Managing Conference and Events


Event Management is defined as the implementation of some specific project in order to make some arrangement of some events, conferences, trade shows, sports events, wedding, birthday parties and many more for the satisfaction of the needs and wants of customers (Bokelberg and et. al., 2019). The company chosen for the completion of this assignment is Premier Inn which was founded in the year 1987 and is headquartered in Dunstable, UK. This report will make its focus on different categories and dimensions of events along with the providing explanation of the current trends and features which are prevailing in the industry. In addition to this, the focus will also be made on the event layout and design, discussion and related to the additional services provided to them as well. At last, the report will provide knowledge about management roles, personal attributes, evaluation of management skills and the measures as well for giving safe and secure venues to guests and staff of the Hotel.

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P1) Different Categories and Dimensions of Events by Using Specific Examples

An event is characterized as the social affair of people at a specific time and place and there could likewise be various purposes behind the event, for example, birthday parties, wedding, sponsorship, introduction and a lot more for which event the board is utilized. Based on this, it becomes significant for Premier Inn to make assessment of various classes and measurements of event the board in order to arrange future events in a successful way. It will likewise help in appropriate administration of consumer loyalty and furthermore making their potential clients to be changed in genuine ones (Brown and et. al., 2019). The events are additionally classified into various parts which have been given as under:

Private: These kind of events are sorted out extraordinarily for certain people or individual for some uncommon event such in their families identified with wedding, birthday parties and some more. In these sort of events, there are just some close to home individuals who are welcomed as there exists a rundown of visitors who are allowed to share in the event.

Corporate: These are the events which are essentially sorted out so as to making some expert talk, reinforcing between authoritative connections for the advancement of their future development and improvement.

Charity/Fundraising: These are the events which are composed by NGOs so as to raise store to play out some activity for the welfare and advantage of the general public. The thought of certain events are identified with big close outs, supported cycling, and some more.

Alongside this, there are additionally a portion of the principle measurements of event which are significant for Premier Inn to consider upon so as to make organised event arranging so the event oversaw could meet the necessities of their customers in appropriate manner and furnish them with full fulfilment and course of action of thing as indicated by their needs and needs. The measurements are likewise given as under:

  • Anticipation: The accompanying term says that Premier Inn the event must be set up in a manner which looks good and welcomes individuals such that will make individuals to join event at their one will (Emery and et. al., 2016).
  • Arrival: The event sorted out in Premier Inn ought to assured sheltered and secure condition for their visitors to give them a more extended enduring encounters.
  • Atmosphere: The area and setting chose for finishing the events ought to be a spot that could be anything but difficult to discover and access for the visitors.
  • Appetite: At the hour of overseeing event in Premier Inn, the focal point of the association in getting ready event ought to on the hunger of visitors by furnishing them with right selection of dinners, budgeting plan and different things which they consider while utilizing services of that organisation in future too.
  • Activity: In the accompanying job of event the executives of Premier Inn, it is imperative to utilize some diversion exercises that will help in making feel great to visitors and for their entertainment also.
  • Amenities: After the finish of event, the event supervisory group of Premier Inn centres around giving substantial articulations and enduring recollections to their clients which appears about the guests comfort and experience. It will likewise help in supporting their events.

So with the assistance of these measurements, it will be conceivable to make adequate and compelling plans for the effective arrangement and culmination of event.

P2) Examples of Different Categories of Events Along with their Feature and Current Trends Influencing the Industry

In the present events, the necessities and requests of clients are changing and as per this, the organizations are required to make courses of action at the hour of leading events for them. This is done so as to improve the fulfilment level of clients and the nature of their administrations which they are giving to their clients (Harmeling and Palmatier, 2016). The following is the depiction of a portion of the significant patterns and highlight that could affect upon the event segment in the conceivable not so distant future:

Safety and Security: One of the most significant factor which is expected to consider by the associations working in the event the board business, for example, Premier Inn. Similarly as with the assistance of this factor, it will be feasible for Premier Inn to make their workers have a sense of security and secure from various sort of risk and negative occurrences. This is a significant component which makes individuals to appreciate the continuous event in an euphoric and serene way that they are not alarmed from any occurrence which could affect upon their advantage and satisfaction.

Workforce Issues: The consideration identified of workforce related issues are additionally essential to consider for an organisation so as to get the best possible work from them. So organizations, for example, Premier Inn are required to make their emphasis on the usage of those systems and approaches with the assistance of which improvement in their fulfilment level could be made and they could be held in the organisation for an extensive stretch of time.

Advancing the Event Profession: The repetitiveness of same things over and over in the events may affect contrarily on the degree of enthusiasm of the clients since seeing one thing so often will decrease the degree of intrigue and makes them to feel exhausted. So development in the procedures is important (Jepson and Clarke, 2016). Premier Inn should make its focus on persistent headway in their working procedures and administrations with the goal that they could turn into a nonstop wellspring of fascination for the clients.

P3) Event Layout Design and Setup Conference Events for Meeting Client Requirements

Room Layout Selection is a significant choice which is should have been taken by an association with due care. It is on the grounds that this will help in giving a separated effect on outlook of clients. The room design ought to accord the reason for which the event has been reserved. Either, customer gives their own prerequisites to the organization or the things are should have been made that will best suit to the requirements and requests of their clients. It will be clear with the assistance of a model, an individual is requesting booking a gathering space for some gathering purposes. So Premier Inn ought to give the clients a shut room where there are seats accessible, PC framework, web association, projector, cool and some more things according to the requirements and requests of their clients. In the event that the game plans are extraordinary so this won't meet with the necessities of customer and will affect contrarily on the attitude of clients in regards to his observation towards the administrations of the organization. An image has been given about the format of a gathering room which is as under:

Table Configuration: There are various kinds of designs that could be arrangement in the association for gathering event however Premier Inn has utilized U formed setup for this gathering meeting so everyone can listen obviously and see others what they are speaking and talking about (Leinemann and Baikaltseva, 2017).

Choice of Room: So for the accompanying gatherings, the customer has given as us the rundown of 20 people who are going to this gathering so the courses of action for the gathering are additionally made by the necessities and prerequisite of customer. Likewise, the room is additionally solid verification with the goal that exercises which are going remotely the room won't give any irritation to those people.

During the wedding events, there are different requirements on which the event manager needs to look over for the better completion and providing the highest level of satisfaction to their customers with the help of their services. In comparison to conference meetings and other events, there are more things which are needed to be considered by the event manager to make the best arrangements for their customers and conducting the event in a successful way. In the different arrangements, it is related to stage decoration, number of chairs required, food materials, corridor decoration, wedding house decoration, lighting, use of flowers and petals, types of dishes and many more concepts which are taken into consideration so that it could become possible to provide the customers with the best possible services and satisfaction could be provided to them.

P4) Additional Services Provided to Client Along with their Importance

Not just the above expressed services are the one in particular which are required and requested by customer however there are likewise some other significant necessities which are significant for an organisation to have and they can be requested by clients too. So beneath is the introduction of various sorts of extra administrations which could be solicited by Clients from Premier Inn and has been depicted as under:

Projector Presentation: Project Discussion is additionally one of the significant variables for which the gathering is sorted out. As in the gatherings, the utilization of Power Point is accomplished for which projector is should with the goal that each individual might see and have information and clear their questions. Moreover, it is additionally identified with furnishing clients with better administrations and giving clients a separated client encounters.

Wi-Fi Connection: Internet is considered as one of the most fundamental required at each second of time. So during meeting likewise, it is imperative to give them web and Wi-Fi association as is probability that need could emerge to utilize web at the hour of directing gathering (Lucey and et. al., 2016).

Air Conditioning: At the hour of leading gatherings in a shut room, it is conceivable that clients may feel heat in the earth so as to kill this issue, this office is likewise imperative to give to the clients which is additionally a significant piece of their needs and requests and is likewise critical to fulfil the needs and requirements of their clients.

P5) Different Management Roles in the Event Industry

Not at all like different organisations do have, there are likewise some significant jobs which are played in this association for the compelling and productive running of the business associations and to furnish them with a superior fulfilment level. The job and obligations of these jobs is likewise critical to consider for furnishing them with separated encounters from that of different associations so the clients could be held in the organisation for a significant stretch of time. The representation of a portion of the primary jobs in the event business is been given as under:

Maintaining Proper Relationship with Other Parties: It is a significant job of each association, for example, Premier Inn to keep up appropriate and work after improving relationship in the middle of different gatherings that manages the organization. For instance, there are various gatherings with the assistance of which the endurance of an association is made conceivable, for example, clients, providers, contractual workers, open media and a lot more whose working effects upon the working of an association too. So because of this explanation, the accompanying job is considered as the most significant one (O'sullivan and et. al., 2016).

Planning and Management of Event Activities: Every time the working of Premier Inn should concentrate on giving their clients something new that could help in improving the degree of fulfilment of their clients. With the assistance of making things to look all the more great and alluring, an association could keep up long haul associations with them and make them customary wellsprings of pay for them also.

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Ensuring Efficient Performance of Tasks: The correct achievement of various assignments in event the board isn't significant in light of customer but since the visitors which are accompanying customer are takes a gander at these things too, so this will affect upon their outlook too. As this choice appears to be all the more better to them as opposed to checking surveys of association on online locales and audits which will give different people encounters however here, the clients will get the genuine encounters. So this expands the requirement for organization to make the most ideal proficient of undertakings with the goal that the future development and improvement openings could likewise be expanded for the organization, for example, Premier Inn (Posenato, Zerbato and Combi, 2018).

Utilising Manpower Effectively: In the accompanying job, the association ensures that every one of the representatives working in the organisation is utilized in a productive way. It is going to ensure that nobody is getting over troubled or less troubled circumstance. As this will affect upon their work performance of their employees in negative way. Less work will make them relaxation and overweight will affect their work execution in negative way. With the assistance of successful and ideal utilization of labour, it will be conceivable to ensure about effective execution and fulfilment of the tasks.

P6) Reviewing the Management Skills and Personal Attributes Essential In Events Industry

As in the present times, the progressions occurring in the business condition is occurring on a quick premise. So the courses of action made in the events are not constantly same and are additionally not made based on necessities and prerequisites of customers. There are a few points when clients gives the organization free decision to make courses of action as per their very own needs and requests yet to give the best administrations to them. So to do this game plan likewise, there are some significant aptitudes, traits and information which are required for fruitful fulfilment of the given every day jobs which have been given as under:

Management Skills

The portrayal of a portion of the primary administration abilities are being given as under:

Flexibility: The representatives must be furnished with an adaptable domain while orchestrate various things in the event the board so they could don't hesitate to work and utilize their own psyche and innovativeness also to give best services to the clients. So for this, it is significant for administrator to be adaptable and give adequate power to workers so that there could be a few choices that could be made by the inclinations of representatives.

Keeping an Eye on Work of Employees: the work by manager doesn't finishes in the wake of giving position to the representatives yet it is likewise significant for them to watch out for their work that how they are playing out their gave errands, regardless of whether they are utilizing expert in the correct manner or not. If there should arise an occurrence of blunders, required advances are critical to be taken by administrators to expel the mistakes made by them and ensuring that equivalent kind of slip-ups ought not to be rehashed (Reason and Hobbs, 2017).

Personal Attributes

The depiction of individual traits is additionally been given as under:

Good Interpersonal Skills: It is significant for directors to have great relational expertise so they could manage their representatives and make them to feel good to examine thing with administrator that could be identified with improve the degree of services gave to clients. Great relational aptitude will likewise help in decreasing the degree of blunders in the function also.

Creative and Innovative

An Environment must be given to them where they could utilize their very own brain and innovativeness so as to grow better approach for achieving an assignment in a superior way. So for turning into an effective and great event chief of Premier Inn, it is imperative to be imaginative and make their workers too.

P7) Ways to Provide Safe Venue to Guests

So as to make effective achievement of the led event, there are some significant things which are should have been thought about by the Event Manager of Premier Inn to decrease the degree of slip-ups and blunders in crafted by representatives as they need legitimate and earlier direction before starting some work. So a portion of the fundamental however significant measure to make the setting sheltered and secure is being given as under:

Match IDs to Registration Information: In request to keep the visit of field sheltered and secure, it is essential to coordinate the ID Cards of visitors with the gave rundown so it could be give section to those visitors who are welcomed in the event as it were (Richardson, 2016)(Schwebel, 2017)(Thakkar and et. al., 2019)(Tripathi, Pabbisetty and Roychoudhuri, 2017). The section on obscure individuals could be limited and henceforth, nature could be made sheltered and secure.

Creation of Security Checkpoints: At better place where, the development of individuals isn't standard, so these spots make more odds of event of terrible occurrences. So with the assistance of security checkpoints, it will be conceivable to furnish clients with safe condition and to watch out for the unsafe exercises in the event that going on inside the premises.

So the above are a portion of the significant preventive estimates that could help in furnishing the visitors with safe condition to appreciate the event without limit. Premier Inn is additionally recommended to concentrate on customers and their security benefits as this is likewise thought about by the individuals visiting the spot and event so they could increase greatest fulfilment by utilizing their services (Richardson, 2016).


From the above report, the conclusion has been drawn about significance of event the executives for an association which impacts decidedly on the development of their incomes and deals. In addition to this, the conclusion has been drawn about the making of uniqueness in the administrations of the association so various organizations will be able to manage the quick changing condition in the business and accomplish upper hand over the contenders. Further, the conclusion has been drawn about the event format which additionally impacts upon the outlook of clients and builds the odds of future development and open door for the organization. Ultimately, the conclusion has been drawn about thought of new patterns and development in the business so clients could be pulled in and long haul connections could be kept up with them for the development and endurance of the organization.


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