Creation of a Marketing Plan


Marketing plan is blueprint or comprehensive written document that outlines the efforts make by firm for raising sales of enterprise and generating more profit in the market. Marketing plan helps company to find new opportunities for their business and it also aids in attracting new buyers.

This report will prepare marketing plan of the Chick-fil-a company, which is private fast food chain in  America. And It is popular for having best fast food chain in the UK. This organisation was founded in 1967 in Atlanta. This report will include micro and macro analysis of the Chick-fil-a (PESTEL analysis). This report will highlight STP strategies and it will explain effect of STP strategies on business success. It will also cover perceptual map of the company. this report will include competitive analysis of the Chick-fil-a and Taco Bell. this report will also highlight the marketing strategy for the company by using 7 P's of the marketing.

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PESTLE analysis of Chick–fil–a company

Political Analysis

Political environment of the United kingdom affects companies performance to great extent. The regulations and rules of the government gets changed any time (Kotler,and, 2018). Fluctuations in political system affect operational activities of business to great extent. Leaders and mangers of the company are not able to focus on the long-term strategies for the company because of change in the government and political environment.. Chick-fil-a have to change their rules and strategies in the company during the change in the policies, laws or government because of this change increase stress for leaders and mangers. Chick-file-a has to make changes in its operational activities by looking at new laws, this sometimes increase operational cost of business to great extent


Labor cost in the UK is increasing with time and Chick-fil-a required skillful and qualified workers in the company and this problem creating difficulties for the company because they have to spend more for the Labor. Chick-fil-a company provide fast food services to the public, and they want talented chef who are professional cooker or server. Changes in interest rate affect its operations, now company is unable to spend much amount because it will not be able to recover its cost. Hence such economic fluctuation affect business to great extent.

Social factor

This company is providing low price and better services to the people in UK but population requires more food related services from the Chick-fil-a. Social factors afcets buying behavior of person. Now people need healthy food more than fastfood, this behavior of them decrease sales of the firm if it is unable to offer them same products. Chick-fil-a is providing services to the people who are desperate about trying different variety of food. Firm takes care of their need and offer them products accordingly that help business in generating more sales in business unit.

Technological Factor

This factor effects the company positively because technology is improving food services in the fast food industry (Keegan., 2017). Cooking tools are more affordable now. Apart from this, social media has helped this sector in building relationship with mass audience and know more about their needs. This tool improves food services of the Chick-fil-a company, by this way enterprise become able to retain consumers and raise its brand image in the market.

Legal factor

legal factors mostly effect the Chick-fil-a A, as employment law has been changed and now companies are required to give extra leaves to staff that affect productivity of firm badly. Customer, contract law, hygiene regulations gives power to consumers. However, more so than ever, guest or customers, who are not satisfied with the service's can cause diverse impact on the other guests.

Environmental Factor

Chick-fil-a company is very careful about the Environment, and they have plant trees in their locality and campus, so they can provide fresh air to their guests and customers . This increase reputation of the company in the UK market and people who leave nearby the restaurant are happy with their work. Company takes care of waste management hence use resource well. It fulfills its corporate social responsibility that supports the firm in raising its brand image. 

Statement and justification

Smart Objectives

  • To increase sales of company by 30% till the end of this year (Deepak and Jeyakumar., 2019). .
  • To enhance number of consumers by 20% before June 2020.
  • To open two more branches in UK till the end of this fiscal year.

A STP strategies of the Chick-fil-a and perceptual map of the company

STP is known as Segmentation, targeting and positioning. The STP model helps Chick-fil-a company's marketers to deliver, develop and relevant message that engage segmented to the target audience (Chernev., 2018).

Demo graphics

It is based on age, income, gender. It segregates the consumers on these parameters. company marketing campaign will focus on the people between 18 and 25 age group  and 25 to 35 Age group. 18 to 25 age group people are mostly student, and they are young people, company will target them through the digital making because in this group most of the people use social media platform, and they are closely attached with the internet. Company will also advertise their unique and customized food dishes to attract the youngsters towards the restaurant (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchezs., 2018). People who come under the 25 to 35 age group company can advertise their food services on the newspaper and magazine because in this age group people like to read newspaper and magazine.


Firm will also segment people on the bases of their geographic location, this makes changes in preferences of people hence entity will be offer them products and services as per their need. Mainly Chick-fil-a company will organize their food campaign and provide their services in the  selected county's in the UK. Because they are providing services to the people from the many countries and their focus will be on  whole public. This will also increase good image in the people mind and  it will change behavior of the people as well and  people will respect mangers and leaders of the Chick-fil-a company(Zimmerman and Blythe., 2017)..


Targeting is the great tool of marketing that helps in targeting the correct end user those who like to buy company’s services. After the segmentation Chick-fil-a company 's company will focus on the probability and with increase growth of the company because it will show their presence in the market and company can expand their business more. Company will earn from the proving attractive fast food services to the people. And it will enhance their popularity and many people of the UK will come-in the Chick-fil-a restaurant for celebrating many events, parties and casual eating. It will increase growth and probability of the company, and they can also give competition to the other fast food chain company which are giving competition to the Chick-fil-a company. Company  can make better image in the market through their unique services. It will use differentiated targeting strategy that would be better in gaining attention of mass audience toward the firm.


The main purpose of the Chick-fil-a is to provide attractive fast food dishes to the people. People will get food services on time and that can increase customer's experience and satisfaction (Quelch., 2017). It will use cost positioning strategy in which firm will offer cheaper products to buyers so that more consumers take interst in the firm. Company will offers their services in many countries at affordable rates and on the different places or promote in social media platforms because Chick-fil-a can target on the customers who are interested towards their restaurant. Chick-fil-a company has major focus is to provides healthy and hygiene food products and services to their guests. This will assist them to give better services or amenities to the customers, and they can treat their guests in better ways. Their marketing strategies are totally different and company can gain competitive advantages. And they can also take better positioning in the fast food industry.

Competitor analysis of the Chick–fil–a company



Taco Bell


Chick-fil-a company stands for the fast food chain services, which provide fast food related services to the all over the UK people. Chick-fil-a Company is having talented chefs  who are specialist in their work. Company is provide many services and for each service they are having specialist. Chick-fil-a is providing services like fast food, chicken sandwiches, etc. Chick fil - a is fast food chain company, and they also provide some low price  services for the UK people who can come take those services in low service charges (Weinstein and Pohlman., 2015). Those services include food and drink services . Charges with these services are lower than the other fast food chain in local areas. They also provide free services to the people who are having less income, and they cannot pay their bill ,for those people company provide free of cost services. This make Chick fil - a different from the other fast food chains.

Taco Bell is a fast food restaurant chain in America, who provide variety of Mexican dishes and foods like burritos, nachos, quesadillas and tacos. They are not only working for the profit but also for providing sufficient services to the customers for their great satisfactions and experience. They provide less price services to their customers. Taco Bell company spend their maximum profit in the maintaining food safety and uses hygiene ingredients in making the food. Taco Bell company's main objective is to promote, advance and maintainable safe and hygiene food products and services to prevent customer's sickness, relieve and ill health of any type. This all company done for the public heath. This company is providing services in different filed of the fast food chain industry which include restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars and food hubs. This all food related services are given by the Taco Bell company, and they give their whole profit to the institution who are working for the socialism, and they give charity to the schools and social workers in the UK.


Chick – fil - a institute take money for their services and this company is controlled by the UK government (Chonko and Hunt., 2018).They are giving better services as compare to the many other fast food restaurants in this industry. People who are having fewer salaries and who cannot afford restaurant bills, for those people give free of charge services. Most of the people in the UK suggest these restaurant because they are having experienced staffs and chefs who treat guests nicely, and they do not take extra money for the effective services.

Taco Bell organization is fast food chain , and they charge high amount for the services and also they are popular among the people because they are not only focus on the profit but majorly concern about the safe and hygiene food products. Most of the profit they give to the institutes who are working for the public welfare. They do not give any free services they charge with each and every service. People who come for the food have to give high amount for the services.

Client satisfaction

Company is providing quality services to their clients in less price and all the people who take food services from the Chick fil a restaurant, gives positive review for their services and behavior of the chefs and other staff members good with the customers. Staffs in the Chick fil a restaurant are well qualified and understanding who give their best to their clients. One of the most important objective of the Chick fil - a is to provide good and unique services and better safety services to their guests. Workers or staffs in the Chick – fil- a restaurant treat guests like their family members which give satisfaction to the customers.

Taco Bell company also give quality services and safe food to their customers which assist them by providing great satisfaction. Cook or chefs in the restaurant are working from the years, and they are having experience and knowledge about the unique food dishes and deliver hygiene food services. Customers are happy with their services but many people complain about high charges with the fast food charge as compare to the other fast food chain companies. They are able to satisfy needs and demand of their customers. Taco Bell Company also organize programs for the awareness of public regarding quality of food ingredients and safety of food products, which is increasing popularity among a food lover people.

Market shares

Chick – fil a company has a effective market share in the UK fast food chain industry. It is one of the most recognize fast food chain company in the UK market.

Taco Bell is a likable fast food chain company and gain attractive market share by their unique food services and hygiene food products.

Marketing strategies by using 7 p's


It is a major factor in marketing mix, that helps in serving satisfactory goods to consumers. Chick–fil–a will provide best fast food services to the customers in a very effective manner. Chick–fil–a fast food chain has qualified staffs and workers to serves hygiene and quality food products(Kotler and, 2018). chicken sandwich is very popular dish in Chick–fil–a restaurant.  Chick – fil – a restaurant provides cab facilities to their guests for increasing their experiences and fully satisfy them. Chick–fil–a also provide quick and fast services to their customers, which include facilities like pure water, hygiene environment, comfortable sitting and varieties of foods. It will ensure to serve consumers quickly so that they feel better and satisfied.


Chick–fil–a fast food chain company take money for their services and this company is controlled by the effective authority of country. It will implement the skimming strategy in which firm will offer cheaper products to consumers. They are giving better services as compare to the many other fast food chain companies and also price will be affordable. People who are having fewer salaries and who cannot pay their food bills, for those people give free of charge services. Most of the people suggest these restaurant because they are having experienced chefs and staff who treat customers nicely and they do not take extra money for the additional hygiene services to their guests. Company will use pricing strategies to increase their demand and customers satisfaction they are taking low price for the quality services because main aim of the Chick–fil–a is to provide quality services to their customers or guests in less price.


Company will promote the products through social networking sites, this will help the organization in making direct contact with buyers. hygiene food services among the all generation of people and this company started many food services programs for the public in the UK (Johnsen., 2018). Those programs help this company to take competitive advantages in the market nad help them to identifying quality of food products. It is one of the famous fast food chain in the UK.


It will use direct distribution strategy as it will be helpful in gaining attention of large audience. Chick–fil–a is having many restaurants in all over the UK and this company is grown into the world's  largest fast food chain company. They are serving fast food services in the different counties of the UK which include Atlanta, united states and Georgia (Chernev., 2018) . One of the main principle of the company is that hygiene food products will be provided to their guests. In the UK Expenditure on the Chick–fil–a account for the 7.4 percent of the GDP, expenditure on the food services generally been on the  increase ,with more financial spending on the food services of the public than the local food chain.


Chick–fil–a will provide training to their staffs or workers so that they can serves better or effective services to their customers.  Staffs in the Chick–fil–a company will get hire salaries as compare to the other fast food chain company . Training helps to increase ability in the workers and they understand importance of the customer's health and safety. Better salary motivate workers to give their best toward the full satisfaction of restaurant's guests. Chick–fil–a also use other ways to motivate their staffs . Leaders and mangers of the Chick–fil–a always  help their staffs or employees in the workplace and improve relation between the employees and superiors. It is good for the Company and employees of the company by which they can directly talk with their superiors and superiors always listen to their employees.


Companies payment process for the customers will be easy because customers will be able to get proper receipt of the payment, and they just have to fill it by online or offline. There will be customer service column in its website where consumers would be able to raise their quarries and they will get quick solution on it. Company's Staff will help customers to fill the form and after filling the form they just have to pay for their food charges. In the entering phase – after the customers' arrival they don't have to register and pay internal bills for the food services (Johnsen., 2018). After the providing the food services, company's staff will provide customer's feedback form to the customers and also serves water and mouth refreshments. On the billing counter customers have to pay final bill of the food service and services provided by the Chick–fil–a company. In the last stage company give a evaluation form in which they have to give answer according to their satisfaction from the services and they have to share their experience in that.


As per the above report has been analyzed marketing plan of the Chick–fil–a company in which report has been provided PASTEL analysis of the Chick–fil–a company and in the marketing plan report has been provided objective of the marketing campaign in which report explain what are main objective of the company from the marketing campaign. This report has been concluded STP strategies of the company and provide perceptual map of the Chick–fil–a , it has been briefly explained Segmentation, targeting and position in the marketing plan of Chick–fil–a. This report has been provided 7 P's of the marketing mix for the Chick–fil–a  company and explain each and every piece properly. This report concluded, product, price, place, people, process etc in the Chick–fil–a Marketing Mix.


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