Marketing Function & Plan of ALDI

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Organization Selected : ALDI
Question :

There are following point which illustrate the strategic growth of the business are given below:

  • Examine the role of marketing unit and its relationship with other business units of ALDI.
  • Compare and apply the 7P's of marketing mix to attains the organisational objectives.
  • Develop and analyse the marketing plan for the ALDI.
Answer :


Marketing refers to the process by which products and services are sold to the customer. It involves four P's which coordinates in moving goods from idea to consumer. Its 4 P's are determining price, identifying product and its development, place and promotion strategy. It is all about identifying customers needs and satisfying them. (Baines, Fill and Page, 2013). It plays an important role in creating value for consumers and maintain strong relationship with them to achieve desired target. ALDI, which is a retail company headquartered in Germany deals in food, beverages and household products has been taken for study. In this project,main roles and responsibilities of marketing function are discussed. Further, relations of marketing with other departments is also given. Along with this, marketing mix of the chosen organisation and its comparison with the competitor brand is also taken for study. Along with this, marketing plan for the company is also explained in this.


P1 Roles and responsibilities of marketing function of ALDI

Marketing:- Marketing is a process to identify, evaluate and satisfy customers by achieving desired profit. It is a social process to obtain organisation and individuals needs by exchanging and building values with customers. It involves all those activities through which company buy and sell their goods and services. It can be done through selling, advertising and delivering goods to consumers. In ALDI, the company can make good relationship with customers by various marketing functions.

According to current trends, new and innovative ideas and techniques for marketing are essential in this modern business world. With the changing business era having new technologies will attract customers and increase brand image of the company. In context to ALDI, company can use e-books, slide shares, videos, infographics, etc. to improve brand value (Baker and Magnini, 2016).

As per future trends, arts and science have important role in marketing functions and its success. It will make purchasing decision of customers complex. In ALDI, marketing is very important, as it is essential for the company's success and future growth.

Marketing process

Opportunity analysis:- The first step in marketing process is to analyse the opportunities in the market. Marketing information system can be very helpful in evaluating the possibilities in the environment. In context to ALDI, the company can use marketing information system to gather information related to market and customers.

Selection of market:- After analysing the market the second step is to select a target market. It is the essential step in whole process. In this process the market is divided into different segments and then best one is selected which meets the opportunities and strengths (Clow and James, 2013). It involves different steps – market segmenting, targeting segments and product positioning. By this way second step is completed. In context to ALDI, the company can use all these steps to select a target market, in order to achieve desired objectives.

Developing marketing-mix:- After selecting target market the next step is to develop marketing strategy for the particular product. An effective marketing plan is developed consisting 4 P's to satisfy customers needs and organisational goals. In context to ALDI, the company should develop marketing programmes involving marketing mix variables, in order to generate good response from customers.

Managing marketing efforts:- The last step is to analyse the weaknesses, strengths, threats and opportunities of the market. An appropriate plan should be made to accomplish desired goals. Further implementing the strategies and plans to attain marketing objectives. In ALDI, the company should manage all marketing efforts, in order to accomplish marketing goals.

Roles and responsibilities of marketing function

Planning:- An effective marketing plan is essential to achieve desired objectives and to satisfy customers. It must contain marketing mix variables. An effective plan or strartegy helps in promoting product and improving brand image. In context to ALDI, the company should make appropriate plan according to their efforts and level of production (Desai, 2013).

Designing and product development:- Product design is an important point to be considered. Mostly customers purchase attractive designed products in comparison to ugly designs. The company should use innovative ideas for designing product in new form which will attract customers and increase production. In context to ALDI, the company should develop products in attractive form to increase their sales.

Support service:- It is one of the essential function to serve customers with better support. By providing different services like – technical services, credit facility, handling customers complaints, etc. this function can be performed. Providing after sales service will satisy customers as well as it will encourage consumers to purchase product from the same store.In ALDI, the manager can use these services to serve customers effectively (Rancati, Gordini and Capatina, 2016).

Market analysis:- It refers to collecting essential information regarding customers such as – needs, capacity to purchase, quality, etc. Analysing market will help managers in determining consumers prefernces, tastes, etc. through which effcetive production can be done. In context to ALDI, the marketing manager should analysis the market and consider necessary information related to customers.

Packaging:- Packaging is one of the vital components in marketing and product development. An appropriate packing of a product must avoid leakage, breakage, damage, etc. Labelling is also an important point. A product must be labelled containing whole information about product – manufacture and expiry date, batch number, ingredients, etc. In context to ALDI, the marketing manager should label and pack their products in effective manner to attract customers.

In addition to this other important role which the marketing function of Aldi company plays is with Business to Business and Business to Consumer and they are explained below:

Marketing function role with Business to Business: In order to accomplish organization goal on specified time period it s essential for the marketing function to make the research analysis about the other business concerns. Its the major role of marketing function to identify the strategies which the other business concern uses so as to make customers aware about there products and services. Thus, identification of such analysis will help the Aldi company to develop and make new strategies accordingly taking into consideration competitors stargates. Thus it will help the marketing function of Aldi company to generate more of revenue for the company.

Marketing function role with Business to Consumers: This is the second most important role which the marketing function of Aldi company plays so as to get to known about the changes taking place in the needs and preferences of the customers. Marketing function plays a major role with business to consumers as its the marketing function which helps in selling final products of an organization to the final consumers by making an analysis of changes taking place in there taste and preferences pattern.

P2 Relation of marketing functions with different departments

Marketing is an activity of attracting customers to capture large market. It is the process of setting favourable image in customers mind, in order to attain desired goals. It influences customers to purchase the products sold by a company. In context to ALDI, roles and responsibilities of marketing function with other departments are discussed below:

Marketing and operations department:- Marketing department perform all responsibilities related to market. It carry out different functions such as – making effective market plan, analysing market, identifying customers needs and wants and many other activities. It works nearly with operations department to see different activities (Dibb and Simkin, 2013). It ensures appropriate research and strategic plans to satisfy customers and to meet their needs. It set project deadlines related to marketing functions and production department helps in completing these tasks. In context to Aldi,marketers will make efforts to move the products to the customer while, operations department will develop products and check that there should be no defect in products. It must meet the customers welfare and safety needs and should not be defective. Both department have relationship with each other.

Marketing with Finance department:- Finance is essential for operating a department as it is the lifeblood of business. Finance department provides assets to all departments, in order to carry out different activities. This division prepares budgets for marketing. Finance ensures that all operations should be carried out effectively according to their capabilities. It prepares budgets according to their allocation. In context to Aldi marketing focus on acquiring large market and increasing their sales. While, finance department concentrates on covering costs, cash flow statements, and returning investments as soon as possible (Griffitts, 2016). Therefore , both sections have interrelationship, as funds are provided through finance to attain different objectives.

Marketing with human resource department:- Human resource plays an important role in recruiting and selecting effective employees in an organisation. In an organisation workers are essential as they perform different business operations which are necessary to achieve desired goals. Marketing department needs human resources help to manage appropriate staffing and their skills. Human resource management supports marketing in research and developing innovative ides for production. In Aldi, it help in meeting specified target for production and generates a competent and aspiring sales team. It have different demands for training and recruitment from outside but it balances its responsibilities for marketing with other departments. By this way, human resource department perform different activities for the marketing section.

Marketing and sales department:- In recent years, the relationship between sales and marketing department has changed. It is essential for the divisions to cooperate effectively. Marketing promotes leads and maintains relations with consumers with various strategies. It provides knowledge and information about company and its products via movements and promotions. It manages relations between products sold by businesses and large customers. While the sales department creates social relation with potential customers and make efforts to attract them towards their products and services. They determines consumers needs and provides services according to their postulates. In context to Aldi, sales people are essential for a business to sale their products by earning profits and for their success.

Marketing and IT department:- IT section is an essential element in marketing and other departments, as it provides information about innovative technologies in the market. Marketing uses information technologies in organisation systems like – data storage and customers relations (Lane, 2015). The IT department provide projects at large level to coordinate marketing functions. It provides various opportunities for marketing to influence people and attract customers through different techniques and systems. Both departments work together to carry out organisational activities, in order to achieve prescribed objectives. In Aldi, IT provide support to effective marketing strategies and interacts with different activities of business. Both departments have interrelationship and provides support at different levels.

In context to Aldi marketing roles and responsibilities are necessary to carry out business operations. The manager should make appropriate plans to attain organisational goals. Further analysing market will help in determining customers needs and wants. Prodcut designing and development will improve organisation's production level and brand image. Effective customers services will satisfy their needs and attract to purchase products again. So, performing different marketing roles will increase customers and production level of the company.

Having effective relationships of marketing with different departments will help in executing various activities in the organisation. All the departments such as – operations, human resource management, sales and IT section will cooperate the marketing section in compeleting all those operations which requires their help.

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P3 Marketing mix for planning process and its comparison with competitor company

Marketing mix:- Marketing mix are tools used by a company to achieve the target market. It involves four wide levels which are price, place, product and promotion. It is all about setting right product at right place and right time (Marketing Mix, 2018). It is an essential tool which involves all the components which motivates customers to demand for the goods and services offered by a business. A strong marketing mix brings tools in an appropriate way to generate products demand by attracting consumers (Kongstvedt, 2012). There are 7 P's of marketing mix – product, place, price, promotion, process, people and physical evidence. The marketing mix of ALDI and its comparison to competitor company is explained under:

Comparison of marketing mix of ALDI with its competitor:-





ALDI provides low-cost food products sourced from chosen providers and give their own brand name to control the production. It sells vegetables, fruits, stationery, beauty products, clothes, household products and electronic items. It also deals in non-food products. It sells many products – ALDI Talk & ALDI Mobile in other countries like – Australia, Belgium, Germany, etc.

TESCO deals in wide range of products. It sells food, beverages, bakery items, pet products, toys, baby products, gifts, jewellery, clothes, books, home appliances, any many others. It has its brand which are – TESCO Lotus, TESCO Bank, Finest, TESCO Value, etc. the company sold its items online. Its brand TESCO Bank serves customers by providing various financial services.


ALDI provides cheap prices and good quality of products which builds strong customer relationships. Unit pricing strategy is used for groceries by the company, in order to make comparison easier for the customers. It uses low cost for new products to acquire the market and earn profit.

TESCO uses cost leadership pricing strategy. It sells products with lower prices by maintaining quality. It contributes with suppliers to improve supply chain. It make efforts to provide best services at cheap prices (Nguyen. and Simkin, 2012).


The company has its 8000 stores and more in 18 countries and it opens a new store in every seven days in Britain. It purchases products in majority and stores in warehouse to protect from damages, in order to maintain their quality. It assures minimum waste of resources during transportation.

It has more than 6900 stores in 11 countries. It has different stores named – TESCO Metro, TESCO Extra, TESCO Express, etc. It sells various products in its different stores.


ALDI uses electronic, display and print media for promotion of its stores. It informs customers about its offer - “Special buys” through Email marketing. It uses various techniques to promote its products like - “swap and save” to increase their brand value and 'Like brands. Only cheaper' to maintain consumers trust for their goods.

TESCO uses television advertising, hoardings, charitable programmes, etc. for its promotion. It also provides online services to sell its products.


In comparison to competitor companies ALDI provides lower consumer service. It divides its stores in different sections which decreases employees requirement on every storey (Papasolomou and Melanthiou, 2012). It pays best to its employees and provides professional training and development for new workers.

TESCO has more than 4,80,000 workers in 11 markets all over the world. Company motivates employees to help and provide support to each other and they are granted new opportunities.


ALDI keeps good quality and minimum priced brands, in order to save customers time and to overcome their confusion for selecting products.

In process, TESCO considers following factors – service feature, accessibility and productions capacity level.

Physical evidence

ALDI is known for its standardisation and simple business processes. It provides high quality brand and cheap products in its stores.

Physical evidence refers to the proof of products sold to customers. TESCO uses labels, logos, equipments to provide proof to consumers. Thus marketing mix of TESCO is completed.


P4. Basic Marketing Plan for ALDI

Marketing plan is a formal and legal document of marketing strategy which is framed by top managers of an organisation. It provides information related to introducing Innovative product in an organisation. At the time of launching new products and services there is requirement of various resources. This plan is frames for successful execution of firm's goals (Pappas, 2017).

In this marketing plan of ALDI, strategic objectives, SWOT analysis, vision, mission etc. are discussed. Marketing plan for launching “Fusion Juice” is as follows:-

Executive summary:- An effective marketing plan is essential to determine information related to launching new products in the market. It involves vision and mission, planning objectives, etc. Essential requirement of this plan is to make necessary changes as per future and current trens in the marketing.

Overview of an Organisation: ALDI is a type of private company which is one of the top major trade name in retail industry. It was established in 1946 by Karl Albrecht. Its headquarter is located in Essen, Germany. It deals in household goods, sanitary articles, food and beverage etc. There are different competitors of ALDI such as IDEL, Amazon, TESCO, Walmart etc.

Mission & vision: Mission of ALDI is to distribution of health and personal care item and provide high quality of products at low prices to their customers. Vision of ALDI is to modify the grocery store with an innovative business framework.

Strategic objectives- Strategic objectives of ALDI can be determine with the help of SMART Objectives. While launching “Fusion Juice”, objective of managers of ALDI is to increase sales by 15% within 12 months. This objective can be understood by SMART technique. These are specific and measurable in terms of money, achievable, reliable and time bound.

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STP stands for segmentation, target, position.

  • Segmentation means dividing the entire population in different age groups. This is relevant and important to deliver product according to demand. In “Fusion Juice” segmentation can be done on the basis of behavioural element (Pike, 2016).
  • Targeting means to intention at targeting of consumers. In case of “Fusion Juice” targets consumers are health conscious. This product contains the mixture of different fruits with calcium, fibre, vitamins, minerals etc.
  • Positioning means strategies developed in order to market goods and services in front of customers. It must be effective because this shows direct image in mind of customer related to product. Personal selling and direct marketing are best tools through which “Fusion Juice” can be advertise among customers.

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SWOT analysis:



Products of ALDI are cost effective offers low prices of goods and services in order to attract consumers and increase sales.

ALDI is successfully operated in different countries worldwide.

It provide quality products and offer discount to get support of large number of customers.

Successful products of ALDI are household goods, food and beverage.

It is relatively small with compare to other private retail sectors.

It provide post customer services and believe only in one structure.

There is a very few member find in ALDI who belongs from high income level groups.

There is a minimum profit of ALDI due to offering discount on products.



There are more customers engaged with ALDI which increase its sales.

ALDI establish better relationship with branded producer (Pike, 2015).

Products of ALDI are spread in international market.

There is very huge competition in pricing strategy.

Price of products are low. So, sometimes it has to be consider as low quality.

Large number of competitors may distract the customers of ALDI.

Marketing Budget:

Marketing budget



1st year

2nd year

3rd year

4th year

5th year

Initial money


















Marketing outlay












Sales publicity






Direct selling












Monitoring and controlling: From the above discussion it has been clear that managing director of ALDI have to set a budget of 10600 in first year. Which has been carried forward as initial investment in next year. There are different kinds of expenses incurred in launching of “Fusion Juice” such as promotion, publicity, direct selling etc. Monitoring and controlling is the next step of creating budget. As per marketing budget of ALDI, it is responsibility of maintain cost and achieve huge profits (Purvis, 2015). In case, cost is more than the expected budget, then it indicate negative sign in business activities and vice versa. Targets can be accomplish by proper planning, analysing and controlling the cost of production and other expenses.


From the above mentioned report, it has been conclude that there are different roles and responsibilities of marketing function which helps to increase sales and promote goods and services of an organisation after identifying needs of potential customers. It is essential for marketing department to make coordination with all other departments of a firm because it helps to increase profitability and sustainability of a firm for long run. Marketing mix of every firm is different with each other which helps to achieve their business objectives. Before introducing a new product company has to evaluate a basic marketing plan for aware to customers about their innovative product.

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