Rating System of Hospitality Industry


In the Hospitality industry, it is important to provide quality of services to end -users. At the national and international level there are various types of organizations which are offering excellent services. The present report is based on analyze on national and international hotel. At the local level Doma hotel has been selected which is Australia based hotel chain. On the other hand, at International level Hilton hotel and Resorts has been selected. In addition, this report make analysis on Current trends and Innovation followed by both hotel chains hotels.

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Main Body

Overview of organization

Following are the overview of National and International Hotels.

Hilton hotel and Resorts

Hilton Hotel and Resorts is global brand, which offers full services of hotel flagship brand of Hilton. The firm has more than 570 hotels and resorts in more than 85 countries. They conduct business either owned by or managed by or franchised by independent operators by Hilton. It is one of the largest hotel group in the world (Hilton Hotels and Resorts, 2017). Its main customers segment includes all types of people. Firm offers it's services Mid-class to high class people. Location of the hotel are based on city area and near airports.

The hotel is participates in Hilton Honors and guest loyalty program. Members of the group, who book directly through Hilton owned channels receive exclusive discount and amenities such as Wi- Fi , digital check in and key-less entry. Along with all these facilities, they also offer to select the room of their own preferences by using Honor app. The hotel is also knows for its best locations and Five star services (Hilton Hotels and Resorts, 2017). Apart, from its luxury services they also offer services based on the business which includes booked room for meetings and events.

Doma hotels

It is Australia based local hotel. It provides rooms and suites. Each room offers Malin+Goetz amenities, Smart TVs and Nespresso coffee machines. Along with these on site, facilities it includes fine and casual dining, lounge bars,wholefoods cafe, hair salon and virtual services offices. For meeting and events,they also offer best space (Doma Hotels, 2017). Doma hotels consists many other facilities such as booking for weeding and restaurants for family. It main brand includes Ostani bar & restaurant, Hotel Realm . It was awarded in the year of 2012, 2013 & 2014 by the Australian Hotels Association as the best function & Event hotel in the country. The Doma hotel is Five star rating hotel chains and they are also offering different types of services to their customers. In its hotel chain which mainly includes Hotel Realm, Burbury hotel and Brassey hotels. All the hotels are provided luxury services. It's mission and vision includes to provide the best services to their consumers and focuses on the leisure facilities to their customers (Doma Hotels, 2017). The hotels basically provide all services at national level only. It also provides services for weeding function which named as National ball room. It has the capacity of more than 500 guest at time.

Analysis of Brands

It is that type of strategy which select by organization. It provides a road map to strategics and helps to targeted their customers in effective way (Nickson, 2013). Following are the analysis on brands of hotel.

Hilton hotel and Resorts

Currently it is servings guest world -Wide more than 540 countries in 78 countries. It brands are mainly classified in the different basis such as Luxury, Full services, Focused services, lifestyles, time share and defunct. It's also includes Franchising and Hilton Honors. One of its famous brand is Conrad Hotels & Resorts, which is an international brand of luxury hotel. Hilton hotel brands is also includes Hilton Honors which is guest loyalty program. This program is designed to provide some monetary benefits to their loyal and regular customers (Rodríguez-Antón, del Mar Alonso-Almeida and Pedroche, 2013). Concept of this brand is that every time when customers consume services they redeem some point and get benefits on accumulate points to get benefits on services. It is the largest loyalty program with more than 62 million members. Hilton hotel's brand are different from each other. Luxury brand is mainly focuses on luxury flagship of Hilton Family. It is international Brand which is mainly focuses on the developing its services on the basis on lavish life-styles. In the full- service brand includes focuses on providing business services and focused services brand is chain of up scale, mid- prices trademarked.

Doma hotels

It is national brand of Australia and which includes Hotel, Realm, Burbury hotel, Little national hotel, Brassey hotel and Pinnacle apartments. Each hotel is different from its group. In the Brassey hotel is set on two and half acres of manicured gardens and lawns. This hotel property is belongs to the year of 1920 and includes all types of luxury services with it. Apart from this , one of its hotel Realm is belongs to luxury brand. In this hotel 163 rooms and each suites have unique deisgn. On the site facilities it includes fine and casual dining, lounge bars, wholefoods cafe (Ruhanen, Mclennan and Moyle, 2013). Doma hotels also includes restaurants and bars in its brand chain. Restaurants and Bars are designed to place meeting, relaxation and for a friendly meeting. In the Doma hotel it's each brand is different. Hotel brand focus on the luxury services at different price level. On the hand Bars and restaurants emphasis on sharing with family and friends. So all the brands of Doma hotel consist unique concept.

Current trends and Innovation

In the Hospitality industry it is important to provide innovative services as according to the current trend Because attracting and retaining hotel guest. For this firm , also make investment in their structure and facilities (Adetunji, 2015.). It helpful to meet the expectations of customers and ensue long term growth. Following are the Current trends and innovation in the Hotel industry.

Technological infrastructure

Now- days people who travel with devices such as mobile, tablets and computers want more advances technological services in the hotel. Now it is not considered as the perk but a necessity in each hotel. Internet and Wi-Fi services in one of them. Customers exceptions are connect internet without much interruption. Leading hotels are investing better technology infrastructure. Doma hotel inventing in the Wi-Fi services so they can provide seamless communication to their customers. On the other hand Hilton Hotel is giving Wi-Fi services along with Mobile application (Al-Ababneh, 2013). This is more advanced services which is provided by the Hilton hotel so they can make effective communication with their and save time of their consumers.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing is another current trend which followed by the hospitality industry. With rising use of advance technology trend of online booking and other facilities are rapidly increases. Online accommodation booking platforms and OTAs are adopted by organization so they can meet demand of customers (Zeng, Gonzalez and Lobato, 2015). In the Hilton hotel, they mainly focus on the providing all types of services. In its brand portfolio, they include different types of hotel such as luxury hotel and mid -prices hotel as well. In its online platform they try to offer low prices services. On the other hand hotel Doma is focuses on the OTAs that is online Travel agents. It helps to guest of the hotel to fit in the travelling and customized their travel preferences.

Energy management

In today's world almost all companies are focusing on energy management. In the hotel industry energy is considered as the biggest cost, so effective efforts are should be made. It is also helped to them for saving in energy and yield financial savings. In the Hilton Hotel, they are operating their business operations around the world (Wong, Law and Li, 2017). Hilton hotel become the first hotel in the history to achieve Superior Energy Performance certification from department of energy. On the other hand Doma hotel, in their energy management they are focusing on Light-stay and gather information from the worldwide for improving energy management.

Career opportunities and development

Doma and Hilton hotel both providing advanced career opportunities to their employees. It is important in the hospitality industry to give equal opportunities to employee so they can also make growth along with industry's growth. There are different types of opportunities which are given to employees and other members of hotel. Following are the opportunities and development in the Hotel organizations.

Provide professional certification

In the hospitality industry, firm offers many types of professional certification education to their workers. With the help of this certification course workers learn new techniques of management and acquire those skills which are important in the hotel industry (Kruesi, Kim and Hemmington, 2017). This program includes student work books, instructor resource kit, and the EI-graded final exam. From such type of study material they can make workers more skilled. This sort of certification are available for the low skilled employees in the Hotel. So they can learn to make effective interaction with customers.

Training program

Training programs are designed for those employees in the organization, who are at the managerial level. Through such type of training program they can gain knowledge about the more advanced management skills and techniques. With the help of such type program,organizations remain competitive in the business Hilton and Doma hotel both providing training to their employees (Nickson, 2013). In the Doma hotel provide on the job training, in which they appoint a supervisor for their employees. On the other hand in the Hotel Hilton provides off the Job training, in which they hire training institutions.

Gateways program

The another program is Gateway program. Both the hotels conduct such type of program for the development of non- management person. These type of program are designed to train discipline-specific skills which are important for the individual. Hilton and Doma hotel both provide such kind of program (Rodríguez-Antón, del Mar Alonso-Almeida and Pedroche, 2013). This program is conducted on hourly basis so all type of essential skills can be gain by persons. Participating discipline are finance, HR, IT and PR. All these are belongs to the non management areas of company and assist to gain knowledge in a particular area.

Star rating system

Hotel ratings are often used to classify hotels according to their quality. The development of such type of rating is associated with the overall services of the business firm.. Rating which is given to the hotel are based on the travellers overall experiences (Ruhanen, Mclennan, and Moyle, 2013). There are different types of schemes which used by national and international organization for providing rating to hotels. Many have a system in which greater stars represent greater luxury. On the national and international level both have different level of rating system.

Rating system in the Australia

In the Australia rating , is independent rating system. This evaluation system are owned by the Australian Auto Clubs- the NRMA, RAA and RACT. This star rating represent quality and condition of the facilities which determined by the 200 criteria that ranked by Australia travellers according to what's important for them.

5 Stars It is the symbol of the all type of luxury services provided by hotel. Guests enjoy the extensive facilities. Hotels design to excellent quality services for end users.
4 Stars It represents achieve of the deluxe guest experience. Hotel provides wide range of services and reflect varied  and clear need of the guest.
3 Stars Hotel provides that deliver a broad range of amenities. Good quality services that meets  expectations of guests.
2 Stars Hotels, which only provide limited number of services  to their customers and focus on provide price conscious travellers.
1 Stars In  these type of hotel services are provided on the request of the customers and hotel offers budget facilities as according to their client's requirements.
Half Stars It represents modest improvements in the quality and guest facilities

Doma hotel is Five star hotel group and its provide excellent services. The company possesses the most Luxury hotel in the Australia (Adetunji, 2015). They received five star as they provide quality in their services along with their hotel placed on beautiful locations.

World hotel rating

For the international hotel, world hotel rating system has been used. On the international level rating is not only focuses on the quality but also on the accounting standards which followed by them. Hotels which operate their business on the international level needs to recognized their standard and provide excellent services in all the regions (Al-Ababneh, 2013). WHR , which notably aims set international classification standards and rating criteria for hotels. It is also based on the information system of the hotel which is multilingual and multicultural. It also plays key role in the development of the quality service and sustainability tourism culture in the hotel. Criteria of world hotel rating is based on the quality services, innovation, sustainability and promotion of heritage value.

Hilton is five star rating hotels by the WHR. The organization is not only provide quality services but also make focus on the development of sustainability in its workplace. It also focuses on the energy saving.


Summing up the above report it is concluded that there is huge difference in between national and international hotel. For conducting business operation at the national and international level, hotels need to make modification as per the requirement of their customers. From the above report it is also concluded that star rating system is not common at all level. For getting higher level of rating they need to provide quality in their services. However, quality in services is not only requirement, Hotel need to focus more on the Sustainability. Doma and Hilton hotel both focus on sustainability and continuous improvement in practices.


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