Marketing Plan


Marketing is a very important concept and activity of company which deals with promoting and selling of products and service of organisation also includes in depth research of market and that of customer (Fanning, 2018). The business marketing planning process is that systematic approach that deals with deploying staff members in producing marketing goals, strategies and then implementing all tactics into. This process will mainly depend upon specified situation, target customers and position of company within its working or operating market. While this working will be guided with specified concepts and philosophies used to plan all efforts in one way direction. Mainly these philosophies will deal with identifying and fulfilling all need and wants of customers which is helpful for both company and customer.

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The current report deal with marketing audit with identifying key considerations that marketing practitioner is exploring consisting of 9 key objectives. For this report marketing questionnaire is prepared containing quantitative and qualitative questions all of them identifying area that need to be explored. The questions which are included within this questionnaire will be mainly related to important for benefit for company and why it is essential to client.

Statement of purpose

Marketing audit can be denoted as per analysing the outcome and making adequate determination of the current market requirements and the business efficiencies in dealing with the operational situation. Thus, there can be various obstacles and problems which will affect this process. In terms of marketing in new location there will be barriers of economy, political influences as well as changes in the culture and language.

Main Body

Marketing audit is that process which includes under concept and activity of marketing deal with collecting, analysis, designing, developing, implementing and evaluating the marketing planning environment. This will include both internal and external objectives with goal and strategies of company along with this areas of problem is identified with opportunities and then recommending plan for action. A qualified and professional in field of marketing who is concerned about regular networking events related to it and sharing of knowledge and insights will be called to as marketing practitioner. Their work is to practically relate with marketing planning and researching about market and then implementing concepts and philosophies that are practically applied in business.

There are 9 key objectives which is followed by marketing practitioner that are further divided into 3 mega marketing objectives categories namely

Financial objective

  • Reducing cost which is percentage of sales
  • Increasing revenue of sales
  • Building up value for business

Strategic objective

  • Excellence of operation
  • Leadership of product
  • Intimacy of customer

Communication objective

  • Improving existing relationship with customer
  • Retention of customer
  • More new customer attraction

As per the old definition of marketing that was given by Philip Kotler state that marketing is concept which satisfy need and want of people with process of exchange. Throughout the process of marketing it will be related to satisfy need and want of person with allotting them things which they desire. While on other hand contemporary definition of marketing will refer to model, theories and concepts which are important for customer orientated marketing and not of market orientated. All these models or theories are implemented to show or offer more support for client base with offering them variety of products and all of them depending on need and want of target market.

The business marketing concept which is also called to as CADDIE includes steps like that of collect and analyses; design and develop; implement and evaluate. It refers that all type of organisation whether they are small or big; public or private; national or global need to plan as without planning they will not be classified to as successful. The marketing practitioner will plan and then take actions in way of achieving objectives which is outlined in business plan. While all business and clients are different from each other and having some or the other unique features that is as per customers, organisation, market and products [COMP]. So marketing and its planning will be related to these COMP factors only as all organisations are different from each other and having something unique selling proposition.

The marketing audit questionnaire that is including Collect & Analyses (CA) part of CADDIE process that will be having brief description of question, why that is important to ask and how it could be measured. The 3- mega marketing concept that will include following parts like that of:

  • Total product
  • Circle of satisfaction
  • Buyer decision process

The buyer decision process is that which concern with decision of people at time when they are purchasing or consuming the product. It is used for making purchase that related to marketing transaction before, during and then after the purchase of good or any form of service as there are wide range of choice available for people. This is also having 3 stages which are purchase behaviour, product delivery and post purchase behaviour. All type of customers will be behaving differently at all these three phase of buyer decision process and all them will be either leading customer to rejecting or accepting the products. On the other hand total product is that type which help organisation to design and develop in way of satisfying need and want of customer along with need of company. If any company is considering both buyer decision process and total product this means that they are looking product from the viewpoint of customer, market and organisation as well. This is possible for product leadership into market under which company is working. There are many segments which will combine for total product of that organisation like that of services, ideas, people, goods, experience and place which are the component of product. Then circle of satisfaction is relate to interaction between organisations with their customers and indicating link between total products and buyer decision process.

Marketing Definitions

Q1. Do you think that, there is any difference between definition of marketing in traditional and contemporary context?


Traditional definition which was started by Philip Kotler marketing is all about satisfaction of need and want of people with exchange process which is that is activity and process of buying and selling things (Fanning, 2018; p, 13). While on other hand modern or contemporary definition will be that related to importance of customer oriented and not only market oriented. All the strategies which are implemented will offer more support of client with variety of range of products and it will be depending upon need and want of target market. Satisfaction is very much important in context of marketing as it is the central point which was highlighted at time of Industrial Revolution from 1760-1840 which is that of gaining repeat custom. All the contemporary marketing will be dealing with or influenced with traditional definition that was given by Kotler. Marketing is that department of any organisation that deal with exchange of relationship with various clients and customers and its management. This is basically used to create keep and satisfy customers of company who are the most important activity that involve that of being innovative and creative as well.


It is important to understand difference between traditional and contemporary definition of marketing which help marketing practitioner to understand what they should include as clear concept of marketing. As they will be laying down the foundation about marketing and then starting up planning with implementation so that they could be selecting target customers. So this will understand conditions in which marketing environment and conditions that is helping and assisting practitioners to plan for attainment of goal.


Understanding of both classical and modern definition of marketing will be helpful for organisation as it influence their decision making process after which they need to implement various models and theories of marketing. If marketing staff is knowing all about foundation of marketing then it became easy for them to apply them within organisation. With help of classical and modern theory of marketing practitioner will be able to identify their target market and analysing marketing condition. So this question is very important which will be help marketing department to distinguish between traditional and contemporary concept of marketing with similarities laid within.

Classic definition of marketing

Q2. Can there be difference between what people perceive marketing to be and what marketing actually is?


Marketing is generally misconceptualized by many people who are not having clear and in depth knowledge about this concept. The thinking of people that marketing is just related with advertising, promotion and selling of products and services will not be an established thought. As per their context marketing will only be relating to promoting product and brand in market so that customers could get attracted towards their company and purchase the product (Fanning, 2018; p, 14-17). Not just people many organisations also generally refer marketing as only activity that is relating to increase in sales revenue of company with help of promotional events. This is certainly the wrong or incomplete interpretation of people that marketing will only relate with selling, promoting or advertising company, brand and products in market for attracting customers.

But rather marketing is more wider concept than that it is just understood by people marketing is actually philosophy of business and not only part of organisation. As many people also regard it as part or a department of company which is concern with promoting product so that sales could be improved. Marketing is a business concept and philosophy which is adopted by entire organisation and not by only one department. The holistic view of marketing states it as activity of company which is active towards satisfaction of need and want of human with way of exchanging including selling and buying of products. This is done with use of various tactics related to promotion, advertising, selling, identifying customers, researching of market and planning from where company must be starting.

Marketing is also related as per contemporary definition as it is secondary process under which organisation is working and adapting market trends and changes that is working through process of communication, creating, distributing, promoting and pricing of products. These all together will be combing for facilitating profits exchange of relationship with customers of company, channel partners and society as well. So there are certain goal of marketing which is directly related with that of company’s aim and objective which certainly people will not be able to understand. As per modern definition of marketing it refers to adapting changes in trends outside and inside company, value given to customer, strategic goal and profits of parties with overall benefit for society.


This question is very important for staff members to understand so that they could be able to define marketing in professional language and not according to people. As there is vast difference between conception of people and what marketing actually is which is sometime not been defined by marketing practitioners. If the staff is having knowledge clearly about what is marketing and how it is not just department of company but essential part of it then only they will be able to link goal of marketing with vision of organisation. It is very much important for marketing team that they are linking their goal with that of overall companies or organisational objectives. This will be influence with vision, mission and long term goal of business which is related to profit maximisation. If marketing is good of company and they are been able to promote their products and brands within whole market then this will help company goal of increase sales.

So this is main reason why laying down difference between what people think about marketing and what actually marketing is need to be explained. If this is not explained then staff members if company will also think that marketing is only related to promotion, selling and advertising.


This will be somewhere helpful for company as well as they could analyses their current marketing tactics which is followed by them and then compare where problem could arise. As if company is only focusing majorly on marketing by view of promotion, selling and advertisement then it will be not able to achieve its long term objectives. so it is required that organisation is clearly understanding what is marketing and how important it is for their firm with the help of this only it will be possible to conduct market research. This will help in analysing market conditions, trends and changing taste or preference of customers on wider bases which will influence profits and policies of organisation.

Q3. As per your thought is marketing a human activity?


As per the classical definition and approach of marketing which is given by Kotler it is the human activity that is directed towards satisfying need and wants of people through exchange of process. So this will be including major 4 section of this definition among which marketing is human activity is the 1st one (Fanning, 2018; p, 14). Human activity is that which is generally done with effect and help of human mind and their efforts that are directed towards specified aims and objective. All the activities will be related and having influence of human like people communicating among themselves, people going outside to purchase and sell, people living and people only are choosing.

All these are related and concerned with involvement of people into these programs and activities so marketing will also be activity of consumer and organisation. Involvement of human and their mind is the most important primary activity which is done or taken place in marketing. As being human marketing manager will be creating and setting plan for conducting marketing plan and customers as human will be buying products and service as per the demand and wants.


This question is very much important for point of view of company that they are involving human activities which is done or conducted by managers or staff members in way of attracting customers. So in way of understanding that marketing is all what it concern is with human activities and they are involved with role of setting plan as managers and using products as customers. Marketing is human activity as it is directed for satisfying need and want of customers and clients which is exchange of products and services. So it is important for people to understand that it is related to working and taking role of human as it is wholly related to activity or practice of humans.


Majorly people working into company will help firm to achieve its goals targets, objective with help of planning and then promoting into market which will allow people to buy products and service of company. So it is included that human activity of marketing will influence organisation on wider level so they should be taking part into this. Marketing is regarded to as human activity which is directed towards selling concept and continuously evolving with help of marketplace.

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