Employability Skills


Employability skills can be defined as such type of professional skills that are required by an individuals to be employable and get the desired job profiles. Positive attitude, teamwork, willingness to cater knowledge, problem solving, decision making, good communication etc. are some examples of such abilities that are the main requirements of employers while they hire new staff members for their organisations (Bryant and Goswami, 2016). It is essential for all the individuals to have some unique skills so that they may get, keep and be successful on their dream job. Most of the works get necessary employability skills from their past job experience.

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This assignment consist various information in which individuals can know their strengths and apply few elements from Gallup strengths and Johari's window theories, information of the interested sector, benefits of individual's networking to become commercially aware, analysis of job specification and description, professional qualification to achieve desired job are also discussed under this report.


Brief overview of the education and career aspirations

Identification of key strengths: As I am studying Business Management study and my career aspirations are to take more responsible, more creative and establish a business in future. To achieve these aspirations I have to get experience by working in an organisation at a management profile (Dunne, 2014). I can use tow different models to identify my strengths. Both are as follows:

Clifton Gallup Strengths theory: It is a model which is used by individuals to identify their strength in order to achieve all the desired goals. I am also going to use this model to identify my strength that will help me to reach to my career aspirations. There are various elements that are related to this theory that are strategic, communication, positivity, significance, belief, responsibility, learner, futuristic, focused, empathy. When I have studied all these elements than I have found out that I am having may of such skills that may help me to achieve all my career aspirations (Galgóczi and Leschke, 2016). For example I am good at communication, have a willingness to learn, focused with my goals and have positive attitude that may help me to be more successful in life. All these skills are identified by me with the help of Clifton Gallup Strengths theory.

Johari’s Window theories: This model help individuals to better understand their relation with others and themselves. This theory directed me to way in which I can enhance my knowledge about myself (Gray and et. al., 2014). I have understood that I have to be more aware of social issues, improve my communication, enhance my skills to work in a team and establish good relations with the team members so that I can achieve all my goals. There are four elements of this model that are open, blind, hidden and unknown in which I have analysed that all of them may help me to identify my effective skills. For example, many skills like good attitude toward work, good problem solving and strategic decision making abilities of mine have been identified by me.

Both the theories have helped me to identify may skills that may help me to reach my career aspiration and also guide me on the way of attaining all the goals (Griffin and Care, 2014).

Analysis of companies in the sector:  I am willing to work in private sector where I can grab appropriate opportunities that mat help me to fulfil all my career aspirations. I have chosen two different companies in private sector who are running business in retail industry. The companies are Tesco and QD stores, both are established in UK and running the business effectively. History, values and ethics of both the companies er as follows:



QD stores


Tesco was established in year 1919 by Jack Cohen in London. The brand Tesco has taken place in year 1924. It is a British multinational groceries and retailer which is mainly based in UK and running business all around the world. It is world's third largest retailer measured by its revenues (Grover and Piggott, 2015).

It was established in year 1984 at Norwich UK. Earlier the organisation has started business with only one shop but now number of shops has been increased with time. Current number of shops is 25 that are located across East Anglia.


The organisation is operating business ethically and supporting human rights in its supply chain. Tesco has scored a middle rating in animal testing a sit does not test its products on animals but selling products of other companies who are producing such products.

The organisation is having good ethical environment at its work place so that the employees may perform all their tasks effectively. As it is selling mixture of products like home and garden and clothing and groceries this helps to grab attention of customers and deal with them ethically.


The values of Tesco can be defined with the help of its missions which is to be champion for its customers.

Value for QD stores is related to its mission which is to expand their business by acquiring higher market share so that higher success can be attained (Lombardi, 2018).

Alignment of organisation's ethics, and value with mine

Tesco is implementing deontological or duty based ethical and value theory in which it has been defined that every individuals is having own values and rights that needs to be fulfilled in order attain all the predetermined goals. I am willing to work in such company who is supporting employees by providing them right wage for their work. Tesco is supporting human rights within the organisation and this will provide me an effective opportunity to fulfil my ethics. Mission and value of the company is to be champion among its customer and I am good at communications this will help me to communicate with higher number of visitors of the company and work in an effective company (Sellar and Lingard, 2014).

QD stores is using Community based theory which is concerned with social health of the community where the company is running the business. Working environment of the company is ethically strong and according to me this will best meet with my ethics because good working environment can help me to grab growth opportunities. Mission of the organization is to acquire higher market share to expand business. This will help me to work in a futuristic company which is a great opportunity for me.

The way in which networking help to become more commercially aware

Networking can help every individual including me to become more commercially aware as my network will help me to be more aware of social issues and trends that have taken place in the market. It is very important for me to build good relations with individuals so that my network get broader and I will get more knowledge about social as well as technological trends of market. Social networking theory is a technique that may help me to study the way in which people, organisations and groups of market interact under a specific network (Silver, 2017) In Tesco this theory is adopted by its employees who are willing to expand their social network so that they may be more about commercial issues and trends. AS my social network is also very good and it can help me to gather information of contemporary issues, trends and challenges. This theory will also help me to enhance my social skills that will guide me while performing duties that are related to my job.


Study on a current job profile in Tesco

I am willing to work in Tesco as it may help me to build my career. The organisation is now running its business all around the world and it is one of the largest retail and supermarket in the world which is based in UK. As I am studying business management and willing to achieve all my career aspirations it is possible with the help of a specific job profile in my dream company. The desired job profile of mine is Customer Assistant at Tesco (Stijepic, 2017). In which is required to communicate with them effectively and engage with them face to face. In this job profile the employees of Tesco have to put customer first and try to resolve all the issues that are taking place.

It is a good opportunity for me to check all my abilities and skills that I am able to perform critical tasks or not. It is a challenging profile that may help me to enhance all my skills and knowledge and it is very beneficial for me as it will provide me various growth opportunities (Taylor, 2015).

Job description: A customer assistant is responsible to attend and directly contact the customers of the company. They have to resolve issues on phone or by interacting face to face with customers. Respond effectively to the complaints of the visitors of the organisation.

Job Specification: Customer assistants are mainly concerned to contact customers and provide them effective informations that are asked by them.

Professional certification alongside degree of business management

As I am willing to be a customer assistant in Tesco and to be more competitive to acquire this job I may pursue a professional certification of CRM in which all the information and training is provided by experienced trainers. It is very important for every candidate to have professional certificate so that they may have more chances as compare to other who are not having such type of certificate to acquire the job profile. For me it is very important for me as well to pursue a specific professional course so that my skills and knowledge get enhanced and I may get the desired job in my dream company (Webster, 2014).

Employers of every organisation always wants to hire such individuals who are having effective skills, knowledge and professional certificates because they are having professional experience to deal with issues at workplace because they have been provided training. If the company is hiring such individuals who are not able to handle all the issues of customers and whole organisation. Professional certification course for CRM can be chosen by me to grab the opportunity and work in the organisation on my desired job profile so that I may get success in my life. This will result positively for my career as this may help me to enhance my personal skills that are required to be selected by the employers of Tesco for the desired job profile.

Demonstration of CV and Linked in Profile: The profile of Customer assistant require high school diploma, college degree from a well recognised institution and I am having both the diploma and degree which has been mentioned in my CV and On my Linked in profile. As this profile require 2 years minimum experience working in customer service my profile and CV shows 1 year part time experience in the same field but I was very effective at the time when I have provided the such services which is a plus point for me and this may also impress the employers and interviewers. Various skills are also required for this job profile that includes good communication, patience, creativity, problem solving, effective phone call skills and strategic decision making skills all the skills are mentioned in my CV as I am good in finding solutions for difficult situations according to my skills. It is very important for all the persons who are willing to achieve all their career aspirations to have good skills so that organisations can give them opportunity.

Interview process and STAR model

Star model can be defined as situation, Task, Action and Result (STAR model, 2018). This model is very beneficial for me as this will guide me to face my interview effectively and face all the competencies appropriately. In an interview the interviewer ask questions from the individuals who there in the organisation for the job. It is a multi stage process which is followed by various organisations for hiring new employees. This process includes various steps like writing the job description, posting the jobs on different web portals, scheduling interview for the eligible persons, conducting personal interview for them, following up with the candidates and hire them according to their eligibility. According to me the process of interview is good for the candidates as well as the organisation because this will help to analyse that hired candidates are able to perform all the duties that are related to their job profile.

Reflection on the learnings

From this model I have learnt various things that are related to my personal career aspirations. It has helped me to enhance my problem solving and decision making skills. It is very important for me to develop my other skills like futuristic, straight forward because these skills are also required by the employers while hiring new candidates for their company. My desired job profile is customers assistant and the dream company is Tesco in which I am willing to work and to work there it is very important for me to be have more effective skills that may help to impress the interviewer and the employers of the company.


From the above project report it has been concluded that employability skills are very important fro every individual to grab the opportunity for the desired job profile in the dream company. If candidates are not having such effective skills than they may not be chosen by interviewer or the employer for their organisation as they are willing to hire such persons who have good and effective skills. The main skills that are required by the employers are problem solving, decision making, good communication and willingness to learn. All these skills in individuals can help them to acquire their desired job profile.


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