Ethical Consumerism

Introduction to Ethical Consumerism

In the contemporary business world, ethical consumerism is creating huge impact individual demands and needs of consumers. It has been identified that companies formulate various strategies for welfare society for establishment of distinct image of company (Bray, Johns and Kilburn, 2011). The ethical consumerism has got greater important when consumers are judging the organization on grounds of ethical practices. In addition to that consumer also supports this concept through purchasing decision that would be in favor of society and environment. The primary objective of this concept to promote ethical business practices among wide range of organization (Sandlin and McLaren, 2010). This concept has paid extra emphasizes on keeping interest of society rather than individual’s interest of firm and business.

In this regard, This report considers various business operations of Green and Black Chocolate Ltd. It is one of the leading chocolate brand of UK that offers wide range of food products. The report facilitates detail insights associated with ethical practices that have been  adopted by the organization for benefit of society. Furthermore, deep understanding of notion for ethical consumerism is developed. The report gives some extra attention on some certain facts  that ethical consumerism is essential at individual and corporate levels. Furthermore, this report carries systematic investigation related to ethical factors that are considered by management for different business operations such as purchasing, manufacturing, human resources management etc. The present report also establishes deep understanding of the concept of ethical consumerism in such way that will support the overall growth of the business entity.

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The concept of ethical consumerism is greatly affecting the different business decisions related to purchasing, manufacturing, human resources management in which management has to ensure that no damage is caused to parties who are involved (Ethical consumerism meaning. 2014). The theory of ethical consumerism determines that every consumer should consider several factors in the purchase decision that include evaluation of all social conditions in which products are manufactured and delivered to final users.  A product is reached to consumers after passing several stages. So, it is responsibility of consumer in order to review that every stage of product development is manufactured and delivered by considering ethical factors and procedures (Rizk, 2008). The ethical consumerism gives extra importance on certain for making purchase decision. Some criteria is explained under this statement:

Positive buying

The concept of positive buying determines that an individual is purchasing the goods and services that are ethically manufactured. In the process of positive buying, consumer emphasizes on benefit of society in making of purchase (Stanaland, Lwin and Murphy, 2011). As per this concept, it can be said that every individual needs to consider the benefits of entire society rather than personal benefits in the process of purchasing.

Moral Boycott

The term moral-boycotting determines that all types of negative purchasing should be avoided. In addition to that, the brand-based purchasing is also removed for the objective of compliance by ethical considerations (Zander and Hamm, 2010). So, it can be said that  the concept of ethical consumerism avoids each type of negative-purchasing that  can be influenced by company-based purchasing.

It has been identified that the concept of ethical consumerism is mainly influenced by  consumers’ perceptions during the making purchase decision. It is the concept that promotes purchase of such kinds of products and services that did not provide any kind of damage to  environment and society at whole (Collins, 2009). …..() evaluated that the idea of ethical consumerism is not  apply for individual consumer but also for the organization at whole (Ferrell and Fraedrich, J., 2014).

In this regard, One of the most famous cases is identified that can be considered  as promote concept of ethical consumerism that is collapse of Rana plaza building on top of garment workers. In this accident, around 1100 people were killed and more that 2500 people were injured. The plaza was addressed as supplier wide range of premium clothing brands and business companies that include Primark, Benetton, Mango, Matalan and Bonmarché. The incident has raised such kind of situation in which people are encouraged to think in such manner  that is based on ethical consumerism (Whyatt and, 2012). The ethical consumerism promotes awareness on part of individual and corporate consumers in selection of wide range of products and services.

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The present report considers operations of Green and Black Chocolate Ltd. It is one of the well-known chocolate brand of UK for ethical business operations. It was found by Craig Sams and Josephine Fairley in 1991. The company produces wide range of products that include chocolate bars, ice cream, biscuits and hot chocolate that are fully organic. Business entity operating business in all over the world (Green and Black's About us, 2015).  The products manufactured by Green & Black’s are organic and perineum priced. The brand name of organization was not derived on the basis of  founders’ surnames. As per the brand name, “Green” is standing for the environmental focus of the founders along with the “Black”  is used for high cocoa solids chocolate.

In order to satisfy different needs of consumers, the management of Green & Black’s is selling and manufacturing several food products by considering ethical business operations. In 1994, the company stated purchasing Fairtrade cocoa through Maya farmers in Belize for development of Maya Gold chocolate bar (Trevino and Nelson, 2010). For this, company was awarded with  Worldaware Business Award for good and ethical business practice along with the UK’s first Fairtrade mark. It plays significant role to attract consumers on the basis of several factors associated to ethical consumerism. Along with Maya Gold chocolate bar, company is offering 16-strong certified organic range in chocolate that develops distinct image of organization.

 The management of  Green and Black's has adopted several business strategies for social benefits and public welfare in several business operations that have played significant role for developing of distinct image in front of consumers. As per the several elements of ethical consumerism, Green and Black's is always trying to reduce the the impact its service and manufacturing operations on the environment (Weiss, 2008). For this, business entity is working on making and packaging different products as eco-friendly as possible. The company also provides a service to consumer about carbon offset.  In order to promote ethical products, business entity shares product background information such as ingredients, manufacturing process that enable consumers for taking ethical purchasing decisions (Green and Black's Chocolate,  2010).  Organization is committed to facilitate accurate and comprehensive information about product's or brand's credentials to consumers.

Green and Black makes efforts to create a positive impact on people along with the environment with its ethically produced goods. In order to achieve this, company acquires products and material from ethical brands that includes independent producers, traders, etc (Aktar, 2013). Further more,  This company has maintained fair trade with the help of suppliers situated in more than 40 countries. For leading of ethical consumer revolution,  Green and Black's is committed to assess  quick growth with the help of continuous innovation, assessing support from various business partners for new ethical products and services. Each brand or product of company has been proven on some ethical credentials such as organic, cco-firendly, fair trade, education and awareness expansion and health and well-being promotion (Rizk, 2008). With reference to ethical consumerism, business entity encourages to its staff for maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, organization supports a work culture in which everyone is respecting to each other as well as encouraging each person for applying his or her certain strengths, skills, knowledge  values as well as creativity in various job operations (Green and Black's Chocolate,  2010). The company has acquired a real talent for producing and development of ethical product along with programming, customer service, web design, warehouse management, order tracking and packing, inventory  management and quality control. All these factors have played significant role to meet needs of consumers by considering proper ethics. The management of Green and Black's  has made recall of its organic peanut and sea salt milk chocolate bar due to possible health risk in 2012 (Sandlin and McLaren, 2010).  This thing reflects that business entity always tries to schedule such kind of business operations with benefits of society. 

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The open survey is carried out for evaluation of perceptions of consumer towards ethical consumerism and operations of Green and Black's. In this process, researcher has used questionnaire that contains both open and close ended questions. The questionnaire is  designed to assess information with the help of interpretations and arguments of customers (Stanaland, Lwin and Murphy, 2011). In the current questionnaire, questions are designed by evaluating several factors related to ethical consumerism. In this process, seven questions are framed for taking of views of 15 students or consumers. 


Q.1) What is the most important factor that drives you to purchase products of Green and Black's?

  • Quality of products
  • Price factor
  • Taste of goods
  • Ethical business practices of company

Q.2) How do you rate ethical business practices of Green and Black's in comparison of other rivalries?

  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent

Q.3) Is the brand effectively meet its CSR goals?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Can’t Say

Q.4) Are the local community people or society assessing any benefits from ethical considerations of Green and Black's?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Sometimes
  • Always

Q.5) Have you observed any kind of specific concern of  Green and Black's towards CSR activities in several management practices?

Q.6) Is Green and Black's presenting good image of company with reference to ethical consumerism?

  • Yes
  • No

Q.7) Would you like to provide any suggestion for improvements and modifications in context to ethical consumerism within business activities of  Green and Black's?


In the process of acquiring the information about ethical behavior of Green and Black's, it has been addressed that business entity is extremely concerned about ethical consumerism. In this regard, organization takes all the business actions with reference to ethnic aspects. On the basis of above questionnaire, students provide their several respondents. In this process, it has been identified that ethnic business operations along with quality of organic food products have greatly influenced purchase decisions of consumers. The opinion survey has found that Green and Black's has got significant success in from ethical business practices in the from of eco-friendly of products etc. Furthermore, it is found that company has managed various public  welfare activities with an efficient manner that develops special appearance of company in the platform of ethical consumerism. In addition to that, consumers suggest that business entity needs to increase involvement of consumers in development of various food products along with nutritional elements.


The report carries out evaluation of several management practices of Green and Black's  in context of ethical consumerism. On the basis of analysis, this report has concluded that Green and Black's has developed good reputation with ethical business practices such as organic food, public welfare etc. This study has found that ethical consumerism is one the most important element of present business world that creates huge impact of purchase decisions of consumers. This approach or perception of consumers influences companies in order to follow government  regulations along with ethics. Business entities understand the importance of ethical consumerism and formulate appropriate business strategies. This report has concluded that Green and Black's has got tremendous by satisfying the needs of consumers through considering several factors of ethical consumerism in manufacturing, human resource management, etc.


On the basis of above assessment, it can be stated that every organization needs to consider several factors of ethical consumerism for creation  of some unique appearance of company in front of consumers. In this regard, management of Green and Black's should develop an efficient marketing campaign for promotion of ethical business practices used by firm that would encourage new consumers towards organization. Business entity requires to carry out systematic market research about social faced by people related to health and education in particular. On the basis of this information, organization can schedule effective CSR activities that would present unique image of company and change perception of consumers.


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