Malaysian Airlines & Corporate Brand Image


Brand image had been a crucial component of any company to flourish and achieve its goals and objectives set earlier. Corporate brand image reflects the position of any company in the market and the involvement of the stakeholders within that company. The study elaborates the importance of the corporate brand image that insists a company to adapt perceiving various grounds of development in future and in recent time. It defines the function of cross cultural communication within the relationship of stakeholders. The study eventually demonstrates the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), corporate citizenship and ethics in the field of operations and development of the s

1. Role and function of cross cultural communication within stakeholder relationships

Cross cultural communication is defined to be the field of study which looks at the ways by which people belonging to different state and cultures communicate in their respective ways and the ways the individuals endeavour for communicating across cultures. According to the observations of Heide and Simonsson (2014, p.145), communication problems often emerge as one of the most important contemporary challenges that is faced by the Malaysian industry. Effective communication serves as a necessary component since it is considered to be the ultimate mean through which behaviour is modified and change is affected. Through effective communication, acquiring and sharing of knowledge is convenient and goals are eventually achieved.

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Various cultures of any country affect the establishment of cross cultural relationship among stakeholders through enhancement of communicating networks overseas. As per the opinion of Sevin, (2014, p.55), cross cultural communication in the industry of airlines such as Malaysian Airlines enhance the ability of attracting customers from worldwide through the availability of communication mediums in different cultures. Communication itself is important for ensuring a smooth working operation in the airlines at different levels. The Malaysian government is liable for setting up of the standards of communication in the industry of airlines.

In the modern era of establishment of walls of various kinds of business, the airline industry is one of them which are required to facilitate and prioritise enhancement of communication channels for effective working and operation of the business company. In the opinion of Cording et al. (2014, p.55), the ability of communicating effectively as well as multicultural is not supposed to be underestimated. In order to maintain healthy relationship among the stakeholders, the company which is in this case the Malaysian Airlines is required to maintain cross cultural relationship.

As per the discussions of Bordia and Bordia, the basic keys to establish cross-cultural communication relationship with the stakeholders which could be facilitated in the Malaysian Airlines would involve- being proactive, using cultural rapport, organising productive interactions for ensuring victory among the agencies, developing strategies for business cycles and relationships depending upon the appropriate levels of business hierarchy and formality. As mentioned by Islam et al. (2016, p.319), in order to enable cross cultural relationship among the stakeholders m company, pure an huge focus must be on the values and beliefs of the individual engaged in the establishment of such viable relationships.

Various ways through, marketing communications could be adapted by the Malaysian Airlines include advancement of technological features, internet applications and facilities.

Developing communication channels is equally beneficial for establishing and devising new strategies for expanding the business. According to the suggestions of Mazur et al. (2014, p.956), both verbal and nonverbal communications have been essential for supporting innovative ways to be evolved for maintaining the overseas relationship among the stakeholders. The culture of the nation is highlighted through advancement of cross border relationship through communication among different individual belong to distinct culture. Integration of biodiversity could be achieved which is essential for a mutual trust and understanding among the stakeholders of the company. As per the suggestions provided by Buvik and Rolfsen (2015, p.1493), it is significant furthermore for establishing such communicative relationships in order to smoothen up the services provided by the airlines and induce the operations to be enough functional for attracting customers across the world.

Through the assurance given by the company for advancement in establishing the cross cultural communicative relationship, it could be suggested that the managerial behaviour and attitude would improve gradually. In the views of Grunig and Hung-Baesecke (2015, p.63), the stakeholders might belong to different cultural background and ethnicity, so it could be problematic if cross cultural communication is not promoted within the airline industry. Communication could be termed as a significant mean of exerting or expressing feelings and thoughts that enable the smooth running of the transaction procedures but it would not be same for distinct nations or countries. As suggested by Driedonks et al. (2014, p.300), in order to avoid irrelevant yet harmful misunderstandings among the stakeholders, cross border communication is crucially required in any industry especially in the Malaysian Airlines.

As supported by Durmusoglu et al. (2014, p.36), culture as well as communication is inseparable since culture as an essential element dictates about the language in which individuals speak and even the procedure through which communication proceeds. Cultural factors such as orientations of time and space which are distinct for different cultures influence a negotiation which induces and support the need for communication among the stakeholders. This is because individuals belonging to different cultures are expected to take immense care of their own needs as well as others belonging to similar community and social groups. In the perspectives of Ilkhanizadeh et al. (2017, p.16), individualistic cultures are supposed to prefer logical and linear trends for valuing open conflicts.

It could be eventually stated that, members belonging to different societies and communities, expect negotiations from other sides for having abilities to make unilateral decisions. All these could be merged up and stated as relevant reasons for supporting cross cultural communication among the companies and their respective stakeholders belonging to the equivalent industry. As per the discussions of Saxton and Waters (2014, p.298), more levels of efficiency could be observed and analysed once the cross cultural communication is established among the stakeholders, both internal and external in Malaysian Airlines.
Cross culture communication is apparently required for maintaining integrity among the stakeholder groups in order to exaggerate the abilities to cooperate and ensure avoidance of conflicts and conformity of excellence brought about in the work culture of Malaysian Airlines. As per the opinions of Ting and Lean, the prospects of maintaining equality among the various status oriented groups of stakeholders especially customers is ensured through enabling cross cultural communicative relationship. This is due to the fact that more the probability of inequality among the customers of different wealth earning status groups. The most eminent national cultures with high power differential among their status and income prospects comprise of Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Arabian countries, India and Indonesia. Hence, it is evident that there is an utmost need of communication especially among the varied cultural background of several individuals belonging to distinct and different nation.

2. Evaluating ethics, culture and corporate social responsibility

Malaysian airlines have dealt with the customers of the world and of the world with the better care and support to maintain the reputation in the organizational market and society., the ethical issues in the last few decades marked the fall in the share of the organization and have resulted in nth developing of strategies and information for the customers of the society. The issues and the problems in the airlines of Malaysian organization have been in the centre of attraction and discussion which have led to the proper cause for the downfall of the organization. It can be evidently made clear that the use of the ethical codes and conducts marks the rise in the organisation and development. The Airlines need to be more effective in the terms of making more of the ethical code of conducts for the reading of the reputation as it had in the beginning of the services. Malaysian Airlines have made clear demarcation of safety and proper development of the customer service which have resulted in the regaining of the confidence level of the customers in the society. The Airline Authority keeps the safety of the passenger as their prime ethical concerns have successfully kept their word in the maintaining of the success of the organization and the ethical consideration.

The word of mouth for the Malaysian Airlines have not been in great for the last few year s but there has been few changes in the operation of the organization that have led to the better development of the organization and supports the initiative with the better achievement of their organization and better achievement of the organizational goal. The Airlines organization maintains the happiness of the organization the support of the organization for the people of Malaysia and world. As supported by the maintaining of the culture of the organization needs to be so devised that the use of the organizational policy does not make any changes in the operation of the organization. The Malaysian Airlines maintains the warrior spirit in the organization and helps in the better supporting of the employees of the organization. The supporting of the organization workers and the employees of the organization helps in the better support of the development. The development of the organization marks the proper following of the culture of the organization. The culture of the organization is proper maintained by Airlines in order to regain the support of the customers in the organization. It can be evidently supported that the use of the cultural factors helps in the proper managing of the customer satisfaction level on the airlines provided by the government of Malaysia.

3. Explaining brand as an important mean of international communication

As per the discussions of Luxton et al. (2015, p.45), brand has a significant value in channelizing communication among the stakeholders and employers as well as employees in any organisation. Globalisation has enabled creation of ample opportunities and challenges for different brands that have the probability of forming a venture overseas. International marketing takes into significant account of several factors such as market saturation, culture as well as customer behaviour. The international communication is one of the important determinants of international marketing and servicing of the products to different customers across the world. In the opinions of Maatugh, (2016, p.1), a brand of any product is defined as the visual symbol and a memorable tag line which anchors the vision and mission of the product and operating tactics and principles of the company, which is Malaysia Airlines in this case.

Role of brand signifies creation of identification a well as a brand awareness that guarantees a specific level of quantity, quality along with satisfaction and eventually helps with the promotional activities. Opportunities provided by the proper information of brand are through the better awareness of the customers of the society. Achievement of the success is from the proper spreading of the information regarding the brand of the organization in the country. Proper awareness in the organization is judged from the better advertisement of the brand. As supported by Zhang et al. (2014, p.291), the achievement of the success is from the better understanding of the situation and the mentality of the customers. Better understanding of the society and the opportunity developed from the society needs to be well evaluated by the organization. The well and proper acceleration of the mentality helps an organization in the proper advertising of the brand in the society. From the society it can be evidently supported that the use of the organization needs to be more attentive in the opportunity that is provided by the society to make the product of the organization more valuable. The Malaysian Airlines needs to be attentive in the terms of the changes of the taste and the preferences of the public in the society. The proper and evaluative understanding the situation in the society, marks the better rose in the advertising of the brad in the society.

Terms of the international society and the brand acts as the communication means and thus helps in the better approaching of the people from different countries for the better sale of the product of the organization and the airlines. As supported by Xie et al. (2015, p.70), it can be so judged that the communication through the brand in the international communication helps in the property sharing of views and ideas. The proper sharing of the views and ideas helps an organization to understand the situation of the organization in the terms of the whole world. Communication gets the pace with the interaction of the customer from around world. As mentioned by Zenker and Rütter (2014, p.16), the support of the brand can be used for the better spreading of the well wishes in the organization and the international market. The brand of the organisation needs to be exercises in proper through the better media and smooth flow of the media. The communication needs to be both sided and thus the use of the mass media is for the better use of the sharing of the brand image in the organization and the world. The use of the advertising is one sided but can be used for the mass reaching of the society and the world and making the brand to speak and communicate for itself. As indicated by Pamment, (2014, p.58), the smooth flow of the brand name through the advertising and other means of communications marks the smoothness and renewing of the organization. And the brand as an important mean of international communication. The use of the band by the Malaysian airlines would help in the better gathering of the customers around the globe and support then to making the objective short terms. The objective being shortest helps in the going of the more profit and helping the organization to revive from excess competition. The excess competition of the organization can be better reduced with the turning of the attraction of the customers in the side of the organization from the others. Focusing of long terms facts can be also linked with the use of the brand. The communication to the customers around the world can be helped in the taking the brand of the organization in long terms basis with the support and believe of getting the service in future and upcoming days. The usage of the social media can be more helpful reaching of more people in the society, the reaching of the people in the world marks the rise in the explanation of the brand to a large group of people enabling three chances to get more of customers in the organization betterment. The brand can be more efficiently used in the better managing of the success of the organization. Authenticity in the organization needs to be managed in order to giant threw successful management of the communication in the society. The society needs to be made clear regarding the brand value. The brand value can be proper made clear to the organization with the help of being authentic. The authenticity in the organization should be well derived from the organization in order to communicate the organizational goal around the world the better authenticity marks the better success rate. Malaysian Airlines needs to be evident in terms of providing relevant content. As suggested by Nikbin et al. (2016, p.373), proper and well described contents in an organisation helps in the better development of the communication among the people of the society and the people of the world, the probe of the organization and the people of the world need to be well described of the solution and the success rate in the following of the brand. The following of the brand in the organization and the society gets chance to speak in direct of the organization and also suggest the need of the change in the organisation.

The Corporate Social responsibility means the responsibility maintained by the organization for the betterment of the society and the customers of the organization. It can be evidently supported that use of the organizational support and the opportunity provided by the organization to the customers helps in the better maintaining of the corporate social Responsibility. The corporate social responsibility maintained by the Malaysia Airlines, maintains the support of the organization and thus maintains the reputation of the organization a\in the mind of the organization's customers and the society. As supported by Hamzah et al. (2014, p.2309), the Airlines uses the proper measure for the waste management helps in the sustainable growth of the organization and supporting of the need of the customer in making the environment clean by reusing the waste product of the organization. The Airline's organization prepares every bit of support for the better naming of the organization support and managing the products of the organization for the support of the organization and the support of the customers of the organization. It is evident that CSR of the Malaysian Airlines did go down in last decade but with proper effort and support the organization have emerged again with hope and support.


Effective conclusions can be drawn out from the concerned study which includes positive effects and influence of brand image adaptability on the company’s future decisions. The relationship among the stakeholders of the company is required to be strengthened in order to develop a corporate brand image and it would help the company to pursue the objectives and goals. International communication is specifically important in order to maintain the relationship among the stakeholders of the company. Furthermore, it could be stated that brands play an important role in determining the image of particular company in the market and hence it is indispensable for Malaysian Airlines to adapt a corporate brand image. The better the brand image of an organisation proves the better improvement of the organization to make the situation of the organization in terms of the organization international expansion. The use of the brand can be used for the better understanding of the customer demand and circle of demand in the society including both international and social. The social and the intervention group of customer can be communicated properly with the help of international brand image. The brand image thus can be proper used for the delivering information and communicate good faith among the workers and the people of the world.


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