Room Division Operation Management


This report covers the accommodation and front office services provided by different firms and the services staff's role and responsibilities will be described. The significance of front house area and the key aspects which are helpful in the effective management, are also added in this context. The assessment has been done by evaluating the operations of the Five Seasons Hotel which is located in Winchester. This assessment has a clause that explained the importance of property interior and design for managing the operations effectively. As per the given scenario revenue management and various sales techniques are also included in this report. The evaluation of forecasting uses and statistical data is calculated.

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1.1 Accommodation and front office services for different organisation

In hospitality industry, accommodation services have significant importance because it plays main role to meet the customer satisfaction level. The room’s service, housing services these are the main part of the accommodation. Hotel Five Seasons have maintained their enough space and size of their rooms for making comfortable their visitors. The Atlantic hotel have almost 1500 beds to be occupied by their customers. If an organisation makes effort to accommodate their guest effectively then it will be beneficial to increase their revenue.

1.2 Roles and responsibilities of accommodation and reception services staff

As per detailed analysis, ratio of room occupancy is the major factor which is required to get the idea about the roles and responsibilities of the staff. The provision of the services should be effective to attract more numbers of people. Hotel Five Seasons have maintained their staff services by giving them specific training. The hygienic level of the room has to be maintained by the staff and the friendly environment helps to raise the cost of room as per its standard. The quick response to the queries and problems of customers also been beneficial for the firm.

1.3 Legal and statutory requirements

The legal and statutory requirements have included so many things that has to be provided by the organisation. The room services must be delivered as per standards in order to meet the requirements. As per legal norms and code of conducts the maintenance should be done on daily basis for better service standards. The safety box is fixed in the rooms to place the luggage at right position. The standard of the room should be matched with the governance of the hotel. The decorum of Hotel Five Seasons has been maintained.

1.4 Service provided by hospitality business

The partnership is offered by the organisation of the hospitality business. The proper services can be provided in the various formations under the civic rules would be followed by the management of Hotel Five Seasons. The bailment has to be provided to the customers. The rise in generation revenue can be reached if the performance indicators show the division of rooms. The cited firm providing the services like restaurants, health services, babysitter facility, refreshments, consumer loyalty and reward scheme. The more luxury provided by the cited firm will be more beneficial to rise the revenue.


2.1 Importance of the front of house area to effective management

To form an effectively executed business the house area is so important to provide. The visitors may come from anywhere or of any segment so the cited firm have managed the occupancy of the room about 60%. The occupancy of the rooms and bed on daily record has shown the average generation revenue. The rate of growth of the enterprise have affected about 20 % in last 10 years. The Penguin hotel have increased the numbers of rooms with the luxury services. The different kind of customers required different kind of room so services would decide the level of different rooms.

2.2 Key aspects of management for operation management

Effective consideration of managerial values within operational elements can be essential part of the key aspects will perform well. Other than this, staff’s skills and knowledge has to be improved for better operational management. The facilities like conference hall, gym, sports hall, for all these kinds of facilities more space is required so space is another aspect. The Hotel Seasons have business travellers, leisure groups, conferences, and meeting groups so they have a big conference. This will help the hotel to move up in the ranking of hotel.

2.3 Key operational issues for effective management and business performance

It is significant for businesses to have some issue regarding the operations which leads to form a business in effective manner. The hotel management should plot a bar for the seat coffee that would be a unique touch. The hotel requires a unique range of equipment to provide the better services. The reception services should be provided with the proper values for effective management of operations. The hotel will rise up in the ranking of the hotels in hospitality which will rise the revenue generation of the firm.


3.1 Importance of property interiors and design to effective management

It is necessary for businesses to have proper property interiors with a use of diverse elements. Interior using diverse designs and values the overall support to operational management can be offered. It helps in improving overall working process and service quality. The quality of the product is so essential to be up to the requirement of customers. The innovative products and ideas to serve the services have made a huge rise in the number of customers ultimately the revenue increases. It is also significant to ensure that contract facility is referred in order to meet the standards of franchise and contracts The Hotel Five Season have used this approach to effective management of operational management.

3.2 Critical aspects of management for accommodation services

A critical aspect of the management is much needed in the form of accommodation services. The market has some big competitors so the market trend of increasing the beddings should be followed by the management. According to a survey the total number of beds are 117600, so the rate of occupancy is about 65%. The Hotel Five Seasons should have all these facilities for the effective management of the operational management. The data development for the superior quality of services is so important. Rules and regulations for building and customers has to be decided by the management that helps it to manage their operations effectively.

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3.3 Operational issues to the accommodation services

There are so many operational issues that can make an impact on the performance of organisation such as physical conditions of the hotel in which then utilization of resources is an important factor. Then staff should be qualitative and experienced for the better management. The marketing strategies and sales plays a significant role in the form of branding and promotion. Firm can use it for making effective operational management and bringing more profitability for the organisation (Wang and, 2014).


4.1 Revenue/ yield management

Total revenue is the total income of the hotel from the sales the available rooms in the hotel, for a specific time period. The revenue generation can be rise up if the operational management would be done properly. The management of the revenue can be done with the proper utilization of the resources.

The revenue can be calculated by this formula:
Revenue = Rent of room * numbers of rooms

4.2 Sales techniques to promote and maximise the revenue

The maximization of revenue can be done by adopting these sales techniques:

Price bundling

The price bundling is as effective approach in which the organisation can bundle their different services in one package and then sale at the price of one service.

Pricing on the basis of individual

The organisation can charge their visitors according to their capacity, to maximize the revenues.

Promotional activities

The organisation can give discount to their customers in the seasonal period. This will increase the occupancy and maximize the revenue.

Selling with suggestive

The organisation should make good relationship with their customers which helps to offer products and services to them. To make better relationship business firm need to advance the efforts through application of code of conducts.

4.3 Evaluation of the usage of forecasting and statistical data in the room division

The statistical data is used to determine the ratio of occupancy. The prediction of demand of the customers can be done with the help of forecasting techniques. These techniques can help to analyse the trends and time when the rooms are occupied. The statistical data and forecasting techniques does help to calculate the total generation revenue per room type.


This report has concluded that room’s operations management can be done by improving the accommodation and staff services of the organisation. If the legal and statutory requirements would be fulfilled then operational management can be managed effectively. The key aspects of the management of front of the house area can be improved by making an appropriate plan.The reception service and accommodation is the leading factor in the success of organisation.


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