, reducing manpower which are inactive. It also increase the job in professional, managerial techniques. IT also help to reduce the staff stress and also increases the quality of work life in an organisation. In this way Information technology can used to make an effective human resource planning. According to (Crisp and Chen, 2014) information technology also remove the communication in exchange of data, it also increase the speed in exchange of information. Information techniques also avoid to waste the time in technology (HRIT) make a mediator role between human resource and human resource transformation function human resource and financial cost in an organisation. Information technology also make the standardized method so that information can be exchanged easily.

Information technology also help the human resource professional to give training which are necessary for the employees. As per (Chen and Zhang, 2014) to increase the training level, manager should increase the effective use of equipment. Professionals also adopt the changes flexibility in an organisation. They should improve the human relation in workplace by giving incentives or educate them by creating or developing new skills through training.

Impact of information technology in human resources planning

Impact of information technology in human resources planning

Information technology plays a critical role in human resource planning, as per (Braun, Catalani, Wimbush and Israelski, 2013)Information system Human resource to give better service to the line managers, they also provide the data/information which is important for human resource planning, They can reduced the cost of labour at performance. Information technology tool also the direct the research because this tool is use in Human resource field and it also implement the Human resource tools for implementation of Human resource planning. As per (Borghoff and Pareschi, eds., 2013)Human resource information technology tool also help to receiving the strategies goals by using them. As per the graph shown that 22% people feel that by using information, Human resource goals can collecting the information which are necessary to make effective human resource plan. reached easily and 50% people give there support that Information technology tool help to achieve the goal moderately , 25% thinks that using information can slightly affect the goals of human resource and rest of 3% feel that by using information in human resource planning can not help to achieve the goals.

information technology in human resources planning

According to (Kinicki, Williams, Scott-Ladd and Perry, 2014) Information technology tool are used in various human resource field so that by making effective planning of human resource organisation can get there objectives. As per the following graph it describes the areas where the Information technology tools is used in the company.

human resources planning

As per the above graph it is clear that 100% Information technology tools is used for managing the career, than 85% are used Information technology tool for recruitment process, 70% are used for making idea management, 66.7% mangers used Information technology tool for giving training to there staff members and rest of other are using . 50% managers thinks that human resource tools can be used in communication from the employees so that they can work more effectively. 33% are in favour oh health and safety and other 20% are thinks the human resource tools are used in other field of work.

In this way information technology help to make effective human resource planning in an organisation (Smith, 2013). So that the use of information techniques help to aware the professionals about the latest trends in policy making and practices of employee in the organisation. Information technology help to connect with the other person by using internet and help to many human resource professionals for collecting the information which are necessary to make effective human resource plan. As per (Baecker, ed., 2014) to make an effective human resource development plan or making any improvement in plan, managers should provide training to there employees about the new techniques and new trends. In this way they develop the interview and hiring process so that skilled person are hire in a right place. Human resource manager also revise there performance evaluation process by getting the feedback of the employees. In this way to adopting new information technology, HR mangers also right recruiting/selection process by using computer. To provide training and development program they should increases the latest trend equipment. As per (Baecker, 2014) information technology help to improve the performance of human resource management by switching the administrative work to strategic HRM. This strategic HRM add the value in human resource function which are essential for human resource development. In this human resource information technology (HRIT) make a mediator role between human resource and human resource transformation function (Argenti, 2015).

Analysis and Interpretation/ Corroboration of Data

To make a effective human resource planning in an organisation, professional should consider there strategic vision. The vision of the organisation indicate the future goals of a company which company can achieve in future. As per the vision of a company, human resource manger can mange there employees so that they can work effectively as peer there skills in a right post. Human resource manger also determine the demographic in a workplace. It this it include the number of employee in an organisation (Alegre, Sengupta and Lapiedra, 2013). By giving proper training and development program,staff members can managed in different departments in an organisation. HR manager also improve the human resource development planning by transferring the knowledge to the employees. In this way, information technology is performed well. There are many information tools and techniques which help the employer to transfer the information in different staff members. By using social media such as Facebook, twitter etc. and getting feedback from the employee, manager can improve there planning strategy for the development of employees. Company also develop various software so that they can transfer the information to the various department in an organisation. As per the above, it was find that information technology is an important tool for making effective human resource development plan. Company also measure different type of techniques so that they can measure the performance of each staff members. By monitoring each activity manager should develop monitoring system. The main role of this system is to clarify, coaching and communicating the essential elements related to the new human resource plan. To make effective human resource development plan, HR professional should perform the strategic business partner role. By using new techniques task of professional can be simple so that they can give there time to the employee by communicating them (Adelsberger, Collis and Pawlowski, eds., 2013).


As per the above it have been concluded that Information technology plays a very important role in human resource planning (Schwalbe, 2015). It provide a technical approach by which human resource manager can analysis the requirement of employee in a post. It include allotment of workers as per there skills so that they can perform effectively. Task of the HR professional are simple by using new information technologies, tools and communicative techniques so that they can spend more time by making new policy, strategies and other for making development in human resource in an organisation. It also described the various information technological model such as monitoring system, software etc. which help the manger to monitor each and every activity which are performed by the employee. It also explain various sources of information such as Facebook, twitter, goggle plus, all these social networking sites help the human resource managers to get the feedback from the employees and by receiving the complaint mangers can take effective action for there development by improving there planning. It also describe that HRIT strategic function so that it can use in human resource planning to make relation between human resource function and human resource profession. It also describe the role of strategic management while making effective human resource plan (Abdelhak, Grostick and Hanken, 2014).


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