Marketing Function & Plan of KFC

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Organization Selected : KFC
Question :

following are given assessment question as for the role of marketing managers:

  1. Explain the role of marketing mix of KFC and their functional unit.
  2. Develop a marketing mix of KFC.
  3. Provide a marketing plan of KFC.
Answer :


Marketing is related with the promotional activities that are carried out by companies to advertise and promote their services and products. It involves research in market, advertising and other things which helps in enhancing profit margins of the firm. Present report is based on KFC which is an America based restaurant chain and specialize in fried chicken and fast food, situated in Kentucky (Baker and Saren, 2016 ).This research includes information about key responsibilities and roles of marketing department involving their functions. Interrelation among different department is also discussed. Along with it, marketing mix of KFC with their rival companies which is Burger king. At last, a suitable marketing plan of KFC is prepared.


P1 Key roles and responsibilities of the marketing function

Marketing is the set of various operations and activities which is conducted by the firm. This will help them in knowing the point of view of customers regarding their products. This is the best way for a firm to increase their brand value.

Concept of marketing: It is based on the theory which presents that the major task of the organisation is to analyze the needs and demands of their consumers (Lovelock, 2011). After that required decisions are taken to fulfil the needs of clients. Its main aim is to enhance customer base.

Current and future trend of marketing: Department of marketing varies every day in accordance with the development of market place and industry. As per the analysis, it is noted that in current times most companies use magazine, pamphlet, ads and posters. This will help the company in introducing their product to a wider customer base. Marketing department can adopt digital media as a tool in order to enhance the value of brand. Social platform is a part of online media that connects company with millions of clients.

Marketing process: It consist of basically four steps:

Companies analyze external environment and market to identify for coming opportunities (William and Zikmund, 2012). It involves need, demand and want of clients.

  • Target market and targeted customer is decided which will result in maximum profit.
  • Marketing mix of concerned company is carried out which helps in advertising product and service.
  • Execution of schemes, plan and strategies to achieve pre-determined results and objectives.

KFC is an America based fast food franchise which is popular for their fried chicken. It is on second number with around 20,500 locations worldwide. Company operates in approx. 123 nations. It is a subsidiary of a renowned yum! Brands. This brand also involves Wing street, pizza hut etc., company was founded in 1930 by Harland sanders. Marketing department of firm plays a vital role in its development. It helps the customer to know which products are being offered by the company. Efficient marketing help in increased sales and revenue generation (Silver, and et al, 2012).

Marketing information: At first, team of marketing analyze entire market scenario to know about the requirement of potential client. This involves acknowledgement of external and internal factors which affects the activities and profit margin of the firm. The gathered information is needed for carrying out marketing segmentation.

Market planning: In this aspect, manager of KFC will formulate an effective strategy in which the main task is to fulfill the predetermined objectives. It involves advertising, production and other operations to increase their company’s presence (Baack, Harris and Baack, 2013).

Exchange function: Main target of marketing is to sell and purchase commodities within market. In the case of KFC, marketing team of KFC identify the actual need of clients. These function involves advertising, promote, sale and purchase of product.

Product design and development: This function emphasize on incorporating standardized product so that large customer base can be attracted. In context to KFC, head of a unit focus on observing entire market where clients wish for modern concept.

Distribution channel: It includes function which takes care of storing and transportation processes. Here the work of manager is to maintain effective warehouse where the commodities of company can be kept safe. It helps KFC to satisfy frequent demands of customers as material is stored in advance only. KFC has warehouse in every nation where it operates.

Financing: In this aspect of marketing function, team carryout operations in market related with capital. For ex., credit facility is given to the consumer of KFC which are their prime clients. Marketing team also negotiate and communicate with suppliers and retailers to maintain a good bond for future collaboration (Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2014).

In accordance with above described facts of marketing manager, it is concluded that this unit plays different role in market as well as in firm to increase their profit.

P2 Roles and responsibilities of marketing relate to the wider organizational context

Marketing unit play an important role in growth of the organisation as they carry forward about the services and product within market. It can be considered as marketing department of KFC is linked with other department of firm (Clow and James, 2013). This dependence is because it is only under the work of marketing to communicate with other workers. Interrelationship with other units is specified below:

Marketing and human resource: As we know, the team of marketing is related with advertising of services and products. This unit advertise service and product at marketplace. This Familiarize client about company, brand image and other further details. This also attract individual which needs job. As a result, persons can be hired by KFC to serve under company.

Marketing and finance: Marketing department of KFC supports finance unit by increasing the value of firm at marketplace. this will allure more number of clients which helps KFC to expand their funds. Finance department allocate capital to different units which help them in carrying out their task. Marketing department is also linked with finance unit because it provides fund for promoting and advertising product.

Market and production: Marketing team of KFC interacts to know wants and needs of client to the department of production, so that expectations of them can be analyzed. This benefit production team to improve their commodities in accordance with the need of customer (Rossi, Allenby and McCulloch, 2012). This saves wastage of material and leads toward the optimal utilization of resources.

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P3 Marketing mix to the marketing planning process to achieve business objectives.



Burger King


Company follow both mixed bundling and optional pricing. Client can go for basic menu and then order additional. Combos are also available at affordable rates and range like 299, 399,499 etc.

Company has affordable price which can be easily afforded by most of the sections of society. Seasonal offers and combo packs attract the consumers due to quality product in average rates.


Main product offered by KFC is pressured fried chicken. Chicken burger and wraps are other popular items. New product flaming crunch chicken is also performing well in market. Along with it, other food items like bread garlic, French fries are available.

Main items offered by burger king is veg menu beverage and frozen dessert. Company cares for the sentiment of clients toward culture and religion.

Separate cooking area for veg and non-veg food products.


Firm initially opened stores at metro and big cities where sales are high due to urbanisation. Now it has outlets in around all big cities.

Outlets are situated at prime locations. Have franchise in almost every country and store in each strategically important location. Company mainly target mall and residential areas.


They offer kids meal, gift, coupon and free food to potential and prime clients which promote their food items. Online and social advertising is also a big part of promotional activities.

Their targeted section is children. They provide awareness regarding their product by hoarding, TV, or social media.

Physical Evidences

It is concerned with physical environment of stores. Interiors at KFC are designed in accordance with certain standard. Good technology and equipment are used to serve customer well.

Outlets and restaurants are well maintained with burger theme common for all. Their appearance attracts all age people, especially kids. Company maintains there outlets from time to time.


It began when consumers visit the stores. Process also takes place if client wants product online. Due to easy process more persons are attracted toward KFC.

Food production is transparent to clients. No issues generate due to quality of items. Uses most required cooking utensils. Company use new tactics to pack and distribute food.


These are the staff members offering services at KFC. These people are trained by company to deliver best to their customers. Guidelines are provided to them regarding communication with clients.

Each store is headed by manager of restaurant. The manager takes care of activities and interaction among clients. Delivery member controls basic operations. They ensure client satisfaction.


P3 Marketing plan

It involves strategies which is going to be implemented in future by company. It identifies factor that can harm or help the company to expend their presence within market. In context of KFC, their market manager has formulated a plan to analyze market condition properly. This will help firm in gaining their desired results. Marketing plan of KFC is discussed further:

Overview: KFC is a renowned brand which deal in food products. It was built in 1930 by Harland Sanders. Firm offers items like chicken burger, fried chicken, French fries etc., To enhance sale, manager offer seasonal sales to potential clients ().

Mission: company believe in improving the quality and nutrition level of food items.

Vision: To be a best global brand in food and eatables.

Marketing objective:

  • Main target of firm is to enhance sale by 20% in 4 months.
  • To develop KFC Paneer rolls for enhancing market share by 25% in next 1 year.

STP: It is collaboration of three process which makes a marketing plan successful. In this the entire market is first divided in different sections on basis of various segments (Brady, 2014). After it, potential clients are targeted in accordance with their need. In last, positioning of right product at right place takes place.

Segmentation: In this, huge market is divided into small groups which clearly defines the needs of different sections. In case of KFC, it is done on basis of psychographic, behavioral, geographic and demographic.

Targeting: Here the clients are targeted in accordance with their need. Manager of KFC also does same to satisfy more clients (Joshi, 2012).

Positioning: Brand value of product is positioned in accordance with the demand of product in market. It includes reputation and image of KFC in minds of clients.

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SWOT analysis of KFC:


  • KFC owns a large channel of distribution and also adopts effective marketing practices.
  • It offers several items according to the capability of customers. Prices are mainly based on size and quality of its products.


  • It is hard for firm to acquire highly and well skilled trained employees every time.
  • In this changing time people are more concerned about their fitness which make restricts them toeat fried products and also other items which are offered by the firm.



  • The company can launch other product like KFC Tikka. As there is large scope in this sector for a well know brand.



  • Increased rates of needed material is a big threat for the firm as it minimises their profits.
  • Number of rivals are more in the same industry which decrease overall share of the entire industry as well as organisation


Marketing budget:


1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

Initial money















Marketing outlay










Sales publicity





Direct selling










Monitoring and control

After formulating marketing budget, it is vital for a marketing manager to check and control operations at regular basis. The main objective of this aspect is controlling unwanted scraps or other wasteful expenses in order to preserve capital of firm which can be further used in effective area (Silberschatz, Galvin and Gagne, 2014). For this, team head of Cadbury is analysing overall activities of the company that is required to be monitored at regular interval of time. As a result, it helps organisation in attaining its targeted goals and objective of the company.


From the above mentioned report, it has been carried out that appropriate marketing practices are important for the firm in order to advertise their products in market place. It has been noted that marketing process is essential for enhancing sales of the firm. Also, it specifies about various marketing functions which help companies in improving their brand image. It is inferred that marketing department is linked with all other departments in company. Along with this, marketing plan supports organisation in implementing their targeted activities in better way which benefits the company in improving its command over clients and also help in increasing profit margins of the firm.

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