Cross Cultural Leadership


In Cross Culture Leadership the leader ensures to develop different ways for understanding the globalization markets. The organizations working on global area need to acquire leaders who can work in different environments and cultures. In this the leader should be capable of working in different cultures of different nation and employees of another countries. Various things are needed to be kept in mind while working in international area by the leader. Such as the leader is required to take care of Business Etiquette while they in the lunch meetings, other types of business meetings. They are required to follow the culture and language of other nation where the company is going to expand its services. This report is based on the cross cultural factors that are required to be followed by the Fluger Avionics Company, prepared by the expert assignment writers of Assignment Prime. Fluger Avionics is Germany based organization deals in the manufacturing of electrical as well as mechanical parts for the aviation industry. For securing the long term success the company is going to expand its manufacturing unit in the Brazil. According to the scenario, the Fluger Avionics is facing language issues while setting up new manufacturing unit in the Brazil.

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Identify and evaluate the organization and national cultural issues

The Fluger Avionic a German organization might come out with various issues while expanding its production and manufacturing unit in Brazil (Issues for organizations, 2016). Various organizational issues which may occur to the business while expanding internationally such as:


while expanding business the organization is required to review its strategies. This helps the company in having clear picture regarding its goals and objectives. It also helps in determining various requirements that are to be fulfilled by the company such as human resources demand, financial needs etc. Planning of strategies also helps in determining global pressures that might occur at the time of expansion.


Preparation of strategies will help the Fluger Avionics in clearing vision and missions of the firm. Also strategy planning will help in knowing the lacking points of the company such as human resources, financial etc. With the help of this the company will lead to less wastage of its resources and effectiveness in the functions.

Political and social climates

Stability, sovereign risk, sovereign debt etc. are some issues which affect the policies of the company while expanding in new market. Political stability ensures stability in the demand and supply of the firm. Also the risk effects the functions of company in new country.


It may have negative as well as positive aspects of the as the analysing political factors before expansion. This will help in analysing the company regarding the political structure of Brazil. Such as its political, macroeconomic, currency etc. stabilities in Brazil so that the Fluger company could plan its strategies accordingly.

Innovation and incentives

Innovation helps in managing innovations that might support business growth in future. Whether the organization is required to adopt centralized, decentralized etc. innovations in the firm to successfully implement new production and manufacturing unit in another country.


this factor helps the company in analysing various innovations, needs and demands that are to be adopted by the company for expanding its unit in the Brazil. This will help the company in analysing the requirements of the Aviation industry in Brazil. As well as what innovation can be added in to attract more and more customers to increase the revenue and growth of the firm.
While expansion off business various cultural issues may occur such as:


Different countries have different cultures and languages to express their view and regards. This is common issue faced by the any company who is going to establish its new branch in any other country. International businesses leads to language issues while opining up their business entities in new markets.


While moving to new markets of Brazil the company might face language issues. As there is language difference between Germany and Brazil. Both are different nations and have different cultures, values which are required to be managed by the firms accordingly. They have to opt these difference while expansion of its business to earn the customers loyalty and base. The cultural issue of language can be sorted out by appointing new employees into the Brazil branch who are local people. This will not only help Fluger Avionics in understanding the needs and cultural environment of Brazil but also helps in penetrating its product in the market of Brazil.

Business Etiquette

This is another important issue which the company faces while expansion of business I international arena. As mentioned above different cultures have different business ethics, cultures, beliefs, vies etc. There way of reacting is different in various situations.


Following differences can be managed by the Fluger Avionics by appointing local people in the organization. Those who are well aware about the Brazil business cultures. Business Etiquette may include different ways such as ways of handshake, presentation etc. things plays a important role in creating brand image. For increase in this the company may provide training of business etiquette. That will further help the company in managing its activities in well mannered while expanding its services in the Brazil. The Fluger Avionic company might also required to focus on the dresses of its employees. As the Brazilian companies also set standard of living towards its employees which also ensures image of the firm in front of its clients.

Identifying and analysing various obstacles to change

Major obstacles that the company might face at the time of changes such as:

Resistance to changes

This can be a major problem which the Fluger Avionics might face at the time of global expansion of its business. In this the existing employees of the companies mat resist to the changes that might come in future. Resistance of employee may occur due to lack of understanding that why the changes are being done, the experienced employees of the firm might not support the the changes. Also it can lead to loss of ownership and control of work process. Also resistance might occur due to fear of loosing jobs in the future.

To avoid this situation the given company is required to take pre plans for avoiding this condition at the time of global expansion. This situation can be avoided by the company through various ways. Such as by increasing the compensation of employees in way of incentives, bones etc. Also these obstacles can be avoided by proving appropriate training to the employees so that they might not come up with the resistance.

Competitive Forces

Competitive forces plays a vital role in shifts of demand and supply of products f the firm. While global expansion the company is required to analyze its rival in the new markets. So that the company get prepare in advance and keep in mind the products structure of its competitors in the markets. While entering to the new market the Fluger Avionics is required to add features that are lacking in the products of the its rivals. This will help the firm in attaining competitive advantage over its competitors.

After analysis the pros and cos of the competitors the Fluger Avionics is required to produce products one step ahead of is rials to place its company in new segmented markets. This will help in increasing revenue of the firm as well as will increase the brand image in front of Aviation industries in Brazil. For this the firm is required to make changes in the technologies of the products that might help in increasing the sales of the company in global market.

A Bad Culture Shift Planning

This is another major obstacle that might occur to the German based firm Fluger Avionics. Sometimes changing environment leads to affect the human resources of the firm. Change in culture leads to change in the shift timing because which the employees may lead to resistance of employee. According to the given scenario also the company is planning to shift its working hours into 3 shifts.

After analyzing-the situation the the company has to make changes in the shift timing accordingly to the nature and behavior of the people living in the Brazil. Also it is required to manage the workload in the new expansion unit the company can go with 3 shifts. Shifts can be single-day-shifts, 24 hour round-the-clock production. This will help the firm in managing the work load and increase the production of Fluger Avionics Firm.

The model of Hofstede can be applied in order to identify the barriers of change. The model describes various parameters on which the barriers of change can be identified. Furthermore, the parameters are power distance, Masculinity v Feminity, Individualism v Groupism, uncertainty avoidance index and long term v short term orientation. If the company wants to expand themselves in Brazil then the power distance in this country is high and the individualism is low. Thus, it can be said that people work in a group unlike Germany. Moreover, the masculinity is more then feminity which means that males have more domination then female candidates. Furthermore, uncertainty avoidance index is more as compared to Germany and there is more short term orientation then long term. However, the country Brazil has entirely different culture as compared to Germany. Thus, the management has to face several issues while carrying out their services in entirely different culture. These are some of the obstacles which a company may face.

However, these changes must be overcome by the management at the time of establishment of new venture in a country Brazil. For this aspect, the model of Kurt Lewin could be followed. This model states that there are three steps for overcoming change. First step is unfreeze where leaders of this firm could unfreeze the employees by providing training and other means. When the mindset of the employees get diverted then the leaders can introduce change in the company that is by introducing new management style at Brazil. The last stage is refreeze where people accepts the change and indulge into them after sometimes. This way barriers of change could be overcome in the given organization.
Identifying and evaluating suitable leadership styles for leading change

There are various leadership styles that leads the changes at the time of expansion of the business:

Democratic Leadership Styles- It is an open approach of leadership that helps in making decisions. It also encourages creativity, participation of employees working in the firm. This is done add value to the vision, missions and objectives of organization. Democratic leadership styles also helps in managing various activities of firm effectively at the time of expansion of business on international level.

Advantage and disadvantage of the democratic leadership styles are as follows:

This styles leads to motivation of employees as it encourages the participation of employees in the decision makings of the firm. It enables employees to give their ideas and suggestions regarding the decision making. It also involves quick decision making as the employees are the part of the decision makings. The creativity, new ideas etc. leads to the increasing the production of the firm. In democratic leadership the responsibilities of employees are shared by the superiors. The following leadership style also leads to towards the stability of organization by the way of increasing the attitudes, morals etc. in the favour employees working in the firm. However, the leadership style leads to complexes nature which creates problems for the employees in understanding their work. This leadership style may lead to discouraging the people who are less interactive in the firm.

This leadership approach can be applied in case scenario of the Fluger Avionics a aviation manufacturing unit.

Democratic leadership styles can be implemented for the new production unit of Fluger Avionics company in Brazil. As this style encourages creativity, and also involves employees in decision makings. This also leads to quick decision makings as well as encourages employees to work efficiently in the organization. This approach will lead to overcome various challenges that the company might face in future while expanding its business in Brazil. Also this approach will help in overcoming various cultural and obstacles.

Transformational Leadership

This is one of the most effective style which can be suitable used in referent situations in most effective manner. This approach motivates integrity as well as high emotional intelligence towards the firm. It also help in motivating employees by encourages them to participate with new ideas and innovations. It leads to effective communication system in the entire business enterprise which helps in saving time and efficiency. This styles leads in self awareness, authentications, empathetic as well as humbleness in the functioning of the organization. Transformational leader also inspires teamwork, accountability in the working of the firms. As well as Transformational leaders also tends to set high goals and objectives for their organizations to increase the productivity ad engagement.

Various Advantage and disadvantage of the Transformational leadership approach such as

The following leadership style helps in motivating approach. It also leads in encouraging view and ideas of employees as wells as effective communication among different level of the firm. It also ensure accountability and smooth functioning of the teamwork.

However, leadership styles leads to lack in clarity of visions and missions as it is difficult to find out the actual parameters of the company in this approach. Also level of motivation, idealization etc. is difficult to measure.

This leadership approach can be applied in case scenario of the Fluger Avionics a aviation manufacturing unit.

As per the scenario the the given organization is going to open its new unit in Brazil. Transformational leadership can be implemented in the working of the Fluger Avionic. As this will help in developing emotional intelligence, integrity, self awareness, authenticity etc. in the organization which will lead to increase in the production of the firm. Also Transformational leadership style helps in resolving conflicts which the company might have to face in global expansion. For this the company is require to adopt the strategy which may help in resolving the various conflicts.

Creating and justifying the list of critical success factors

As mentioned above there can be various critical factors that are required to be adopted by the organization while change process such as:

Effective Leadership style

Effective leadership style is must for the company to manage the conflicts of the changes. Such as Transformational leadership helps the organization in managing conflicts of the firm. The company may go through various conflicts while expanding its production and manufacturing unit in Brazil. To overcome those conflicts the Fluger Avionic firm will have to incur suitable and effective leadership styles in the organisation The effective leadership style also ensures the quick decision makings. It also encourages employees to participate in decision making and suggest new ideas for the firm. Leadership styles also leads to strong teamwork, integrity, self awareness etc. It also helps in clearing visions, missions of the firm to employees. With the help of effective teamwork the organisation will lead to increase in the accountability and increase in the productivity of the firm. Also the effective leadership style ensure less wastage of the firm.

Cultural Shift Planning

Effective shifts helps the firm in increasing its productivity also helps in increasing employment opportunities. Different shifts ensure people to work at different shift hours which enables the local people to work accordingly in the firm as per there requirements and suitability. The firm in order to manage the productivity and social responsibilities towards the society of expanded market. As this will ensure employees satisfaction and increase join the productivity the firm.

Industry critical success factors

Under this strategic factor the company is required to find out about its various competitors in the change market and also what technologies they are using. It is very essential to identify and analyse various factors of the industry that might result in success as well as in failure of the company. So in order to place itself for long time In Brazil the Fluger Avionic is required to pre analyse the situations of the market . What factors it is required to opt and what factors are not to be kept in mind while expanding in the different country.

Strategy Critical Success factor

I this factor the company is required to predetermine the strategies by determining the competitive market in the Brazil. This is important factor to be kept in mind while expanding business in area as this will. Help the firm in pre analysing the market situation. That what changes it might have to make in technology as well as strategic to ensure long term success in the Brazil market. Also it is required to make strategies based on the challenges and opportunities that might help the company in successfully attaining the competitive advantages over its competitors.


This report was based on the cross culture leadership of the Fluger Avionic company. Various organizational cultural issues such as strategy, political and social climate, innovations, languages etc. has been determined in the report. Along with this issues national culture issues had also been identified in the report which were languages and business etiquette. Further various obstacles were analysed and identified such as resistance to changes, competitive forces as well as a bad culture shift planning in the report. Different leadership styles have also been evaluated in the report those were democratic and Transformational leadership styles. At last various critical factors such as effective leadership styles, shift planning, strategic success factors as well as industrial success factors were justified to mange change in the firm.


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