Unit 13 Conference and Banqueting Management Pearson BTEC Level 4/5


In the recent time, organizing with the events and meetings has become an important part for the management of business relations. Conference and banqueting management refers to the process of managing the events as per the needs of the clients. It is having a wider scope in the today's time as for certain get-together such as ceremony, celebration, seminars, birthday parties etc. are been made arranged by the hotel or restaurants (Bladen and, 2012). Thus by the study it has been seen that the event industry is been growing globally as now everyone is going for the arranged events done by others. In the current report, St. Ermin's hotel is taken into consideration for making the efficient study. The main focus is on the scope and size of the conference and banqueting management in UK so as to determine its importance in the country. Further, the strategic and operational issues related to the hospitality sector are studied in an efficient manner. Moreover, the process included in food production and the service system is been evaluated properly for the organization. Hence, the entire report assess the conference and banqueting management by the efficient planning, implementation and evaluation of the events.

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The hospitality industry is a combination of two groups which include banqueting and conferencing. The prior one includes the family function and other occasions which are been organized to celebrate a certain event. Further, banqueting is been organized for some official and formal events which are mainly organized for some companies. In the recent time, the scope of this industry is been growing and had achieved several benefits which assist in enhancing the economy of the nation. By the statistics of UK, it has been seen that conference and banqueting industry is developing at a higher pace as with the time the demand for arranging the events is been increased (Boella and Goss-Turner, 2013). In 1997, it was studied that 6.3 million visitors from the overseas visited UK conferences for some official meetings and spend for about £3501 million on arranging the meeting. As UK is highly developed country which is known for  their efficient and high quality conferences. Moreover, UK stands on the second position within the top 10 countries globally. From the study it has been determined that this industry has contributed around £1808 billion to its economy. This is positive sign for the development of the industry. There are around 3500 venues which is about 11.5% of the total venues counted globally.

Further, UK is one of the most renowned place for arranging the conference and banqueting for the individuals. Thus, there are several factors which are contributing a large value in developing the industry.

Some of the factors are been studied below:

  • Social factor- UK is rich its heritage, building etc. which are a great source of attraction for the visitors towards visiting the place. Moreover, as it is highly developed country it is also famous for its innovative technology which develops an important factor to have the tourist at their place. Furthermore, there are best arranged hotels and restaurants which are the best place for arranging the conferences or some other family event (Davis and, 2013). Further, the following are the attributes which are included in the defined factor:
  • Attitude-The perception and preferences of the people are changing with the time which means their attitude towards the things are highly fluctuating. Thus, because of this fact the hospitality industry get highly effected in a negative way.
  • Cultural change- It is seen that the changes in the cultural dimensions is a major factor which effects the conference and banqueting sector. With the variations in the culture of the people, there is a difference in the management of the operations for a certain event (Heitmann and, 2010).
  • Economy- There is an efficient development and growth in the industry which has resulted in increase in the GDP of the country. As it is highly developed country, people are attracted towards the management of the events which is highly benefiting the conference and banqueting  industry to achieve the success (Heitmann and, 2010).
  • Technological- With the advancement in the technology of the country it has become one of the most efficient one globally. Further with the assistance of this, it becomes easy to serve with the services and organizing the events in an efficient manner. Moreover, it becomes impossible for the hotel to manage such arrangements without having the technological tools.



It has been evaluated that there are various strategic and operational issues which need to be taken into consideration for managing the conference and banquet in St. Ermin's hotel. Thus, the following issues must be solved in an efficient manner as it will assist in arranging the event properly. Some of the issues faced by the organization are stated below:

  • Pricing and packaging- The organization must be efficient enough in pricing their activities as there are several other hotel in the town which are providing with the similar facilities. Thus, every factor must be taken into consideration so that they provide with the best price in comparison to the other hotels (KoÅ›mieja and PasÅ‚awski, 2016). Further, they must go for preparing packages for organizing the events in the premises. Like for the one day conference the food will be provided with it. These types of packages will assist the people to fix the deal in an easily manner.
  • Licensing laws- It is very important for the organization to ensure that the established company is properly licensed with the government authority. Thus the musty also take the legal permission for arranging the events in their premises. Further, they must ensure that all the activities performed at the workplace are according to the legal norms.
  • Health and safety at work- This is considered to be the most important factor for ensuring the health of clients as well as the employees. Thus it is necessary for the organization to make sure that there is safety and hygiene factors are been taken into consideration while arranging the conference and event (Lin, Frew and Goldblatt, 2013). The food served must be clean and healthy so that it do not have negative effect on the health of the people. Further, he following acts must be practised at the workplace:
  • Health and Safety at work 1974-According to the following act it is important for the organization to protect the employees from any type of hazardous situation at the workplace.
  • Hygiene regulations- With the proper arrangement of the event, it is also necessary to take the hygiene factor seriously and provide the people with the healthy food. They must regularly check the food quality and the process used to prepare it.


It is very important to evaluate the performance of St. Ermin's hotel so as to develop with the activities more efficiently in the long run. Further, there are various performance and quality review techniques which will assist the organization to serve the customers with better assistance. Moreover, it is important for the administration and the top authority to analyse the type of events which are to be organized in the premises (Mair and Whitford, 2013). Furthermore, they must also make sure that the food, audio visual technology etc. are been managed properly so that the end result of the  event gives positive impact on the customers. To evaluate the performance of the event, the following ways must be adopted:

  • Feedback from clients- The clients must be asked to give feedback for the event as it will assist the organization to improve and enhance their performance in terms of quality, service, food etc. This technique can be implemented by formulating a feedback form with all the questions which need to be asked so as to evaluate the performance. Further, the customers must be asked to fill the form individually so as to get opinion from every person. Thus, as per the data evolved the changes must be made in the organization (Musgrave, 2011).
  • Preparing financial reports- They must prepare the financial report for the hotel as it will determine the amount which are been invested in performing different activities. Further, it will assist in determining the profit margin which is been earned from several events. Moreover, it is the core factor which will help to evaluate the success and growth of the organization.
  • F&B service- It is considered to be one of the crucial factor for evaluating the success of the event. Further it is important for the hotel to make sure that the review about the food, beverages and other services are taken into account so as to know the satisfaction level of the customers. If the clients are not satisfied by the services than they must take measures to improve them so that they can attract a large number of people (Oakden and Al Hamar, 2011).



For organizing the conference and banquet in St. Ermin's, several production and food systems are taken into consideration. Further, there are several production techniques which assist in managing the event in an efficient manner. Thus, some of them are as follows:

  • Cook freeze- In this method, the food is being cooked before the event and is reheated at the time  when it is been served. This is convenient for the hotel authority as they do not have to cook for bulk of people at the same time when the event is going on (Pantelidis,  2012). St. Ermin's hotel mainly uses this technique for serving the food to the clients. Further, the food is reheated so that it do not loose the real taste of it.
  • Conventional method- This process is used when the food is to be served to small number of people. In this method, the food is prepared on the choices ordered by the customers. They preserve their raw materials in the cool place so that they do not loose their freshness. Further, this method assist in providing the clients with fresh and hot food.
  • Sous vide- The another name for this method is vacuum cooking. In this the food is prepared in advance and are been preserved in airtight packets. When the clients order for the food than the authorities of the hotel reheat the food which is been cooked earlier. To maintain the taste of the food, it is been kept in the refrigerator so that it do not looses its taste (Pullman and Rodgers, 2010).
  • Cook chill- It is the method in which the food is prepared in advance and is been chilled and than stored. Further, while storing the food, the temperature must be low so that the food remain fresh for longer time. When the food is to be served to the customers, it is been reheated which assist in maintaining its taste and freshness.

Moreover, when the production process is been completed the next step is to serve the food to the customers. It is very important to have an efficient serving style so that customers are impressed and attracted towards revisiting the hotel. The following are the different styles for serving the food:

  • Silver service- In this style the waiter of the hotel serves the food to every person with the help of folk and spoon. They bring the food and serve it to everyone individually (Ravasi and Phillips, 2011).
  • Buffet- In this style the hotel prepares with different varieties of food and placed it in the hall. The people have to serve their food themselves as per their preferences. As it is an exhibition which means many people will be there so this method will be appropriate.
  • Self-service- In this the waiter brings the food and puts it on the table. Further the members on the table take their food themselves as per their choices.
  • Family service- In this the main dish is served in silver dish or in plates. In this mainly the sweet dish or the starters are being served.
  • Plated-service- In this the food is prepared which the customer order and is been served in the plate and the hotel authorities have to manage the serving as all the customers need quick service.


For planning the menu for the food which is to served to the people who are attending the  event or occasion, it is important to consider the needs and requirements of the people efficiently  so that maximum satisfaction is been provided to them. Further, the food must be served as per the demand of the clients. Thus in the research project exhibition, the hotel must provide with the  Italian food in the form of buffet as most of the people prefer and fond of eating Italian food. This will assist the organization to satisfy the customers to a greater extent (Roy and Pyne, 2011). Further, there are several other factors which must be considered at the time of designing the menu:

  • Feasibility and budget- The hotel authority must make the arrangements according to budget given by the Ethames Graduate School. It will assist the hotel to organize the food and the event in the best manner. Further, they must make sure that within the budget they must provide with best quality food.
  • Client's perception and needs- It is very important for the hotel to take into consideration the choices and preferences of the people about the theme which they need to opt in organizing the exhibition. Further, the food provided to them must also be as per the taste of the people (Wilton, 2012).



There are several factors which need to be considered for organizing an off-site event. Moreover, the management of St. Ermin's must identify the needs and requirements of the clients so as to satisfy them to the fullest. Further, the following are the factors which must be taken into consideration while organizing an event:

  • Staff utilization- The authority of St. Ermin's must make sure that proper utilization of all the resources are been done. This will assist in enhancing the profit margin of the company. Moreover, they must be given with several tool so that they can perform the operation in an efficient manner (Challinor and et. al., 2014).
  • Hazards analysis critical control point- For organizing an off-site event, it becomes crucial for the authority of the hotel to analyse all the factors which may cause harm to the clients in a proper manner so that hazardous act could be prevented.
  • Space-utilization- For organizing the off-site event, it is also important to make use of every available space provided in the premises. They must evaluate the number of people which are going to attend the event so that they can make efficient seating arrangement for them (Bladen and, 2012).


For evaluating the success of the event, it is important to make efficient interactions with the clients so as to find the efficiency of the event, this will further assist the hotel develop with its services in the future (Davis and, 2013). The following are the factors which will help in determining the success of the event and evaluate the recommendation for the future success of the company:

Customer satisfaction- It is important to find the satisfaction level of the customers, this means they must be asked about the taste of food and the level of liking for the event managed. Further, this will assist the organization to know about the weak points of the hotel and take several measures to overcome them.

Resource utilization- It is crucial for the hotel to evaluate that all the resources which were planned are fully utilized or not. This means the finance and the other resources promised to be provided are been served in an efficient manner (KoÅ›mieja and PasÅ‚awski, 2016).

Taking feedbacks- For evaluating the performance of the event, they must go for taking feedbacks from the people who have attended it. This will assist in determining the positive and negative points of the organization.


The following some of the ergonomic considerations for organizing the event at St. Ermin's hotel:

Space-utilization techniques

Room layout designs and managing seating plan for the guests- The authority of the hotel must take into consideration the number of people who are attending the event. Further, the seating arrangements must be made according to it. Moreover, as it is an exhibition event they must do the decoration which appeal the people to a greater extent (Oakden and Al Hamar, 2011). This will help to attain good name to the hotel.

Quality of environment

It refers to providing with the positive environment for the clients so that the people become satisfied and happy with the event. Further, the following facilities must be provided to make an efficient event:

Heating and ventilation- The premise in which the event is been organized must have proper ventilation and heating facility. Further, the temperature must be set as per the condition.

Air conditioning- It is very important to provide with efficient air-condition in the conference hall. This will assist in satisfying the customers to a greater extent (Pantelidis, 2012).

Audio-visual needs

Lighting- In the conference or banquet hall, there must be proper lighting facility so that it may ease the clients and they feel delighted. Moreover, they must have facility of generator so that it it do not cause any resistance at the time of event.

Sound- There must be proper sound facility at the hotel. This means the equipments such as mikes and speakers must be of high quality and should be checked twice before serving to the clients (Roy and Pyne, 2011).


From the above report it can be concluded that St. Ermin's must adopt several measures for the growth and development of the organization. This will ultimately enhance the growth of conference and banqueting sector. As it is been seen that now days there is a greater demand for arranging parties, meeting, occasion etc. so it means that there is larger scope for this industry in UK. Moreover, they must take into consideration the needs and preferences of the clients for organizing the event. Further, the several factors are been determined which must be considered while managing the off-site event. At the end, the ergonomic considerations must also be fulfilled for organizing the event at the premise.


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